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Spring is coming...finally!

By Lydia Boggess, Winfield High School
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Spring officially begins on March 20. Are you ready for it?
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- As the weather turns cold, people have a different persona about them. It seems to begin with the winter solstice.After the sunshine and sweet tea of summer and the beautiful leaves and cool breezes of fall, we're left with little to enjoy outside. The temperatures have dropped, ice covers the roads making it hazardous to walk or drive and the beautiful colors have all gone away.As the months stretch on, people begin to wonder if this will ever end. Well, my friend, there is good news! Springtime is just around the corner!The spring equinox is March 20, marking the beginning of the season. It last for exactly three months and one day.Spring is an anticipated and beloved season, but why? What is it that people find so glorious about spring?Most people find joy in spring from what it brings. There is fresh air, more light, warmer temperatures and longer days.  People are able to tend to their gardens, mow their grass or just spend quality time with their family outside.Competition season for outdoor sports such as baseball, tennis, softball and track get underway, and you will see kids on playgrounds once again. You can smell burgers grilling at cookouts nearby.When asked what they looked forward to most in spring, some adults' and teens' answers included hearing the birds sing, fishing, warm weather and wearing pretty dresses.Many students said spring break, sports and, most importantly for seniors, graduation. Students also find joy in being allowed to eat lunch outside again and not having to bundle up in layer upon layer.
Sophomore Katie Vickers said, "Coming through many months of dark winter, spring is the light at the end of the tunnel. With all that it has to hold, like baseball games or a nice trip to the beach, it gives us that little push to keep on striving and reminds us that our school year is almost at an end. Spring is what puts the smile back on my face."Parents of teens are at ease as well in spring. They do not have to worry about the road conditions in which their children drive, and they know there will be no more snow days with children sitting at home instead of learning.Perhaps best of all, spring brings back memories. Older teens may recall the summers of their elementary and middle school years, while adults sit back and think, "I remember when we'd ride our bike home from school. Also, when we'd get money from Maw and then walk to the market to buy a bottle of milk or bread. Back then, milk was only two quarters."However, there are some disadvantages to spring. For instance, springtime calls for bees in the air and pollen everywhere, and everybody knows what that means -- allergies.More than 35 million Americans have spring allergies, according to WebMD. Symptoms include itching, sneezing, coughing, scratchy throat, rashes, inability to breathe and sometimes vomiting. Also, chicken pox becomes twice as common during this time.With three months of these problems, you can imagine how much medicine you would need to buy, and for some that can become a financial burden.
Spring brings out a lot more insects, too. Bees and wasps are seen more often, sometimes causing painful stings and, in worst cases, serious reactions.As you can see, spring, like any other season, has its perks and flaws. Thankfully, the downsides seem to be minimal, and don't dampen people's love for this time of year.So, as you zip up your jacket, slip on your gloves and put on your hat, just remember that this is only temporary. Start saying goodbye to the cold and begin packing away those sweaters because soon, the sun will be shining and spring will have arrived.
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