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Review: With BOXi T-200 projector, big performance comes in small package

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The BOXi T-200 from Elmo USA delivers high-quality visuals from a pocket-sized projector.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Until recently, I had considered projectors little more than neat gadgets whose practical purpose was best suited for the classroom or the boardroom. I never considered the potential gaming applications, as the only projectors I've ever used and seen had been large, noisy and rather expensive.But after spending time with the BOXi T-200 LED projector from Elmo USA, I have a whole new appreciation for projectors in general and their use as a viable gaming device, in particular.The T-200 is what's commonly referred to as a pocket projector. It weighs less than a pound and its footprint is similar to that of your standard DVD case and it's only about 1 1/2 inches thick. So while you might not actually be able to fit it in your pocket, it's far more portable than your standard flat-screen TV. And surprisingly, it performs almost as well.Setting up the T-200 is a snap, as everything you need to get started is included in the box, including an HDMI cable. Simply connect your favorite gaming console, cable box, laptop or any other HDMI-compatible device and you're ready to go. A handy remote control allows you to dial-in the sharpness and switch display modes with a press of a button. The T-200 was surprisingly quiet, too, emitting only a slight humming sound during operation that was no louder than my Xbox 360.With a native resolution of 1280x800 and capable of displaying images up to 1920x1080, the T-200 blew me away with its picture quality. I used the T-200 to play a variety of games through both my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, as well as stream Netflix and watch a Blu-ray movie, and couldn't have been more pleased with its performance. There are six display modes available, plus a customizable setup option to ensure you get just the picture you're looking for. I used the Game display mode and lag was virtually non-existent while playing "Call of Duty: Ghosts," "Thief" and "NASCAR 2014," and the colors were rich and vibrant, even when blown up to 70-plus-inch proportions, thanks to a 1,000-1 contrast ratio. The T-200 has a small built-in speaker for those times when you're away from your home audio system, but I connected it to my surround sound receiver and didn't miss a beat.
The only real issue I had with the T-200 also happened to be one of its key selling points -- its lightweight design. The HDMI cables I used to connect my console to the projector weighed more than the projector, itself, which made it difficult to keep the projector from sliding around on my table. I had to actually move my consoles in order to take some of the weight of the cables off the projector, which was only a minor inconvenience in actuality, but others my find this more problematic. The good news is that the T-200 supports the new ultra-thin HDMI cables, which should go a long way toward alleviating that problem altogether.For anyone looking for an alternative to traditional HDTVs or a portable display solution for modern gaming on the go, the BOXi T-200 is a great choice. I know when it's time to say goodbye my old 50-inch plasma, the T-200 is certainly going to be on the short list of potential replacements."BOXi T-200"Developer: Elmo USAPrice: $429 MSRPScore: 8.5/10
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