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'The Enemy' book series so good it's scary

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"The Enemy" is the first book in Charlie Higson's horror series of the same name. To date, four books have been released in the U.S.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Zombified adults now walk the streets with a hunger for children. These mutilated, flesh-eating people are vividly described in a series called "The Enemy" by Charlie Higson, an author living in England, where his gruesome books take place. At every turn, there is something lurking in the shadows, and in a world filled with zombies, those aren't exactly the things you want to stumble across.This horrifying series starts with "The Enemy," which is set in the thick of the outbreak. The next book, "The Dead," starts a year earlier, just after the disease breaks out; it is the true beginning of the story. That is followed by "The Fear" (which is also set before "The Enemy") and "The Sacrifice." The fifth book, "The Fallen," comes out in the U.S. in June. Two more books -- "The Hidden" and "The End" -- will crawl into stores before the series is done.The series has an ever-growing sense of anticipation throughout, and if you think the first book is gruesome, just keep reading! You'll find yourself up to your neck in blood and rotten zombie flesh as the series sinks its teeth into you and won't let go.As the story progresses, you learn that, technically, these aren't zombies because they don't rise from the dead. Instead, when a kid posts a video online of "grown-ups" eating a kid in the street, you realize that the zombies you grew to fear are actually diseased adults. Looks like your kinemortophobia (fear of zombies) will be replaced by nosophobia (fear of becoming ill)!
So, the disease infected the adults, and now the adults hunt down kids -- even their own -- for food. Circle of life, right?The adults tend to stick to dark basements and shaded side alleys during the day, so the kids think they see their edge in staying in at night. But what if they're traveling and get stuck outside during the night? The smarter and stronger adults tend to become more active at night, so they have an advantage over their young and inexperienced prey.Don't worry though, the zombies will be sure to stick in your mind both day and night, and whenever the characters turn a corner or sneak into the small window of a basement, you'll hear the zombies scratching at the back of your own head.Every minute, every second, you'll be thinking about "The Enemy" series and its sick hold on your favorite characters. Whether they run from zombies, make an alliance or hole up in a house for a fight, you'll be biting your nails in suspense.You'll want to follow "The Enemy," run from "The Dead," be horrified by "The Fear," and sacrifice some of your time for "The Sacrifice." Fall in love with the series now, and be ready to read "The Fallen" as soon as it comes out. If you need something else to read before then, try some of Higson's other books, including his Young Bond series.
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