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'Pepperoni Roll Day' a huge hit at Boone Co. vocational center

Ronni Lynn Wood, Scott High School
Pepperoni rolls sit ready for sale at the Boone County Career and Technical Center. The culinary class makes 300 rolls every Wednesday to sell.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- "Pepperoni roll day is like a holiday, only it happens every week and everyone is still willing to come to school," said Michelle Cobb, a senior at Van High School.She is talking about every Wednesday at the Boone Career and Technical Center, which has been dubbed "pepperoni roll day" by students. "Pepperoni roll day is the best day of the week. I absolutely love pepperoni rolls," said Cobb, who goes to the school as part of the Boone County Honors Academy.Chef Robert Milam and his cooking class make 300 pepperoni rolls on Wednesdays and sell them to the students for $1.50. For another 25 cents each, they offer sauce and banana peppers. They sell the leftovers for the rest of the week until they run out, which is usually on Thursday.Jessy Blankenship, a senior at Scott High School, said, "Pepperoni roll day is probably the best day at the Honors Academy. I look forward to it every week.""I believe the pepperoni rolls at the vocational center are magnificent," said Sherman High School senior Carl Tackett. "I am not a big fan of pepperoni rolls, but I have developed a taste for Cook Milam's pepperoni rolls."
Scott junior Aaron Moore loves pepperoni roll day for another reason. He is one of the 12 students in the class who gets to make them."I think pepperoni roll day is fantastic," he said. "I get to experience a true culinary production line. Also, I get to work with people who I enjoy. Another thing is that it gives me good work experience because I want to become a certified executive chef one day."On pepperoni roll day, students will practically beg their teachers to leave class early, so they can go get their pepperoni rolls. On the bus back to school, it seems like every other student has a pepperoni roll, and some students have two or three.The cooking class makes very little profit on each roll, so they work very hard for everything they earn. All of the money they make goes back into the cooking class, which helps keep it afloat.Almost everyone looks forward to pepperoni roll day. Even teachers will get excited to buy the pepperoni rolls.Students will beg each other to borrow money, and they will practically fight over the pepperoni rolls on the bus. Some students who don't go to the technical center will give their friends money and ask them to buy pepperoni rolls to bring back to the high school.Pepperoni roll day has been going on for several years. As popular as it is, it will probably continue for quite some time.
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