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Spice up your 2013 wardrobe with these DIY projects

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A fringe t-shirt scarf is an easy way to liven up your wardrobe while also making use of an old t-shirt.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- With my newfound addiction to Pinterest, I have discovered many crafty ideas involving new wardrobe looks. Check out these three inspiring ideas from the site, and use them to make a fashion statement this New Year.1. T-shirt scarfAre you in need of a scarf, but can't find one that matches your outfit? Look no further than the quick and easy t-shirt scarf!This craft is easy and simple. It took me two minutes to do before leaving the house. All you need is a t-shirt (from experience, an old tie-dye one makes a statement) and a pair of scissors.First, lay your shirt on a flat surface in order to prepare for cutting. Next, cut straight across, right under the sleeves, so that you cut the top off. Now, cut one- to two-inch vertical strips from side to side until the whole bottom has fringes. (You can cut both thicknesses of the shirt at once or the front and the back separately.)Finally, pull on the fringes to give them a thinner, not so freshly cut look and slide the shirt over your neck. There is your quick and easy t-shirt scarf!2. T-shirt headbandNow what to do with the leftover scraps of that scarf you made? Simple, make a matching headband!
All you need for this craft is a small amount of elastic and three one-inch wide strips of t-shirt. Keep in mind that the length of the strips will vary based on your head size.Tie the three strands and the elastic together in a tight knot, or if preferred, sew the four together. With the elastic separated from them, begin braiding the strands. The braid can be tight or loose.Make sure the band fits your head, and once finished, knot off the braid and tie or sew the elastic in with that knot.Now you have a stylish lazy day accessory.3. Lacy jeansHave a favorite pair of jeans that you can't wear to school because of the holes in them? Look no further than this simple cover-up to add some style to your jeans. All you'll need are some lacy fabric squares (or any fabric of your choice) and fabric glue.Turn the jeans inside out, and flatten them. Then, apply the fabric glue around the hole, and stick the fabric on top. Let the jeans dry completely before wearing or washing.
These are just a few ideas to be found on Pinterest. Take a look around the site for more crafty fashion ideas or other DIY projects!
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