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Make some romantic plans for your sweetie on Valentine's Day

By Amanda Gibson, Pocahontas County High School
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Valentine's Day is a day set aside for love and romance. Romantic dates are not hard to achieve with a little thought, even if you have a tight budget. With these date ideas, your Valentine is bound to swoon.The most timeless and romantic Valentine's Day date is the classic candlelit dinner. This date is easily accomplished and, depending on the location, does not have to be expensive. Reserve a table at a restaurant that keeps candles on its tables year-round or stay home and grab a nice tablecloth and some candles for a more relaxed romantic setting.For a romantic evening at home, make your date his or her favorite dish or create your own together. Pizza is great for a collaborative meal. Pair it with a romantic movie, and you'll have a recipe for fun.Look to movies for inspiration, too. Have dinner on the carpet like "Aladdin" or share a plate of spaghetti like "Lady and the Tramp."
 Use movies to set the mood for a romantic evening. "You've Got Mail," "The Notebook" and "The Last Song" are just a few of the many good romantic movies to choose from.Music is also a good way to set the mood for a romantic date. For music lovers, spend Valentine's Day compiling a playlist of love songs that can be downloaded onto a CD as a gift for your significant other. If you plan a date out of the public eye, a radio or portable music player can come in handy to achieve a romantic setting.If it's nice outside, go stargazing. Unlike watching a movie or going to a restaurant, there will be nothing to distract you from spending time with your date. Lay some blankets and pillows on the grass to create a comfortable place to lie down and look up at the stars. With the weather still cold in February, take a thermos of hot chocolate to drink. Chances are you and your date, no matter how corny you both may feel, will be getting warm feelings inside.Overall, keep your mind and heart open to different date ideas while you're making your Valentine's Day plans. It can be stressful trying to find the right gift or plan the right date to impress the person you love, but if you put some thought into it, your date is undoubtedly going to be swept off his or her feet no matter what you do or where you go.
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