Get tressed up to beat the heat and humidity

By Jen Wood Cunningham
Lawrence Pierce
Talia Markham-Will (left) and Bridgette Borst show off a quick look for summer hairstyles by sweeping their hair back with headbands and off their necks with a hair elastic.
Bridgette Borst rocks her favorite summer hairstyle, a messy updo to embrace her wavy locks.
Bridgette Borst rocks her favorite summer hairstyle, a messy updo to embrace her wavy locks.
Bridgette shows off the low side bun with a face-framing braid.
Talia Markham-Will takes her summer style up a notch with some floral hair accessories, which work for day or evening.
Talia pulls her hair back away from her face with a few bobby pins. It shows off her short, curly style.
Melia Mollohan wears her hair down but keeps her hair out of her face with a braid from the part to the end on one side.
Melia wears a sleek, high ponytail that's a great look for any event.
Melia takes her sleek pony to the next level using a mesh bun donut from Charlotte Russe ($4) for a high ballerina bun.
Talia Markham-Will's favorite products for taming and styling her short curly hair.
Bridgette's favorite hair accessories and products.
Melia likes inexpensive Aussie hairspray.
WV Style Team writer Jen Wood Cunningham likes Nick Arrojo's Refinish Dry Shampoo, a mesh hair donut and flower accessories.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Regardless of hair type or whether it's the fear of frizzy or flat hair, most women battle with the heat and humidity of summer.There are many products and styles to assist with the frizz and flat. Here are a few helpful tips to beat the heat.Go mod with a wide headband. Pull your hair away from your face with a stylish headband to keep cool.Go for a relaxed look with a stylish braid. If you have longer locks, plait your hair in into a side braid to keep your hair off of your neck while showcasing your length. Also, the fishtail braid has reappeared on the fashion scene.
For shorter hair, braid from the root of the hair at the part to the end of your hair near your face and secure with a bobby pin or small elastic band. This will keep the hair away from your face and out of the way. This is also a great way to deal with the dreaded bang grow-out.Go for a classic bun -- high or low. A ballerina bun with hair pulled tight to the back or top of the head is a chic look. You can also do the bun behind one ear with your hair parted to the side for a night out.With the sock bun trick -- which exploded online over the past year, especially on Pinterest-- you can do a perfect bun very easily. WV Style Team reader Diana Vorhees shared on Twitter: "A sock bun is cute, easy and a perfect last touch to a summer dress for a humid night out or day at work."If the sock bun hasn't worked for you, check out a "bun ring" or "bun donut." A Conair Bun Maker retails for $3.49, and a mesh hair donut at Charlotte Russe is less than $4. The bun tools are typically mesh and the texture helps your hair cling to it better, which makes starting the bun and rolling it a bit easier.To use a bun donut, pull your hair back into a ponytail where you want the bun to be, and secure it with an elastic band. Pull your ponytail through the center of the hair donut and roll your hair over the ring as you roll the ring closer to your scalp. No bobby pins are needed; the ring holds the hair securely into place. If needed, a little spray of hairspray will help tame fly-aways. Tools of the trade
  • Flexible-hold hairspray works best in humidity as some of the super-holds tend to be a bit more sticky.
  • Bobby pins, headbands, hair elastics and a sock bun or mesh hair donut are all helpful in taming your 'do in the heat.
  • Dry shampoo can revive your hair after being out in the heat and help you refresh after some time in the heat. For those who fight flat hair, dry shampoo helps give your hair volume as well. Prices for dry shampoos range from just under $10 for drugstore brands like Pssst! to about $20 for salon brands like Nick Arrojo's Refinish.
  • "A diffuser for your hair dryer is crucial," says former Miss West Virginia Talia Marcum, who shared her top tip for curly locks during the photo shoot. "I flip over my hair and dry it from underneath with the diffuser."
  • DevaCurl are favorite frizz-fighting products of Ashlee Walls, a WV Style Team reader with curly locks. She shared her tip on Twitter. DevaCurl products can be found at Sephora and at
  • Favorite products and tips from our models
    Bridgette Borst: "On humid days, I rock my natural curls in a messy updo. My three must-haves for the summer are a leave-in conditioner, an [alligator] or claw clip, and a few bobby pins. In addition to my hair being curly, it is also coarse and dry, so I use a hot oil treatment ($4.50) every few weeks during the hot summer months."Melia Mollohan: "My favorite product is Aussie Aussome Volume Spray Gel ($3.99) because it's multipurpose and it's great on the go. If you want to blow-dry your hair straight, you can spray it on your roots and it gives you volume. It helps me whether I'll wear my hair straight or curly."Talia Marcum: Talia brought many products with her to the shoot and we got the scoop on all of them for you. "The Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask [$40] helps hair that has been exposed to the elements -- the sun, beach, etc. After I shampoo and condition my hair at night, I put the mask on and sleep on it overnight and rinse it in the morning." How does she keep the mask on? "I pull my hair back in a low ponytail and place a hand towel over my pillow to keep it from getting on my pillow case," she answered."I also love Redken Extreme Anti-Snap [$20] because it adds a layer of protection to my hair to prevent breakage and works on all hair types. Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Creme [$5] helps tame my curls. I have short, curly hair and Short Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel [$22] gives my curls definition and volume."When I style my hair straight, I always use the Moroccan Oil Treatment [$40] before I blow-dry and style my hair. Use it sparingly because a little goes a long way."Talia's last recommendation was about her favorite hairspray, "Nexus Maximum Superior Hold Hairspray [$13] is the best hairspray that I've ever used."Jen Wood Cunningham: My favorite tools/products: Nick Arrojo's Refinish Dry Shampoo ($22), Charlotte Russe mesh hair donut ($4), flower hair accessory ($5).Follow Jen Wood Cunningham on Twitter at @miss_sociable.
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