Sunday's Child: Permanent homes needed for brothers, together or separate

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Ronald (left) and his younger brother, Ryan. Ronald loves outdoor activities; Ryan plays well by himself.
Ronald and Ryan are brothers. Ideally they will be adopted together, but individual placement will be considered if that best fits their needs.Ronald is 14 years old, has bright blue eyes and a very open and friendly smile. He loves football, basketball and plays a mean game of 4-square! Ronald loves animals, especially farm animals, and says he would like to live on a farm one day.He is very much an outdoor kind of young man. He likes to fish, target shoot, climb trees, ride bikes and skateboard at state parks. He is a good student and is proud of his grades. His favorite subjects are science and history. This active young man is really hoping to find a forever family that shares his interests.Ryan is 9 years old, enthusiastic, active, talkative and a friendly child who has a bright smile. He has a great imagination and can be quite creative. He loves to build things with Legos and blocks. Ryan plays well by himself but enjoys having the attention of adults.
Because of issues from his past, Ryan is receiving therapy services to address his special needs. These services will need to continue to help him make the adjustment into his forever home. Ryan does have an IEP to address his educational and behavioral needs. Ryan will need parents who are willing to advocate for all of his needs. He needs parents who are loving, patient, consistent and structured. Unless he is placed with his brother, he should be the only or youngest child in the home.A two-parent home is preferable, but a single father who could be a strong role model would be considered. A family for Ronald and Ryan will need to participate in their treatment program and help them make a transition into their new home.Many children in West Virginia are legally eligible to be adopted and are waiting for permanent and loving families. For more information about adoption, contact Mission West Virginia at 866-225-5698 or email
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