Pets of the week: It must be good to be a dog

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Carrgo "loves to go shopping to local pet-friendly stores. Some employees even take his photo -- he loves to carry items to checkout," said Nancy Reishman.
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Even with his active play schedule, the Bailey family said Chester here still "makes time to look over the newspaper each day."
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- This week's pets include a dog and a cat who apparently thinks he's a dog. Chester is a  4-year-old male Abyssinian cat who lives in St. Albans with his people, Jack and Kristi Bailey and their 10-year-old twin boys Alexander and Ethan."Chester is a very active cat and will even play fetch with the boys, bringing a small ball back to them when they toss it," said Jack Bailey.As a black lab puppy, Carrgo was trained as a guide dog by the Reishman family of Hurricane, but was later released from formal training because of his overbite and stayed temporarily with a family in New York. When Nancy Reishman's husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness, the family thought, "If only we had Carrgo to help." Three weeks later, they got a phone call saying Carrgo was available for adoption again ... and he's been with them ever since.  "Though this story has a very sad ending, I now have a shadow to keep me company," Reishman said. Carrgo "is truly a special dog."
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