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On File, Kanawha and Putnam counties: Dec. 25, 2011

MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Dec. 16 and 21:Joshua Lee Huffman, 29, and Telisha Marie Johnson, 28, both of Clendenin.Keith Richard Enberg, 37, and Chelsea Elizabeth Harris, 24, both of Charleston.Patrick Joel Morris, 20, and Ramona Jean Mayes, 24, both Charleston.Stephen Bradley Estep, 24, and Rachel Lynn Bennett, both of Marmet.Joseph Edward Rose Jr., 23, and Crystal Dawn Green, 22, both of Charleston.Brandon Eugene Adkins, 23, of Charleston and Arin Danette Pritt, 25, of Sissonville.John Eric Phillips, 19, and Savannah Dawn Spears, 19, both of Charleston.Harold Jeffery D'Angelo, 43, and Lisa Dawn Moore, 42, both of St. Albans.David Lee Tuttle, 55, of Charleston, and Rebecca Faye Littleton, 53, of South Charleston.William Webb Cannada, 22, and Shannon Michelle Weeks, 21, both of Charleston.Alexander Righter Conner, 25, and Crystal Faye Cash, 25, both of St. Albans.Anthony Laine Wilder, 34, and Megan Lynette White, 28, both of St. Albans.Aaron Matthew Holmes, 21, and Brittany Diane Smith, 20, both of Cross Lanes.
David Gerald Hackney, 33, and Brittney Lynn Hancock, 22, both of Charleston.Melvin Murray Jr., 48, and Evelyn Marie Dudley, 37, both of Charleston.John Leonard Bailey, 37, and Traci Danielle Buzzard, 32, both of Charleston.Timothy Michael Crummitt, 24, of Martins Ferry, Ohio, and Megan Nicole Brown, 23, of Charleston.Donovan Wayne Clark, 19, and Tamarena Rachelle Moore, 16, both of Charleston.Shawn Garrett Cantrell, 25, of St. Albans, and Anna Marie Nickels, 23, of Elkview.
Stephen James Platz, 45, and Melissa Lynn Doty, 41, both of Charleston.Dwight Eugene Slappe, 59, and Cheryl Lee Slappe, 53, both of St. Albans.Tracy Alan Taylor, 43, and Angela Renay Hudnall, 46, both of Garrison.James Roy Hamilton Jr., 43, and Katherine Renee Dyess, 44, both South Charleston.Jack Edward Fayak, 45, and Teresa Euna Higginbotham, 42, both of Cross Lanes.Michael Wesley Carte, 29, and Christina Marie Easter, 25, both of Charleston.Melvin Wayne Morrison, 62, and Sherry Lou Morrison, 56, both of Elkview.Aaron Luke Jarrett, 32, and Faith Ann Young, 23, both of Cannelton.Joshua Syke Burgess, 29, and Sierra Brianna Lilly, 20, both of St. Albans.Anthony Paul Stevens, 25, and Bobbi Jo Collins, 24, both of Charleston.The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Dec. 10 and 22:Jason Clark Dailey, 27, of Culloden, and Debora Leighann Dailey, 26, of Hurricane.Jason Lynn Quillen, 37, and Staci Renee Thaxton, 39, both of Poca.Joey Allen Fields, 34, and Melissa Dawn Thompson, 26, both of Poca.Melvin Alan Mace, 43, of Tornado, and Marsha Diane Smith, 39, of Poca.Ralph McClellan Grimm Jr., 56, and Deborah Annette Knapp, 47, both of Poca.Robert Wayne Lilly, 51, of St. Albans, and Deborah Ann Lilly, 41, of Hurricane.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Dec. 16 and 23:Gloria Hayes from Stephen Hayes.Tamara N. Engels from Eric J. Engels.Katrina Brown from Michael Brown.Stacy Arbaugh from Darrell Arbaugh Jr.Mariah Marling from Joshua Kidd.Kandice Beane from Christopher Beane.Bethany Richardson from Brad Richardson.Justin Bradley from Megan Bradley.Mary Margaret Nida from Travis William Nida.Rod Monday from Ashley Monday.Tammy Garcia from Medany Garcia.Suzette Morrison from Joseph Karnas.Karen Cooper from Dana Cooper.Matthew Buren Jones from Crystal Elaine Jones.Clarissa Dawn Huff Toney from David Ray Toney.Jennifer Wileman from Homer Wileman.Scotty King from Heather King.Selena Naylor from Jerald Naylor.Michelle Lynn Turley from Michael Gale Cobb.John Alan Taylor from Patricia Suzette Taylor.The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between Dec. 10 and 22:Azsha Hunt from Travis Hunt.Jennifer R. Martinez from Brian C. Martinez.Katherine Cowan from Timothy Cowan.Jason L. Witkowski from Tonya M. Witkowski.Pamela M. Amos from Gary M. Amos.Michelle Shaffer from John M. Shaffer Jr.Edward "Russell" Blanchard from Amanda Blanchard.Teresa Darlene Holstein from David Lee Holstein.Casey Hunter from Eddie Hunter.Nicole Dawn Green from Jason Scott Green.Brittany Nance from Jory Nance.Property transfersThe following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Dec. 16 and 21:Michael D. Hill to Adam L. Cook. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $83,200.Doak R. and Pamela K. Workman to Ezedeen Hamad and Ghena Kendakji. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $365,000.Rabel Development LLC to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Washington District, $150,000.West Virginia AFL-CIO Unity Center Inc. to Human Resource Development and Employment. Parcels, Charleston District, $100,000. Jimmy A. and Leda J. Dunn to Tressie D. Kiser. Lot, Poca District, $75,000.Bruce A. and Alicia A. Foster to Joshua R. and Kristine M. Judge. Lot, Union District, $330,000.SOLCO Inc. to CHWV Baseline Development. Tract, Union District, $2,243,095.Charles Dewey Perfater Jr., Paul Stephen Perfater and Jean Perfater Pozega to Bear LLC. Lot, Charleston District, $90,000.Jeffery W. and Kimberly M. Hively to Adam J. Lehotay. Parcels, Dunbar District, $335,000.Cara J. Knabenshue to Verne L. Lance. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $210,000.Terry G. Thomas to Larry E. and Rebecca L. Pauley. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $55,000.Ronald H. McCracken to Aaron and Kacey Westfall. Parcels, Union District, $75,000.Scott and Leslyn Burgess to William R. Elmore. Parcels, Elk District, $100,000.Margaret K. Cain to Vincent L. Cantley. Lot, Jefferson District, $161,000.Brooks H. Crislip to Ashley L. King and Virginia L. King. Lots, Charleston District, $220,000.Dinah Lee Johnson and Mary Kathleen Refosco to Monica L. Sloan and James M. Ryder. Lots, St. Albans District, $70,000.William B. and Nicole N. Smith to Kelli J. Ledsome. Lot, South Charleston District, $78,000.Betty M. Austin to Andrae K. and Mary R. Williamson. Lot, Jefferson District, $138,500.Linda L. and Richard P. Moore to Geary Copenhaver II. Lot, Elk District, $275,000.Edward L. and Melanie M. Van Metre to John D. and Tammy Y. Blackwell. Lot, Loudon District, $250,000.Wells Fargo Bank to Kesley and Angela M. Harding. Lot, Elk District, $65,500.Geary W. Copenhaver II to Jenna N. and Nicholas R. Jeffery. Lot, Washington District, $255,000.Robert Young, Glen Smith and Anson Cline to David E. and Deborah A. Wall. Parcel, Loudon District, $90,000.Arthur M. Standish and Sarah C. McCarty to Pro-Restoration LLC. Lots, Nitro District, $53,000.James W. Lane Jr. to Star USA Federal Credit Union. Lot, Dunbar District, $126,332.James W. Lane Jr. to United Bank Inc. Lot, Charleston District, $182,000.Statehill Co. Inc. to Harley D. Ruff. Lot, Jefferson District, $75,000.Elmer and Evelyn Hamilton to Jackie L. Young. Tract, Elk District, $100,000.Christopher A. and Jodi N. Sergent to Isaiah A. and Alexandra H. Stephenson. Lot, Elk District, $157,000.Bart E. Hughey to Christopher and Kristi Childress. Lot, Charleston District, $92,000.Elizabeth Ann Rhodes McConell and Rosalie Martha Rhodes to Nicola and Robert M. Siwo. Lot, Charleston District, $86,000.Jack H. and Betty E. Albert to Brian K. Watson. Lot, Union District, $175,000.Gene and Annabelle Monk Trust to Greg and Lila Moore. Parcels, Loudon District, $199,000.Stephen Todd and Laura Dawn Creasey to Brittnee L. Steele. Lot, South Charleston District, $90,000.Betty Chapman to Autumn G. Cain. Lots, Malden District, $75,000.Ford Associates Inc. to William M. and Tanika Hasty. Lot, Jefferson District, $112,500.Mary Esther McKown to Ryan M. Brumfield. Tracts, Charleston East Tax District, $168,000.David E. and Brandy L. Huffman to Kimberly D. Hundley. Lot, Charleston District, $172,000.David Isaac Flannery to Herman C. Dunlap. Lot, St. Albans District, $122,100.James L. and Elizabeth D. Mahaney to Morgan Chase Bank, National Association. Lots, Big Sandy District, $77,397.Joan M. Armstrong, Betty Jean Peyton, Joseph M. Armstrong and Cathern Sue Ross to Janette Jones. Lot, St. Albans District, $100,000.Richard A. Coble and Ernie Lee Chafin to Terry D. and Mary L. Reavis. Parcels, Dunbar District, $215,000.Devin M. Ciliberti to Kenneth E. and Connie S. Thomas. Lot, Charleston District, $415,000.
Marsha L. Boggess to Karen S. and Christopher S. Dodrill. Unit, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $295,000.Charles Cameron and Nanette G. Bell to Melissa Phouthavong. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $107,000.Clarence S. II and Anna L. Bletner to Fred Lee Davis Jr. and Sara Layne Davis. Lots, Malden District, $55,000.Buddy Lee and Glenda Faye Taylor to Edward B. and Betty R. Negley. Lot, South Charleston District, $55,000.Evelyn R. Davis to Bethany G. Sharp. Lots, Jefferson District, $99,500.AB Contracting to Eric N. and Andrea L. Mounts. Lot, Washington District, $382,863.Rebecca Welch to Megan E. Miles. Lot, St. Albans District, $106,500.Arnold Burton Koontz to Abdelhamid Bourbia. Lot, Charleston District, $120,000.West Virginia AFL-CIO Unity Center to IUPAT District Council. Tract, Charleston District, $170,000.Velma Sutter to Arthur L. and Virginia L. King. Lot, South Charleston District, $55,000.Timothy E. and Lindsay Adkins to Marshall T. Crowder. Lot, Elk District, $150,000.Jacqueline Burford to Sharon Kay Beane et al. Lot, Poca District, $85,000.Jodi L. Morgan to Charles Robert McElwain. Lot, Jefferson District, $75,000.Julia Haddad Hughes and Betty Haddad Blade to Amy R. Thomas. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $62,500.Pamela W. McDevitt to Gwen Marie McDevitt. Lot, Kanawha City District, $190,000.The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between Dec. 10 and 22:Lorine F. Reynolds to Craig Scott and Patricia Sue Slater. Lot, Scott District, $50,000.Debra K. and Leon Brotsky to Carcar Properties LLC. Lot, Scott District, $152,000.Tammy L. Bowles and Catherine D. Barley to Mark E. Davis. Lot, Teays Valley District, $268,000.Cobblestone Subdivision LLC to William J. and Gale Given. Lot, Union District, $94,000.Keslings Quality Homebuilders Inc. to Richard T. and Linda E. Lewis. Lot, Scott District, $321,410.Shirley M. Whystell to Mark B. and Donna J. Francisco. Lot, Scott District, $165,000.AB Contracting Inc. to Bruce E. and Kimberly A. Cook. Lot, Scott District, $350,683.Robert T. and Melissa D. Meeks to James W. and Jessica L. Cook. Lot, Teays Valley District, $155,000.Michelle L. and Joshua L. Taylor to Allison M. Tusing. Lot, Hurricane District, $133,500.Morgan Virginia Valentine to Roy T. Burns Jr. and Kay Enola Jarvis. Acres, Curry District, $155,000.Bradley S. and Karen L. Myers to Chet W. Rodabaugh. Tracts, Teays Valley District, $275,000.Donna L. and Richard C. Campbell to Soo Joung and Min Kook Kim. Lot, Scott District, $231,000.Angela M. and Kelsey H. Harding Sr. to Jared O. Hamilton. Tract, Scott District, $194,500.Bethel Owen Bias to Roger A. Bias. Acres, Scott District, $137,500.Roger A. Bias to Anna L. Ventura. Acre, Scott District, $120,000.Chase Oil Corp. to Roxanne G. and David J. Aftanas. Lot, Scott District, $199,500.Karen R. and Gary L. Edgell to Patricia A. Binion. Lot, Scott District, $225,000.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Dec. 16 and 23:Jennifer Marie and Jeremy Wayne Siders, Belle, Chapter 7. Assets: $137,349; liabilities: $172,942.Earl Sylvester Woodson, Minden, Chapter 7. Assets: $30,196; liabilities: $189,771.Crystal Rebekah Stagg, Ravenswood, Chapter 7. Assets: $21,665; liabilities: $52,129.Lois Jean Atkins, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $28,850; liabilities: $76,272.Cynthia Sue Huffman, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,602; liabilities: $28,328.Jerry Lee Jarrell, Chapmanville, Chapter 7. Assets: $40,110; liabilities: $167,856.Gregory Lee Spears, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: $74,194; liabilities: $72,919.Myra Lynn Treadway, Nitro, Chapter 7. Assets: $2,290; liabilities: $9,748.James Robert II and Amanda Carol Quesenberry, Fairdale, Chapter 7. Assets: $24,467; liabilities: $300,785.Michael Erman Plumley, Beaver, Chapter 7. Assets: $18,040; liabilities: $56,120.Minnie Deloris Lemon, Arnett, Chapter 7. Assets: $813; liabilities: $38,249.Bryan Keith Shumate, Bolt, Chapter 7. Assets: $136,955; liabilities: $138,863.Joyce Gale Rose, Naugatuck, Chapter 13. Assets: $78,730; liabilities: $99,042.Lagrimas Babiera Sadorra, Cross Lanes, Chapter 13. Assets: $210,945; liabilities: $126,449.Eric Ferdinand deGuyter, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $422,913; liabilities: $347,945.Restaurant scoresThe Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued are included:Fifth Quarter Restaurant, 201 Clendenin St.: 9 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Raw meat stored above cooked rice, vegetables in cooler; food employee eating in kitchen; food employee drink on shelf, no straw; ice machine not clean to sight and touch; cream of broccoli soup not date-marked; chili, prime rib roast, potato soup, not date-marked; food employee used small sauce cup to dip sauce; ice nozzle not clean to sight and touch, do not use ice machine until the machine is cleaned; pop nozzle bar not clean; bleach spray bottle not labeled in waitress station.Bar 101/Ichiban, 101 Capitol St.: 8 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Food employee eating sucker in kitchen; food employee not washing hands before putting on gloves; sugar scoops handles in sugar; chicken and shrimp thawing in three-bowl compartment next to compartment of soapy water; small fan in vegetable prep room not clean to sight and touch; peeler, whisks, deboner not clean; ice bucket not clean to sight and touch; ice machine not clean to sight and touch; spray of sanitizer not labeled in sushi bar.Impulse Nightclub, 205 Capitol St.: 7 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Ice machine not clean, bad repair; fan cover in walk-in not clean; pop nozzles not clean; white worms growing in pop nozzle holder, do not use ice machine until Health Department checks; washing dishes in back using spray (no sink), all dishes must be washed in three-bowl sink; men's restroom toilet not flushing; worker not using ice scoop.Elks Club Lounge, 1706 Greenbrier St.: 7 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Drinks on prep tables no lids or straw; ice machine not clean to sight and touch; evidence of rodents found; fan covers in two-door reach-in not clean; meat slicer not clean; dishwasher 0 ppm sanitizer, temperature above 160 on surface; spray bottle of cleaner not labeled, do not use ice machine until ice machine is cleaned.T&M Meats, 5254 Big Tyler Road, Cross Lanes: 7 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Unapproved employee drink in deli; rodent droppings in back room; food prep without water, water line break; mold and dust in walk-in cooler; meat grinder blades dirty; on/off buttons on meat grinder dirty; meat saw dirty.Panera Bread, Town Center Mall: 6Steak Escape, Town Center Mall: 5Grumpy's, 500 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 5Hardee's, 10401 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 5Creperi Cafe, 55 RHL Blvd., South Charleston: 4Fas Chek, 1703 Sissonville Drive, Sissonville: 4Manna Meal, 1105 Quarrier St.: 4Harding's Family Restaurant, 2772 Pennsylvania Ave.: 4Tri-State Crescent City, 1 Greyhound Drive, Nitro: 4Sound Factory, 812 Kanawha Blvd.: 4Shoney's, 2700 DuPont Ave., Shrewsbury: 4Dairy Queen, Charleston Town Center: 4Zheng's China Buffet, 5707 MacCorkle Ave.: 3McJunkin Red Man Cafe, 835 Hillcrest Drive: 3Lee Street Lounge, 1109 Lee St.: 3Sbarro, Town Center Mall: 3Burger King, 103 Frame Road, Elkview: 3Charleston Moose, 2805 Kanawha Blvd.: 3Twin Hills Family Restaurant, DuPont Avenue, Shrewsbury: 3Whiskey River Pub, 808 Kanawha Blvd.: 3Empty Glass Cafe, 410 Elizabeth St.: 3Pretzel Twister, Town Center Mall: 2Gino's, 10501 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 2Wendy's, Patrick Street: 2Hog and Dog, 711 Bigley Ave.: 2Tudor's, 10501 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 2Kanawha City Foodland, 5003 MacCorkle Ave.: 2Capitol City Broadway, Leon Sullivan Way: 2Blue Parrot, 14 1/2 Capitol St.: 2Tusie's, 103 Civic Center Drive: 2Sweet Dreams Pastry Shop, 1101 Second Ave., Montgomery: 2Ryan's Steakhouse, 103 RHL Boulevard: 27-Eleven, 402 Fourth St., Nitro: 27-Eleven, 1300 Bigley Ave.: 2Wendy's, 2805 Mountaineer Blvd.: 2Pizza Barbarossa, 100 RHL Blvd.: 2Subway, 923 Dunbar Ave., Dunbar: 2Wendy's, 913 Dunbar Ave., Dunbar: 2CAMC Women and Children's Hospital Nursing Station, 800 Pennsylvania Ave.: 2Shrewsbury Auction Center, 33 1/2 E. DuPont Ave., Shrewsbury: 1Kanawha Terrace, 2500 Kanawha Terrace, St. Albans: 1Kroger, 1439 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 1Hooters, MacCorkle Avenue: 1Center Tavern, 10 Bank St., Nitro: 1LaCarreta, 5703 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 1Texas Steakhouse and Saloon, 103 Alex Lane: 1Tudor's, 3405 Kanawha Blvd. E.: 1Corner Kitchen, 1701 Bigley Ave.: 1Tim Horton's, 5458 Big Tyler Road, Cross Lanes: 1Tri-State One-Eyed Jacks, 1 Greyhound Drive, Nitro: 1Tri-State Cafe New Orleans, 1 Greyhound Drive, Nitro: 1Frontier -- AVI, 1500 MacCorkle Ave.: 1Walmart, 2700 Mountaineer Blvd., South Charleston: 1Meadowbrook Acres, 2149 Greenbrier St.: 1CAMC Women and Children's Hospital, 800 Pennsylvania Ave.: 1Corral Bar and Grill, 1504 Coonskin Drive: 1Boulevard Cafe, 806 Kanawha Blvd. E.: 1Different Twist Pretzel, 5707 MacCorkle Ave.: 17-Eleven, 5114 Elk River Road North, Elkview: 1Atmosphere, 706-708 Lee St.: 1Fas Chek, 23-B MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 1
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