Readers' voice: Feb. 15, 2012

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  • I would think that if the Catholic Church would allow birth control, perhaps they would have to spend less on Catholic Charities worldwide.
  • At this point, I wish Joe Manchin would just switch to the Republican Party and be done with it. Then we could find a real Democrat to run for the U.S. Senate.
  • I'm tired of Republicans referring to Social Security as an "entitlement program." We worked and paid into Social Security. I'll tell you what an "entitlement program" is. It is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in stock dividends when you never worked a day in your life.
  • The papers and TV we have informed us of the great shortages of energy, yet coal is sold hand over fist to China and the [European Union]. Energy saving (LED) light-emitting diode lights and appliances are cutting usage by the tons. The big lie by energy companies to keep prices up.
  • I was wrong with my $10 million to get WVU out of the Big East. It is over $20 million. The WVU athletic department put their financial report in the paper a few weeks ago. They were minus $1.2 million for last year. You will pick up the slack. Expect tickets to at least double for 2012. Way to go, Ollie.
  • Well, John Raese has started his negative campaign. In his paper last week was a letter written by some political hack degrading Joe Manchin's family. It was signed by Liz Raese. Don't know if she sent it up from Florida where she lives or not. I guess when you have lost as many times as he has, you will try anything. Poor John.
  • I am a truck driver. On rare occasions I have used my cellphone while driving. It is much harder to drive using a cellphone than talking on a CB. You concentrate more on a phone conversation than you do just shootin' the bull on the CB.
  • On Feb 13, price of gas was $3.15 in Ohio! Across the bridge in Huntington, the price was $3.49. Why a 34 cent difference? West Virginia taxes? Or gas companies ripping poor West Virginia?
  • The USA has the biggest gap between rich and poor of any developed country, as well as the highest number of infant deaths and the greatest percentage of children living in poverty. The moneygrubbers and hoarders are killing our young.
  • Who in the world thinks Monday mornings during student drop off at West Teays Elementary is the best time for Waste Management to pick up trash along Teays Valley Road? Poor route planning. That road is a big enough mess without the extra grief.
  • I urge the voters in Greenbrier County to elect a county commissioner who is interested in extending public water to the rural areas. The present ones have failed us in this matter, while most adjacent counties have already been able to do this.
  • I would like to see these environmentalists, just once, protest a union mining operation to prove that they are not the union shills everyone knows them to be.
  • To the reader who said that Mr. Obama is doing his best to mess with your Social Security, Medicare, etc.: The Republicans, in the person of Paul Ryan, are trying to destroy Social Security, Medicare, etc. All you have to do is read his plans to make Medicare a voucher system. That alone would make the cost to seniors on Medicare nearly $6,000 more per year.
  • The debate now about birth control has nothing to do with religion, no matter what certain politicians say. It's part of a campaign to send women back to the kitchen.
  • Our forefathers practiced Christianity, which our nation was founded upon. This is why we open with prayer and pledge of allegiance. All Americans pledge to honor the Constitution. America, like it or leave it.
  • I've heard from several sources out of Kentucky that Kentuckians are really unhappy with McConnell. If they're so unhappy with this guy, why do they keep putting him back in? My question is: When will he be defeated?
  • I am a veteran of Vietnam. Within two years of my release from active duty in the early '70s, I heard several people say, "I am a pacifist. I will never be in the Army." Parasite is a better word for these anti-war people. They don't want to do one thing to earn their citizenship rights.
  • If our teachers have been caught with meth labs in the schools, why can't our teachers be drug tested?
  • To the guy that's bashing the West Virginia coal miners, West Virginia did not back Obama, but West Virginia doesn't have enough electoral votes to even sway the vote anyway.
  • Instead of glorifying the life of the latest celebrity, maybe the message should be here is another celebrity who had it all and threw it all away through self-inflicted drug abuse. That would actually be a legacy that would help others.
  • I think it's interesting -- the so-called battle on obese children and trying to rescue them from a lifetime of obesity -- when the health-care workers and the teachers who are supposedly working with them are themselves grossly overweight.
  • Thank you, Division of Motor Vehicles. I got my new driver's license last Friday. I had my birth certificate. I had two forms of proof of residency. I had my Social Security card. I was treated professionally, and I was in and out of there in a half hour.
  • President Obama tells us what we want to hear to win our votes, but his policies and his actions tell a different story.
  • To the person who is disappointed because JC Penney picked Ellen DeGeneres to be their spokesperson, you must have a lot of hatred in your heart. I think JC Penney made the right choice.
  • I fail to understand this contraceptive controversy when mostly the men are complaining against it. What's up with this? It's a woman's thing, gentlemen. Back off.
  • If there's coal mines being closed right now, it has nothing to do with Barack Obama. It's because of the collapse of coal that's on the market right now.
  • I can't afford to live in Charleston any more. I am glad there's a four-lane highway that leads from Charleston to Florida. Goodbye, Charleston. Hello, Florida.
  • I'd like to know when the Marmet police are going to start enforcing the yield sign at the stop light at the bottom of the hill. Seems like them coal trucks come down the hill and fly out around the corner, but then they never stop. Even if there's cars coming, they don't yield.
  • With all the discussion about drug testing for jobs, has anybody thought about people who drive? They're out there on the highways coming at us in vehicles driving under the influence. Why don't we drug test everyone who drives a vehicle when they get a new license or renew their old driver's license. That way it would be fair.
  • It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Our Legislature is trying to pass laws that will keep them honest. It's like giving a hog a shower in the mud.
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