On file: Feb. 9-17, 2012

MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Feb. 9 and 17:Dustin Wayne Pickens, 22, of Peytona, and Brittany Nicole Pennington, 16, of Charleston. Bobby Lee Jarrell, 27, of Glasgow, and Christina Jo Carr, 29, of Charleston.Eric Vincent Rose, 22, and Ashleigh Jean Hill, 18, both of St. Albans.Franklin Junior Green II, 33, and Crystal Gale Ward, 34, both of South Charleston.Robert Lee Hanshaw Jr., 29, and Mary Francis Nicole Elswick, 27, both of Charleston.Harold Marion Reedy, 27, and Natasha Kay Bandy, 23, both of Charleston.Gary Wayne Cobb, 58, and Melissa Kay Hodges, 44, both of South Charleston.Jake Warren Alden, 25, and Tara Marie Dunkle, 32, both of Charleston.Kenneth Brian Weese, 40, and Jennifer De'Onne Nesselrodt, 25, both of Pratt.Monnie Dean Workman, 25, and Rebecca Sue Taylor, 22, both of Charleston.Joshua Stephen Stout, 20, and Ashlee Marie Dehart, 22, both of St. Albans.Tradd Roy Sleeth, 24, and Christina Dawn Bell, 25, both of Cross Lanes.William Marion Hayes, 21, and Vondrell LaDonna Foster, 36, both of Nitro.
Steven Sylvester O'Dell Jr., 34, and Stephanie Ruth Shorter, 32, both of Glasgow.Michael Wayne Jarrell, 42, and Jesika Heather Dillon, 41, both of St. Albans.Chad Conrad Perry, 32, and Marilyn Sue Adams, 36, both of South Charleston.Brandon Michael Stepp, 25, and Whitney LaPaul Berry, 24, both of Sissonville.Richard Gary Lawrence II, 26, and Alexandra Lea Fertig, 25, both of Cross Lanes.Jeffery William Hite, 37, of Clendenin, and Miranda Marie Hite, 31, of Elkview.
Steven Joseph White, 32, of Belington, and Elizabeth Dawn Miller, 37, of Charleston.Christopher Allen Smith, 29, and Nichol Ann Cassick, 31, both of Nitro.Timothy Michael Morris, 23, and Brittany Jeanne Winter, 20, both of St. Albans.Kevin James McCallister, 34, and Cindy Lynn Withrow, 30, both of Belle. The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Feb. 3 and 17:Charles William Abner Jr., 44, of Poca, and Carrie Lee Cook, 29, of Charleston.Joe Gollie, 35, and Ashley Megan Farrell, 24, both of Scott Depot.Eric Paul Condon, 41, and Andria Michelle Lloyd, 36, both of Hurricane.Peter Weems Zellmer, 29, of Columbus, Ohio, and Mary Elizabeth Semder, 27, of Winfield.Vernell Edward Williams, 42, and Carla Frances Gresham, 37, both of Winfield.Michael Avon Price, 28, of Hurricane, and Sara Marie Tucker, 26, of Scott Depot.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Feb. 10 and 17:Kristen Beane from Gary Slater. Rikki E. Lupson from Daniel H. Lupson.Pamela Gibson from Theodore Gibson Jr.Vicki Hebert from Christopher Hebert.Samantha Barnett-McBride from William McBride.Kimberly R. Morgan Loudin from Donald Wade Loudin.Cassie Spinner from Jamie Spinner.Patricia Norton from Charles D. Norton.Robert Charles Parry from Deborah Lynn Parry.Ruthie Thompson from Jessie Thompson.Patricia A. Means from Philip D. Means.Aaron Micheal Gregory from Chasity Ruth Gregory.Barbara Clendenin from Roger L. Clendenin.Joyce L. Dabiri from Ali R. Dabiri II.Melissa M. Tweel from E. Brian Tweel.Kami Weese from Benjamin Weese.Glenn O. Hudson from Sherry Ann Hudson.Sonya Dawn Strickland from Shawn Michael Strickland.Cara C. White from Dewey E. White Jr.Amy Elizabeth Merrell from William Sheridan Tillis.  Marcia A. Elmore from Jack W. Elmore Jr. The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between Feb. 3 and 17:Irene Spurlock from David Spurlock.Deborah Parsons from Dale Parsons.Jerry Lee Waller from Shirley Marie Waller.Barbara Gay Johnson from Dorsey Gene Johnson.David Powell from Lisa Dale Powell.Susan Rachelle Allison from Timothy Justin Allison.Susan Smith from Daniel R. Smith.Lydia A. Cornell from Joshua D. Setliff.William Scott Marshall from Lisa Dawn Marshall.Cynthia Saunders from David Saunders.Kevin Welch from Carole Ann Welch.Sasha Coiner from John Coiner Jr.Rachel Elizabeth Shoffner from Christopher Chad Shoffner.Timothy Joseph Allison from Mary A. Allison.Ronald Francis Kleppinger from Tamatha Lynn Kleppinger.Melissa Vancamp from Jason Vancamp.Tiffany Bradley from Loren Bradley.Jeremy Linville from Tiffany Linville.Roger Lee Hudnall from Jerri Mae Hudnall.Property transfersThe following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Feb. 10 and 17:David Michael Shock to Daniel J. and Amy J. Taaffe. Parcels, St. Albans Corporate Tax District, $85,000.Sandra Pauley to Larry J. and Victoria Cochran. Parcel, Union District, $55,000.Golden & Amos PLLC to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company. Lot, Nitro District, $94,459.
Thomas A. Wilson to John W. and Sherry M. Solberg. Lots, Charleston West Tax District, $85,000.Richard McElhaney to Sharon Marker. Lot, South Charleston District, $91,000.James A. Light et al. to Juan Lopez. Lot, South Charleston Tax District, $65,000.Chester C. Nelson to Robyn G. Rogers. Tract, Jefferson District, $82,500.Barbara K. Brown to Ryan P. Tierney and Amber C. Hill. Parcels, Loudon District, $192,000.Kathryn M. and Travis G. White to Brittany S. Jordon. Lot, Washington District, $195,000.Joseph A. and Brianna E. Endres to Rock Chandler. Parcels, St. Albans District, $268,500.Craig Harper to Tommy B. and Cynthia D. Vance. Lot, Poca District, $85,000.Sharon E. Kinkade and Sundei A. Patagoc to Michael D. Lowe. Lot, Loudon District, $136,125.Florence E. Chambers to Kenneth L. Mollohan. Lot, South Charleston District, $67,500.Rabel Development LLC to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Washington District, $72,000.Gerry L. and Betty J. Owens to Jason R. Frame. Tracts, Elk District, $73,000.Lee A. Brewer to Christopher P. and Kelly J. Stadelman. Lot, South Charleston District, $110,000.Caroline C. Newlon et al. to CRMM Properties LLC. Lot, South Charleston Tax District, $70,000.Regina Jo Confere to Rodney Lee Miles Jr. Parcel, Jefferson District, $140,000.Joe B. Beam to Joe B. Jr. and Chad A. Beam. Lot, Malden District, $142,000.John Daniel Flowers et al. to Evan B. Hedrick. Parcels, St. Albans District, $90,000.James Michael Kauff to Douglas Conley. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $59,000.R. Vance Golden III to Bank of America. Lot, Malden District, $97344.Helen M. Hardman et al. to Erin N. Raines. Parcels, Loudon District, $137,000.Trudy J. Wilson et al. to Regina J. Confere. Lot, Nitro District, $80,000.Karen B. and Matthew J. Schommer to Equity Trust Company FBO Charles A. Cavender IRA. Lot, Loudon District, $90,000.Skaff Family Limited Partnership to Stricklen Realty Inc. Lot, Jefferson District, $65,000.Nancy J. Kurzdorfer Miller to Bradford Conaway Clark. Parcel, Charleston District, $72,000.Lorraine R. Kreber to James R. and Sherry A. Durst. Lot, Jefferson District, $120,000.Joannette V. Gould to Chad D. and Jessica L. Robertson. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $298,500.Jason A. Frazer to Bradley M. Wright. Lot, South Charleston District, $105,000.Ellis W. Fullerton et al. to Reba A. Slater. Parcels, Poca District, $119,000. The following property transfers were recorded in Putnam County between Feb. 3 and 17:Brian A. and Faith A. Thomas to John S. II and Amanda Casto. Lot, Teays Valley District, $279,000.Rodney H. and Wendy R. Fisher to William and Kari Cox. Lot, Teays Valley District, $200,000.Lucy V. Jones to John T. and Patricia A. Wigle. Lot, Scott District, $155,000.Cynthia Kernea Cochran to Becky Welch. Lot, Poca District, $70,000.Lee Graphics Inc. to Sager & Crutchfield LLC. Acres, Scott District, $318,842.Sandra K. and James W. Atkinson to Robert M. Mace. Lot, Winfield District, $131,000.William R. Jr. and Kathryn G. Starr to Sandra S. Arnold. Lot, Scott District, $164,000.Timothy Alan and Kimberly J. Sharp. To William B. Duncan. Acres, Union District, $225,000.Robert L. Jr. and Connie Eggleton to Marc A. and Melanie G. Rumer. Lot, Scott District, $327,000.Paul A. and Lee Ann M. Kuzdas to Donald P. and Malinda K. Steele. Lot, Teays Valley District, $315,000.Virginia Meadows LLC to Charles M. and Georgiana Vannatter. Lot, Curry District, $206,000.William D. Ball and Philip R. and Donna J. Marchun. Parcels, Hurricane District, $345,000.Randall F. and Gina L. Lathey Bess to Kevin A. and Lisa R. McGraw. Lot, Poca District, $189,900.Mark S. and Jeanie R. Prince to James A. and Linda F. King. Lot, Scott District, $265,000.Amanda Casto Cook to Kayla L. Brown. Lot, Hurricane District, $173,500.Ella Ruth Rice to Joachim Delpapa Jr. Lot, Scott District, $102,000.Kenneth R. and Karen R. Meadows to John D. and Elizabeth Ann Justice. Tract, Poca District, $290,000.Seneca Trustees Inc. and Jeffrey L and Kimberly Watson to JP Chase Morgan Bank. Lot, Poca District, $79,753.Edward R. Jr. and Jessica E. Guevara to Raymond A. Jr. and Jacqueline Renee Williams. Lot, Hurricane District, $130,000.John and Patricia Wigle to Louie E. and Rachel A. Lovejoy. Lot, Scott District, $233,000.Putnam Holdings LLC to Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Acres, Scott District, $1,000,000.Steorts Homebuidlers LLC to Joseph B. and Jennifer D. Marinacci. Lot, Teays Valley District, $585,000.Alexander J. Ross and John A. and Sharla J. Grafton to Putnam County Bank. Parcel, Scott District, $401,480.James Stephen Byrd to Randall C. Wooten. Lot, Scott District, $340,000.Ernest W. Jarrell to Russell D. Jr. and Pamela S. Hauldren. Lot, Scott District, $156,900.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Feb. 10 and 17:Johnny Calvin Messer Jr., Williamson, Chapter 7. Assets: $5,215, Liabilities: $73,430.Clinton Ray and Lynae Dawn Stone, Tad, Chapter 7. Assets: $30,475, Liabilities: $51,822.William Ray Smith, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $13,200, Liabilities: $18,010.Roger Lee and Donna June Proctor, Chapter 7. Assets: $135,635, Liabilities: $140,869.Tamela Rene Leaseburg, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $84,870, Liabilities: $110,192.Crystal Renee Payne, Spencer, Chapter 7. Assets: $26,566, Liabilities: $39,736.Judy Mae and James Richard Kanniard, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $60,786, Liabilities: $43,086.Joseph Daniel Albohn, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $122,900, Liabilities: $107,435.Randy Neil and Vickie Carol Vance, Chapter 7. Assets: $83,722, Liabilities: $131,960.Janet Lynn Jones, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $38,850, Liabilities: $51,109.Alpha and Omega Coal Company, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: UnknownNaomi Sue Blankenship, Red Jacket, Chapter 7. Assets: $62,070, Liabilities: $27,713.Donald Ray and Fredia Messer, Kermit, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,845, Liabilities: $21,124.Lando Sr. and Sadie Ella Adkins, Chapmanville, Chapter 7. Assets: $70,946, Liabilities: $79,203.Benjamin James Cox, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $106,601, Liabilities: $101,375.Alpha Jr. and Carol Gene Davis, Logan, Chapter 7. Assets: $25,053, Liabilities: $42,765.Melissa Lynn Morton, Nitro, Chapter 7. Assets: $8,623, Liabilities: $25,939.Dewey Edward and Darlene Owsley, Chapter 7. Assets: $41,708, Liabilities: $78,182.Ray Alvin Hundley, Harts, Chapter 7. Assets: $49,166, Liabilities: $77,217.Mitchell Paul McCumbers, Reedy, Chapter 7. Assets: $36,210, Liabilities: $69,703.Jerry Lee and Kathy Lynn Withrow, Chapter 7. Assets: $1,300, Liabilities: $229,767.Donald Wayne and Betty Louise Rutherford, Lewisburg, Chapter 7. Assets: $164,119, Liabilities: $266,352.Donald Mark and Sandra Lorrie Gwinn, Ronceverte, Chapter 7. Assets: $47,526, Liabilities: $62,025.Gary Lee Pyle, Renick, Chapter 7. Assets: $44,377, Liabilities: $73,927.Ronald Austin Garland, Stanaford, Chapter 7. Assets: $4,950, Liabilities: $25,775.Michael Dewayne Elswick, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.
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