On file: Feb. 29-March 9, 2012

MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Feb. 29 and March 9:Paul Frederick Ramsey II, 39, and Rebekah Leigh Ramsey, 26, both of Alum Creek.Michael Gene Godbey, 36, and Crystal Gayle Persinger, 30, both of Clendenin.Jason Michael Mayes, 37, and Eva Marie Robinson, 37, both of St. Albans.Kenneth Ray Estep, 43, and Bertha Ellen Pritt, 45, both of Dunbar.Herbert Thomas Gardner Jr., 51, and Susan Margaret Spangler, 38, both of Charleston.Brady Delano Crawford Jr., 32, and Ronda Elaine Crawford, 34, both of Charleston.Charles Edward Burke Jr., 31, and Amanda Rose Barker, 28, both of Charleston.Christopher Allen Ice Sr., 39, and Angela Dawn Hudson, 40, both of South Charleston.Frederick Gerald Wright II, 24, and Samantha Beth Conner, 23, both of Charleston.Joe Bradford Beam, 64, and Mary Ann Bennett, 67, both of Charleston.Steven Lee Pete, 49, and Jodi Lynn Gardner, 45, both of St. Albans.Michael Wayne Gillenwater, 42, and Michelle Leigh Sooy, 42, both of Dunbar.Michael Shawn Smith, 35, and Lenora Michele Cunningham, 43, both of St. Albans.
Howard Martin O'Cull, 55, of Charleston, and Laquetta Joy Casto, 61, of Elkview.William Joseph Neil, 34, of Pampa, Tex, and Raemona Ann Suit, 42, of Charleston.John Harrison Womack, 49, and Shawn Marie Taylor, 40, both of Charleston.Guy Keith Wilson, 49, and Olympia Palonson Dawson, 57, both of Charleston.Gerardo Trejo, 25, and Sonia Garcia Luna, 23, both of Belle.Daniel Olutope Fadayomi, 29, and Vicky Lynn Morgan, 36, both of Marmet.
Samuel Dale Ball, 52, and Shari Lynn Carder, 48, both of Elkview.John Robert Walker, 24, and Candice Danielle Hanning, 19, both of Handley.Andy Troung Nguyen, 32, and Truc Pham Thanh Nguyen, 22, both of Charleston.Gregory Alan Goins, 50, and Lora Dianne Rhodes, 42, both of South Charleston.Robert Dale Mattix, 25, and Amanda Jo Whittaker, 18, both of Charleston.Roy Lee Honaker Jr., 21, and Stephanie Dawn Henry, 19, both of South Charleston.Donald Ray Dan, 53, and Lori Lynette Byus, 48, both of Charleston.Edward Vernon Hall, 64, of Pratt, and Ronie Carol McGinnis, 44, of Seth.Donald Ryan Bowen, 22, and Amber Danielle Hoylman, 19, both of Marmet.Justin Ante Frazier, 22, of Alum Creek, and Anique Jean Dashae Williamson, 23, of St. Albans.Charles Brandon Richards, 28, and Tara Nichole Postalwait, 27, both of Charleston.Justin Anthony Jones, 22, and Candace Grace Jeffery, 23, both of Eskdale.Jacob Scott High, 19, and Shennandoah Lea Breedon, 19, both of St. Albans.Josiah Luke Shamblin, 22, of Sissonville, and Kira Lynn Richardson, 26, of Elkview.Luis Miguel Cortell, 30, and Shona Ashok Bankley, 36, both of Belle.Christopher Scott Shafer, 28, and Amanda Lynn Hall, 26, both of Clendenin.John Wesley Harbin, 41, and Amee Sue Bigley, 42, both of St. Albans.Harold Verdayne Meade Jr., 56, of Charleston, and Pamela Lou Lerose, 58, of South Charleston.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County from Feb. 29 and March 9:Brandon L. Carter from Angel K. Carter.Jeffery D. Ricchy from Shirley D. Ricchy.Janet K. Day from Donald W. Day.Rondus F. Casdorph from Brittany M. Casdorph.James D. Cottrell Jr. from Peggy S. Cottrell.Jason Compton from Jennifer Compton. Christy L. Merrill from David A. Merrill.Dewayne Haynes from Calina Haynes.Julie Settle from Christopher Settle.Kimberly Sue Hendricks from Charles Edward Hendricks II.Ashley Nichole Bush from Wayne Christopher Bush.Jennifer McClung from Glen McClung.James Griffith from Ellen Griffith.Juanita Marie Bradshaw from Charles Edward Bradshaw.Jessica N. Fisher from Timothy R. Fisher.Ashia Desper from Ajaere Chidiebere.Lois Bell from Marlon Leroy Bell.Sarah Gilmore from Corey Gilmore.Michelle Payne from Brian Formby.Beverly Ann McCallister from Michael Todd McCallister.Property transfersThe following property transfers over $50,000 were recorded in Kanawha County between Feb. 29 and March 9:James D. and Judy A. Mason to Beatrice L. Scarberry. Tract, Union District, $100,000.Sorin and Iullana Scarlatescu to MDNZN LLC. Lot, Kanawha City District, $200,000.Thomas L. Perry et al. to Roger A. Caruthers, Jr. Lot, Dickinson District, $55,000.Grace Stemple to Joyce Ann VanGilder. Condominium, Charleston District, $90,000. James David Given et al. to Alan L. and Laurel C. Pennington. Lots, Loudon District, $85,000.Jeffery Scott Jackson and Steven Kyle Jackson to Richard M. Spiegel. Condominium, Charleston District, $80,000.John Wolfe et al. to Carolyn S. and Timothy L. Frye. Kanawha City Tax District, $115,000.Fannie Mae to TLH Investments LLC. Lots, Charleston District, $63,000.
Julia T. Roberts to Kristen P. and Paul Helmick. Lot, Washington Tax District, $313,000.Wesley D. Wentz to Paul Anthony Hall et al. Lot, South Charleston District, $50,000.Kanawha-Roxalana Company to SCP Properties LLC. Tract, Fifteenth Ward District, $1,000,000.Cynthia Brown to Chris Ojeda and Steven Coyne. Parcels, Charleston West District, $78,000.Nelson T. Graham to Ninh Nguyen. Parcels, Dunbar District, $105,000.Elizabeth Lee Properties LLC to Nancy and Rae Atkinson. Unit, Charleston East District, $287,500.Andrew P. and Susan M. Arbogast to Denise S. and Terry L. Burhans. Lot, Loudon District, $282,000.Connie Louise Clonch to Steven M. Garnett Lot, Charleston District, $110,000.Seneca Trustees Inc. to Bank of New York Mellon. Lot, Jefferson District, $96,000.National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Nambh Farms LLC. Lots, Charleston South Annex District, $230,000.Arthur M. Standish et al. to Gregory D. and Deborah L. Skiles. Parcels, Malden Tax District, $65,000.Jeffery T. Lusk to Craig M. Kay. Condominium, Charleston South Annex District, $226,500.J. Bart and Christine Morrison to Elizabeth P. Mucklow. Lot, Loudon District, $275,000.Phyllis H. Moss to Le and Lan Nguyen. Parcel, Charleston District, $90,000.AB Contracting Inc. to Howard Wesley Lafferty Jr. and Derek Shawn Newsome. Tract, Washington District, $643,530.Pauline H. Shumway to Janice M. Moore. Lot, Elk District, $125,000.AB Contracting Inc. to Charlotte D. Cohen. Lot, Washington District, $312,000.Evans Lumber Company to Orcutt Properties LLC. Parcels, South Charleston District, $130,000.Rabel Development LLC to AB Contracting. Lot, Washington District, $100,000.Corina F. Whittington to BBCC Properties LLC. Lot, Jefferson District, $65,000.Rheta Tarpley to Saulino & Potter Inc. Parcel, St. Albans District, $59,000.Jeanie Cacopardo et al. to Saulino & Potter Inc. Parcel, St. Albans District, $59,000.Byron D. and Darla E. Lippe to Jennifer Meadows. Lot, Loudon District, $180,000.Robert M. and Barbara A. Corrothers to David L. and Becky Tuttle. Lot, St. Albans District, $173,900.Wayne D. Wilkinson et al. to Nicole A. Rhodes. Lot, Charleston District, $115,000.Ruth E. Dobson to Suzanne L. Sheppard. Lot, Loudon District, $68,000.Moore Security Company to MBT Properties LLC. Parcels, Charleston East Tax District, $100,000.Billie J. Beasley to John K. Shank. Lot, Poca District, $162,000.AB Contracting to Philip T. and Angela D. Berry. Lot, Washington District, $843,484.Robert P. Martin to Dayton W. and Anne F. Reed. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $400,000.Dayton W. and Anne F. Reed to Joshua E. and Megan E. Rose. Tracts, Poca District, $327,000.Marlene Lee to Michael D. and Brenda R. Williams. Unit, Charleston East Tax District, $286,000.Larue Causey to WV's K-9 Country Club LLC. Lots, Spring Hill District, $198,000.KT & T Enterprise LLC to Linda S. Ballard. Lot, Union District, $78,000.Thomas E. and Deborah M. Stevens to David M. Donelon. Lot, Union District, $195,000.Stephen Shane and Melissa D. Nichols to Joseph S. and Stacy A. Peal. Parcel, Union District, $331,000.Steven G. Quinn to Brent and Peggy Marion. Lot, Elk District, $94,500.Shelby C. McNealy Jr. to James F. and April S. Mitchell. Lot, St. Albans District, $64,000.Ralph E. Blackwell to Joshua E. and Amanda B. Humphreys. Tracts, Big Sandy District, $85,000.West Virginia American Water Company to Edgewood Summit Inc. Tract, Charleston West Taxing District, $60,000.Great Lakes Truckland Inc. to The Cooke Company LLC. Lots, Union District, $2,200,000.William D. and Melissa D. Cain to Joseph S. Barr. Lot, Malden District, $128,900.Ya-Huey Kuo and Ho-Huang Chang to William Jeffrey and Shannon Egan Vollmer. Tract, Fifteenth Ward District, $75,000.Beulah H. Hash to Gary L. and Dorothy A. Olcott. Lot, Loudon District, $148,000.Anne H. Sladky to Ruba Kerdieh. Lot, Dunbar District, $100,000.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between March 2 and 9:Linda Louise Poling, Ravenswood, Chapter 7. Assets: $2,300, Liabilities: $6,144.Amy J. Rollins, Ravenswood, Chapter 7. Assets: $ 17,657, Liabilities: $ 34,715.Orville Willis, Amherstdale, Chapter 7. Assets: $12,185, Liabilities: $187,638.Tina Marie Goodwin, Chapmanville, Chapter 7. Assets: $180,403, Liabilities: $136,616.Jason Thomas and Kerry Lynn Snyder, Nitro, Chapter 7. Assets: $182,212, Liabilities: $217,733.Zachary Scott and Katherine Denise Brumfield, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Karen Jean Whitehouse, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $35,360, Liabilities: $47,460.Jean Ann Ratliff, Oak Hill, Chapter 7. Assets: $74,240, Liabilities: $71,793.Samuel Andrew and Krista Lynn Smith, Scarbro, Chapter 7. Assets: $ 120,375, Liabilities: $ 171,769.Stacy Lee Greathouse, Ravenswood, Chapter 7. Assets: $1,200, Liabilities: $106,584.Brandi Renee Angel, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $5,430, Liabilities: $43,323.Shirley Ann Frazier, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $6,100, Liabilities: $81,718.Jerry Allen and Lillian Frances Wiseman, Cannelton, Chapter 7. Assets: $58,164, Liabilities: $116,550.Susan Anderson and Gary Allen Borror, Cass, Chapter 7. Assets: $96,616, Liabilities: $99,799.James Burl Jr. and Susan Ann Wallace, Daniels, Chapter 7. Assets: $394,300, Liabilities: $883,938.Christopher Blake Bledsoe, Glenville, Chapter 7. Assets: $28,250, Liabilities: $1,319,037.Craig Justin Gershen, Shady Spring, Chapter 7. Assets: $ 183,280, Liabilities: $ 214,562.Betsy Ann Britland, MacArthur, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,434, Liabilities: $51,106.David Alan Sr. and Laura Marie Kovach, Spencer, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Harold Robert Boggs, Procious. Chapter 13. Assets: $87,860, Liabilities: $112,452.Bernard Eugene King, Ripley, Chapter 13. Assets: $62,772, Liabilities: $108,826.David Charles and Pamela Dawn Brownell, Kincaid, Chapter 13. Assets: $135,788, Liabilities: $124,024.Bruce Wayne and Barbara Ann Vira, Beckley, Chapter 13. Assets: $168,100, Liabilities: $223,765.  
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