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Kanawha grand jury indicts 153 suspects

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A Kanawha County grand jury indicted 153 individuals last week. An indictment is not a finding of fact, merely an accusation.The following Kanawha County Circuit judges have been assigned to handle those who were indicted:Judge Jennifer Bailey, April 25, 9 a.m.Earl Wayne Butts, 50, Charleston, drug charges; Mason Claire, 26, Rand, drug, firearm charges; Brianna Dawn Smith, 22, Ravenswood, drug charges; Carl Lindsay Fountain Jr., 43, burglary, first-degree robbery; Africia Leigh Griffin, 33, Charleston, burglary and battery; Amelia Marie Griffin, 27, Charleston, burglary and battery; Keisha Belcher, 32, Charleston, burglary and battery; Braheem Jamal Griffin, 18, Charleston, drug charges; Quincy Hatcher, 39, Detroit, drug charges; Christopher Rogers, 28, Lansing Mich., drug charges; Amy Loran Johnston, 26, Hurricane, drug charges, grand larceny; Crystal Dawn Jones, 36, Cross Lanes, DUI charges; Randy Lee Justice, 33, Dunbar, access device fraud; Albert Ross Lewis V, 34, Nitro, identity theft; Zach McClendon III, 44, Charleston, drug charges; James Edward Russell, 30, Elkview, grand larceny; J.P. Watkins III, 31, Alkol, DUI, fleeing charges; Dennis Lyle Williams, 32, Nitro, second-degree sexual assault, first-degree sexual assault, assault during the commission of a felony, malicious wounding.Judge Charles E. King Jr., April 26, 1:30 p.m.Stanley Jason Barnette, 31, St. Albans, breaking and entering of an automobile, petit larceny and access device fraud; Clifton Bayes, 54, Charleston, burglary; Keith A. Brogan, 35, Cabin Creek, breaking and entering and grand larceny; Dennis Lamont Davis, 36, Charleston, third-offense DUI; Franklin Thomas Davis, 22, Charleston, burglary, malicious wounding and violation of a protective order; Jeremy Scott Dolan, 21, Elkview, burglary, grand larceny, transferring and receiving; Peggy Susan Garten, 60, Glen Ferris, DUI charges; Kara Lynn George, 24, Charleston, forgery, uttering, and conspiracy; Sergio Gomez, 39, Pasadena, Texas, grand larceny; Dustin Lee Halstead, 22, Cabin Creek, malicious wounding; Justin David Henson, 24, Shrewsbury, grand larceny and forgery; Joey Michael King, 31, Elkview, grand larceny; Timothy Mark Hudson, 47, St. Albans, burglary and grand larceny; James E. Meadows, unknown residence, 64, failure to register as a sex offender; Gregory Dean Miller, 45, Charleston, domestic assault; Brian E. Ray, 23, Charleston, fraud charges; Beth Collins, 19, Charleston, fraud charges; Tasha Louise Russell, 31, Elkview, obtaining by false pretenses; Dasean M. Saunders, 20, Hurricane, first-degree robbery; John Douglas Tyler, 51, South Charleston, domestic battery; Maurice White, 62, Charleston, possession of child pornography, first-degree sexual abuse and sexual abuse by a parent, guardian; Shawn Patrick Wright, 32, Louisville, Ky., first-degree robbery.Judge Louis "Duke" Bloom, April 9, 9:30 a.m.Timothy Brown, 55, Hansford, DUI charges; Leslie Castle Jr., 42, Charleston, shoplifting; Patrick Davis, 27, Charleston, drug charges; Raven Dotson Sr., 39, South Charleston, drug charges; Daniel Lee Gardner, 39, St. Albans, drug charges; Dustin Scott Gibson, 26, Spencer, counterfeiting; Dustin Allen Burrows, 24, Spencer, conspiracy; Junie Louise Kirk-Jones, 22, Walton, counterfeiting; James Edward Glasscock, 33, Dunbar, drug charges; Barbara Akers, 35, St. Albans, drug charges; John Fitzgerald Good Jr., 24, Charleston, burglary, larceny, destruction of property; Amber Mae Hall, 30, Poca, prescription fraud; Gordon Harper, 53, St. Albans, drug charges; Charles Keeney, 43, St. Albans, drug charges; Gabriel Heater, 24, Hurricane, burglary, domestic assault, brandishing; Steven Paul King, 21, Dunbar, animal cruelty; Joshua Matthew Myers, 21, Clendenin, grand larceny; Pamela Michelle Parsons, 31, Charleston, drug charges; Tamela Watson, 46, Charleston, drug charges; Antonio Watson Sr., 43, Charleston, drug charges; Stephina Powell, 37, Charleston, drug charges; Eric Scott Spencer, 31, Charleston, DUI charges.
Judge Tod J. Kaufman, April 11, 1 p.m.Charles Darren Roberts, 37, Alum Creek, third-degree arson, fourth-degree arson, first-degree murder; James Jakim Barker, 25, Brooklyn, N.Y., drug charges; Mark Douglas Bays, 48, Cross Lanes, drug charges; Nathan Chaney, 41, Charleston, DUI charges; William Lawrence Collins, 27, Nitro, child porn charges; Ricky L. Gibson, 47, Blount, DUI charges; Steven T. Gill, 40, Hernshaw, malicious assault, kidnapping charges; Jeremy Shane Goodall, 31, South Charleston, possession of a stolen vehicle, DUI, fleeing; Matthew Wallace Greene, 24, Charleston, second-degree robbery, conspiracy, petit larceny; Sarah Elizabeth Baldwin, 21, Belle, second-degree robbery, conspiracy, petit larceny; Anjelica Noel Cervenak, 20, Nitro, second-degree robbery, conspiracy, petit larceny; Dale Eugene Guthrie Jr., 24, Charleston, possession of a stolen vehicle; Wesley Hinzman, 21, South Charleston, drug charges; Glen Denean Hoylman Jr., 40, St. Albans, burglary and grand larceny; Bernard Jack Johnson, 43, Charleston, malicious wounding; Estill Forrest Jones, 30, Charleston, misuse of assets of an elderly person, access device fraud; Paul William Martin, 26, Charleston, burglary, larceny charges; Tamara Elizabeth Garrison, 24, St. Albans, access device fraud; Corbit James Moore, 21, Hugheston, burglary and grand larceny; Angela Mae Nichols, 31, Bormont, access device fraud, forgery, uttering; Johnny Jerome Parker, 31, Charleston, forgery and uttering; April Pauley, 26, Charleston, drug charges; Jonathan Cavender, 26, Charleston, drug charges; Amy Mayes Thompson, 40, South Charleston, identity theft, access device fraud; Charles Kenneth Woodson, 59, Charleston, attempted murder, malicious wounding; Kenneth Charles Woodson, 20, Charleston, attempted murder, malicious wounding.Judge James C. Stucky, April 9, 9:30 a.m.Timothy S. Arbaugh, 34, St. Albans, breaking and entering; Sadol Chuangkrud, 32, Charleston, drug charges; Autumn Stewart, 34, St. Albans, drug charges; Brooklyn Wright, 18, South Charleston, drug charges; Benjamin Childers, 36, Nitro, drug charges; Ashley Keiffer, 27, Poca, drug charges; Russell Clark, 58, Marmet, fraud, destruction of property charges; Renwick Clark, 56, Marmet, fraud, destruction of property charges; Charles Withrow, 55, Charleston, fraud, destruction of property charges; Clarence Taylor, 37, St. Albans, fraud, destruction of property charges; Jeff Taylor, 42, Charleston, fraud, destruction of property charges; Heather Gregory, 19, Charleston, access device fraud charges; Thurmond Grant Hayes II, 38, Falling Rock, child sexual abuse charges; John Bias Helmick, 39, St. Albans, DUI charges; Charles Jarrett, 34, Charleston, first-degree robbery; Betty Marie Taylor, 36, Elkview, accessory after the fact; Rusty Jon Martin, 32, Cross Lanes, burglary; Mark Cameron Mullins, 22, East Bank, third-degree sexual assault; Jamie Leigh Russell, 35, Charleston, access device fraud; William Harold Samples Jr., 34, St. Albans, possessing a weapon on an education facility; Michael L. Scrivo, 36, St. Albans, possession of a stolen vehicle and petit larceny; Michelle Elaine Ball, 28, St. Albans, possession of a stolen vehicle, petit larceny, destruction of property; Nathan Allen Stewart, 26, robbery, DUI charges; Kelly Wainwright Thomas, 45, Charleston, drug charges.Judge Carrie Webster, April 17, 2 p.m.Frederick Nick Aiello, 62, Charleston, drug charges; Ehtel Andrews, no age given, Institute, embezzlement; James Keith Caldwell III, 31, Sissonville, burglary, access device fraud; Richard Campbell, 21, Dunbar, drug charges; Andraise Cook, 26, St. Albans, drug charges; Jason Buzzard, 27, St. Albans, drug charges; Daniel Lee Ferrell, 31, Dunbar, drug charges; Carrie Leigh Romero, 33, St. Albans, drug charges; James Frederick Franley Jr., 42, Fort Gay, attempted grand larceny, destruction of property, assault on a government representative; Stacie Francis, 33, Kimberly, third-degree sexual assault; Melody Sue Legg, 37, Charleston, drug charges; Matthew Ryan Loudin, 20, Dunbar, drug charges; William Loudin III, 45, St. Albans, drug charges; Kathy O'Daniel, 42, Charleston, DUI charges; Jamie Marie Spradling, 32, Charleston, transferring and receiving stolen property; Shawn P. Winfree, 29, Cedar Grove, conspiracy, grand larceny; Denise Keenan, 32, Cedar Grove, conspiracy, burglary.Judge Paul Zakaib Jr., April 13, 9:30 a.m.
Derek Boggs, 23, Charleston, destruction of property; Tiffany Jordan Boggs, 23, Charleston destruction of property; Amanda Hanning, 20, Charleston, destruction of property; Dustin Hanning, 23, Charleston, destruction of property; Shannon Michelle Morrison, 18, Charleston, destruction of property; Korey Lamont Bradley, 22, Detroit, drug charges; David Paul Collins, 49, Charleston, obtaining by false pretenses; Kenneth Daniels III, 20, South Charleston, drug charges; Karen Landers, 44, Belle, drug charges; Jeffrey Allan Landers, 47, Belle, drug charges; Marius Peter McAteer, 23, Wheeling, drug charges; Jared Decaccia, 26, Sonora, drug charges; Eric Allan Province, 28, Marmet, DUI, battery on a government representative; Zachary Paul Pullens, 22, Pratt, breaking and entering, firearm charges; Zachery M. Pulliam, 33, St. Albans, embezzlement; Jennette Lynn Railton, 39, Charleston, child abuse charges; Curtis Wendell, 57, Sophia, grand larceny and embezzlement; Chester Wilkinson, 58, Charleston, child porn charges; Robert Lee Williams, 22, Dunbar, first-degree robbery, conspiracy; Tiffany Williams, no age or home provided, first-degree robbery, conspiracy.
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