On file: April 6-13, 2012

MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between April 6 and 13:James Robert Moore II, 23, and Kaitlyn Rebecca Harper, 22, both of Charleston.Jeremy Dale Liptrap, 32, and Casey Marie Graham, 25, both of Sissonville.Jamie Edward Pennington, 32, and Brandy Renee Stalnaker, 29, both of South Charleston.Jeffery Lee Oskin, 46, of Charleston, and Christine Rotell Walsh, 43, of Port Richey, Fla.Jeffery Scott Mitchell, 32, and Andrea Nicole Ramsey, 28, both of Dunbar.Stephen Daniel Fleshman, 33, and Stephanie Jean Holsinger, 28, both of Charleston.Michael Shane Randolph, 35, of South Charleston, and Cynthia Nadine Duff, 31, of Charleston.Joseph Edward Findley, 29, of Grafton, and Amy Lynn Abenoja Teleron, 31, of Charleston.Austin David Agnew, 22, of Charleston, and Chelsea Nicole Laska, 21, of Hurricane.Curtis Michael Powell, 60, of Belle, and Susan Erika Marcus, 53, of Charleston.Vincent Thomas Russo, 48, of Dunbar, and Johnna Louise Wheaton, 47, of Charleston.Jamacio Joshawn Riley, 32, and Ann Marie Bradshaw, 23, both of Charleston.Zane Alexander Halstead, 21, and Nicole Hathen Silverstein, 27, both of Charleston.
Daniel Lee Turley, 26, and Cassie Lynn Estep, 24, both of Charleston.Samuel Elvin Thomas III, 37, and Andrea Lynn Emrick, 34, both of Charleston.Kenneth Lee Cobb, 65, and Judy Ann Bennington, 58, both of South Charleston.Aaron Michael Mongold, 24, and Courtney Elizabeth Wilford, 24, both of Charleston.Mathew Jacob Stephens, 21, of Alta, and Kasandra Nicole Crilow, 18, of Nitro.Clarence Robert Pomeroy, 67, and Pamela Kay McCormick, 43, both of East Bank.
Aaron Thomas Barker, 23, and Danielle Marie Howard, 23, both of St. Albans.Kevin Wayne Wickline, 29, of Charleston, and Stacy Leeanna Payne, 28, of Sissonville.Jason Eugene Kirk, 31, and Samantha Jill Sloan, 27, both of South Charleston.Randal Eugene Beckner, 49, and Patricia Ann Meadows, 48, both of Elkview.John Michael Meeker, 36, and Rebecca Jo Asbury, 36, both of Nitro.Adam Lawrence Lukomski, 36, and Katie Lynne Steyer, 28, both of Charleston.Christopher Patrick Osman, 33, and Juanita Gale Parsons, 32, both of Nitro. The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between March 30 and April 13:Curtis Lane Cavender, 24, of Poca, and Heather Dawn Haynes, 26, of Nitro.Jeremy Edward Grant, 24, and Danielle Nicole Kisamore, 24, both of Hurricane.Douglas Wilson Beach, 27, and Alyssa Jo Gillispie, 21, both of Hurricane.Joseph Rollin Barnett, 30, of Leon, and Kathryn Suzanne McGhee, 33, of Poca.Richard William Fletcher, 47, and Linda Beth Jenkins, 44, both of Hurricane.William Paul Davis, 45, of Red House, and Jenore Louise Cunningham, 50, of Poca.Leonard Eugene Ward, 41, and Anna-Marie Hizer, 30, both of Scott Depot.James Arnold Warner, 59, of Hurricane, and Mary Ann Stone, 57, of Culloden.Joshua David Robertson, 27, and Elizabeth Marie Noreika, 28, both of Scott Depot.Frank Monroe Hutton, 85, of Hurricane, and Marie Dillard, 86, of Stockbridge, Ga.Kenna William Fouty II, 39, and Teagan Michelle Withrow, 26, both of Poca.Jonathan Matthew Bowers, 38, and Maria Lynn Wilkinson, 39, both of Poca.Harold Delano Clifton, 64, of Elkview, and Pamela Anne Santone, 60, of Hurricane.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between April 6 and 13:Vickie J. Walker from Mark A. Walker.Shannon L. Neu from Matthew D. Neu.Karla D. Thomas from William C. Thomas.Joshua Bowers from Veronica L. Price.Rochelle K. Ray from Calvin L. Ray III.Brooke R. Wisen from Michael L. Wisen.Callie B. Cain from Melissa A. Cain.Jim Austin Pauley from Lucille Mae Pauley.Jennifer Harmon from Nathanael Harmon. The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between March 30 and April 13:Cheryl R. Searls from Denver Lee Searls.Janet Lynn Boggess from Timothy Lee Boggess. Jessica Neely from Phillip Neely.Kimberly Moore from David Lee Moore.Shaunte Tucker from Thomas Tucker.Leann Marie Fizer from Randell Ray Fizer Jr.Michael Todd Raynes from Carla Sue Raynes.Bobby Meadows from Katrina Abner.David Ray Campbell from Crystal Michelle Campbell.Connie L. Burgess Sowards from Ronnie L. Sowards.Michelle Cottrill from Jeffrey R. Cottrill.Jan A. Thompson from Scott A. Thompson.Gladys M. Gabritsch from Frank D. Gabritsch.Property transfersThe following property transfers over $50,000 were recorded in Kanawha County between April 6 and 13:Deloris J. Fields et al. to Patrick and Marilyn McFadden. Lot, Big Sandy District, $92,500.Skaff Family Limited Partnership to Ajamu Gaines Jr. Irrevocable Discretionary Supplemental Care Trust. Lot, Jefferson District, $89,000.Darrell E. and Dovie Jean Hudson to Ivy-Jo Inc. Lot, South Charleston District, $95,000.High Point Construction Group, LLC to Doran H. Frame III. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $460,000.Sandra Greene Thornton to Terry S. and Jennifer C. Williams. Lots, Loudon District, $210,000.Patricia McCarty to Jewell V. Loy. Lot, West Charleston, $82,000.E. Brent Harrah to Chesty, LLC. Lot, Spring Hill Tax District, $100,000.Andrew and Bethany Meighen to David Lee Cassis II. Lot, Loudon District, $174,000.Seneca Trustees Inc. et al. to Federal National Mortgage Association. Lot, Charleston West District, $90,304.Elizabeth June Keffer to Mark A. and Elizabeth G. Keffer. Lot, Jefferson District, $120,000.Greta K. Hawkins to Sarah B. Reishman. Lot, Charleston 15th Ward Tax District, $119,000.Earl Thomas Bennett et al. to Mary Mullins. Lots, Shrewsbury, $65,000.Della Lee Gunno to Dallas Keith II and Heather Pauline. Tract, Charleston, $55,000.Deborah Jean Wilkinson et al. to Susan N. Taylor. Lot, South Charleston District, $69,000.Stricklen Realty Inc. to Cynthia D. Taylor. Lot, Elk District, $199,900.AB Contracting Inc. to Argeo Barrera and Celeste Diaz. Lot, Washington District, $454,436.Seneca Trustees Inc. et al. to Federal National Mortgage Association. Lot, St. Albans, $112,741.
Mark A. Grimmett to David J. and Catherine A. Bauer. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $310,000.Nathan H. Wasser to Federal National Mortgage Association. Lot, Loudon District, $85,000.Connie James Elefant to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Lot, Loudon District, $61,000.Gary R. Smith to David A. and Crystal D. Weaver Smarr. Lot, Union District, $285,000.Dennis Hazelwood to Jennifer J. Stanley. Lot, Charleston, $88,500.Skaff Family Limited Partnership to Timothy W. And Toni Rae Brown. Lot, Jefferson District, $80,100.Teays Valley Trustees, LLC to DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. Lot, Charleston, $275,000.Cynthia D. Taylor to David P. and Katie L. Cyrus. Lot, Charleston North District, $160,500.Richard A. Pill to Suntrust Mortgage Inc. Lot, Malden District, $69,299.Jerri M. Trent to Ann Nichols et al. Lot, Big Sandy Tax District, $65,000.Shaun and Kelly M. Snyder. Lots, Charleston West District, $118,000. The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between March 30 and April 13:Steve A. Wells to Kenneth S. and Ruth A. Dent. Lot, Scott District, $127,000.Sharon Ann Lynch and Deborah Lynn Tyree to Michael E. and Charlotte C. Simpson. Lot, Winfield District, $130,000.Alan T., Theodore O., Scott H. and Jane D. Carlstrom to Atlee D. Bishop. Tract, Scott District, $119,500.Eric and Amelia Frye to Kenneth B. and Brianna R. Munch. Lot, Curry District, $124,000.Margaret L. Lawson to David B. and Patricia L. Lavender. Lot, Teays Valley District, $290,000.Whirlwind Properties LLC to Brian K. and Amanda N. Ruholt. Lot, Scott District, $156,000.Thomas L. Jr. and Karla B. Mullins to Rodney D. and Angela K. Stonestreet. Tract, Poca District, $89,900.Phyllis C. Keeney to George M. Keeney. Acre, Scott District, $135,000.Craig P. and Reagan N. Smolder to Ronnie J. and Jade L. Sparks. Lot, Teays Valley District, $262,000.Robert and Ada Sang to Craig P. and Reagan N. Smolder. Lot, Teays Valley District, $585,000.Bradley E. Davis to James R., Toni and Jason S. Davis. Unit, Scott District, $100,000.Virginia Meadows LLC to Bobby W. and Rita L. Coyle. Lot, Curry District, $208,500.Lois P. Bailey to Loretta F. Harrison. Lot, Poca Town District, $168,300.Cartus Corp. to Samantha J. Johnson. Lot, Scott District, $164,000.Kathleen and Brian W. Dixon to Nicole Marie Riedel. Lot, Scott District, $179,000.Michael E. and Charlotte C. Simpson to Deborah A. and Jeffrey M. Haynes. Lot, Scott District, $208,000.TLC Development LLC to Willow Tree II LLC. Tract, Hurricane District, $347,000.William C. and Cynthia D. Young to James M. Clark. Lot, Scott District, $137,000.Alexander J. Ross, Robert H. Skeens Jr. and Cynthia S. Bowen to Rock Branch Community Church. Lot, Scott District, $170,000.Bryan M. and Misha S. Dent to Patrick L. Fields. Lot, Scott District, $307,500.Dale E. and Jane K. Harper to Darrell L. and Willa J. Covert. Lot, Scott District, $235,000.Rita F. Morris to Steve A. and Tonya R. Wells. Lot, Scott District, $165,000.Darrell L. and Willa J. Covert to Amanda C. Johnson, Acres, Scott District, $285,000.Jack C. Dyer to Robert E. and Ada Sue Sang. Lot, Teays Valley District, $550,000.Clarence Byron Steele and Mary Steele Hereford to Laura K. Keeney. Lots, Buffalo District, $160,000.Bethany I. Harper to James W. and Sandra K. Atkinson. Lot, Scott District, $165,000.David Eric and Jacqueline Sue Bowen to Stephen Hoyt and Jennifer Lee Dye. Lot, Scott District, $88,000.Deidra A. Starcher to Lois P. Bailey. Lot, Scott District, $104,500.Stephen T. and Jennifer L. Andes to Caleb J. and Mary P. Archambo. Unit, Scott District, $142,000.Charles E. and Cinthy J. Roberts to Michael S. Vaughn. Lot, Eleanor District, $247,000.Joseph N. Jr. and Margaret E. Coalter to Joseph N. Coalter III. Unit, Scott District, $112,000.James T. and Melissa L. Prettyman to Jonathan D. Hudnall. Lot, Winfield District, $213,500.Cody B. and Courtney A. Phillips to David R. and Rochelle N. Butler. Lot, Scott District, $460,900.David Allen, Randall L. and Randall Lee Bentley to James C. II and Teresa A. Young. Lot, Scott District, $112,000.Adrian Millar and Adrian Zinkl to Murry E. Knox III. Lot, Scott District, $138,000.Winfield Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses to Donald L. and Barbara L. Garrison. Lot, Eleanor District, $65,000.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between April 6 and 13:Alonzo Harrison Snodgrass II, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $5,286, Liabilities: $13,208.James Lee Denny, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,901, Liabilities: $24,892.Kerry Lane and Lisa Maureen Bird, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $100,601, Liabilities: $137,190.Stacy Elizabeth Newberg, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $87,749, Liabilities: $96,655.Jason Leon Morris, Winifrede, Chapter 7. Assets: $93,150, Liabilities: $150,058.Roger Allen and Angela Marie Flesher, Looneyville, Chapter 7. Assets: $133,050, Liabilities: $286,789.William Joseph Humphreys, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $115, Liabilities: $110,221.Oran Given and Mary Elaine Thomas, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $124,700, Liabilities: $85,371.Joseph Edward and Rebecca Kay Adams, Harts, Chapter 7. Assets: $124,700, Liabilities: $85,371.Otto Ray Fritsch, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $44,917, Liabilities: $62,627.Dallas Ray Nelson, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $42,996, Liabilities: $43,294.Josephine Renee Jackson, Montgomery, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,044, Liabilities: $73,865.Crystal Lee Smith, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $46,700, Liabilities: $60,407.Tony Harold and Amy Michelle Jeffrey, Pecks Mill, Chapter 7. Assets: $339,145, Liabilities: $390,669.Wilbert Dempsey III and Crystal Michelle Lively, Edmond, Chapter 7. Assets: $176,886, Liabilities: $232,899.Lori Michelle Bounds, Cannelton, Chapter 7. Assets: $30,377, Liabilities: $116,145.Michael Lee Wells, Sandyville, Chapter 7. Assets: $155,300, Liabilities: $179,283.Katrina Bea Parsons, Spencer, Chapter 7. Assets: $74,105, Liabilities: $89,158.Bobby Wayne and Vickie Sue Dolin, Foster, Chapter 7. Assets: $93,407, Liabilities: $157,153.Patsy Ann Smith, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,960, Liabilities: $30,476.Kevin Eugene Young, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $156,780, Liabilities: $170,567.Shelvie Jr. and Connie Sue Smith, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $7,204, Liabilities: $49,141.Teresa Lynn Clark, Gilbert, Chapter 7. Assets: $132,796, Liabilities: $162,515.Cheryl Ann Hayes, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $27,889, Liabilities: $88,163.Julie Melissa Underwood, Leivasy, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Josephine Manning and Ashley JoAnn Osborne, Belle, Chapter 7. Assets: $126,490, Liabilities: $120,116.Sandra Lynn Bailey, Kopperston, Chapter 7. Assets: $28,450, Liabilities: $27,426.Michael Christopher and Moriah Hope Meadows, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $55,011, Liabilities: $87,416.Brittany Lane Adkins, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $35,448, Liabilities: $89,215.Jerry Lee and Kathy Loretta Gore, Alderson, Chapter 7. Assets: $21,225, Liabilities: $104942.Donald Madison Evans, Ragland, Chapter 13. Assets: $60,990, Liabilities: $63,804.Shawn Michael Drennen, Clendenin, Chapter 13. Assets: $121,236, Liabilities: $152,598.Eddie Dean and Pamela Lahoma Evans, Delbarton, Chapter 13. Assets: $251,010, Liabilities: $214,894.    
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