School board to discuss GW transfer moratorium

Katelyn Campbell lives in the Elk View area. It takes her nearly 30 minutes to get to George Washington High School every day. But the junior said she'd travel as far as it takes to get the education she desires.Campbell was one of more than 10 people Thursday night to express such sentiments and speak out against Kanawha County Schools' policy regarding the South Hills school.The GW community has been in up in arms over the board of education's decision to halt all transfers of students that live outside the high school's district. The board decided earlier in the year that enrollment was bulging, and therefore students that lived outside the district could no longer enroll at the school.Although other schools offer unique programs, only GW can cater to students that want to take a rigorous course load of Advanced Placement courses, argued senior Patrick Bailey. He said any student should have the right to achieve the education they desire, and board members might see a hit in the upcoming election if they decided to stick with the transfer moratorium."I urge you to consider the repercussions of your actions," he said, to raucous applause from the approximately 50 people in attendance.
The school provides more than advanced classes, argued senior Afsheem Misaghi. It creates an environment of learning. It's a school where, as he said, "it is actually cool to be at the top of the class, or get an A on a test." Not allowing students from surrounding communities a chance to enjoy the atmosphere would be wrong, he said.While the transfer student population is not a majority of the student body, it does make up a large portion of students in AP classes and band program, several students said.At GW's recent Local School Improvement Council meeting, administrators at the school expressed similar displeasure with the policy.School board President Pete Thaw said he thought the amount of displeasure voiced about the moratorium warranted board discussion, and said he thought the board should include the item on the agenda for it's May 17 meeting.Contact writer Dave Boucher at 304-348-4843 or Follow him at 
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