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South Charleston council to focus on neighborhood parks

By Kristin Ledford
SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Neighborhood parks in South Charleston need some attention, and the City Council is taking notice."Recreation is maybe the number-one thing you can do to improve the quality of life of your community," Mayor Frank Mullens said.Mullens asked the recreation committee to start meeting more regularly and address the city parks."Some of our older playgrounds have the older wood-style swings and gym equipment and we need to upgrade all of that," said Recreation Committee Chairman and Councilman Jeff Means.Means and the other committee members have visited the roughly 10 parks in the city and made a list of needed upgrades and repairs.They plan to prioritize the projects and estimate costs before bringing the list back to City Council for consideration.
Means said the recreation committee would look into grants to fund the projects.City council also approved two ordinances Thursday night.The first ordinance makes it easier for residents to add to their driveways.Instead of having to appear at a planning commission meeting, residents can now get approval after the city engineer inspects and signs off on the project."People have more than one car now and they need to be able to park and get their cars off the street," Mullens said. "This is one piece of legislation that needs to be modernized."The other ordinance requires a special permit to operate a recreation facility in certain commercial zones.Mullens said it would ensure the city gets the best use out of the property.
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