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On file: June 29-July 6, 2012

MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County from June 29 to July 6:Warren Cummings Jr., 55, and Carolyn Latorya Wainwright, 47, both of Charleston.Jason Bryan Smart, 35, and Dawn Denise Hancock, 38, both of Sissonville.Vincent Raye Goff, 20, and Autumn Elizabeth Shaffer, 18, both of Charleston.Joshua Aaron Samms, 31, and Terri Ann Osbourne, 29, both of Charleston.Aiad Alhawwi, 29, and Ruba Kerdieh, 30, both of Dunbar.Caleb Michael Jones, 23, of Charleston, and Carol Ann Pickens, 22, of Milton.David Lee Ramkey, 62, and Carol Lynn Brawley, 51, both of East Charleston.Charles David Farley, 41, of Charleston, and Twilla Gaye Evans, 42, of Camden on Gauley.Clark Anthony Bolland, 47, of Cross Lanes, and Tammy Jane Bradford-Badger, 42, of St. Albans.David Allen Harper, 44, and Chasity Daniela Mobley, 34, both of Charleston.Shawn Lee Bourne, 21, and Jessica Michelle Forristal, 20, both of South Charleston.Michael Justin Romine, 19, and Heather Joe Jones, 18, both of Elkview.Mackenzie Wade Sansom, 21, of South Charleston, and Kayla Lea Baker, 19, of Dunbar.
Donald Robert Myers, 26, and Natasha Ellen Hudnall, 24, both of Charleston.Noah Phillip Young IV, 44, and Cynthia Ann Canterbury, 44, both of Belle.Dante Jamar Garrett, 27, of Huttonsville, and Chantel Dawn Adams, 26, of Charleston.Matthew Wade Thompson, 30, and Emily Marie Seufer, 27, both of Charleston.Donald Ray Haynes Jr., 48, and Amy Jo Slater, 46, both of Cross Lanes.Christopher William Surratt, 30, and Erica Renee Slater, 30, both of Charleston.
Marando Keith Ziegler, 40, and Annette Tompkins Belcher, 40, both of Charleston.Rashaad Rassir Goins, 30, and Cierra Sherial Calloway, 25, both of Charleston.Richard Kyle Smith, 55, and Lorene Miller, 56, both of Cross Lanes.Charles Thurman Lipscomb, 62, of St. Albans, and Marsha Lynn Hornsby, 60, of Belle.Antonio Keith Pellegrini, 20, and Melissa Ann Pauley, 21, both of Cross Lanes.Cody Eugene Rose, 18, and Rachelle Michele Thaxton, 18, both of Charleston.David Alan Wheeler, 57, of Cross Lanes, and Catherine Lynn Mullins, 55, of Charleston. The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between June 23 and July 6:Andy Ray Barger, 19, and Amanda Nancy Mullins, 18, both of Hurricane.Jason Alan Carnes, 35, and Heather Sue Stone, 36, both of Buffalo.Atlee D. Bishop, 33, and Madonna J. Simpson, 33, both of Winfield.David Alan Haynes Jr., 27, and Danielle Renee Daniels, 31, both of Hurricane.Randy Joe Cox, 20, and Megan Ann Carpenter, 20, both of Hurricane.Wade Alexander Stansberry, 22, of Jane Lew, and Megan Ann Randolph, 24, of Hurricane.John F. Stover II, 25, and Laramie A. Farren, 22, both of Poca.Jeffrey Justin Shaffer, 26, of Beaver Falls, Pa., and Sarah Elise Garlow, 22, of Poca.William Lester Johnson IV, 24, of St. Albans, and Emily Kathryn Duncan, 23, of Scott Depot.Christopher Mark McComas II, 22, of St. Albans, and Hallie Elizabeth Higginbotham, 17, of Poca.Michael Shawn Young, 48, of South Charleston, and Lisa Lynn Alexander, 43, of Eleanor.Robert Jeremy Smith, 31, of Hurricane, and Jennifer Ann Puffer, 35, of Belle.Michael Heath Simmons, 24, of Buffalo, and Kaitlin Michell Adkins, 17, of Red House.Arthur Carlton Westfall, 53, of Nitro, and Vickie Lynn Hatcher, 53, of Winfield.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between June 29 and July 6:Rachel Thomas from Robert A. Thomas.Scott E. Manning from Phyllis Diane Manning.Kenneth W. McGuire from Debra Lynn McGuire.Heath Edward Huffman from Mary Alice Huffman.Adrienna Grass from Jeffrey White.Justin Iden from Joyce Iden.Donald K. Garrett Jr. from Lena Joy Garrett.Robert L. Lovejoy Jr. from Mary E. Lovejoy.Bethany Diane Hamrick from Gary W. Treadway.Barbara Jean Dotson from Harlem L. Dotson Jr.Property transfersThe following property transfers over $50,000 were recorded in Kanawha County between June 29 and July 6:David L. Morrison to Larry T. and Janet M. Chevalier. Lot, South Charleston, $138,000.Patrick T. Board IV to Alex J. Paolini. Lots, South Charleston, $98,000.Lillian Jean and Jerry W. Shaffer to Tony R. and Teresa L. White. Lot, Charleston West District, $65,000.Union Carbide Corporation to OODA LLC. Parcel, South Charleston Tax District, $6.1 million.Patricia Ann Mazella to Keegan Stanley. Lot, Union District, $57,500.Thomas P. Smith to Jay P. Sims. Lot, Loudon District, $169,000.Donna Scott Lusher to John E. and Angela D. Kerr. Lot, Jefferson District, $108,000.Larry T. and Janet M. Chevalier to Terry D. and Jennifer R. Sayre. Lot, Spring Hill, $230,000.Nathan Chaffin et al to David L. and Delphia Falin. Parcels, Cabin Creek District, $55,000.Richard R. and Courtney B. Switzer to Jeffrey S. and Kimberly A. King. Lot, Charleston South Annex, $225,000.James E. Johnson to Charles A. Stanley and Paula A. McLane. Lot, South Charleston Tax District, $244,000. Ernest E. Hiles II to Frederick R. and Claudine B. Mason. Lot, Elk District, $115,000.Gregory A. and Kimberly C. Burton to Velva C. Vanater. Lot, Kanawha City District, $79,500.Anne Ruth Pioch to Mary Marie Long. Lot, Union District, $154,000.Harold Edward Pittman Jr. to Garland W. and Cheryl Lynn Garris. Lot, Union District, $333,000.Barbara Snyder to Bret Nida. Lot, Loudon District, $66,500.Larry V. Kaltenecker to James C. Smith. Lot, South Charleston, $75,000.Golden & Amos PLLC to Bank of America National Association. Lot, Elk District, $55,250.Seneca Trustees Inc. to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC. Lot, Nitro District, $241,900.Margaret H. Wilson to Floyd E. Jr. and Laura K. Boone. Tract, South Charleston, $325,000.Alexander J. Ross to Rock Branch Community Bank. Lots, West Charleston, $124,000.Michael W. and Beth A. Samples to Vanessa Vernacchio. Parcels, Elk District, $305,500.Stricklen Realty Inc. to Frederick R. and Judith E. Michael. Lot, Jefferson District, $359,900.Juanita Reed to Ruth Ann Reavis. Lot, Charleston East Taxing Disrict, $176,000.Cheryl H. Sampson to Monika L. Lemon. Lot, Union District, $62,000.Seneca Trustees Inc. to JP Morgan Chase Bank. Lot, Malden District, $119,186.Mark S. McDonald to Alexander F. and Tara A. Smith. Lot, Union District, $215,000.Michael C. Chaffin to Jonathan W. Price and Lauren B. Winter. Lot, Loudon District, $132,000.Denice Moore et al. to Rodney D. and Hilda J. Lanham.Cabin Creek District, $53,000.Jeremiah F. McCormick to Matthew and Mildred S. Samples. Lot, St. Albans, $100,000.Ray O. Darnell Sr. et al. to Elvin Mullins. Lots, Kanawha City, $130,000.Wesley and Danielle Mullins to Joshua L. Taylor. Lot, South Charleston, $175,000.Oscar L. and Phyllis M. Smith to Sandra Crist. Lot, Union District, $65,000.Linda J. Bryant Phillips to Jeremiah W. Brown. Lot, Union District, $78,000.Paul Mark Hornbaker to Michael A. Means. Lot, West Charleston, $50,000.Brandon and Cherese Lee to Larry D. and Melody A. Trierwiler. Unit, Charleston East Tax District, $267,500.Jon E. Kowalkowski to Nicholas R. Stuchell. Lot, Loudon District, $217,000.Christopher and Jeanna Hughes to Jose and Virginia Richards. Lot, Jefferson District, $135,000.M. Stephen Foster to Jonathan B. and Rebecca Clarkson. Lot, St. Albans, $104,000.Garrett and Connie Samples to Roger L. Payne Jr. Lot, Clendenin District, $80,000. The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between June 23 and July 6:Jennifer R. Clark Romeo to Amanda K. Estep. Lot, Teays Valley District, $212,000.Brian T. Rosenberg and Jessica R. Bowen to Wayne R. Russell. Lot, Winfield District, $162,500.Geraldine L. Spears to Lois Baughman. Unit, Hurricane District, $77,500.
Joshua R. and Amy K. McCall Bess to Benjamin L. Scott and Terrie G. Randolph. Lot, Poca District, $145,000.Robert L. Foster Sr. to Michael S. and Shelia D. Loftis. Lot, Scott District, $285,500.William V. and Letha G. Greene to Jessica L. Hodges. Lot, Winfield District, $179,900.Willis R. Jr. and Melissa D. May to Joseph and Jessica Hawley. Lot, Hurricane District, $280,000.Travis C. and Melissa D. Cassell to Jordan A. and Amy Nash. Lot, Scott District, $282,000.Bernard A. and Wanda L. Mitchell to William Danny and Susan E. Hill. Parcels, Curry District, $181,000.Warren R. Hodges to Arthur Goldsmith. Lot, Scott District, $417,000.Patricia A. Shawyer Holstein to Dustin R. and Sara S. Lamar. Lot, Poca District, $137,500.Bank of New York Mellon to Kalila Company Inc. Lot, Poca District, $67,500.Love Lee Construction Inc. to Derek P. and Amber N. Bailey. Lot, Teays Valley District, $177,000.Ginny Lee Hamby to Roger G. Sr. and Virginia L. Rose. Lot, Hurricane District, $142,500.Lester Paul Cummings to Derek J. Hurt and Jessica N. Sundberg. Lot, Poca District, $168,000.Prima Marketing LLC to Aussie Enterprises LLC. Acre, Hurricane District, $300,000.Allan W. and Zanna R. Williams to Erick K. Ambrose. Lot, Curry District, $134,000.Patricia A. Myers to BMS Natural Resources Inc. Lot, Poca District, $90,000.Jeffrey M. and Kimberly D. Phillips to Robert Dean and April Dawn Bostic. Lot, Scott District, $199,900.Diana Kay Stone to Henry C. Haymond<co >. Lots, Union District, $143,500.April Dawn Bostic and April Amburgey to Christie Lea Reese. Lot, Winfield District, $130,000.Shirley Jean Reedy to Donald Glenn and Sarah Beth Gross. Parcels, Poca District, $68,000.Leslie Lumber Company to Charles E. Haas. Lot, Scott District, $465,000.Burrus N. IV and Cheryl S. Johnson to Johnson Properties LLC. Acres, Scott District, $96,999.Burrus N. IV and Cheryl S. Johnson to Johnson Properties LLC. Acre, Scott District, $125,000.Burrus N. IV and Cheryl S. Johnson to Johnson Properties LLC. Lot, Scott District, $320,000.Burrus N. IV and Cheryl S. Johnson to Johnson Properties LLC. Lot, Scott District, $56,020.Juanita M. Creech to Johnson Properties LLC. Parcel, Scott District, $68,000.Kimberly Ann Rymer Gilbert to Michael and Shallon Oglesby. Acres, Teays Valley District, $110,000.Joseph A. and Clella M. Shawhan to Marsha A. Perry. Acres, Scott District, $139,000.Darrell R. Jr. and Deborah K. Boggess to Nathan S. Adkins. Lot, Teays Valley District, $150,000.Kathy Brooks to John D. and Emily A. Schwegel. Lot, Scott District, $248,000.Darrell Wayne and Doris Fizer to David M. and Kimberly A. Smith. Acres, Curry District, $180,000.William Larry Haynes to Leslie R. Casdorph. Lot, Scott District, $249,500.Margaret A. Given to Daniel R. and Susan A. Rankin. Lot, Teays Valley District, $125,000.Roger L. and Ruby M. Gibson to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Scott District, $75,000.Steven C. and Pamela L. Brown to Selby Epperly Property Holdings LLC. Lot, Teays Valley District, $340,000.Kevin L. Goldsberry to Lyndsey L. Duncan and Andrew Cochran. Lot, Eleanor District, $100,000.Michael H. Lansdale to Jill E. Collins. Lot, Scott District, $163,000.Virginia Meadows LLC to Mica T. Bentley. Lot, Curry District, $209,650.James R. Kinzer to Kristi R. Williams. Lots, Scott District, $79,000.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between June 29 and July 6:Forest Coal Company, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: $1,071,256, Liabilities: $12,592,000.Amada Marie Berry, Oak Hill, Chapter 7. Assets: $124,760, Liabilities: $146,256. Venture Services Company, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Panther Branch Coal Company, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Castle Rock Mining Company, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Lone Pine Coal Company, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: $415,000, Liabilities: $12,592,000.Jason Lee David, Hedgeview, Chapter 7. Assets: $21,540, Liabilities: $102,032.Harrison Jr. and Rose Ann Duty, Clothier, Chapter 7. Assets: $28,760, Liabilities: $52,499.Jimmy Gene Sr. and Sandra Lee Underwood, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $72,700, Liabilities: $78,335.Sheila Yvonne Crider, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $113,100, Liabilities: $129,201.Kimberly Ann Meadows, Belle, Chapter 7. Assets: $16,801, Liabilities: $61,770.Anthony Wayne and Angela Lynn Fisher, Kenna, Chapter 7. Assets: $94,855, Liabilities: $105,213. Timothy Sean McCarty, Fayetteville, Chapter 7. Assets: $8,200, Liabilities: $38,857.David Morris and Patricia Lou Johnson, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $100,820, Liabilities: $112,990.Daniel Raymond and Mona Jean Carpenter, Sissonville, Chapter 7. Assets: $95,500, Liabilities: $65,861.Ralph Arthur Chapman II, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $124,735, Liabilities: $360,362.Terry Lee McKinney Sr., Mullens, Chapter 7. Assets: $18,653, Liabilities: $33,800.Cheryl Marie and Charles Edward Rose, Quinwood, Chapter 7. Assets: $64,700, Liabilities: $96,501.Claude Vale and Karen Kollen Goodwin, Matheny, Chapter 7. Assets: $48,950, Liabilities: $101,498.Floyd Belmar and Donna Kay Royse, Mullens, Chapter 7. Assets: $32,980, Liabilities: $66,528.Restaurant scoresThe Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued is included:Fazoli's, Nitro Market Place: 8 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Unapproved employee drinks in food prep area; toxic cleaning spray bottle stored on food prep counter; bottle of toxic chemical not labeled properly; oven cleaner stored with food; milk in walk-in 56-degrees -- door tied open-temp down; vegetable dicer dirty; inside line cooler dirty; ice machine dirty.Tim Horton's, 5458 Big Tyler Road, Cross Lanes: 4Tri-State/French Quarter, 1 Greyhound Drive, Cross Lanes: 4Mardi Gras Crescent City, 1 Greyhound Drive, Cross Lanes: 3Taste of Asia, Seventh Avenue, South Charleston: 3Panthers Cage, 1 Kennawa Drive: 3Panera Bread, Charleston Town Center: 3Rice Bowl, 121-A Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 3Mardi Gras Cafe New Orleans, 1 Greyhound Drive, Cross Lanes: 2Chesapeake Senior Center, 12404 MacCorkle Ave., Chesapeake: 2Tudor's Biscuit World, 217 Lee Street West: 2Town and Country Lanes, 409 First Ave., Nitro: 2Sitar of India, 102 Lee St.: 2Montgomery Pool Snack Bar, 1028 Fourth Ave., Montgomery: 2Kaifu Japanese Cuisine, 150 Court St.: 2Giovanni's Pizza, 118 Spring St.: 2One Stop, 1635 Washington St. E.: 2Tudor's, 1305 Fairlawn Ave., Dunbar: 2Texas Steakhouse, 2815 Mountaineer Blvd.: 2Cracker Barrel, 520 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 2Subway, Nitro Market Place: 1Charleston Job Corps, 1000 Kennawa Drive: 1Prima 7-Eleven, 288 Oakwood Road: 2Mardi Gras First Turn, 1 Greyhound Road, Cross Lanes: 4Wal-Mart, 100 Nitro Market Place, Nitro: 1Arby's, Nitro Market Place, Cross Lanes: 1Taco Bell, 322 Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 1Pizza Hut, 5021 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston: 1Coonskin Pool, 2000 Coonskin Drive: 1Prima 7-Eleven, 402 Fourth Avenue, Nitro: 1Hardee's, 1506 Bigley Ave.: 1Wal-Mart, 2700 Mountaineer Blvd., South Charleston: 1Subway, 2700 Mountaineer Blvd., South Charleston: 1Captain D's, 104 Circle Drive, Cross Lanes: 1Prima 7-Eleven, 1300 Bigley Ave.: 1Hubbard Hospice House, 1001 Kennawa Drive: 1Skateland of Campbells Creek, 421 Campbells Creek Drive: 1Unitarian Universalist, 520 Kanawha Blvd.: 1Wendy's, Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 1TGI Friday's, 4 Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 1El Caporal, 2700 DuPont Ave., Belle: 1Subway, 300 Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 1
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