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On file: July 6-13, 2012


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between July 6 and 13:

Daniel Clifford Jones, 28, and Ashley Elizabeth Dale, 26, both of Nitro.

Shawn David Schoolcraft, 39, and Emiley Joan Roberts, 27, both of Clendenin.

Johnny Eugene Carter, 31, and Eve Marie Bunner, 28, both of South Charleston.

Melvin Lee Page, 42, and Rachel Michelle Page, 37, both of Charleston.

Richard Dennis Ross, 41, and Angela Nicole Cobb, 35, both of Charleston.

Kevin Dewayne Ferrell Jr., 24, and Kristin Marie Knight, 23, both of Marmet.

Richard Alan Woodall Jr., 35, of South Charleston, and Corie Elizabeth Whittington, 27, of Hurricane.

Lee Michael Lewis, 39, and Blair Louise Potesta, 25, both of Charleston.

Joshua Allen Backus, 23, and Megan Danielle Chambers, 20, both of Hernshaw.

Cecil Allen Dean, 67, of South Charleston, and Margie Marie Harmon, 63, of Alum Creek.

Carl August Zinkl, 21, and Sarah Marie Davis, 20, both of Cross Lanes.

John Andrew Smith, 24, and Crystal Dawn Holstein, 22, both of Gallagher.

Anthony Ray Gurski, 45, and Angel Renee Gurski, 41, both of Charleston.

Randy Alan Pauley, 35, and Kathleen Elizabeth Ranson, 31, both of St. Albans.

Jeremy Dale Walker, 29, of Clendenin, and Katrina Diane Colegrove, 30, of Cross Lanes.

Christopher David Williams, 23, of Winifrede, and Brittany Mycal Shelton, of Shrewsbury.

Christopher Anthony Osbourne, 24, and Stephanie Mae Osbourne, 23, both of Elkview.

Andrew Travis Gunnoe, 31, and Erica Dawn Crawford, 29, both of South Charleston.

Thomas Edward Nichols Jr., 32, and Jessica Lynn Campbell, 23, both of Clendenin.

David Lee Hodge, 21, and Kira Olivia Stewart, 22, both of Charleston.

Anthony Joseph Falbo, 29, and Grace Nicole McClung, 27, both of Charleston.

Donald Ray Mollohan, 22, of Nebo, and Holly Nicole Kennedy, 22, of Elkview.

Steven Jamarr Robinson, 29, and Candace Jean McClune, 27, both of Cross Lanes.

Ian Joel Parsons, 32, and Sory Viviana Martinez, 30, both of St. Albans.

Matthew Aaron Greene, 33, and Krista Kathleen Wolf, 28, both of South Charleston.

Darrel Latroy Lassiter, 26, of Suffolk, Va., and Coleen Elizabeth Hall, 31, of Charleston.

Terry Joshua Taylor, 25, and Judith Lynn Blosser, 18, both of Elkview.

Daniel Carlton Kessler, 44, of South Charleston, and Elizabeth Ann Anderson, 42, of St. Albans.

Jeremiah Wayne Brown, 22, and Stephanie Paige Harrison, 18, both of Cross Lanes.

Stephen Lawrence Hissom II, 28, of Elkview, and Amanda Paige Tomblin, 23, of Foster.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between July 6 and 13:

Amber M. Myers from Joey D. Myers II.

Melisa M. Beall from Nelson T. Beall.

Brian Lucas from Dena Marie Lucas.

Robert S. Stevens from Norma J. Stevens.

Katherine Daniel from Eamon Barker.

Tara A. Scarberry from Robert R. Scarberry.

Kimberly Beth Pilapil from Michael Cinus Pilapil.

Felisha Weese from Travis Weese.

Jennifer Nichols from Steven Nichols.

Jennifer L. Racer from Matthew Racer.

Shayne L. Bundrage from Heather D. Bundrage.

Cassandra Davis from Michael Davis.

Gregory S. Dean from Donna L. Dean.

Elizabeth Lanham from Lester Lanham.

Christy Jacobs from Roy Canterbury.

Ronald E. Curry from Stacy D. Curry.

Property transfers

The following property transfers over $50,000 were recorded in Kanawha County between July 6 and 13:

Rabel Development, LLC to AB Contracting, INC. Lot, Washington District, $120,000.

Stephen E. and Amanda J. Stoffel to Ernest E. II and Lisa M. Hiles. Lot, Elk District, $350,000.

Suntrust Bank to Kelsey Harding. Lot, Charleston, $141,500.

Sandra Taye Wilkerson to John M. and Kate M. Tabit. Lot, Loudon District, $485,000.

Bruce Hall to Nancy Sergent Long. Lot, Charleston, $230,000.

Anthony R. and Kimberly B. Uy to Paul W. and Rayan E. Ihle. Lot, Washington District, $560,000.

Religious Coalition for Community Renewal Inc. to Shane Phillips. Lot, Jefferson District, $125,000.

Thelma Huffman to Randy L. and Rita McMillion. Lot, Elk District, $150,000.

William Joseph Aretz to Jheri J. Derrick. Lot, Union District, $85,000.

Barry W. and Cynthia M. Dobson to Alexander D. and Ginger D. McLaughlin. Lot, Kanawha City District, $225,000.

Donald James Hunt to Jeremy Liptrap. Lot, Poca District, $85,000.

Shawn O'Brien to Beneficial West Virginia Inc. Lot, Union District, $155,890.

Donna S. Naylor et al to Keith C. Burdette. Lots, Big Sandy District, $65,000.

Isidro P. Uy to Kristy Marie Minzler. Lot, Charleston North District, $363,000.

John Michael Bakoss to Timothy Adam Runyan. Lot, Loudon District, $115,000.

Robert Larry Beckett to Jimmy Orellana, Trustee. Lot, Union District, $142,500.

John D. Curtis II to James S. Booker. Lot, Kanawha City Taxing District, $112,000.

Daniel R. and Elizabeth M. Tenney to Wilbur T. Hines Sr. Lot, Union District, $137,500.

Marcellene S. Beckelheimer to Sherman A. and Pamela C. Smith. Lot, Loudon District, $115,000.

Ted A. and Vonda L. Middleton to Jonathan R. and Amber R. Rucker. Lot, Poca District, $244,000.

Kristen J. and Tommy R. Bridges to Brett Seely. Lot, Charleston North Annex, $99,900.

David M. Jordan to Mohsen Falsafi. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $115,000.

Terry L. and Angela B. Lilly to Roderic E. and Ronda J. Moore. Lot, Washington District, $555,000.

Nicholas W. Johnson to James A. Neeson III. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $60,000.

Charles E. Smith to Darlene K. Burns. Lot, Elk Tax District, $150,000.

Delores Moles Conrad to Jeffrey O. Moles. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $70,000.

Sambasiva R. Uppala to Anna L. Dorsey. Lot, Charleston, $335,900.

Jaqueline M. Portillo to Daniel Tenney. Lot, Charleston, $50,000.

Phyllis Irene Vickers to Domenic E. and Teria R. Stevens. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $190,500.

Teria R. and Domenic E. Stevens to Tashawna A. Caron. Parcels, Charleston South Annex District, $98,900.

Theodore Stevens to Gary Allmon II. Lot, Charleston North District, $54,900.

John R. Barber to Deborah Young. Lot, Loudon District, $355,000.

James C. Jr. and Amanda F. Buckalew to Christopher Todd and Brandi Nicole Murray. Lot, Union District, $136,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between July 6 and 13:

Shawn Timothy Brogan, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $2,057, Liabilities: $21,278.

Brandon Donald Johnson, Branchland, Chapter 7. Assets: $1,300, Liabilities: $22,716.

Larry E. Bowen, Tad, Chapter 7. Assets: $1,400, Liabilities: $24,788.

George Wayne Pitts, Ravenswood, Chapter 7. Assets: $81,723, Liabilities: $95,758.

Greg Howard Smith, Alderson, Chapter 7. Assets: $147,400, Liabilities: $128,630.

Tracy Dean Winders, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $72,932, Liabilities: $74,405.

Eugene Edward Smith, Brenton, Chapter 7. Assets: $47,475, Liabilities: $103,381.

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapon permits for the following Kanawha County residents:

Kevin Carl Acree, Charleston

John Wilson Adkins, Charleston 

Gabriel Emile Al-Hajj, Charleston

Clifton Daniel Arden, Charleston

Charley Raymond Ayers Jr., Elkview

Phillip G. Baire, St. Albans

Kevin H. Bess, Cedar Grove

Chester Mitchell Bourne, Charleston

David Dewayne Brown, Dunbar

Edward Pete Bryant Sr., Charleston

Ronald Ernest Burdette, Charleston

Richard Alan Burka, Charleston

Ronald Joe Byrnside, St. Albans

David Alan Cadle II, Charleston

Darrell Talmage Carte, Cabin Creek

Benjamin Franklin Clevinger, St. Albans

Benson Cline, Mammoth

James Leslie Cole, Charleston

David Hamilton Coles, Charleston

Travis Jonathan Coles, St. Albans

Stephen Edwin Comer, Charleston

James Allen Conner, Sissonville

Malinda Faye Coulter, South Charleston

David Lee Crowder, Miami

Herbert Lawson Dailey, Dunbar

Norris Devon Dyer, Chelyan

Carla Jean Dyer, Chelyan

Mark Henry Eickbush, Charleston

Dudley Albert Endsley, Pinch

David Russell Fix, Dunbar

Eugene Ralph Foster Jr., Cabin Creek

Coy Edward Gaynor, Dunbar

Nola Ann Gillenwater, Dunbar

Robert Allen Givens, Charleston

Robert Jarrell Goff, Charleston

John Lee Gray, Pinch

Karoln Sue Green, Sissonville

Aileen Patricia Hager, Nitro

Patricia Ann Hanson, Pinch

Dennis James Haynes, Elkview

Edward Helm, Nitro

Nora Taylor Helm, Nitro/St. Albans

William Clarence Henson III, St. Albans

Terry Eugene Hicks, Charleston

Debra Kay Holmes, St. Albans

Cecil Clinton Horne, South Charleston

Bryan Russell Hoylman, Charleston

Elizabeth Anne Hoylman, Charleston

William Stephen Humphreys II, Dunbar

Holly Nicole Kennedy, Elkview

Ronald Paul Kerr, Charleston

Thomas Collin Legg, Charleston

Pietro Frank Lopez, Charleston

Ronald Edward Lucas, Belle

Paul Jerome Lyttle, Charleston

Loraine Mae McGraw, Charleston

Raymond Jay Miller, Charleston

Carolyn Sue Monk, Cabin Creek

Woodrow Monk Jr., Cabin Creek

Michael Oliveri, Charleston

James Michael Poole, Elkview

James Alan Postalwait, Sissonville

Nicholas Keith Powers, Glasgow

Justin E. Quinn, Belle

Donald Vincent Raines Sr., Glasgow

Garnes L. Reed, Hansford

Leon Dennis Rhodes, St. Albans

Brad Edward Richardson, Elkview

Janet S. Rosiek, Charleston

Stanley Edward Rosiek Jr., Charleston

James Alvin Roush II, Elkview

Benjamin Allan Sadler, Dunbar

Tiffany Ann Sadler, Dunbar

Linda L. Shaffer, St. Albans

Betty A. Sharp, St. Albans

Marvin Michael Slater, Pratt

Tiffany Nicole Slater, Pratt

Lisa Michele Smalley, Charleston

Justin Howard Stowers, Belle

Samuel Ray Stribling, Dunbar

Edward Earl Sutton, St. Albans

Orville Ben Tackett, Charleston

Dale Wayne Taylor, Charleston

Frederick Noel Tinney, St. Albans

James Elmer Toler, Charleston

Corrie Hannah Toscano, Cross Lanes

Regina Garten Vannoy, Cross Lanes

Larry Allen Vaught, Glasgow

Timothy Scott Walker, Chesapeake

Charles Alexander Weese, Belle

Carl A. Wheeler, Elkview

Jimmy Dalton Winter, Belle


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