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Readers' voice: Aug. 17, 2012

  • When will West Virginians stop listening to bull from the coal company CEOs and look at the facts? CEOs want Romney because they will get a tax cut, while coal workers inside the mines will have to pay more taxes.
  • When will the "clean coal" people show us one location where clean coal technologies are actually in place and working?
  • Most people know that the pipeline from Canada will not supply one drop of oil to West Virginia or to most of the U.S. The pipeline will only make it easier and cheaper for the oil companies to export oil to China and add to their huge profits, thereby making gasoline more expensive for the rest of us. This is in addition to environmental concerns. Let the oil companies, at their own expense, build refineries closer to the oil sands.
  • In the 1780s, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson worried that a government without term limits on members of Congress would result in a corrupt and dysfunctional government. Do you think they could have been right?
  • We will never have to worry about Watergate again. Our government and FBI and CIA are all corrupt and too busy spying on free and private American citizens to spy on each other and likewise with civilians spying on each other.
  • What is the law for a one-way street and the parking is only one side? Are both residences allowed to use the parking or just the side allowed? Some with three and four cars monopolize all the parking spaces.
  • I think it would be a good thing for the power company, cable company and phone company to all go together and clear cut all the trees from the right of ways so that people won't lose power and phone service when we have a storm like the one on June 29 since they all use the same poles.
  • I don't think it is fair that FEMA will not help the people who lost a lot of food and damages to their homes in the storm on June 29. A lot of elderly people lost all of their food and had no way to replace it and the DHHR told them if they did not get food stamps they could not help them. Just think, one of these days you will be old and maybe no one will help you.
  • Susan Nicholas is a bright spot on a staff of big feeling newsfolk.
  • What a dismal feeling to even think we may have to watch Barack Obama bounce upon a stage for four more years. He is behaving now, election nears, but if you vote him in again, heaven forbid, you may not like what you get. Remember, November gives us an opportunity for real change, not just rhetoric.
  • The pipeline that Obama would not approve is blueprinted to run from Canada, through a major aquifer that supplies ground and drinking water to millions of Americans in the Midwest, down to the Texas coast. Why the Texas coast? Not to "carry oil to West Virginia and the whole United States." It's so the oil can be refined in Texas and exported to other countries around the world.
  • How is it Roger Wolfe, ex mayor of Dunbar, does not have to pay his court ordered $25,000 fine? Shouldn't the court system put him in jail for defying a court order to pay? All that is going to happen to him is a collection agency will try to collect. He won't pay them either.
  • DOH employees, sorry about your luck. I work in the private sector and have not had a raise in nearly 8 years. My duties have doubled because departing employees were not replaced.
  • In the World Economic Olympics, the U.S. is less interested in improving its own performance, and more interested in militarily and economically kneecapping its opponents.
  • The "GOP will kill Medicare" people might want to research Obamacare and see what it's going to do to Medicare. The Ryan Plan is an attempt to keep the program running. Not end it. All the rumors are nothing but scare tactics from a scared administration that has no record of its own to run on.
  • Where were all the "Romney never served his country" people when Slick Willy ran for office?
  • We're hearing claims that tax cuts for the super-rich will decrease the deficit -- but the Bush tax cuts were a major cause of the deficit in the first place. We tried trickle-down before and it didn't work.
  • I see Mrs. Romney has said that they will not release any more tax returns. That's fine. She also said that their assets are in a blind trust and that they have no control over that. I seem to recall Gov. Romney saying that a blind trust was just a ruse when he was running for the Senate against Ted Kennedy back in 1994. How come it was a ruse when a Democrat says it and it is not a ruse when a Republican does the very same thing?
  • Another vent concerning gambling parlors and tattoo shops -- both are legal in the state of West Virginia and both create jobs and contribute to the local tax base. What are you so concerned about? If you don't like them, drive on by, they are not hurting you. What do you want? Another empty store front.
  • Well that's a first. Someone complaining about the State Fair because it's not located in Charleston. News flash: The City of Charleston couldn't handle the State Fair. Unlike, say, Ritter Park in Huntington, Charleston doesn't even have a city park to speak of, not to mention the parking. Where exactly do you think Charleston could fit the State Fair, which covers 40 acres?
  • John McCain giving Obama advice about his vice president. Now that's funny.
  • If a woman wants to live with a man who beats her, has gang and drug connections, that is her business, as long as she brings no children into this situation. When she does bring children into this and bad things happen, she also should be charged with child endangerment.
  • Whatever you may think about President Obama -- he has been good for the economy. Some disagree, but they must think the S&P 500 going up 67 percent, and the Dow going up 46 percent in the last four years is bad. Haters are going to hate.
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