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Six police officers in St. Albans promoted

By Kristin Ledford
ST. ALBANS, W.Va. -- Three new sergeants and three new lieutenants were named at the St. Albans City Council meeting Monday night.Patrolmen Richard Thomas, C. Todd Lowe and Michael Page were promoted to sergeant.Sergeants Marc Gilbert, Phil Smith and Mark Burdette were promoted to lieutenant."It's a great honor to promote these men because each one of them has proven themselves in more than one way," said Mayor Dick Callaway.Callaway said the promotions were necessary after several higher-ranking officers retired.Council members also received a letter of resignation from Ward Two Councilman JD Adkins. Adkins is moving out of the ward on Sept. 28.Callaway said the party Adkins represents would now compile names for temporary replacements. Three candidates will be chosen and make a presentation at a future council meeting. Council will then vote on Adkins' replacement. The replacement will hold the position until the election in June 2013.
Councilman Desper Lemon introduced a resident of his ward, Miriam Conroy, who addressed council and urged them to reconsider the planned skateboard park at Ordinance Park."Ordinance Park needs many things. We do need local businesses in the area. Boy I sure wish we had a supermarket again, better standards for rental properties and more policing ... [but] a skate park without proper supervision and money does not fit within these needs," Conroy said.Conroy provided information about other skate parks in the state, including several that are suffering financially.Council members also heard from Norman Clerc, an administrator of storm-water management.Clerc passed out door hangers of items that are acceptable to dump down city drains. He said items like yard waste, pet waste, oil and paint are not allowed, and federal Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System guidelines will require the city to enforce the laws."Sooner or later we're going to have to start really cutting down on this. We have ordinances in the city that say this [is] against the law to do that and signs are going to be put out," Clerc told council members. "You've got to remember, people have been doing the same thing for years and years and years and it's hard to break them of that habit, especially when they don't know it's wrong." 
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