Parvo outbreak shutting down Preston shelter for 2 weeks

KINGWOOD, W.Va. -- The Preston County Animal Shelter is closing through Sept. 30, putting adoptions and drop-offs on hold because of an outbreak of parvovirus.The Dominion Post says the shelter planned to close Sept. 27-30 anyway. It typically cleans out the facilities while the Buckwheat Festival is under way in Kingwood.Shelter manager Courtney Austin says some puppies dropped off about a week ago tested positive for the virus but are now doing well. It's possible the results were false positives, but she says the shelter will close as a precaution.The affected puppies went to a rescue group late last week, and no animals that were exposed to them have been adopted.
Parvo is a potentially life-threatening illness transmitted through animal feces.All dogs at the shelter have been vaccinated.     
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