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No Pants Players offer up an invitation to murder

Kenny Kemp
Everybody is a suspect in the No Pants Players' zombie-themed East End Main Street Murder-Mystery Dinner Party. (From left) Stuart Frazier, Jason Dunbar, Kevin Pauley, Adam King, Tony Slack, Jamie Dunbar, Mandy Petry, Brian Roller and Jeff Bukovinsky.
WANT TO GO?East End Main Street Murder-Mystery Dinner PartyFeaturing the No Pants PlayersWHEN: 6 p.m. Oct. 25WHERE: Charleston Woman's Club, 1600 Virginia St. E.TICKETS: Adults $25, children $10INFO: 304-767-9800 or  CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- No Pants player Tony Slack promises this year's HallowEast murder mystery will be better than ever."It will be bigger, at least," Slack said. "We've got the whole troupe involved this year. We have some new characters." The local comedy improv troupe will perform or host the mystery/dinner party at 6 p.m. Oct. 25 at the Charleston Woman's Club on Virginia Street as part of HallowEast IV and the very first FestivALL Fall.Slack said this is the third year the troupe has been part of the murder-mystery mayhem, and while it's become more refined and expanded, it might be a little familiar."It's a zombie murder mystery," Slack explained. "It's about a zombie virus outbreak."We did something like that our first year. Then, last year, it was about vampires or ghosts, and now we're back to zombies. People love zombies."A pair of investigators help the guests sift through a collection of unusual characters, one or more of whom might be responsible for a death.
Slack gave a quick rundown of who's who in the mystery.
"I play a kind of wannabe cop," he said. "I work for a citizens patrol group in Charleston."Jeff Bukovinsky and Brian Roller return as investigators, with Bukovinsky slipping into the role of Detective Trent Rockwell and Roller as his assistant.Jamie Dunbar is a big-haired Jersey-based clairvoyant who Slack said could be helpful in solving the case, but is also a suspect.Jason Dunbar is a weathered, one-eyed priest who has often fought the forces of darkness.Stuart Frazier is a scientist from a local secret nuclear facility. Kevin Pauley plays an executive for a shady corporation similar to "The Umbrella Corporation" in the "Resident Evil" series.
Mandy Petry, Slack said, is a social climber of some kind."And somebody's love interest," he laughed. "I'm not sure whose."Adam King, wearing probably the most outlandish costume of the bunch, which includes a pointed hat, is a Live Action Role Player."He thinks he's a wizard," Slack added.The No Pants regular promised that the mystery will be a lot of fun. Slack said that naturally, given the group involved, there would be some improvisation, but the story, dreamt up by Bukovinsky, has a solid frame. They know where it's going."The hardest part has been getting everybody together to rehearse, but I think it's going to be fine."Slack said the No Pants Players like the format of the murder mystery enough that they probably wouldn't say no to doing a similar show somewhere else at another time."We're entertainers for hire," he emphasized, then added that the No Pants Players are doing double duty during FestivALL Fall."We do the murder mystery Thursday, the 25th, then we do an adult performance at Timothy's Bar at the Quarrier Diner Friday night [Oct. 26] at 10 p.m."Note: Ticket prices for the Oct. 26 adult performance are $12 and the show is adults only.Reach Bill Lynch at or 304-348-5195.
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