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Kanawha, Putnam county results

By Staff reports
State Senate, 4th District  (104 of 104 precincts)Mitch Carmichael (R) (i): 20,798Mike Bright (D): 18,692  State Senate, 8th District (84 of 87 precincts)Chris Walters (R): 19,107Joshua Martin (D): 17,109  House of Delegates, 13th District (two to be nominated)(36 of 36 precincts)Brady Paxton (D) (i): 6,614
Helen Martin (D) (i): 5,103Brian Scott: 5,981Scott Cadle: 6,118  House of Delegates, 14th District (21 of 21 precincts)
Jimmie Wood (D): 2,813Jim Butler (R): 3,354  House of Delegates, 22nd District (two to be nominated)(30 of 30 precincts)Jeff Eldridge (D): 5,213Josh Stowers (D) (i): 6,176Gary Johngrass (R): 3,609Michel Moffatt (R): 4,824  House of Delegates, 32nd District (three to be nominated)(53 of 53 precincts)Dave Perry (D) (i): 10,055John Pino (D) (i): 9,964Margaret Staggers (D) (i): 10,452Tighe Bullock (M): 3,125  House of Delegates, 35th District (four to be nominated) (58 of 58 precincts)Doug Skaff (D) (i): 14,798Eric Nelson (R) (i): 13,313Bonnie Brown (D) (i): 11,024Bobbie Hatfield (D) (i): 11,195Chris Morris (D): 9,728Fred Joseph (R): 8,583John McCuskey (R): 11,259Suzette Raines (R): 13,580  House of Delegates, 36th District (three to be nominated)(53 of 53 precincts)Mark Hunt (D) (i): 9,250Danny Wells (D) (i): 9,137Nancy Guthrie (D) (i): 8,711Robin Holstein (R): 7,699Stevie Thaxton (R): 6,262Steve Sweeney (R): 5,992  House of Delegates, 37th District
(17 of 17 precincts)Meshea Poore (D) (i): 4,537Derrick Shaffer (M): 643  House of Delegates, 38th District (15 of 15 precincts)Patrick Lane (R) (i): 3,165Virginia Moles (D): 1,617  House of Delegates, 39th District (14 of 14 precincts)Ron Walters (R) (i): 4,149Clint Casto (D): 2,230  Kanawha County commissioner (166 of 166 precincts)Kent Carper (D): 40,121Stephen Snead (R): 28,528  Kanawha County assessor (166 of 166 precincts)Forest Carper (R): 28,640Sallie Robinson (D): 38,113  Kanawha County magistrate (10 to be nominated)(166 of 166 precincts)Jack Pauley (D) (i): 28,609Kim Aaron (D) (i): 27,740Joe Shelton (D) (i): 26,678Ward Harshbarger (D) (i): 27,066Julie Yeager (D) (i): 27,332Traci Carper-Strickland (D) (i): 25,906Pete Lopez (D) (i): 28,530Tim Halloran (D) (i): 24,934Paris Workman (D) (i): 24,548Brent Hall (D): 25,513John Jarman (R): 22,451Mike Sisson (R): 29,113Dianna Graves (R): 24,725Bob Keller (R): 24,694  Putnam County circuit judge (47 of 47 precincts)J. Robert Leslie (D) (i): 9,515Joe Reeder: 12,855  Putnam County commissioner (47 of 47 precincts)Andy Skidmore (R): 13,085Lee Casto (D): 8,639  Putnam County sheriff (47 of 47 precincts)Steve DeWeese (R): 15,194Bud Lett (D): 7,756  Putnam County assessor (47 of 47 precincts)Sherry Troyer Hayes (R) (i): 14,390D.W. "Peachie" Arthur (D): 8,266  Unopposed racesDemocrat Johnny Rutherford (Kanawha County sheriff) and Republicans Troy Andes (House of Delegates, 15th District), Tim Armstead (House of Delegates, 40th District), Mark Plants (Kanawha County prosecutor), Mark Sorsaia (Putnam County prosecutor) and Kylene Dunlap Brown, Linda Hunt and Scot Lawrence (Putnam County magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot.
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