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County-by-county election results

By Staff reports
Boone County(34 of 34 precincts) Fire services levy (60 percent needed)For: 6,047Against: 2,123 Library levy (60 percent needed)For: 5,863Against: 2,221 Senior citizens nutrition levy (60 percent needed)For: 7,140Against: 1,172 Ambulance service levy
(60 percent needed)For: 6,080Against: 2,167 Unopposed racesDemocrats Mickey Brown (county commission), Keith Randolph (prosecutor), Randall White (sheriff), Jennings P. Miller (assessor), Charles "Chuck" Byrnside (magistrate) and Porter Snodgrass (magistrate) ran unopposed. 
  • Braxton County
  • (22 of 22 precincts) Sheriff George Keener (D): 2,091Eddie Wayne Williams (R): 2,649 Unopposed racesDemocrats Ron Facemire (county commissioner), Kelly Hamon McLaughlin (prosecuting attorney), Arlene Herndon (assessor) and Larry Clifton and Beth (Prince) Smith (magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Clay County
  •   Unopposed racesDemocrats Jerry Linkinoggor (county commission), Jim E. Samples (prosecutor). Miles Slack (sheriff), Teresa Lane (assessor), M.H. "Mike" King (magistrate) and Jeff Boggs (magistrate) ran unopposed. 
  • Fayette County
  • (39 of 39 precincts) Magistrate (four to be elected)Randy Prince (R): 5,068Samuel Parsons (D): 7,425Leonard H. Bickford (D): 6,466Sharon R. McGraw (D): 7,985Danita G. Young (D): 7,592 Unopposed racesDemocrats Matt England (family court judge), Matthew D. Wender (county commission), Denise Eskew Scalph (county commission), Carl L. Harris (prosecutor), Steve Kessler (sheriff) and Harvey E. "Eddie" Young (assessor) ran unopposed. 
  • Gilmer County
  • (14 of 14 precincts) Magistrate (two to be elected)Lori Rosenburg (R): 976Carol Reed Wolfe (D): 1,764Alton L. Skinner II (D): 1,318 County commissioner Darren Feit (R): 1,898Larry Chapman (D): 1,531 School excess levy (50 percent needed)For: (50.2 percent) 1,157Against: 1,150 Unopposed racesDemocrats Gerry Hough (prosecutor), Larry D. Gerwig (sheriff) and Gary L. Wolfe (assessor) and non-partisan candidate Carl L. Armour (unexpired school board term) ran unopposed. 
  • Greenbrier County
  • (29 of 29 precincts) County commissioner Woody Hanna (D): 7,285Sherman McClung (R): 5,154 Prosecuting attorney Ryan Keesee (D): 4,308Patrick Via (R): 8,139 Sheriff Jan Cahill (D): 7,390Jim Childers (R): 5,420 Magistrate (three to be elected):Brenda Campbell (D): 7,798Charles Beard (D): 7,033Brenda Smith (D): 7,489John Reed (R): 5,421 Unopposed racesDemocrat Steven Gerry Keadle (assessor) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Jackson County
  • (36 of 36 precincts) County commission Mike Randolph (R): 5,903Joe Pitts (D): 5,361 Prosecutor Kennad "Kenny" Skeen II (R): 6228Jim McHugh (D): 4,957 Sheriff Greg Bower (R): 3,715Tony Boggs (D): 4,874 Assessor Delmer Murray, Jr. (R): 5,225Brian K. Thomas (D): 6,159 Magistrate (two to be elected)James Pesetsky (R): 3,726Wm. Tom Reynolds (R): 7,944Jackie Bell Casto (D): 6,869 Unopposed racesNone. 
  • Lewis County
  • (24 of 24 precincts) County commissioner Agnes Queen (D): 4,038Rocky Shackleford (R): 2,147 Prosecuting attorney Michael Smith (D): 3,162Christina Flanigan (R): 3,015 Sheriff Adam Gissy (D): 3,458David Doak (R): 2,798 Magistrate (two to be elected):Mike Gissy (D): 3,252Rob Clem Jr. (R): 3,953James "Dan" Moody (R): 2,620Unopposed racesDemocrat T. Chad Kelley (assessor) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Lincoln County
  • (16 of 16 precincts) County commissioner K.K. Matthews (D): 3,305John Lovejoy (R): 1,983Betty Hodge (Ind): 1,208 County commissioner (unexpired term) Charles Neal Vance (D): 3,136Charlie Cook (R): 2,186 Nick Blair (Ind): 1,157 County clerk (unexpired term) Direl Baker (D): 2,214 Howard Isaacs (R): 1,862 Myrl Gue (Ind): 1,570 Pat Pauley (Ind): 905 Prosecuting attorney James Gabehart (D): 3,700Betty Gregory (R): 2,688 Sheriff Ken Farley (D): 2,592Lisa Ramey (R): 2,097Greg Hensley (Ind): 1,572Lee Preece Jr. (Ind): 459AssessorJosh Brumfield (D): 3,909Pauline Porter (R): 2,703 Unopposed racesDemocrats Sophia Tully and Mona Snodgrass (magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Logan County
  •   Unopposed racesDemocrats Danny Godby (county commissioner), John Bennett (prosecuting attorney), Sonya Dingess Porter (sheriff), Rick Russell Grimmett (assessor) and Dwight Aaron Williamson, Jeffrey Lane and Leonard Codispoti (magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot.. 
  • Mason County
  • (30 of 30 precincts) County commissioner Mickey Whalen (D): 3,755
    Tracy Sturgeon Doolittle (R): 5,811 Prosecuting attorney Bryan Cromley (D): 3,635Craig Tatterson (R): 5,945 Sheriff Greg Powers (D): 4,906Gordon Clark (R): 4,738 Assessor Ron Hickman (D): 6,905Amanda Cadle (R): 2,717 Unopposed racesDemocrat Cheryl Miller-Ross (magistrate) and Republican Gail Roush (magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • McDowell County
  •   Unopposed racesDemocrats Gordon O. Lambert (sheriff), Ed Kornish (prosecutor), Martin B. West (sheriff), Dennis Altizer (assessor), Steve Cox (magistrate), Daniel W. Mitchell (magistrate) and Richard Vandyke (magistrate) ran unopposed. 
  • Mercer County
  • (51 of 51 precincts) County commissioner Terry Hughes (D): 8,753A. Gene Buckner (R): 11,503 Magistrate (five to be elected)Susan Honaker (D): 10,077Rick Fowler (D): 10,649Charles Poe (D): 9,190Jim Dent (D): 11,272Mike Flanigan (D): 11,358Sandra Dorsey (R): 10,083 Unopposed racesDemocrats Scott Ash (prosecutor), D.B. "Don" Meadows (sheriff) and Sharon Gearhart (assessor) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Mingo County
  •   Unopposed racesDemocrats David Baisden (county commissioner), C. Michael Sparks (prosecuting attorney), Eugene Crum (sheriff), Ramona Mahon (assessor) and Dee Sidebottom, "Big" Dal Toler and Pam Newsome (magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Monroe County
  • (18 of 18 precincts) Sheriff Alan Thomas (D): 1,811Mike Gravely (R): 3,312 Assessor Norbert Netzel (D): 2,646Angela Miller (R): 2,419 Unopposed racesDemocrats Shane Ashley (county commissioner), Justin St. Clair (prosecuting attorney) and Nancy Crews (magistrate) and Republican Kevin Miller (magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Nicholas County
  • (28 of 28 precincts) County commissioner Ken Altizer (D): 4,571Tim Clifford (R): 3,757 Sheriff David Hopkins (D): 5,120Bob Dorsey Sr. (R): 3,299 Unopposed racesDemocrats Audra Deitz (county clerk, unexpired term), James "PK" Milam (prosecuting attorney), Ernie Dennison (assessor) and Sarah Meadows Brown, John Morton Jr. and Wayne Plummer (magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Pocahontas County
  • (15 of 15 precincts) County commissioner Lloyd Arbogast (R): 1,100Dolan Irvine (D): 2,386 Prosecutor Donna Meadows Price (D): 1,372Eugene Simmons (I): 1,883 Sheriff David R. Jonese (R): 2,080Kenneth "Buster" Varner (D): 1,419 Assessor Scott Triplett (R): 1,624Tom Lane (D): 1,831 Magistrate Cynthia Broce-Kelley (R): 1,633Joel Srodes (R): 852Carrie E. Wilfong (D): 1,644Janet Kershner-Vanover (D): 1,570 Unopposed racesNone. 
  • Raleigh County
  • (87 of 87 precincts) County commissioner Sherrie Hunter (D): 11,469Linda Epling (R): 16,394 Sheriff R. Steven Tanner (D): 14,588Stan Ellison (R): 12,949 Magistrate (five to be elected):Greg Tanner (D): 13,681Charles "Randy" Humphrey (D): 12,689Mary Koontz Jennings (D): 12,399Tomi Sue Peck (D): 13,531Rick Jones (D): 12,587Steve Massie (R): 16,878John Stephen Mays (R): 11,957 Unopposed racesDemocrats Kristen Keller (prosecuting attorney) and Drema Bias-Evans (assessor) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Roane County
  • (20 of 20 precincts) County commissioner David Garrett (D): 1,320Melissa Parsons-O'Brien (R): 2,301Dick Frum (Ind): 1,392 Magistrate (two to be elected):Russell Goodwin (D): 2,345Ron White (D): 2,412Jason Bennett (R): 2,570John Dolan (R): 1,463 Emergency services levy (60 percent needed):For: (76.1 percent) 3,727Against: 1,171 Senior nutrition levy (60 percent needed):For: (76.5 percent) 3,768Against: 1,156 Solid waste authority levy (60 percent needed):For: (52.2 percent) 2,494Against: 2,282 Patch 21 Inc. levy (60 percent needed):For: (61.6 percent) 3,009Against: 1,876 Unopposed racesDemocrat Mike Harper (sheriff) and Republicans Joshua Downey (prosecuting attorney) and Emily Westfall (assessor) ran unopposed. 
  • Summers County
  • (15 of 15 precincts) County commissioner Jeff Lyon (R): 1,899Tony Williams (D): 2,614 Sheriff Edward F. Dolphin (R): 1,976Garry E. Wheeler (D): 2,677 Unopposed racesDemocrats Amy Leigh Mann (prosecutor), Gregory S. Vandall (assessor), J.W. "Bill" Jeffries, Jr. (magistrate) and Jack Kennedy Hellems (magistrate) ran unopposed. 
  • Webster County
  • (14 of 14 precincts) Sheriff David Bender (D): 1,415Billie (Rick) Thomas (R): 415 Unopposed racesDemocrats Jerry Hamrick (county commissioner), Dwayne Vandevender (prosecuting attorney), Max Cochran (assessor) and Rich Robertson and John Stone (magistrate) had no opposition on the ballot. 
  • Wyoming County
  • (36 of 36 precincts) Magistrate (three to be elected)Craig Cook (D): 4,116Kim (Roach) Farmer (D): 4,420J.R. Boles (D): 3,396Gerald Jackson (R): 3,149 Unopposed racesDemocrat Silas W. Mullins Jr. (county commissioner), Rick Staton (prosecuting attorney), Randall Aliff (sheriff) and Mike Cook (assessor) had no opposition on the ballot.
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