Federal, statewide results

By Staff reports
President  (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)Barack Obama (D) (i): 234,985Mitt Romney (R): 412,406Jill Stein (M): 4,341Gary Johnson (L): 6,204Randall Terry (NPA): 3,767  U.S. Senate (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)Joe Manchin (D) (i): 394,532John Raese (R): 237,825Bob Henry Baber: 19,231 
Governor (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)Earl Ray Tomblin (D) (i): 331,116Bill Maloney (R): 299,682Jesse Johnson (M): 16,476David Moran (L): 8,760
  U.S. House, 1st District (646 of 648 precincts)David McKinley (R) (i): 130,783 Sue Thorn (D): 78,474  U.S. House, 2nd District (R) (558 of 558 precincts)Shelley Moore Capito (R) (i): 156,920Howard Swint (D): 67,965  U.S. House, 3rd District (640 of 640 precincts)Nick Rahall (D) (i): 107,302Rick Snuffer (R): 91,602 
State Supreme Court (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)Robin Davis (D) (i): 291,091Allen Loughry (R): 280,918Letitia Chafin (D): 245,001John Yoder (R): 254,957  Secretary of state (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)Natalie Tennant (D) (i): 393,264Brian Savilla (R): 237,097  State auditor (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)Glen Gainer (D) (i): 351,050Larry Faircloth (R): 260,615  State agriculture commissioner (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)Walt Helmick (D): 312,745Kent Leonhardt (R): 293,185  State attorney general (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)Darrell McGraw (D) (i): 309,738Patrick Morrisey (R): 325,752  State treasurer (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)John Perdue (D) (i): 343,797Mike Hall (R): 276,817  Amendment to repeal sheriff term limits (1,844 of 1,846 precincts)For repeal: 267,414Against repeal: 288,829 
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