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Charleston Newspapers Digital Subscription FAQ

Click here to read our letter to readers. Q: What is a digital subscription?A: A digital subscription is a paid subscription to The Charleston Gazette or Charleston Daily Mail that includes the digital replica of the print edition and complete access to our websites, which feature in-depth coverage updated throughout the day, photo galleries, videos and more. Your digital subscription will allow you to access the digitial replica (e-edition), or on your computer, tablet and smartphone. Q: Can I access my subscription on more than one computer — for instance, my work and home computers?A: Yes, when you purchase a digital subscription, just like your newspaper, it goes where you go. Q: Why are you now charging for your website?A: Producing news costs money. Actually, to be more precise, producing accurate, informative and responsible news costs money. There are salaries, benefits and infrastructure costs associated with the news business, as there are with any business.Q: But don't online ads pay the bills, just like they do in the newspaper?A: Sure, advertisements are just as important online as they are in print, and we are doing more and more online advertising every day. But online advertising, where the market is much larger, does not create the type of revenue that print advertising does.Q: Why are you doing this now?A: More and more readers are getting their news online through one device or another. We still have a core group of readers who like to receive the print edition, and we hope to maintain that core for a long time, but we cannot deny a change in our readership preferences.Q: Is there a certain number of stories I can read for free before I have to pay?A: Yes, under our metered approach, you may read 10 stories in a 30-day period free of charge. After that, you will be asked to become a digital subscriber.Q: Is there a maximum number of articles that I may read before being charged more?
A: No. You may read as many articles as you wish once you are a digital subscriber. Q: I'm already a seven-day print subscriber, but I like to check in with your website throughout the day for breaking news. Will I now have to pay for both?A: As a seven-day print subscriber, you will have full access to our digital subscription at no extra cost.Q: What about readers who are not print subscribers?A: They will pay an introductory rate of $1.99 for the first month to get the digital subscription of their choice ( or After that time period, the price will increase to the regular cost — $5.99 a month.Q: What if I want to subscribe to both websites?
A: The charge for each site would be $1.99 for the first month and $5.99 a month for each thereafter. Q: What if I get only the weekend papers, and am not a seven-day subscriber?A: Only seven-day print subscribers get free access to the digital products every day. Saturday- and Sunday-only print subscribers will have access to our digital products for free on the days they get our print product. They are asked to pay the additional digital subscription price — $1.99 for the first month and $5.99 a month thereafter if they want to view the digital products Monday through Friday. In short, your free digital access will match your print subscription. Q: Do you have a single-article rate available? A: No. Q: How did you come up with the $5.99 monthly rate? A: We studied industry data of what other newspapers are charging across the country. Our full-access subscription at $5.99 is actually less than many newspapers and media groups are currently charging readers. We factored out delivery rates that are part of our printed product and came up with a fair and competitive price for our readers. Q: I could probably just find the stories I want to read through a Google search, couldn't I?A: Yes, you probably could if you have the time and inclination to search the Web every time you want to read one of our stories. What we're aiming for is a group of dedicated readers who want quick access to our entire website at any time.Q: What if I just get my online news elsewhere?A: The Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail have the largest circulation of West Virginia's news and information. We strive each day to provide the most comprehensive package of West Virginia's news, whether it be WVU or Marshall sports or the latest breaking news that affects your community.
Q: I live out of state, and while I read your stories online occasionally, what I really look for are the obituaries. Will I have to pay for a digital subscription just to read the obits?A: No, obits will be open to all readers as well as classifieds, real estate, employment, automotive and advertisements. Q: What else am I able to look at on the site for free?A: Our home page, along with our main section pages — such as Sports, A&E, Outdoors, etc. — will remain open and will not count as one of your 10 stories. You must click on an article for it to be counted as one of your 10 free articles. Also, blog posts do not count toward your 10 free stories. Q: If I'm a digital subscriber, will I still be able to share articles through email or social media? A: Yes.Q: If I click on an article through a social media site like Facebook or Twitter, will that count against my 10 free articles in 30 days?A: No, but if you then click on other stories after visiting our site, those would count toward your 10 free stories. Q: You mentioned digital products. What do you offer other than the website?A: We have apps for iPads and other tablets and a variety of cellphones. We also produce an electronic replica edition (e-edition) of the newspaper. All of our apps, with the exception of the e-edition, are available through iTunes or the GooglePlay store. Q: Will pop-up and sidebar ads still appear even if I pay for access?A: Yes. The only editions that have no pop-up or sidebar ads are the e-editions, which are replica editions of the newspaper. Q: How does payment for the digital subscription work? A: You may make secure payments via telephone at 304-348-4800 or through subscribing on our websites at and/or If you are already registered, just follow the prompts on the main website. If paying by telephone, our office hours are: 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7  a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday. Q: How quickly will my subscription start?A: Your subscription will start immediately once you sign up and submit payment as a digital subscriber. Q: What are the Terms of Service that apply to my digital subscription?A: The Terms of Service can be found here: OR Q: What is the cancellation policy for a digital subscription?A: You can cancel your digital subscription at any time. Q: Will you share my name or contact information with advertisers and other businesses?A: No, Charleston Newspapers does not share your name or any other information. Q: Is my personal and credit card data secure with you?A: Yes, we maintain strict privacy controls to protect your financial information. Q: How do I begin after I've become a digital subscriber? Do I need to register? A: Yes, and registering is simple if you follow these easy steps: 1. Visit iservices.cnpapers.com2. Click the "register" icon on the left3. Follow the steps as they appear to locate your account and create a password. Q: How do I log in?A: Once you have registered and created your account, you just enter your email address and password to log in. Q: Who can I contact if my question has not been addressed here?A: For billing questions, call our Customer Service representatives at 304-348-4800 or 1-800-982-6397, extension 4800. For newsroom inquiries, call the Gazette's Web editor, Kathryn Gregory, at 304-348-5119 or the Daily Mail's managing editor, Brad McElhinny, at 304-348-1703.
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