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On file: Dec. 28, 2012-Jan. 4, 2013

MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Dec. 28 and Jan. 4:William Roger Dingess, 48, and Deborah Ann Taylor, 60, both of Charleston.Daniel Siriani Rizk, 29, and Tamara Darnese Rush, 34, both of Charleston.Anthony Wayne Thompson, 33, of Crab Orchard and Carolyn Alicia Brooks, 42, of Charleston.Benjamin Allen Thaxton, 29, and Heather Lynn Taylor, 25, both of Sissonville.Randy Glen Cooper Jr., 25 and Keshia Dawn Carte, 25, both of Cedar Grove.Douglas James Glenn Jr., 25, and Lindsay Elizabeth Gardner, 28, both of Charleston.Russell Ray Slater, 36, and Riki Gene Lupson, 36, both of Charleston.Justin Michael Kennedy, 30, and Kirsten Farrah Steffen, 21, both of Charleston.Dustin Nathaniel Combs, 25, and Jessica Marie Ware, 32, both of Charleston.Jonathon Charles Sheets, 33, of Cross Lanes and Krista Renee Patton, 32, of Dunbar.George Butler Wilson, 59 and Bobbie Sue Toler, 39, both of Charleston.Ricky Allen Clay, 53, and Betty Clark Gregory, 53, both of Charleston.Johnathan Robert Brannon, 29, and Kelly Helayne Price, 26, both of Charleston.
Edward Shikey Clark, 73 and Louise Joann Milam, 52, both of St. Albans.James William Blaylock Jr., 58 and Debra Lynn Blaylock, 50, both of Charleston.Adam Todd Ruthers, 26, of St. Albans and Hanna Rebecca Howard, 25, of Dunbar. The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Dec. 22, 2012 and Jan. 4, 2013:William Scott Meeks, 40, and Laura Jo Fisher, 41, both of Eleanor.
Douglas Wilson Beach, 28, and Alyssa Jo Gillispie, 21, both of Winfield.Albert L. Thompson Jr., 60, and Lora Jean Turner, 55, both of Poca.Danny Kurt Gilmore, 43, and Monique Amy Conrad, 43, both of Winfield.Frederick Edward Long Jr., 22, and Anika Else Lindner, 20, both of Hurricane.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Dec. 28 and Jan. 4:Patrick S. Hunter from Iliasue A. Hunter.Kathy L. King from Robert George King.Jessica M. Hunter from Mark G. Hunter.Pamela K. Harmon from Richard Alan Harmon.Donna J. Smith from James K. Caudill.Cassandra Henderson from KenYatta Henderson.Emily Grace Opperman-Lanham from Jeremy Keith Lanham.Penny Counts from Lester Counts.Natasha Wolfe from Wayne D. Wolfe Jr.Michael Finney from Cathy Finney.Kelly Eary from Marty Eary.Deborah Anne Gunnoe from Randy Lynn Gunnoe.Cathy Anne Meeks from Phillip Minard Meeks.Melinda J. Null from William Eric Null.Rachael Appleton from Justin Lawless.Carolyn S. Holtsclaw from Stephen L. Holtsclaw.Michele Malery-Warren from Durbin Warren.Glenna Howell from David Howell.Ganim Howard from Jennifer Howard. The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between Dec. 22 and Jan. 4: Troy Wayne Lightner from Sarah L. Lightner.Albert Dunn Jr. from Amanda Dunn.Jaysen Lapsley from Kimberly Lapsley.James Corey Dean from Carolyn Dean.Ryan M. Sims from Amy J. Blevins.Deven Lee Weimer from Lynne Weimer.Alva Ray Dunn Jr. from Darcia M. Dunn.Jerrika Garnes from Jared Garnes.Jessica Lovejoy from John Lovejoy.Property transfersThe following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Dec. 28 and Jan. 4:Dottie D. Taylor to Zachary C. Lucas. Lot, Clendenin District, $65,000.David D. White to Kelly D. White. Lots, Union District, $93,000.Gary Lee Wright and Mark Allen Wright to Charles E. Jr. and Barbara Ann Brown. Lot, South Charleston, $70,294.59.Rita Woodall to Charles Arnold, Tammy Sue Arnold and Michael Joe Hughart. Lot, Jefferson District, $78,000.Patton Development WV, LLC to Dunbar Molard LLC. Lots, Dunbar, $992,444.Thomas Scott and April Lynn McComas to Amy S. Swearingen. Lot, Jefferson District, $179,500.Christine A. Ballengee to Stephen R. and Lora M. Adkins. Lot, Charleston South Annex, $129,500.Lawrence S. Hayes Jr. to Clarissa A. Chaney. Lot, Dunbar, $86,500.Roger Dale Kennedy, Larry Addison Kennedy and Patricia Lee Kennedy Maxey to Dorothy Fulks. Lots, South Charleston Tax District, $50,000.Patricia A. Cosner to Dale A. and Yevone S. Hupp. Lot, Jefferson District, $130,000.Ernest N. Pennington to Pennington Holdings. Lot, Charleston East District, $210,000.Beatrice and James Barnhart to Vernon L. and Harriet L. Withrow. Lot, Union District, $60,000.KCM, LLC to C&D Rentals LLC. Lot, South Charleston, $165,000.
Delores  B. Muncy to Vernon L. and Harriet L. Withrow. Lots, Union District, $80,000.Sarah Jane Farris to Brooke R. Hylbert. Lot, Loudon District, $108,500.Charles A. Lowman to BRG, LLC. Lots, Charleston, $180,000.Robert A. Norvell to Kerel C. and Emily J. Whitehead. Lot, Union District, $120,000.Melvin and Tina Hunter to Michael L. and Lori J. Spencer. Lot, Union District, $380,000.David W. and Michelle L. Stevens to Tim G. and Lori M. Haapala<co >. Lot, Elk District, $175,000.Stricklen Realty Inc., to Seyed Ali Shams. Lot, South Annex District, $525,000.Milo G. Spencer III and Douglas Calvin Spencer to Dennie and Anita Duncan. Lots, Elk District, $135,000.James E. and Debra G. Kimbler to S. Andrew Stonestreet. Lot, Charleston, $218,000.West Virginia Oil Marketers and Grocers Association to Rebecca J. Key and Alexander Haill. Tracts, Charleston East Tax District, $298,000.Kenneth F. Silverstein to James B. Lees Jr. Lots, Loudon District, $168,611.86.Philip C. Pancerea to Mark Anthony Fugget. Lot, Union Tax District, $120,000.Stephanie R. Nicholson to John H. Shott. Lot, Charleston, $90,000.Patricia Ann Smithers to James Mullins. Lot, St., Albans, $69,000.Seneca Trustees Inc. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. Lot, Jefferson District, $60,000.Zenith Warehouse LLC to Robert L. Person. Lots, Charleston, $55,000.R. Vance Golden III to Nationstar Mortgage LLC. Lot, Dunbar, $61,761.87.Golden & Amos PLLC to Bank of America. Lot, Chesapeake District, $63,184.16.Jim S. Hutchinson to Terry V. and Susan R. Gibson. Lot, Elk Tax District, $90,000.Susan Ellen Hathaway to Kimberly A. Fetty. Lot, Charleston, $56,500. The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between Dec. 22 and Jan. 4:Gerald L. and Sharon S. Hager to Jason P. and Julie Ann Anderson. Lot, Winfield District, $216,000.Seneca Trustees Inc. and Glenda Huffman to Bank of America. Lot, Teays Valley District, $111,744.Brian S. and Amy S. Swearingen to Kristin R. Massile. Lot, Hurricane District, $106,500.William D. Saul to Matthew S. Shaffer. Parcels, Curry District, $61,000.Ronald Allen and Phyllis Lynn Carr to Paul C. and Mary C. Mendez. Lot, Teays Valley District, $180,000.Putnam County Bank to Gibson Builders Inc. Parcels, Union District, $855,000.Putnam County Bank to Gibson Builders Inc. Acre, Eleanor District, $325,000.Alexander J. Ross and Joey B. Tolley to Gibson Builders Inc. Acres, Eleanor District, $220,000.Rick and Carmen Mitchell to Gary D. and Tasha N. Holland. Lot, Scott District, $270,000.Larry and Gail White to Thomas M. Jr. and Deidra Kelley. Acres, Curry District, $90,000.Arthur S. and Patricia A. Burlingame and Mia Lee and Edwin Curtis Ferguson to Joshua R. and Monica Hannan Scott. Lots, Poca District, $255,000.Karen L. Arnett to Eileen T. Woodward. Lot, Scott District, $187,000.Eric J. and Tracey M. Clark to Scott L. and Marijane H. Hill. Lots, Union District, $100,000.June L. Brundage to Nicholas R. Wyatt. Lot, Scott District, $122,900.Eric S. and Michelle L. Torman to James E. Huffman. Lot, Hurricane District, $95,500.David M. and Amanda Wright to Donald E. Barton II. Lot, Scott District, $177,500.James A. and Jennifer L. Rupe to Roxane M. Carte. Lot, Scott District, $204,000.Putnam Properties to Teays Holdings LLC. Square feet, Hurricane District, $52,000.Malinda Kopacz, Deborah D. Nutter, Brian K., Robert L. and James Robert Dent to Eddie and Connie Y. Bradshaw. Acres, Scott District, $119,500.Keniman and Barbara Belcher to Heart 41 LLC. Acre, Scott District, $237,683.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Dec. 28 and Jan. 4:James Allen and Vicki Cheryl Holtsclaw, Nitro, Chapter 7. Assets: $62,172, Liabilities: $116,029.Wanda Ann Wingfield, Hico, Chapter 7. Assets: $10,663, Liabilities: $96,419.Gary Lee Wingfield, Hico, Chapter 7. Assets: $5,510, Liabilities: $91,161.Stoney Lawrence and Deanna Marie Ward, Amma. Chapter 7. Assets: $23,005, Liabilities: $95,354.Patricia JoAnn Lawson, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $237,097, Liabilities: $202,490.Robert Michael and Virginia Katherine Earley, Foster, Chapter 7. Assets: $123,552, Liabilities: $82,427.Jeffrey Andrew and Amy Lynn Waddell, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $58,205, Liabilities: $120,133.Carol Lou Heath, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $67,561, Liabilities: $72,440.Michael Edward and Dina Renae Duncan, Oceana, Chapter 7. Assets: $91,029, Liabilities: $154,703.Susan Lynn Pauley, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $56,950, Liabilities: $41,667.Larry Dean Fields, Cottageville, Chapter 13. Assets: $24,810, Liabilities: $42,495.Patrick Lawrence Cottrell, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Restaurant scoresThe Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued are included:China Gourmet, 34 RHL Boulevard, South Charleston: 6Chuck E. Cheese, 2848 Mountaineer Boulevard: 47-Eleven, 502 Rock Lake Drive, South Charleston: 3Buffalo Wild Wings, 2501 Mountaineer Boulevard, Charleston: 3Bob Evans, 2809 Mountaineer Boulevard, South Charleston: 2Cozumel, 1120 Fledderjohn Road: 2Hardee's, 612 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston: 1Asian Grill, 1110 Fledderjohn Road: 1AFC Sushi, 1100 Fledderjohn Road: 1Tudor's, 5403 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston: 1Par Mar Store/Sub Express, 459 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 1Rally's, 1667 Third Ave.: 1Pyro's Choo Choo, 323 Fourth Ave., St. Albans: 1House of Brews, 6702 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 1Pizza Hut, 5021 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston: 1
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