On file: Jan. 4-11, 2013

MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Jan. 4 and 11:Torin Wade Samples, 23, of Charleston and Carolyn Ann Leister, 21, of Morgantown.Robert Lee Rhodes, 58, and Beverly June Hanshaw, 55, both of Charleston.Christopher David Legg, 29, and Emily Kathryn Jones, 26, both of Clendenin.Jason Edward Viars, 32, and Sushma Shakya, 26, both of Charleston.Kevin Lee Hanson, 44, and Bonnie Lou Stover, 50, both of Nitro.Shawn Paul Berry, 20,and Brittany Nicole Cochran, 21, both of Elkview.Robert Joseph Stewart, 38, and Susan Rae Hissom, 37, both of Charleston.Benjamin Scott Sims, 30, of Belle and Gabrielle Hannah Dewees, 23, of Red House.Shawn Robert Kelly, 34, and Alyson Marie Copeland, 32, both of Cross Lanes.Christopher Michael Pell, 31, of Charleston and Cassie Lynn Matura, 25, of Ripley.Timothy Claude Edelman, 57, and Cynthia Dawn Burgess, 21, both of Charleston.Glen Samuel Gandee, 80, of Clendenin and Anna Mae Smith, 77, of Elkview.Raymond Leon Brown, 48, and Dawn Cheree Strickland, 32, both of Charleston.
Dennis Lee Matthews, 58, of Charleston and Cheryl Dianne McKown, 57, of Nitro.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Jan. 3 and 10:Aaron M. Salmons from Katie Renay Zapf Salmons. Kimberly Terry from Michael Terry.Melissa D. Montgomery from Jack L. Montgomery.
Kim Lawrence from Christopher E. Lawrence.Jennifer Irene Twyman from David Clark Twyman.Cecilia Leigh Hawks from Joshua Daniel Hawks.Teresa Harkless from James Harkless.Terri Nelson from Jesse Nelson.Brian K. Meadows from Sabrina G. Meadows.Annesha Thompson from Robert Thompson.Tiffany Fleming from Seth Fleming.William L. Smith from Ashley N. Smith.Vada Spencer from Robert Spencer.Freddie Austin King from Janet W. King.Kevin R. Holcomb from Betty E. Holcomb.Jerry A. Holstein from Joyce Ann Holstein.Jennifer Ramsey from Derrick Ramsey.Dewie Sloan from Juanita Ellen Sloan.Property transfersThe following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Jan. 4 and 11:Mark D. and Rachel Hanna Moreland to Larry B. and Juanita K. Mullins. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $115,200.Michael L. and Lori J. Spencer to Jamie D. Garnes. Lot, Union District, $82,500.Rabbit Resources to Richard M. Spiegel. Lot, 15th Ward District, $88,000.Timothy G. and Lori M. Haapala to Jeremy S. and Kelly R. Duffield. Lots, Elk District, $167,500.John C. and Teresa A. Shultz to Christie L. and Joshua M. Rucker. Lot, Washington District, $148,000.Jason P. and Jamie F. Little to David S. and Abbey Heiskell Castleman. Lot, Charleston West District, $250,000.Travis James and Hollie Renee Lewis to Stacy L. Calhoun. Lot, Union District, $129,000.Judith E. Michael to Melissa J. Peal. Lot, South Charleston District, $151,500.Kenneth Kee Chenoweth to Lucas W. and Tracy L. Keesee. Lot, St. Albans, $145,000.Shirley Loretta Ore to David A. Jr. and Rebecca Dendler. Lot, Elk District, $88,000.Reid G. and Raelyn J. Strader to Sasha Strader. Lot, Elk District, $60,000.James S. and Randi L. Dalton to Chad J. and Angie N. Weems. Lots, Charleston West Tax District, $125,000.Gary L. and Ruth M. Hicks to Brandon S. Halstead and Ronnie H. Halstead. Lot, Malden District, $62,300.Thomas H. III and Barbara J. Bailey to Roxalana Gospel Tabernacle. Lot, Union District, $75,000.William and Corlis Breeden to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. Lot, Jefferson District, $135,533.51.Anthony W. Lopez to Thomas J. Chatreau. Lot, Charleson, $175,000.Jason P. Bragg to Randy L. and Rita F. McMillion. Lots, Elk District, $200,000.Hereford and Riccardi PLLC, to Caroline E. Wooddell. Lot, Union District, $130,000.Jarrell E. Fulks to Jarrell E. Fulks II. Lot, Charleston, $60,000.Mark and Leona Hoffman to Susan E. Jividen. Lot, Jefferson District, $132,500.AB Contracting Inc. to Jeffery E. and Nicole L. Roberts. Lot, Washington District, $432,302.26.Paul D. and Ruth Breeden to Randall D. and Kathlean D. Reed. Lot, Poca District, $276,191.Anna Lu Payne to Richard S. Stone. Lot, Union District, $77,000.Roger G. Wines, Karen J. Baldwin, Dreama J. Wehrle and Rhonda K. Fisher to Tammy L. Ratliff. Parcels, Poca District, $65,900.Teays Valley Trustees LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association. Lot, Dunbar, $58,966.87.United Bank to Joe C. Ellington Jr. Lot, Charleston, $128,000.Michael P. Tofi, Stella Marie Tofi White and John C. Tofi to Larry R. Miller II. Lot, Loudon District, $125,000.Egbert Edwin Hartley Jr. to James E. Campbell. Lot, South Charleston. $79,500.Connie W. Long to Robert A. and Aretta J. Norvell. Lots, St. Albans, $165,000.LS Holdings, LLC to Isom and Sandra K. Ooten. Lot, Kanawha City Taxing District, $100,000.Golden & Amos PLLC to HCB Bank USA, National Association. Lot, St. Albans, $67,150.Earnest Dean Coalter Sr. to Kanawha Valley Fine Jewelry and Loan LLC. Lots, St. Albans Tax District, $110,000.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Jan. 4 and 11:Larry Dean and Angela Faye Jewell, Williamson, Chapter 7. Assets: $176,124, Liabilities: $223,359.John Thomas Jr. and Kristy Love Chapman, Oak Hill, Chapter 7. Assets: $80,600, Liabilities: $128,929.Jeffrey Jay and Carolyn J. Browning, Gilbert, Chapter 7. Assets: $50,270, Liabilities: $95,353.Donna Kay Campbell, Comfort, Chapter 7. Assets: $65,443, Liabilities: $58,926.Connie Eugene and Charlena Denise Wolford, Edgarton, Chapter 7. Assets: $28,095, Liabilities: $72,911.James Michael and Marsha Lea Bradley, Logan, Chapter 7. Assets: $20,365, Liabilities: $129,756.Rotunda Lynn Mahon, Red Jacket, Chapter 7. Assets: $68,255, Liabilities: $89,046.Barbara Ann Newsome, Naugatuck, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,400, Liabilities: $59,102.Carlos Milton III and Kathi Lorraine Parsley, Chapter 7. Assets: $198,857, Liabilities: $158,301.Jeffrey Ray Simpson, Sissonville, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,567, Liabilities: $23,430.Terry Allen and Sharon Elaine Newsome, Chapter 7. Assets: $170,947, Liabilities: $239,860.Teresa Lynette Stanley, Cedar Grove, Chapter 7. Assets: $250,559, Liabilities: $226,191.Sheena Mae Campbell, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $4,950, Liabilities: $78,737.Beckley Mechanical Inc., Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $130,142, Liabilities: $443,372.Randall Corbett and Tamara Sue Lagowski, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $105,945, Liabilities: $133,305.Jeffrey Scott and Rita Faye Elswick, Lynco, Chapter 7. Assets: $62,000, Liabilities: $39,589.Barry Shawn and Leshia Alena Brooks, Clear Fork, Chapter 7. Assets: $111,705, Liabilities: $168,154.Restaurant scoresThe Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were inspected in November and December 2012 and their ratings include:CAMC Memorial Hospital Nursing Station, 3200 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 13 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Second floor ice machine not clean; Second West ice machine not clean; 4 South ice machine not clean; sick patient Kenmore refrigerator above 41-degrees; 4 West ice machine not clean; PAC water machine not clean; 4 north ice machine not clean; MICU ice machine not clean; SICU ice machine not clean; 3 South ice machine not clean; 3 South ice machine not clean; Open Heart Nursing Station A, ice machine not clean; Open Heart R. ice machine not clean; Open Heart P. ice machine not clean.Hooters, 5615 MacCorkle Ave., S.E.: 13 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Cole slaw not date-marked; deli meat not date-marked; walk-in freezer fan covers not clean; hand sink in dish area not working, leaking; dishwasher sanitizer, 0 ppm; chemical spray bottle not labeled; fan cover in outside cooler not clean to sight; can opener blade and holder not clean to sight; tomato slicer in bad repair; food employee did not wash hands before putting on gloves; ice scoop holder not clean to sight; ceiling vents on cool line not clean to sight; ice machine not clean to sight.Penn Station East Coast Subs, 4002 MacCorkle Ave.: 11 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Ice machine not clean to sight; Raid insect killer in back room; fan cover in cooler not clean to sight; sugar container not food grade; clean pans stored on dirty shelf; food employee used broken scoop to scoop ice; ice bucket container not clean to sight; colander stored not clean; spray bottles not labeled; 2-door prep cooler tomatoes 50 degrees F; ice chute not clean to sight.Twin Hills Restaurant, 3332 East Dupont Ave., Shrewsbury: 11 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Chemical spray bottle not labeled; cole slaw not date-marked; raw sausage stored above deli meat; chicken salad not date-marked; air conditioning unit not clean in kitchen; meat slicer not clean to sight; fan cover in True cooler not clean to sight; tea nozzle not clean to sight; ice chute on Coca Cola machine not clean to sight; ice machine not clean to sight; Raid insect killer in closet.Zheng's China Buffet, 5707 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 9. Inspector's comments: Bleach stored next to raw chicken; food employee using knife with broken tip; raw eggs stored above cut produce, desserts; raw chicken stored above bread crumbs, carrots; frozen chicken stored on dirty cardboard in walk-in freezer; can opener not clean to sight; raw eggs stored on top shelf above sauces, cut lemons; ice machine not clean to sight; chemical spray bottle not labeled.Bellacino's, 6309 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 8 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Food employee did not wash hands before putting on gloves; pizza hood not clean to sight; food employee Monster drink on prep table; fan covers in walk-in cooler not clean to sight; Raid ant and roach killer by 3-bowl; slicers not clean to sight; can opener not clean to sight; ice chute not clean to sight.CAMC Memorial Coffee Shop, 3200 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 8 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Food employee did not wash hands before putting on gloves; chemical spray bottle not labeled; ice machine door cracked, not clean to sight; True refrigerator No. 2 fan cover not clean to sight; pizza prep cooler fan cover, lids not clean to sight; tea nozzle not clean to sight; ice chute not clean to sight.Gino's, 712 Third Ave., Montgomery: 8 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Food employee did not wash hands before putting on gloves; mixing bowl in bad repair, top of mixer part chipped; can opener blade not clean to sight; container used to store meat not food grade; ice machine not clean to sight; spray bottle chemical not labeled; colander, pans stored not clean; lettuce chopper stored not clean.Video Village, County Route 81, Mammoth: 8 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Paint brush in butter, rusty metal; cole slaw not date-marked; deli meat not date-marked; meat slicer not clean to sight; Hot Shot ant and roach killer in cabinet; strawberry ice chute not clean; De-Con Bait Box in store, not allowed; raw eggs located on top shelf above milk, sour cream, chip dip.Dairy Queen, 1304 Fayette Pike, Montgomery: 7 critical violations. Inspector's comments: In-use knife on prep counter, tip broken; ice scoop stored down in ice; food employee on drive-thru using headset took order, touched headset-put gloves on without washing hands; Raid insect killer in back stock room; can opener blade not clean to sight; tomato slicer not clean to sight, dried food on blades; ice machine not clean to sight.Piro Pizzaria, 5707 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 7 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Fan covers in walk-in cooler not clean; raw eggs on top shelf in walk-in above produce; can opener not clean; Hot Shot insect killer in dry storage; ice machine not clean to sight; tuna salad not date-marked; ice chute on Pepsi machine not clean.Quarry Manor, 699 South Park Road: 6Husson's, 304 36th Street: 6Steak Escape, 3700 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 6Park Place Cinemas, 600 Washington St. E.: 5Sub Express/Pizza Primo, 6114 MacCorkle Ave.: 5Chelyan Foodland, 13064 MacCorkle Ave., Chelyan: 5Chin's Restaurant, 4114 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 4Save-A-Lot, U.S. 60 East, Cedar Grove: 4Burger King, 5705 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 4CAMC Memorial Hospital Cafe, 3200 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 4Riverside Cafe, 2 Port Amherst Drive: 4Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, 5709 MacCorkle Ave.: 3CAMC Memorial Hospital Kitchen, 3200 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 3Upton's Sun Food Market, 3024 East Dupont Ave., Shrewsbury: 3Highland Hospital Association, 300 56th Street: 3El Caporal Mexican Restaurant, 2700 Dupont Ave., Belle: 3Chum's Hot Dogs, 8315 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 3HMS Host Pizza, Mile Mark 22, Turnpike: 3Sugar Pie Bakery, 3629 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 3Cracker Barrel, 11 Goff Crossing Drive, Cross Lanes: 3Kroger, 5450 Big Tyler Road, Cross Lanes: 3Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, 5709 MacCorkle Ave.: 3Walmart, 1001 Warrior Way, Quincy: 2Subway, 1001 Warrior Way, Quincy: 2Dunbar Senior Center, 2601 Fairlawn Ave., Dunbar: 2Harding's Family Restaurant, 2777 Pennsylvania Ave.: 2Hands On CCC, 3393 Sissonville Drive: 2Arby's, 107 Crossing Mall, Elkview: 2AVI-WV State University Subway/Taco Bell, 301 Washington Ave., Institute: 2Bob Evans, 339 Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 2Go Mart No. 31, 6414 MacCorkle Ave.: 2Pita Pit, 4222 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 2Big Daddy's, 3435 Dupont Ave., Belle: 2Little General, 4008 Malden Drive: 2Witcher Creek Exxon, 2202 East Dupont Avenue, Belle: 2Ma Ma Lina's, 12217 MacCorkle Ave. S.W., Chesapeake: 1Mary's Place Hot Spot, 6802 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 1Kmart, 6531 MacCorkle Ave.: 1Sweet Dreams Pastry Shop, 1101 Second Ave., Montgomery: 4Subway, 205 Crossing Mall, Elkview: 1AVI, WV State University Cafe, Sullivan Hall, Institute: 1Gun permitsThe Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: Angela Abbott, CharlestonMaxine Abston, TadVincent Abston, TadAlbert Adams, CharlestonTheresa Adkins, St. AlbansPenny Alford, Cross LanesAnthony Anderson, ElkviewRoger Anderson Sr., CharlestonRoscoe Anderson, CharlestonSandra Anderson, CharlestonMichael Angel, Alum CreekBradley Archer, ElkviewJason Armentrout, ClendeninMary Arthur, ElkviewDanny Asbury, ElkviewCarroll Ash, Cross LanesDonald Ash, St AlbansCraig Atkins, South CharlestonDonald Atkins Jr., ElkviewJohn Atkins, CharlestonJohn Atkins, Dry BranchJohn Austin Jr., CharlestonJason Baggette, NitroJames Bailey, South CharlestonSteven Barker, South CharlestonJames Barthlow, St. AlbansClayton Bays, DunbarMelissa Bennett, Charleston Gary Belcher, CharlestonNancy Belcher, CharlestonWendell Bias, South CharlestonWilliam Bosley, Cross LanesSteven Boothe, St. AlbansJames Bougher Jr., ElkviewRyan Boustany, CharlestonClaude Bowles, CharlestonGiles Bowman, CharlestonConnie Boylen, CharlestonWilliam Brabbin III, CharlestonArlen Breeden Jr., CharlestonElinor Breedlove, South CharlestonCharles Britt, DunbarCurtis Brown, CharlestonDonna Brown, CharlestonLarry Brown, CharlestonRichard Brown Sr., DunbarJames Brumfield, South CharlestonRichard Bruner, DunbarLori Bryant, CharlestonDavid Bryant, CharlestonMadelyn Bryant, CharlestonCalvin Buckner, CharlestonDaniel Buckner, CharlestonGary Buckner, MaldenKelly Buckner, CharlestonTerry Buckner, CharlestonJeffrey Bunch, St. AlbansJeffrey Burdette, SissonvilleKyle Burford, CharlestonSean Burger, DunbarPamela Burgess, CharlestonHenry Bussey, Cross LanesJohn Butler, St. AlbansKennith Butler, CharlestonKevin Butcher, South CharlestonJerry L. Campbell, CharlestonRobert Campbell, CharlestonBryan Canterbury, Cross LanesLinda Canterbury, NitroVictor Canterbury, NitroDanny Carpenter, Cross LanesMichael Carpenter, CharlestonWalter Carr Sr., CharlestonRichard Carrow, MarmetJames Casto III, CharlestonDonald Chapman, South CharlestonKhristopher Cleek, Cross LanesCasey Clendenin, ClendeninScott Clonch, CharlestonBarbara Cobb, CharlestonBernard Cochran, St. AlbansJim Cochran Sr., CharlestonJohn Coleman, CharlestonMichael Coleman, GlasgowLloyd Collins, South CharlestonWilliam Corson, CharlestonBritney Cottrell, NitroJustin Cottrell, PinchDoris Cowgill, CharlestonDanielle Cox, CharlestonJohn Cox, CharlestonRonald Creasy, DunbarJanna Creasy, DunbarChristopher Cunningham, BelleRandall Daniel, South CharlestonJames Daniels, NitroRebecca Daniels, NitroChristina Danley, CharlestonMichael Danley, CharlestonCecil Darnell, ElkviewPaula Darnell, ElkviewMargaret Davis, CharlestonMichael Davis, DunbarMichael Davis, CharlestonSteven Davis, CharlestonShirley Denham, CharlestonTerry Dougherty, DunbarJames Douglas, ClendeninWilliam Drennen, DunbarCharles Dunbar, Cross LanesDeborah Dunbar, Cross LanesLyle Duncan, South CharlestonMegan Dustin, PocaRandy A. Dustin Jr., Poca
Roger Dye, CharlestonVicki Easter, St. AlbansLinda Edgell, DunbarRussell Edgell, DunbarLois Elkins, St. AlbansTerry Elkins, CharlestonGale Ellis, ElkviewTrevor Ellis, St. AlbansMegan Evans, CharlestonDaniel Evans, CharlestonAllen Evers, CharlestonFranklin Fannin, South CharlestonJohn Ferrell, CharlestonRoddy Ferrell II, South CharlestonBrittany Fisher, Cross LanesRobert Fisher, SissonvilleFranklin Flinner, CharlestonKenna Fouty, Cross LanesBruce Fowler, South CharlestonDenny Fowler, CharlestonFranklin E. Fowler, South CharlestonArnold France, CharlestonKaren Fritz, NitroKenneth Fritz, NitroChristopher Freeman, PinchAmy Garten, PrattRussell Geis, Cross LanesGeorge Gibson, South CharlestonJames Giles, HansfordJohn Gilkeson, CharlestonMark Gilkeson, CharlestonHarry Goins, CharlestonSimon Graham, South CharlestonBrandi Griffith, CharlestonDon Griffith II, CharlestonTrena Griffith, CharlestonSusan Griffith, CharlestonWilliam Griffith II, CharlestonTracy Grounds, BelleRandy Gunno, St. AlbansJeremy Hager, ElkviewHarold Hall, CharlestonPaul Hall, CharlestonJames Halstead Jr., MarmetRobert Halstead II, CharlestonTerry Halstead, CharlestonJames K. Hambrick, CharlestonBrittany Harless, CharlestonDonna Harper, SissonvilleJonathan Harrison, CharlestonBret Hart, CharlestonMarlin Heater, TornadoEdward Helm, DunbarShawn Helm-Posthauer, St. AlbansDusty Herscher, St AlbansWilliam Higginbotham, NitroDixie Hill, CharlestonKenneth Hill, Cedar GroveMatthew Hill, CharlestonRichard Hill, ElkviewPatricia Himelrick, CharlestonWard Hiney, South CharlestonLonnie Hively, ClendeninJared Hodge, CharlestonWilliam Hodges II, ElkviewJames Hoffman, CharlestonWesley Holstein, St. AlbansRichard Holstine, Alum CreekClifford Hudson, BelleGregory Hudson, DunbarMafred Huffman, CharlestonMichael Huffman, ElkviewRachel Hughey, CharlestonJeffrey Hunley, CharlestonRyan Hunt, St. AlbansPaige Hunter, ClendeninRichard Hunter, ClendeninMichael Hurley Jr., SissonvilleJack Hutchinson, HandleyRobert Huston, Cross LanesBarbara Jackson, St. AlbansGloria Javins, Cross LanesTammy Jenkins, CharlestonKenneth Job, CharlestonC. John, CharlestonBradford Johnson, CharlestonDavid Johnson, St AlbansLouise Johnson, NitroJulie Jones, CharlestonJohn Junkins Jr., CharlestonShawn Kasten, CharlestonVictor Keathley, NitroJason Keffer, Cross LanesClayton Kelley, St. AlbansShawn Kesner, NitroLynn Kimble, St. AlbansElizabeth Kessler, St. AlbansMichael Kincaid, CharlestonGay King, CharlestonRandall Kirk Jr., South CharlestonRobert Klassen, St. AlbansElizabeth Kriz, CharlestonBeatrice Kuhn, St. AlbansTimothy Kyer II, SissonvilleMark Lambert, South CharlestonNorita Lambert, HernshawGregory Larch, CharlestonCharles Layden, DunbarJames Leigh, NitroDouglas Legg, CharlestonGregory Lewis, St. AlbansBoyd Litton, ElkviewVietta Litton, ElkviewJimmy Lockard, CharlestonElizabeth Loflin, CharlestonJakob Loftis, Cross LanesLarry Loftis Jr., NitroPamela Lowry, South CharlestonAdam Lucas, CharlestonKenneth MacLeery, GallagherJames Mallory, NitroSerena Mallory, NitroJames Marcum, CharlestonChristopher Martin, South CharlestonShirley Martin, South CharlestonTimothy G. Martin, CharlestonDouglas May, CharlestonEarl McCartney, CharlestonJoseph McClain, DunbarJason McCloud, CharlestonDavid McClure, PrattAlbert McCutcheon III, South CharlestonJames McElwee Sr., St. AlbansLarry McNeely, MarmetDaniel Meadows, St. AlbansPaul Meadows Jr., MarmetJessica Messmer, Cross LanesMark Messmer, Cross LanesDavid Miller, ChesapeakeJohn Miller, St. AlbansLarry Miller, ElkviewConnie Miragliotta, CharlestonDarrell Mitchell, HernshawBarbara Moore, St. AlbansLinda Moore, South CharlestonRobert Moore, St. AlbansJerry Morris, CharlestonArthur Moss, DunbarJohn Moss, SissonvilleRichard Moss, St. AlbansWalter Motley, CharlestonJerry Muhammad, CharlestonRicky Mullins, CharlestonJohn Mullins, St. AlbansNancy Mullins, CharlestonWilliam Musgrave Jr., South CharlestonMatthew Nicholson, South CharlestonJohn Northeimer, CharlestonDavid Null, Cross LanesCarl Offutt, CharlestonWilliam O'Neill, St. AlbansKevin Osborne, CharlestonJoseph Pacifico, DunbarVicky Painter, SissonvilleBryan Parker, ClendeninRudy Pauley Jr., Alum CreekEdward Pence III, South CharlestonDennis Pettry, Cabin CreekLouis Pleasants, CharlestonPamela Pleasants, CharlestonRobert Plutro Jr., CharlestonJennifer Poore, South CharlestonJohn Pope, CharlestonCharles Priddy, CharlestonRobert Pryor, St. AlbansJane Rashid, CharlestonJason Render, CharlestonJames Richey, HernshawLouis Robinson, Cross LanesFranklin Rogers, CharlestonThomas Romeo, CharlestonKathryn Rotz, DunbarJeanette Rucker, CharlestonRaymond Rucker III, CharlestonRichard Runion, South CharlestonGregory Rush, CharlestonGary Scragg, South CharlestonMichael Shaffer, CharlestonWilliam Shaffer, ElkviewJimmie Shamblin, ElkviewSteven Sheets, GallagherGrimble Sigmon, CharlestonKenneth Simmons, CharlestonJohn Skeans, CharlestonAaron Skiles, CharlestonHoward Slater, CharlestonGlenda Slavens, St. AlbansJacob Smailes, St. AlbansCharles Smith, BelleChristopher Smith, CharlestonCynthia Smith, St. AlbansDavid Smith, ElkviewEric Smith, St. AlbansJack Smith, South CharlestonRobert Smith, ElkviewApril Snodgrass, CharlestonJohnna Snodgrass, BelleT. Snodgrass, BelleVickie Sorrells. CharlestonPaul Spaulding, CharlestonPaula Spaulding, CharlestonWilliam Spencer III, NitroWilliam Spencer Jr., NitroMichael Spurgeon, South CharlestonJeremy Stanley, MarmetJudith Stephenson, CharlestonLynette Stewart, HughestonPatrick Strickland, CharlestonTraci Strickland, CharlestonTiffany Taylor, CharlestonRichard Thaxton, TornadoJason Thomas, Cross LanesJames Thompson, ClendeninChristopher Thornhill, CharlestonMichael Trader, CharlestonSheila Trader, CharlestonNathan Turley, CharlestonLisa Vance, DunbarCharles Ward, ElkviewTony Ward, CharlestonJeffrey Warren, ElkviewSteven Waselchalk, ChesapeakeVenus Waselchalk, ChesapeakeChester Washington, DunbarRonnie Wentz, CharlestonDennis Westover, South CharlestonCharles Wheeler, CharlestonJenny White, CharlestonWesley Widmer, CharlestonJohn Wilcox, St. AlbansOrville Wilkinson, CharlestonKeith Williams II, Cabin CreekKeith Leo Williams, Cabin CreekKenneth Williams, CharlestonSteven Williams, South CharlestonYvonne Williams, Cabin CreekJames Williamson, CharlestonRandall Lynn Wills, CharlestonKenneth Wines, SissonvilleDarlie Withrow, Cross LanesHarriett Withrow, Cross LanesVernon Withrow, Cross LanesWilliam Wright, PrattTeri Young, Cross LanesSteven Yeager, BelleJames Young, Cedar GroveJeffrey Young, South CharlestonJudith Zinn, CharlestonStephen Zinn, CharlestonAntonie Zorio, St. Albans
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