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On file: Feb. 15-22, 2013


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Feb. 15 and 22:

Sherman Finley Carroll, 20, and Crystal Dawn Bishop, 20, both of Elkview.

Patrick William Haden, 26, and Rachel Ann Evans, 26, both of Charleston.

Michael Junior Hale, 34, and Jessica Vel Church, 31, both of Charleston.

Donald Eugene Mason Jr., 54, and Penny Nanette Mason, 51, both South Charleston.

Paul Jamel Husband, 30, of Charleston and Diana Marie Workman, 23, of St. Albans.

Dustin Ray Ruby, 26 and Amber Donn Holcomb, 28, both of Charleston.

Robert Dwayne Hapney, 48, and Catrina Joy Hapney, 39, both of St. Albans.

Bryant Phord Gray, 19, and Kimberly Lorense Cordova, 19, both of South Charleston.

Samuel Robert Atkinson, 25, of Charleston and Emily Kathryn McMillion, 23, of Winifrede.

Joshua Eric Blackshire, 24, and Jessica Marie Townsend, 24, both of Clendenin.

Joseph David Riddlebaugh, 23, and Kathryn Ethel Saul, 36, both of Cross Lanes.

Nicholas Craig Cook, 28, and Amber Rachelle Dillon, 22, both of South Charleston.

Larry Gene France, 45, and Sheryl Lynn Vanoy, 49, both of Dunbar.

Jacob Aaron Hamilton, 20, and Jessica Violet Blomlie, 20, both of St. Albans.

Richard Wayne Carrington, 35, and Faydra Dawn Saunders, 38, both of South Charleston.

Eric Matthew Smith, 22, and Morgan Jill Wheeler, 18, both of Nitro.

David Payton Smyer, 33, and Shannon Leanna Salak, 26, both of St. Albans.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Feb. 14 and 21:

Sonja Smith from Shawn Smith

Patrick T. Parsons from Sherry L. Parsons

Dustin Stanley from Aria J. Stanley

Charlene Matrhenia Adkins from Dustin Travis Adkins

Mary Ann Clark from Bobby Joe Clark

Melissa Nunley from Kevin Nunley

Megan Wines from Robert Wines

Mark Allan Alderman from Kimberly Dawn Alderman

Randy Shillingburg from Diana Shillingburg

Jesse Scott Crandall from Amy Michelle Crandall

Bridget Jean Hinamon from William John Hinamon

Amber Ellis from Bryan Parker

Thomas G. Stover II from Heather A. Stover

Steven L. Wright from Malinda Wright

Shirlette Lynn Campbell from David Wayne Campbell

Amanda McClanahan from Jason McClanahan

Jennifer McIntyre from James McIntyre

Crystal Ellard from Damian Ellard

Abbey R. Ritchie from Christopher P. Ritchie

Angel McCord from Bradford McCord

Jeanne Marie Pauley from William Sydney Pauley

Joanna Lynn Shuler from Geoffrey Brenton Shuler

Jessica Waychoff from Joseph Waychoff

James Price from Charlotte Price

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Feb. 15 and 22:

Carl S. Lebsack and Tegwin K. Taylor to Kelly Hudgins. Lot, Charleston, $185,500.

Kathie M. and Willard W. Brown to Glenn D. Tippett. Lots, Union District, $65,000.

Francis A. and Laura S. Slater to Ross A. Ferris. Lot, Elk District, $83,500.

Golden Amos PLLC to Wells Fargo Bank. Lots, Nitro, $78,805.12.

Marianne Fotta Kyes to Amy D. McMillion and Billie Hamilton. Lot, Union District, $130,000.

John Scott Akers, Carl Michael Akers and Linda Karen Tucker to John L. Chapman. Lot, Jefferson District, $115,000.

Stephen S. and Carole K. Mason to Robert M. and Lana M. King. Lot, Malden District, $117,000.

Mitchell and Sandra Howell to Raymond Wayne and Michelle Minyette Yeager. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $140,000.

Rabel Development LLC to AB Contracting. Lot, Washington District, $100,000.

Wayne Randall and Caroline Walker Coleman to Paul Richard and Annetta S. Bonham. Lot, Poca District, $285,000.

Kenneth J. Jr. and Carlotta P. Yonkers to Frederick L. and Emma Ruth Boggs. Lot, Kanawha City Tax District, $435,000.

Charles William Covert, Karen Louise Westfall and David Dewey Covert to John Shaffer. Lots, St. Albans, $75,000.

Jo Leigh Johnston to Gary W. Taylor Jr. Lot, Charleston, $79,500.

Timmy D. Vance to Shonda Renee Toler. Lot, Dunbar, $70,800.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Stephen C. and Patricia Wilson. Lot, Nitro, $54,000.

William Bryan II and Andrea Marano King to John D. and Jessica D. Tice. Lot, Fifteenth Ward District, $163,000.

Marsha Ann Arthur King to Lawrence W. and Lynne S. Hamilton. Lots, Charleston, $67,500.

Wanda G. and Donald H. Droullard, and Mary Ann and Clyde M. Watson to Eric R. and Peggy L. Barnett. Lot, South Charleston District, $68,000.

Joseph B. Wollenberger to Dena L Wilcox-Hall. Lot, Charleston North Annex District, $195,000.

Shirley J. Cottrill to David L. and Denise G. Tucker. Lot, Dunbar, $105,000.

Jeffry Schoenbaum, Raymond Schoenbaum, Joann Schoenbaum Miller and Emily Schoenbaum to Mitchell and Kamilla Rashid. Lot, Charleston, $600,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Feb. 15 and 22:

Amie Marie Grubb, Naugatuck, Chapter 7. Assets: $7,310, Liabilities: $32,105.

Michael Alan Hill, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,090.15, Liabilities: $25,818.

Robert William II and Raven Lynette Davis, Bloomingrose, Chapter 7. Assets: $264,306, Liabilities: $289,585.

Beverly Lynn Meadows, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $94,150, Liabilities: $111,081.

Dortha Marie Ashley, Stanaford, Chapter 7. Assets: $31,204, Liabilities: $28,723.

James Taylor and Donna Elaine Godbey, Harper, Chapter 7. Assets: $72,330, Liabilities: $98,630.

Shonna Gail Jackson, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $55,338, Liabilities: $132,083.

Raymond Mei-Gin Long, St. Albans, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: 

Michael Emmett Abshire, Dunbar

Kaleb Acree, Charleston

Donald Adams, Pratt

Leeann Adams, Pratt

Jason Adkins, Charleston

Jerry Adkins, St Albans

Samir Agarwal, Charleston

Austin Agnew, Charleston

Marcus Allison, South Charleston

John Anderson, Charleston

Carl Aplin Jr., Clendenin

Johnnie Archer Jr., Elkview

William Asbury Sr., Sissonville

George Ashby, Sissonville

Michael Chad Ashworth, St. Albans

Christopher Atkins, Charleston

Joan Elaine Bachwitt, Charleston

Janice Lee Bail, Belle

Raymond Lewis Bail III, Belle

Lawrence Bailey, Charleston

Johnnie Baldwin, Sissonville

Karen Jean Baldwin, Sissonville

Robert Baldwin, Dawes

Daniel Balser, Hugheston

Joshua Barefield, Dunbar

Richard Barker, South Charleston

Amy Barnette, Elkview

Thomas Batiste, Charleston

Charles Bearse III, Charleston

Karen Bearse, Charleston

Jack Beaver, Charleston

Travis Beaver, Charleston

Jason Patrick Beirne, Charleston

Timothy Belcher, Elkview

Brenten Bender, Alum Creek

David Bibbee, Charleston

Richard Bitzer, South Charleston

Michael Blake, St. Albans

Stephanie Blasingim, Charleston

James Blevins, Charleston

Gary Boggess, Nitro

Joseph Boggs, Charleston

Richard Boner, Elkview

Mary Boothe, Shrewsbury

Bill Bosher, Charleston

John Bowen, Elkview

Charles Bowling II, Pinch

Susan Bowling, Pinch

Adam Bowman, Charleston

Aaron Brown, Charleston

Annalee Brown, South Charleston

Larry Brown II, St. Albans

Tabithia Brown, St. Albans

Lee Browning, Dunbar

James Edward Buffington, Montgomery

Rebecca Ann Buffington, Montgomery

Sallie Burdette, Charleston

Todd Burdette, Cross Lanes

Tony Burdette, Charleston

James Burgess, Alum Creek

John Burke, Charleston

Jason Burrow, Cross Lanes

Brenda Cain, Elkview

Randall Cain, Elkview

Jack Campbell, Hansford

Patricia Campbell, Charleston

David Canterbury, Clendenin

Mikaela Canterbury, Clendenin

Jerry Carl Cantrell, South Charleston

Paul Cantrell, South Charleston

Scottie Carpenter, Cross Lanes

Carolyn Carte, South Charleston

David Carte, Charleston

Darrell Casdorph, Charleston

Jon Castleberry, South Charleston

David Casto, Cross Lanes

David Casto, Elkview

David Catlett Jr., Charleston

Jerry Chandler, Elkview

Cheryl Chapman, Charleston

Philip Chapman, Charleston

Susan Victoria Chapman, St. Albans

Eric Cherry, Charleston

Ronald Chin, Charleston

Brian Claar, St. Albans

Amanda Clark, St Albans

Jeffrey Clark, Charleston

Mitchell Clark, South Charleston

Carl Clay Jr., Charleston

Morgan Clay, Charleston

Beatrice Clifford, Charleston

Billie Cline, St. Albans

Allison Close, Elkview

Cass Close, Elkview

Charles Cochran, Charleston

Michael Burnell Cochran II, St. Albans

Marc Coleman, St. Albans

Cynthia Elizabeth Collins-Stump, Nitro

John Collins, Charleston

Fred Keith Connery Sr., St. Albans

Bobby Cooper, Cross Lanes

Lloyd Wayne Cooper, South Charleston

Cathy Cornwell, Cedar Grove

Lois Cottrell, Elkview

Christina Crabill, Charleston

Leon Craft, Charleston

Rodney Crane II, Charleston

John Kenneth Crockett, Charleston

Bryant Cyrus, Dunbar

Douglas Damron II, Cross Lanes

Randall Damron, Charleston

Marissa Daniel, Charleston

John Darby, Cross Lanes

Alexander Darkens, South Charleston

David Darnold Jr., Alum Creek

Pamela Darnold, Alum Creek

Bruce Davis Jr., Charleston

Robert Davis, Cross Lanes

Michael Rodgers Defrehn, St. Albans

John Deluca Jr., Charleston

Patty Deluca, Charleston

Catherine Dennis, Elkview

Dale Dent, Dunbar

Raymond Dent, South Charleston

Michael Derossett, Dunbar

Gary Deusenberry, Dunbar

Aaron Diehl, Nitro

Heather Diehl, Nitro

David Dotson, St. Albans

David Drake, Cross Lanes

Sarah Drennen, Belle

Timothy Drennen, Belle

Janelda Duncan, Cross Lanes

Bobby Eads, Nitro

Gregory Eads, Charleston

James Ebright, Charleston

Jean Eden, Charleston

Rex Eden, Charleston

Sean Edgell, Dunbar

Jerry Eggleton, St. Albans

Rex Eggleton, St. Albans

Danny Giles Elliott, South Charleston

Gregory Elliot, Charleston

Jennifer Elliot, Charleston

Bobby Gene Elswick, Shrewsbury

Robert Elswick, St. Albans

Jacob Enicks, Handley

Mark Travis Epling, Charleston

Charles Ervin, Charleston

Jeannette Ervin, Charleston

Deborah Erwin, Charleston

Charles Evans, Charleston

Paul D. Evans, Charleston

Andrew Ewart, South Charleston

Denise Facemyre, Belle

David Jason Fields, Dunbar

Douglas Fisher, Sissonville

Larry Fisher, South Charleston

Lisa Fisher, South Charleston

Brian Fitzgerald, Charleston

John Fitzgerald, Charleston

James Ford Jr., Charleston

Sherrie K. Ford-Tyler, Pratt

Lisa Dawn Frame, Charleston

Steven Frenchik, Charleston

Gary Franklin Fridley II, Cross Lanes

Kristin Lee Fridley, Cross Lanes

Michael Wayne Frye, St Albans

Penny Gallagher, Elkview

Shawn Gandee, South Charleston

Matthew Brian Garrison, Cross Lanes

Susan Gentilin, Charleston

Scott Gibson, Nitro

Hilda Giffin, Charleston

Jay Giffin, Charleston

Tika Lynn Gillispie, Charleston

William Gilmore, Belle

Dreama Gingerich, Charleston

James Gingerich, Charleston

Jeffrey Gladwell, Charleston

Alfred Good, Charleston

Andrea Good, Blount

Christina Good, Charleston

Douglas Wayne Good, Sissonville

Gregory Good, Charleston

Stacy Gooden, Charleston

Robin Goodwin, Cedar Grove

Shelley Graddy, Tornado

Jessica Griffith, Charleston

Brittany Gritt, Charleston

Justin Gritt, Charleston

Robin Gunnoe, South Charleston

Ricky Hackney, Charleston

Ricky Hackney II, Charleston

Bryan Hager, Charleston

Howard Wayne Hager, Cedar Grove

Tilton Hagerty, Charleston

Bradford Hall, Cross Lanes

Elizabeth Hall, Charleston

Gary Hall, Charleston

Pamela Hall, Dunbar

Roy Hall, Cedar Grove

Cynthia Hammons, Charleston

Derek R. Hansen, Charleston

Edward Wayne Hardy, Elkview

Danny Harmon, Charleston

Andrea Harper, Charleston

Hubert Harper Jr., Charleston

Jack Harper, Nitro

Lucas Harper, St. Albans

John Harris Jr., Charleston

Mark Anthony Harrison, Cedar Grove

Lorene Hathaway, Elkview

Kenneth Haught, Charleston

Willette Haught, Charleston

David Hayes, Charleston

Delbert Hayes, Pinch

Ronald Ray Hayes, Elkview

David Lee Haynes, Charleston

Donald Haynes, Charleston

Gary Haynes, Charleston

Jonathan Haynes, Charleston

Keith Allen Haynes, Charleston

Robert Haynes, St. Albans

Rodney Haynes, St. Albans

Rodney Dale Haynes, St. Albans

Rodney Lee Haynes, Clendenin

Shirley Haynes, Elkview

Billy Hicks, Charleston

Mary Hicks, Charleston

Kelly Hill, Belle

Kyle Hill, Charleston

Ryan Hill, Charleston

Steven Hill, Belle

Susan Hill, Cross Lanes

Timothy Hill, South Charleston

Steven Hinchman, Charleston

Darrell Hinkle, Belle

Seth Hoblitzell, Nitro

William Hodge Jr., Shrewsbury

William Hoke, Charleston

Mark Holley, Tornado

Edward Holsclaw II, Charleston

Steve Holstein, Dunbar

Jeffrey Honaker, Sissonville

Heather Horan, Cross Lanes

John Huddleston, Charleston

Bobby Hudnall, Cedar Grove

Eric Hudnall, Elkview

Jeffrey Huffman, Clendenin

Timothy Huffman, Clendenin

William Hunter, Elkview

Jodie Hypes, Nitro

Stephen Inman, St. Albans

Tyler Jackson, St. Albans

Elizabeth Jarrett, Clendenin

Heather Jarrett, Nitro

Marguaret Jeffers, Charleston

Neal Jeffers, Charleston

Alfred Johnson, Cross Lanes

Roddy Johnson, Pratt

William Johnson Jr., Charleston

Loretta J. Johnston, Charleston

Holly Jones, St. Albans

James Jones, St. Albans

Jody Crockett Jones, Charleston

Joel Jones, Charleston

John Jones, Elkview

Mary Jones, Charleston

Randy Jones, Charleston

Richard Jones, Charleston

Roger Jones, Charleston

William Thomas Jones Jr., Elkview

Paul Lee Keglor, Montgomery

Randal Kennedy, Elkview

Zachary Kennedy, South Charleston

Loren Kestner, Alum Creek

Noah Kidd, Cross Lanes

Brian Kinder, Charleston

David Kinder, Hernshaw

Kenneth Wayne Kinder, Charleston

Mary King, Charleston

Jonathan King, Charleston

Roy King, Charleston

Don Kingery, Charleston

Denise Knapp, Shrewsbury

Randy Knapp, Glasgow

Ronald Knapp, St. Albans

Jeff Lance Knox, Charleston

Kathleen Knox, Charleston

Debra Diane Krieg, Charleston

Patricia Marie Langlo, Nitro

Edward Russell Lanham, Nitro

Glenna Lawing, Dunbar

Randy Lawing, Dunbar

Christopher Laws, Marmet

Naomi Legg, Elkview

Phillip Legg, Charleston

Roger Legg, Cedar Grove

Virgil Lesher, Elkview

Brian Lester, Dunbar

Frederick Lewis, South Charleston

William Linden, St Albans

Shawn Little, Cross Lanes

Ashley Litton, Elkview

Matthew Lonsinger, Elkview

Teresa Lonsinger, Elkview

James Lowdermilk, South Charleston

James Lowry, Elkview

Michael Lowry, Tornado

Billy L. Lucas, Elkview

Jeffrey Allen Lynch, Dunbar

Melinda Gail Lyons, Charleston

Thomas Lyons, Charleston

Nancy Lee Malecek, Charleston

Charles Mallory, Cross Lanes

Cassandra Mason, Dunbar

Mark Mason, Dunbar

Mark Mason Sr., Dunbar

Rebecca Mason, Dunbar

Glen Matheny, Tornado

Orden May, Charleston

Scott Max, St. Albans

Dairl McCallister, St. Albans

Michael McCarty, Cedar Grove

Guy Ray McClanahan, Nitro

Jared McClanahan, Charleston

Rex McClanahan, Charleston

Sarah McClanahan, Charleston

Willard McClanahan, Charleston

Benjamin McClung, Charleston

Donna McClung, Charleston

Charles Lewis McCormick, Charleston

Mary McDavid, South Charleston

Rhonda McDonald, Cross Lanes

William McDonald, Cross Lanes

Patrick McGinnis, Charleston

Karen McGinnis, Charleston

Judith Elaine McGraw, Chesapeake

Wesley Randall McGraw, Chesapeake

Nathanael Messinger, Elkview

Joshua Middleton, St. Albans

Todd Owen Milam, Sissonville

Eric Miller, Charleston

Leiton Miller III, Cross Lanes

Michael John Miller, Elkview

Sarah Miller, Diamond

Stacy Miller, Charleston

Aaron Mills, Dunbar

Grace Elizabeth Milstead, Dunbar

Mark Nelson Milstead, Dunbar

Chasidy Minor, South Charleston

David Mitchell, Charleston

Julia Mitchell, Charleston

Nancy Mitchell, Charleston

Roger Mitchell Jr., Charleston

William Moffatt, Charleston

Ian Moir, St. Albans

Amy Moles, Dry Branch

Glenvil Moles Jr., Elkview

Jennifer Moles, Elkview

Kimberly Moles, Elkview

Lynn Moles, Elkview

Cody Mollohan, Elkview

Holly Mollohan, Elkview

Matthew Ray Moneypenny, South Charleston

Rebecca Mooney, Sissonville

Adam Moore, South Charleston

Bessie Moore, Belle

Christina Carol Moore-Parsons, Belle

Harry Moore, Belle

Roger Moore, Belle

Tonja Moore, St. Albans

Matthew Morris, Charleston

Kevin Morrison, St. Albans

Richard Moss II, St. Albans

David Mullins, Charleston

Richard Mullins Jr., Charleston

Kyle Richard Munroe, Marmet

Michael Murphy, Cross Lanes

Steven Musick, St. Albans

Ricky Myers, Charleston

Jeremy David Mynhier, Nitro

William Nalle, Charleston

Mark Nelson, South Charleston

David Newcomer, Charleston

Edwin Newhouse, Elkview

Richard Newland, St. Albans

Richard Newland, St. Albans

Victoria Nga Ngo Thi Nguyen, Dunbar

Roger Nickels, Elkview

Jackie Noel, Charleston

Dustin Osborne, Elkview

Jeremy Lee Painter, Charleston

Michele Nicole Painter, Charleston

Veeta Painter, Charleston

Don Leslie Parker, Sissonville

Allen Everett Parsons, Elkview

Katrena Jo Parsons, Elkview

Victoria Patrick, Elkview

Brian Patterson, Dunbar

Robert Patterson, Charleston

Timothy Andrew Pauley, Nitro

Timothy Pauley, Charleston

Billie Paxton, Clendenin

Carolyn J. Payne, Hansford

Gregory Payne, Charleston

James David Pendry, St. Albans

Charles Persinger, Elkview

Deborah Jane Perry, St. Albans

Paul Ray Perry, Winifrede

Christie Peterson, Charleston

William Peterson, Charleston

Heather Petry, Winifrede

Ronald Pettey, Charleston

Melvin Phillips, Cedar Grove

Traci Anthonette Phillips, Dunbar

Matthew Pickens, Dunbar

William Pickens, Charleston

William Pile IV, Dunbar

Mark Allen Plants, South Charleston

Joseph Pope, South Charleston

Danna Price, South Charleston

Jonathan Price, Charleston

William Price, South Charleston

Lewis Prouse, Charleston

John Quintrell, St. Albans

Linda Quick, St. Albans

David Raider, Charleston

Walter Ramsey, Charleston

Jacob Randolph, Cross Lanes

Thomas Randolph, Dunbar

Gary Stephen Ransom, South Charleston

Robert Elbra Ratliff, Tornado

Shelia Jane Ratliff, Tornado

Annette Reed, Nitro

Clifford Robert Reed, Sissonville

Joseph Ray Reed, Sissonville

Leonard Reed, St. Albans

Christopher Reger, South Charleston

Jeffrey Reynolds, Belle

Robert Warren Reynolds, Winifrede

Scotty Rhodes, Nitro

Clarence Edward Richards, Pratt

Kevin Richards, Marmet

Michael Richards, Cedar Grove

Michelle Riffe Davis, Charleston

Jeffrey Allen Rinehart, Belle

Douglas Rink, Elkview

Bryan Roberts, Nitro

David Roberts, St. Albans

James Roberts, Charleston

Jeanne Roberts, Nitro

Jerry Roberts, Charleston

Norma Roberts, Charleston

Olivia Robinson, Tad

Randall Lee Robinson, Charleston

Richard Robinson Jr., Tad

Richard Robinson Sr., Charleston

Ryan Robinson, Charleston

Albert Rock Jr., Clendenin

Taylor Rogers, St. Albans

Gerald Rollins, Elkview

Sharon Romano, Charleston

Clifford Rotz, Dunbar

Nicholas Rotz, Dunbar

Autumn Rucker, Charleston

Christopher Alan Rucker, Institute

Jason Rucker, Charleston

Bruce Rumberg, Dawes

Brian Sayre, Charleston

Kenneth Scaggs, Tornado

Thomas Schoolcraft, South Charleston

Christopher Lee Scragg, Clendenin

Michael Scragg, South Charleston

Tammy Elizabeth Scragg, Clendenin

Jodi Sergent, Elkview

Wayne Shafer II, St Albans

Christopher Shaffer, Charleston

Donald Shaffer Sr., Sissonville

Randy Shamblin, Charleston

Christopher David Sharpe, Charleston

Jeffrey Sheets, Elkview

Robert Short, Charleston

Robert Sigler, South Charleston

Harold Ronald Simmons, Charleston

Rachel Simons, Nitro

Darlene Slack, Elkview

Kimberly Slater, Charleston

Stanley Slater, Charleston

Lynn Smeltzer, Elkview

Brandon Scott Smith, Charleston

Corey Smith, Tornado

Jerrold Smith, St. Albans

John Smith, Elkview

Kanghee Smith, Elkview

Michael Smith, Dunbar

Myrtle Agnes Smith, St. Albans

Paul Smith, Dunbar

Ryan Smith, Elkview

Teresa Dizon Smith, Charleston

William Douglas Smith, St. Albans

Shannon Snodgrass, Charleston

William Snodgrass, South Charleston

Gary Sowards, Alum Creek

Phillip Earl Sparks, Charleston

Tyler Spencer, Charleston

Jeremy Raymond St. Clair, Elkview

James Stanley, Elkview

Howard, Stanton, Charleston

David Staton, Charleston

Mark Stephens, Tad

Mark Stephens, Tad

Judy Stewart, Sissonville

Marissa Stewart, Charleston

Robert Stewart, Belle

Gloria Stone, Charleston

Jean Storm, Charleston

Shawn Storm, Charleston

Ronald Stricker, Pinch

Yvonne Stricklen, Elkview

Anna Sutton, Charleston

Shirley Howard Surface Jr., Charleston

John Swartz, Charleston

Larry James Sydenstricker, Charleston

Stephanie Ann Sydenstricker, Charleston

Jason Tackett, South Charleston

Jeremy Scott Tardy, Marmet

Marilyn Tate, Cross Lanes

Charles Taylor, South Charleston

Emily Taylor, Charleston

John Taylor, Charleston

Richard Taylor, Dunbar

Timothy Taylor, Charleston

Valerie Thaxton, Charleston

Jerry Thomas Jr., Charleston

John Kiel Tincher, Elkview

Vincent Toscano, Dunbar

Sheena Totten, Glasgow

Eddie Townsend, St. Albans

Paul Trevorrow, Charleston

Travis Truman, Charleston

Beverly Tucker, Charleston

Michael Tucker, Charleston

Reuben Tyree, Elkview

Ronnie Vanbibber, St. Albans

Benjamin Mikael Vance, Charleston

Jonathon Vandale, Charleston

James Vermillion, Charleston

Erin Marie Wade, South Charleston

Lucas James Wade, South Charleston

Mark Wageman, St. Albans

Ike Walker, Tornado

James Walker, Charleston

John Walker, Charleston

Mary Walker, Charleston

Nancy Walker, Charleston

Jason Waller, Nitro

David Walls, St. Albans

Sheri Warner, Nitro

Bradford Watson, St. Albans

Jo Ann Watt, Clendenin

John Waybright, St. Albans

Dreama Wehrle, Charleston

Derek Wells, Marmet

Randall Wells, Elkview

Marvin Wileman, Charleston

Richard Willoughby, Charleston

Jeremy Wills, Pratt

Jessie Wills, Pratt

Shawn Michael Wilson, St. Albans

Jane Winkler-Kimble, South Charleston

Robert Wojcieszak, South Charleston

Lynada Woods, Elkview

Carolyn Young, Nitro

Elizabeth Johnson Young, South Charleston

Frances Young, Nitro

Ginger Sue Young, St. Albans

John H. Young, Cross Lanes

Larry Scott Young, South Charleston

Lee Young, Nitro

Princess Young, St. Albans

Samuel Young, St. Albans

Stephen Young, Nitro

Elizabeth Zorio, St. Albans


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