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On file: March 14-21, 2013

DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between March 14 and 21:William David Hall Jr. from Amy HallWalter D. Witherell II from Jennifer Christine WitherellGina Lendvay from Jamie LendvayLewis A Whaley from Terri R. VarneySarah J. Spillers from Billy Paul SpillersWilliam Dale Kessel Jr. from Teresa Lynn SpradlingLinda D. Duncan from Patrick DuncanLottie Rutledge from Mitchell TubbsTara Jo VanWay from Ernest VanWayGary Lee Larch II from Kimberly Marie LarchSheila Kay Hicks from Carl Randy Hicks Jr.Dwight W. Graley Jr. from Tonya Gail GraleyNora Lynn Smart from Terry Allison Smart
Shelby Fay Shreaves from Timothy Wade ShreavesAmelia L. Jett from Eddie CochranAshley Kayla Bush from Christopher Thomas BushJustin Valleau from Cynthia ValleauShara Ellison from Jason EllisonJohn N. Niday from Kelly A. Niday
Proper transfersThe following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between March 15 and 22:Billy Ray and Deanna McGlothlin to Jason and Tara Vaught. Lot, Charleston, $82,000.Jason Vaught and Katherine L. Whiting to Swarthmore Capital, LLC. Lot, Charleston, $280,000.Darrell K. and Patricia D. Midkiff to Lauran Midkiff. Lot, Dunbar, $70,000.Ted Abdalla to Nancy Emengo. Lot, Charleston, $75,000.Mark E. Sanders Sr. to William E. Baughman and Bradley L. Asbury. Lot, South Charleston District, $185,000.The Vincent E. Boyle and Betty L. Boyle Family Trust, by Deborah Boyle, trustee, to Frederick H. and Danna R.D. Bader. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $116,000.Teays Valley Trustees, LLC to Bank of America. Lot, Charleston, $137,055.Kelsey and Angela Harding to Clay A. and Meredith A. Foster. Lot, Loudon District, $153,000.Roy G. Jones to Timothy E. and Lea Liz Roland. Lot, Charleston, $180,000.Timothy D. Maddox to Jack C. II and Ashley N. Clohan. Lot, Charleston West District, $230,000.Kelsey H. Sr. and Angela M. Harding to Mark A. and Michelle C. Myers. Lot, Union District, $173,000.Kurt D. and Heidi L. Miers to Susan M. Casto. Lot, Charleston, $175,000.Joann Tincher to Wayne J. and Bonnie C. Batten. Lot, Union District, $129,900.Casey and Leo W. Neehouse to Charles J. McCutcheon. Lot, Jefferson District, $97,000.Carolyn Sue Burdette to Michael R. and Sheila Ann Burdette. Lot, Elk District, $100,000.Amy D. Nichols to Rebecca V. Sparks. Lots, Elk District, $175,000.Susan M. Casto to Shannon N. McGrew. Lot, Loudon District, $152,000.River Valley Holdings to Joann Tincher. Lot, Union District, $60,000.Lynn P. Edgell, June I. Burns, Julie P. Sandburg and Bradford Scot Paxton to M&B Development, LLC. Lot, Jefferson District, $105,000.Seneca Trustee Inc. to Gary R. and Pamela E. Clendenin. Lot, Nitro District, $53,626.Stephan Picard to Kirby R. Herrick and Amy L. Spano. Lot, Poca District, $107,000.Rahma Jean Clonch to Thomas J. Cumberledge and Selena N. Roberts. Lot, Union District, $140,000.David Howard Cole, Richard Keith Cole and Sandra K. Martin to Judith K. Crist and Sharon L. Millard. Lots, Elk District, $154,000.Billy W. Griffith to April G. and David L. Workman. Lot, Charleston, $200,000.Elizabeth Isley to Christopher Pettigrew. Lot, Charleston, $80,000.Robert E. Anderson II to Cynthia Lee Knox. Lot, Charleston, $240,000.Michael H. and Valerie M. Flowers to Todd A. Gambill. Lot, Jefferson District, $130,000.Stone Financing, LLC to Elbert and Laurie B. Lin. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $295,000.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between March 15 and 22:Ronnie Lee McKinney, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $19,389, Liabilities: $146,720.Helen Berneice Hjerleid, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,226, Liabilities: $25,506.Denny Paul and Trina Nicole Perdew, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $16,213, Liabilities: $79,280.Donald Lee Haynes, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $26,038, Liabilities: $175,346.Richard Kevin and Misty Michelle Carte, Oak Hill, Chapter 7. Assets: $ 48,465, Liabilities: $ 49,017.John Patrick Ingram, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $52,389, Liabilities: $90,874.Brandon Lee Giles, Cowen, Chapter 7. Assets: $5,112, Liabilities: $28,390.Michael Paul and Lisa Ann Dillon, Harts, Chapter 7. Assets: $45,634, Liabilities: $53,023.Steven Wayne Crowder, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $64,175, Liabilities: $94,509.Cindy Lou Yencha, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $9,320, Liabilities: $55,654.Nathaniel Ray and Renna Leola Thompson, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $139,806, Liabilities: $252,707.Dallas and Vickie Lynn Payton, West Hamlin, Chapter 7. Assets: $43,800, Liabilities: $103,975.Matthew Shane and Katie Michelle Lupardus, Grandeeville, Chapter 7. Assets: $20,730, Liabilities: $59,964.Dovie Mae Short, Montgomery, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities, Unknown.Linda Sue Miles, Williamson, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,855, Liabilities: $99,702.Dexter Jude Jr., Hanover, Chapter 7. Assets: $65,972, Liabilities: $102,988.Larry Wayne and Kathy Sue Shaffer, Meadow Bridge, Chapter 7. Assets: $53,510, Liabilities: $111,152.Jennifer Lynn Long, Ronceverte, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,148, Liabilities: $53,447.Gun permitsThe Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: Debra Gail Alford, CharlestonConi Jill Aliff, Cross LanesRoger Lee Allen, NitroThomas Cooper Allman, ElkviewNathan Lee Amick, CharlestonFloyd Adrian Angelo, South CharlestonSheldon Douglas Arbogast, ElkviewJoshua Atkins, CharlestonLyle Atkinson, ElkviewJames Jerry Ballard, CharlestonPatricia Baisi, East BankGail Marie Bane, ElkviewDeborah Banks, MarmetDebra Kay Barnes, CharlestonJeffrey Joseph Barnes, Cross LanesJimmy Barnett, DunbarChristopher Edward Batog, NitroChristopher Bennett, CharlestonGary Blackhurst, South CharlestonMichael R. Blake, South CharlestonGary Blankenship Jr., St. AlbansForrest Ray Blevins, DunbarAnndemere Cecile Blevins, DunbarJohn Soutar Boggess, NitroMary Boone, CharlestonEmily Kayla Bowles, CharlestonMitchell Bowles, St. AlbansJonathan Dewayne Bradley, ChesapeakeBetty Braley, CharlestonDonna Lynn Brannon, ElkviewJohn Leigh Brannon, ElkviewGary Brightbill, Cross LanesJessica Brooks, DunbarCarl Richard Brown, CharlestonDiane Gayle Brown, CharlestonJeremy Sean Brown, CharlestonLeland Arthur Brown, St. AlbansMerle Sue Brown, BelleRichard Leonard Brown, CharlestonRobert Lee Brown, CharlestonAlice Jo Buchko, MarmetShantay Buggs, CharlestonJohn Burns, BelleGregory Daniel Busby, St AlbansCarl Richard Cain, NitroRandall Dexter Cain II, DunbarWendy Campbell, CharlestonAdam Carnefix, CharlestonAllen Carnefix, ElkviewDerek Carnefix, Cross LanesCharles Carpenter, CharlestonAlice Faye Cart, CharlestonDavid Ray Cart, CharlestonBruce Carter, ElkviewMelissa Carter, ElkviewTravis Castle, CharlestonDavid Eugene Casto, CharlestonEldridge Robert Casto Jr., Cross LanesStephen Randall Cavender, CharlestonWilliam Edward Chambers, CharlestonDavid Chapman, CharlestonWilliam Chapman, South CharlestonDavid Kent Clark, St. AlbansMckinley Scott Clark, St. AlbansCharles Cole Clay, CharlestonKevin Brian Clendenin, ElkviewJason Eugene Cobb, SissonvilleDale Lee Coleman, Cedar GroveAlan Comer II, DunbarPeggy Jane Conner, CharlestonCharles Cook, CharlestonMatthew Eugene Cook, St. AlbansBradley Aaron Copen, CharlestonRodney Cordell, South CharlestonAngela Jo Corns, CharlestonWilliam Virgil Corns, CharlestonLawrence Glenn Cowie, South CharlestonRobin Lee Cox, CharlestonDelano Cox, ChesapeakeThomas Ray Craigo, HandleyWilliam Crawford, TornadoJimmie Jared Crider, ClendeninEric Brandon Critchfield, CharlestonDelbert Ray Crites, NitroRoger Lee Crookshanks, St. AlbansCaitlin Crowder, ElkviewGary Crowder, ElkviewWilliam Douglas Currence, CharlestonSherry Lynn Dalton, TornadoNorman Talmadge Daniels, CharlestonRonda Beth Daniels, CharlestonBernard Lewis Dates, RandClinton Davis II, ElkviewOwen Thomas Davis, MiamiDavid Deusenberry, ClendeninAnthony James Dillard, St. AlbansEthan Dimitroff, Belle Rickie Dimitroff, BelleRobert Luvern Dixon, CharlestonMichael A. Dolin, St. AlbansSteven Donato, ChesapeakeTeri J. Dooley, Cross LanesRex Douglas, CharlestonTheodore Douglas, CharlestonWendell Willkie Drake, St. AlbansNancy Carol Driver, CharlestonDeborah Duer, CharlestonJohn Duffey, BelleRobin Leigh Duffey, BelleWilliam Shane Duffey, BelleCharles Dexter Duncan II, CharlestonBernard Dunlap II, South CharlestonJerry Keith Dunlap, NitroJoann Dunlap, NitroMichael Durham, St. AlbansMichael Sean Eads, NitroGrady Ray Edens, DunbarKeith Allen Edens, CharlestonBryan Scott Eder, South CharlestonTerry Edge, Cross LanesChad Eisenhauer, St. AlbansMelissa Eisenhauer, St. AlbansWarren Hardia Ellis, BelleLarry Talmadge Eskew, CharlestonJulie Ann Evans, ElkviewDarrell Falin, MiamiCharles Duaine Fauber, ElkviewEdwin Lee Fauber, BelleEugene Fauber, St. AlbansMax Pierce Fields, Cross LanesRobert Paul Fields, ElkviewEdna Fisher, CharlestonBryan Keith Flowers, St. AlbansDebra Lynne Flowers, St. AlbansRebecca Fore, South CharlestonRonald Fore, South CharlestonCharles Foster, Cross LanesScott Fox, South CharlestonJustin Frame, CharlestonShannon Frame, CharlestonThomas Eugene Fye, CharlestonKara Garten, CharlestonJill Gentry, South CharlestonThomas Scott Gessel, St. AlbansBranty Gibson, Cedar GroveJeanette Gilbert, ElkviewRandy Lynne Gilbert, Cross LanesLois Gillenwater, CharlestonDanny L. Goebel, St. AlbansApril Colette Goff, CharlestonJustin Bryan Goff, CharlestonPatrick Joseph Good, ElkviewJennifer Graham, South CharlestonDavid Daniel Gray, SissonvilleApril Green, BelleMarty Green Jr., BelleNicholas Green II, ElkviewLarry Joseph Guthrie, CharlestonArt Hale, CharlestonShavonne Marie Hale, CharlestonCharles Justin Hall, St. AlbansMarsha Lynn Hall, Cedar GroveWilliam Hamilton Sr., NitroWilliam Lee Hamilton II, St. AlbansTimothy Mark Hammond, TornadoBurnard Hamrick, ElkviewJohn Hankins, LondonApril Helen Harper, DunbarEdward Harmon, CharlestonDavid Harper, CharlestonEdward Harper Jr., CharlestonGary Wayne Harper, ElkviewJoseph Harper, CharlestonMadeline Louise Harper, ElkviewPerry Sherman Harper, CharlestonPhillip Sean Harrison, GlasgowSussion Missouria Harper, ElkviewBrent Hawley, CharlestonDarrel L. Hayes, CharlestonCarl Bertram Haynes, St. AlbansWilliam Rufus Haynes, CharlestonTara Henderson, MarmetThomas Brandon Henderson, Cross Lanes
Robert Allen Henson Jr., South CharlestonJacob Aaron Hilbert, CharlestonJerry Hill, South CharlestonKristy Lynn Hill, CharlestonHeatherly Dawn Hinzman-Starcher, CharlestonJill Marie Holliday, CharlestonWestwood Harrison Holliday, CharlestonClark Daniel Holstein, CharlestonThomas Holstein, Cross LanesHeather Dawn Holstine, ElkviewMari Holstine, CharlestonTeddy Holstine, Alum CreekAmanda Leeann Honaker, MarmetPamela Denise Honaker, MarmetRichard Derek Honaker, South CharlestonJeffrey Darin Hudnall, CharlestonTia Renee Hudnall, CharlestonTimothy Glenn Hudson, South CharlestonRichard Leroy Huffman, ClendeninJames Hughes, CharlestonLisa Hughes, CharlestonJohnathan Lee Hughes, East BankCharles Humphrey II, MarmetJohn Lyndon Humphreys, St. AlbansMark Allen Humphreys, SissonvilleMark Hunter, CharlestonPamela Gale Hylbert-Eder, South CharlestonRichard James, CharlestonBilly Eugene Johnson, St. AlbansJohn Paul Johnson, CharlestonKenneth Codie Johnson, QuickWilbur Lee Johnson, ElkviewBrandon James Jones, SissonvilleGerald Jones, DunbarJudith Jones, CharlestonWilliam P. Jones, CharlestonWilliam Healey Jones Jr., Dry BranchFred Kalinoski Jr., PinchMoussa Kazan, CharlestonJames Keene, South CharlestonFranklin Kern, South CharlestonAnita Carol Kidd, St. AlbansCharles William Kilburn, SissonvilleEric David King, CharlestonKevin Nelson Kirk, DunbarRobert Franklin Kirk Jr., Dry BranchFreddie Landers, HansfordJoseph Landers, GlasgowGary Layne Lanham, St. AlbansNikola Lawman, CharlestonGary Dale Layne, St. AlbansWilliam Eugene Layton, TadAlan Lee Legg, CharlestonMelissa Jo Lemon, St. AlbansTimothy Joseph Lemon, St. AlbansPaul Jeffery Linville, CharlestonCharles Thurman Lipscomb, St. AlbansJeana Bledsoe Lipscomb, ElkviewJeremy Todd Lipscomb, ElkviewMarsha Lynn Lipscomb, BelleJason Anthony Littlejohn, CharlestonAlice Long, DunbarMichael David Maddox, CharlestonMark Anthony Mallory, South CharlestonNeale Christopher Mallory, South CharlestonJustin Michael Malone, St. AlbansAlan Arthur Ernest Marcinkowsky, CharlestonHeather Collene Marcum, MiamiIreland Marcum, BelleAlan Martin, ClendeninChristina Ann Martin, CharlestonJohn Curtis Martin, CharlestonMichael E. Martin, EskdalePatty Sue Martin, CharlestonJennifer McCallister, CharlestonEdward Lee McClanahan, LibertyDavid Jackson McClure, ElkviewShane Michael McComas, NitroJeremy Shane McCormick, CharlestonPeter McGinnis, CharlestonDiane Elizabeth McGuire, SissonvilleGerald Arthur McMeans. CharlestonWilliam Charles McPhail, TornadoPeter Paul Meszaros, Elkview Derrick Keith Miller, CharlestonJustin Miller, St. AlbansMichael Miller, ElkviewSheri Moore, South CharlestonWesley Edgar Moore, MiamiCynthia Kay Morgan, NitroJeffrey Allen Morgan, NitroMargaret Moss, BelleBrett Mullins, ElkviewDarlene Mullins, ElkviewRichard Edward Munroe Jr., MarmetAllen Elsworth Murdock, ClendeninAmber Michelle Murphy, DunbarClay Myers, PinchRaheem Nader II, CharlestonRebecca R. Nelson, SissonvilleJames Edward Newell Jr., Cabin CreekDakota Zachary Newman, NitroTiffany Leeann Newman, NitroLora Lee Nida, Cross LanesTimothy Euell Oakes, Cabin CreekJason Keith O'Brien, EskdaleKimberly Dawn Oliver, ElkviewSidney Edward Oliver Jr., ElkviewAmanda Leigh Osborn, St. AlbansCathryn Jane Osborn, St. AlbansRandy Parker, ClendeninVicky Parker, ClendeninBrogan Parsons, CharlestonJohneen Parsons, CharlestonKevin Parsons, CharlestonClaudie Basil Payne II, ElkviewFrederick Allen Payne, ClendeninSandra Kay Payne, ElkviewJoseph Peal, CharlestonJack Penca, CharlestonMichelle Penca, CharlestonJames Pence, St. AlbansRex Allen Pennington, St. AlbansRoy Perdue, Cabin CreekGlenn Peters, WinifredeRodney Eugene Peyton, CharlestonElbert Phillip Phillips, South CharlestonMelissa Lynne Phillips, South CharlestonDrema Ann Pierson, CharlestonWilliam H. Pinson, CharlestonMartha Gale Poore, CharlestonEdward Wayne Price, CharlestonJames Ervin Pyles II, East BankBradley Querry, SissonvilleMary Querry, SissonvilleDavid Earl Quick, Cross LanesJustin E. Quinn, BelleFrankie Lynn Reinkopfs, CharlestonMary Reynolds-Hairston, CharlestonTheodore Joseph Rhim, CharlestonJack Lee Rinchich, CharlestonWilliam Donald Riske, CharlestonRandy Dean Ritenour, St. AlbansNelson Boyd Robinson Jr., CharlestonDouglas Eugene Rogers, East BankJoseph Michael Rubin, CharlestonBobby Gene Rucker II, ClendeninNatalie Kay Rugel, NitroHoward Russell, CharlestonEric Hossianali Saidi, NitroCinda Pauline Salazar, South CharlestonJohn Mark Salazar, South CharlestonLarry David Salisbury II, ElkviewLisa Michelle Salisbury, ElkviewLucien Randolph Sammons III, CharlestonDavid Lee Samples, CharlestonDavid Michael Samples, CharlestonRaymond Sanders, South CharlestonBeth Allen Sankoff, CharlestonMerrel Adam Sankoff, ElkviewMichael B. Sankoff, CharlestonMike Sankoff Jr., CharlestonDanny Saunders, CharlestonDavid Saunders, NitroSamuel Savilla II, NitroDominick Joseph Scalise, ElkviewGregory Allen Schoolcraft, ClendeninDavid Dion Scott, ElkviewSteven Seagraves, South CharlestonJason Robert Settle, DunbarKeith Alan Shaffer, CharlestonRobert Wesley Shaffer II, CharlestonChristine Renee Shahbodaghi, CharlestonVicki Diane Shelton, South CharlestonRoger Lewis Short, Dry BranchJames F. Sibold IIII, South CharlestonJean Emily Simons, NitroJeffrey Ernest Simons, NitroDonald Simpson, ClendeninVaughn Thomas Sizemore, South CharlestonSteven Skipwith, CharlestonAnastasia Renee Smith, CharlestonChristina Smith, ElkviewClaude Smith, CharlestonDarrell Edward Smith, CharlestonDebra Ann Smith, CharlestonJeremy Smith, South CharlestonLawerence Edward Smith, CharlestonMark Steven Smith, CharlestonMichael Smith, ElkviewRichard Smith, ElkviewRonald Ray Smith Jr., St. AlbansRonnie Smith, St. AlbansSamantha Lynne Smith, CharlestonSteven Alan Smith, CharlestonTravis Preston Smith, St. AlbansMichelle Lee Songer, SissonvilleStanley Souder Jr., St AlbansJames Elwood Sowards, CharlestonDakota Joe Stafford, BelleCharles Stanley, South CharlestonCharles Floyd Starcher, St. AlbansEvelyn Lou Starcher, CharlestonJames Howard Starcher, CharlestonGerald Stewart, CharlestonFranklin Christopher Stone, CharlestonSteven Stowers, St. AlbansTimothy Stricker II, TadDiane W. Strong-Treister, CharlestonAaron Keith Stuter, Cross LanesMatthew Allen Supinger, LondonLarry Swiney, CharlestonApril Danell Tanner, South CharlestonLarry A. Tanner, South CharlestonMax Taylor, DunbarSteven Taylor, ElkviewJustin Brown Thaxton, CharlestonCrystal Thomas, ChesapeakeDaniel Thomas, South CharlestonJason Thomas, ChesapeakeMichelle Dawn Thompson, MarmetRobert Douglas Thompson, MarmetDennis Lee Tolbert, St. AlbansCharles Tree, St. AlbansDonna Tree, St. AlbansGerald Edward Troyer, St. AlbansLoyd Mack Truman, CharlestonAmanda Tucker, South CharlestonZachariah Lee Turley, CharlestonKenneth Ray Turner, ElkviewJulia Tyson, NitroDavid Keith Vanbibber, CharlestonJames Vance, South CharlestonMatthew Brady Vanmeter, NitroJesse Paul Waggoner, South CharlestonAndrew Walker, South CharlestonGary Thomas Ward, CharlestonJohn Howard Washington, CharlestonJason John Watkins, CharlestonJulie Ann Watkin, CharlestonRobert Lee Welch, CharlestonLisa Ann West, CharlestonJames White, CharlestonTimothy Thomas White, BelleGregory Whited Jr., St. AlbansRickey Lee Whitlock, BelleJohn Williams, BelleRoger Williams, DiamondWilliam Joseph Willis, St. AlbansHelen Frances Wilson, MarmetCharles Wisser, CharlestonGary Withrow, Cross LanesFelicia Dawn Woody, CharlestonTerri Lynn Woody, PinchDorsey Ray Yost, ClendeninBrenda Gay Young, South Charleston
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