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On file: May 2-9, 2013


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between April 26 and May 9:

John Alfred Butterworth III, 28, and Hanna Elizabeth Musser Thurman, 30, both of Hurricane.

Joseph Lee Nelon, 36, and Lacie Lea Hudnall, 29, both of Winfield.

Clifton Fred Dedrickson, 34, and Elizabeth Ashley Bostic, 25, both of Scott Depot.

Colby Allen Blankenship, 20, and Miranda Grace Danyelle Legg, 18, both of Nitro.

Justin Del Hager, 27, and Sabrina Jo Hawley, 25, both of Poca.

Brent Dale Null, 51, of Winfield, and Sarah Jane Meadows, 41, of Glasgow.

Gabriel Paul Eagle, 18, and Brandy Jade Osborne, 24, both of Hurricane.

Douglas Alan Cunningham, 51, and Ginger Lynn Hicks, 51, both of Winfield.

Eric Robert Addessi, 23, and Christine Lee Sikorski, 23, both of Hurricane.

William Shone Starcher, 36, and Jessica Lynn Brown, 29, both of Winfield.

Eugene Vaughn Adkins, 58, and Teresa Gay Adkins, 48, both of Hurricane.

Christopher Wesley Harmon, 21, of Eleanor, and Courtney Aileen Moore, 20, of Winfield.

Matthew Allen McCoy, 26, of Liberty, and Jena Lurae Hatmaker, 25, of South Charleston.

Zachary Gorwin Bonnett, 23, and Chelsea Brooke Parsons, 20, both of Nitro.

Eric Scott Hayzlett, 41, of Eleanor, and April Beth Conner, 26, of Winfield.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between May 2 and 9:

Hubert New Jr. from Connie S. New

Betty Messer Leach from James Shilo Leach

Mark D. Shuert from Tina M. Shuert

Terri Pauline Bryan from Tracy Darrin Bryan

Jay P. Mullins from Lisa L. Mullins

Tammy Rene Shuff from Mark Foster Shuff

Patricia S. Cook from David P. Cook

Prince Moore from Ida Moore

Tammie Michelle Warner from Larry Fred Warner Jr.

Trish L. Taylor from Dewey L. Taylor II

Charlotte A. Shafer from Richard A. Shafer

Olaf R. Funstuck II from Karen L. Hodges

Paul Steven Tate from Stephanie Ann Tate

Jaime Reed from Keith Reed

Raymond Orndorff from Marsha Orndorff

Morgan Ballengee from Dustin Ballengee

Michelle Lee Rowe from Barry Allen Rowe

Kristen Smith from Wesley Smith

Sherry Dawson from Mark Dawson

Shelly A. McClanahan from Patrick McClanahan

Ashley N. Stone from Aaron T. Stone

Bracken Humphreys from Zachary Humphreys

James S. Pauley from Brenda K. Pauley

Jessica Boyer from Patrick Boyer

Todd Anthony Gambill from Rebecca Gail Keel

John Louis Carvill from Dorothy Ann Carvill

Deborah C. Cannada from J. Norman Cannada

Leshia Zion from Mike Zion


The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between April 26 and May 9:

Randall McDaniel from Catherine McDaniel.

Rachel Lovejoy from Louie Lovejoy.

April Annette Hall from William Pierson Hall III.

Christopher Kilgore from Michelle Kilgore.

Cassandra Miller from Dustin Miller.

Michaela Arthur from Brandon Arthur.

Nicole Taylor from Robert Taylor.

Rhonda L. White from William E. White.

Christopher Mitchell from Jennifer Mitchell.

Veronica S. Cummings from Conrad Cummings.

Stacy G. Hill from Jason H. Hill.

Kristen Call from Myran Call.

Jamie McDaniel from Cecil L. McDaniel.

John Edward Waugh from Melinda Jo Waugh.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between May 2 and 10:

Seneca Trustees Inc. to JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association. Lot, Charleston East District, $66,852.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association. Lot, Clendenin District, $54,952.

Stephen M. Barron to Jerri L. Aleshire. Lot, Union District, $132,000.

Michael P. Deemer to Ann M. Stacklin. Lots, Union District, $137,500.

James A. and Laura A. Sweeney to Stephen A. Mason and Betsy A. Ross. Lot, Elk District, $406,000.

Danny D. McFarland to Jeffrey A. Petry Jr. Lot, Union District, $175,000.

Mark R. Ferguson to Justin K. Moore. Lot, Jefferson District, $75,000.

Ronald L. and Sandra J. Feken to Terry Lee and Ashley Brooke Rine. Lot, Washington District, $430,000.

Wilma Iris McClure to Thomas Evans McClure, Mary Julia Lowe and Martha Jean Reeder. Lots, St. Albans District, $62,000.

Paul R. Jr. and Polli C. Lancaster to Aaron Allred and Elizabeth Ashley Summitt, Charleston, $425,000.

Judy J. Harris to Brian E. and Natalie F. Allen. Lot, Union District, $320,000.

Matthew J. and Jenna C. Roop to Melissa Taylor and Gary McCallister. Lot, Jefferson District, $158,500.

Connie Kesner, substitute trustee for The Bank of New York Trust Co. to JP Morgan Chase Bank. Lot, Union District, $97,500.

Stanley R. and Jan Ellyn Johnson to Tracie L. and Christopher S. Dalton. Lot, South Charleston District, $174,900.

Curtis E. Tilley to Eric P. Dagenais. Lot, Jefferson District, $139,000.

Scott Jones, LLC to Brandon K. Ferguson. Lot, Jefferson District, $89,900.

Dolores F. Blackwell to Courtney R. Grove. Lot, Union District, $115,500.

Ramona H. Gunnoe to Rhonda G. Nichols. Lot, Elk District, $60,000.

Richard A. Pill to SunTrust Bank. Lot, Charleston, $136,000.

Stanley C. and Monna J. Skaggs to Kimberly Dawn and Mark L. Wilson. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $54,000.

Klodes R. Jr. and Kami R. Rookstool to Kami R. Richards and Brandon R. Roberts. Lots, South Charleston District, $115,000.

Owen S. II and Barbara A. Higgins to Brandon E. and Bethany T. Daniel. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $122,000.

Amber Rinehart to Brandie G. Parsons. Lot, Union District, $105,500.

James L. Sr. and Elizabeth Anne Davis to John W. Burkholder. Lot, Dunbar, $165,000.

Phyllis Mary Potterfield to Emmett Terry Hamilton. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $150,000.

Patrick T. White and Molley E. Brock to Jack L. and Mary M. DePriest. Lot Charleston, $325,000.

John D. Jr. and Elizabeth A. Thompson to Christopher Casto. Lot, Jefferson District, $135,400.

Lucas Alan Wright to Kari Lea Davis. Lot, Malden District, $68,000.

Rabel Development LLC to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Washington District, $75,000.

Jack L. and Mary M. DePriest to Chester A. and Ruth W. Burdette. Lot, Charleston, $439,900.


The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between April 26 and May 9:

Anne Sherman Hackathorne to Amy E. and Andre Wilkinson. Lot, Curry District, $160,000.

Rosie Hughes to Tim Daly. Acres, Scott District, $50,000.

Shawn A. and Mindy L. Milam to Monty R. Jr. and Rachel L. Skeen. Lots, Poca District, $107,500.

Benjamin and Barbie Newhouse to James Edward and Deborah S. Kahre. Lot, Teays Valley District, $255,000.

Shane E. and Angela M. Stockwell to Steven R. and Tiffany A. Gumm. Lot, Hurricane District, $352,500.

Seneca Trustees Inc. and Deborah S. Beaver to JPMorgan Chase Bank. Acre, Scott District, $84,153.

William H. and Carol G. Acker to Daniel R. and Erin T. Dimarino. Lot, Scott District, $245,950.

Glendon A. and Natasha Keaton to Keith A. and Kristy D. Roberts. Lot, Hurricane District, $289,000.

Dennis W. and Diana E. Wise to Brian L. and Jessica D. Hutchison. Lot, Hurricane District, $321,000.

Teresa Board Allison and Teresa J. Vorhies to Sasha L. Weaver. Parcel, Curry District, $71,500.

Kenneth H. Jr. and Karen L. Stidham to Joan C. and Carl H. Bragg. Acres, Union District, $225,000.

Karen Lou Burdette and Susan Lynn Howard to Jessica Morgan and Andrew Michael Coulson. Parcels, Buffalo District, $144,000.

Raymond G. Dodson and Joseph M. Mason to First Bank of Charleston Inc. Lot, Scott District, $150,000.

Kevin W. and Amy M. Hill to Shaun P. and Traci M. Ryan. Lot, Teays Valley District, $225,000.

Mark L. Friend to Jonathan D. Byrne. Lot, Scott District, $205,000.

James H. Jr. and Karen L. Young to Matthew T. and Briana Rae Givens. Lot, Scott District, $150,000.

Gertrude Spangler Graham to David P. Graham. Parcels, Teays Valley District, $175,000.

Dianna L. Wilkinson to Janmark LLC. Lot, Scott District, $172,000.

Keith A. and Kristy D. Roberts to Brandon T. Conley. Lot, Curry District, $154,000.

Meredith K. Brannon to Justin D. and Elizabeth A. Richmond. Lot, Hurricane District, $101,000.

Kathleen Erwin to Gary L. and Betty J. Collins. Parcels, Scott District, $349,500.

Connie Ann, Debbie Jean and Jack David Whitt to Robert D. and Kathy G. Adkins. Lot, Scott District, $156,000.

John Caserta to Bryan Faber. Lot, Scott District, $111,000.

David K. and Yvonne M. Adkins to Tommy J. III and Lisa H. Black. Lots, Scott District, $199,000.

William Scott Henderson and Nina Christine Garthee to Elizabeth M. and Timothy D. Sovine. Lots, Hurricane District, $185,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. and Jack and Tina Peck to JPMorgan Chase Bank. Acres, Union District, $118,150.

Seneca Trustees Inc. and Paul V. Webel to Wells Fargo Bank. Parcels, Curry District, $131,602.

Peggy S. Shaw and Pamela R. Bartley to Kimberly H. Taylor. Lot, Scott District, $115,000.

Jack R. III and Suzanne P. Vierling to Kelly and Peter Puskas. Lot, Hurricane District, $250,000.

Ingen Construction LLC to John Caseta. Acre, Hurricane District, $221,000.

Marilyn Sue Shank to Christopher K. McClanahan. Parcels, Poca District, $50,000.

Ryan and Traci M. Raynes to Emily B. Withrow. Acre, Eleanor District, $116,000.

James B. Lees Jr. to James K. and Terri D. Tilson. Parcels, Scott District, $219,000.

Jason and Tonya Witkowski to John and Christy Tuck. Lot, Teays Valley District, $262,000.

James C. and Kimberly A. Paxton to Crystal B. Gaylor. Lot, Poca District, $131,000.

Larrie Allen and Clifford Rodney Harper to Clifford Rodney and Clayton Rodney Harper. Lot, Hurricane District, $60,000.

Billy R. and Robin Woodyard to Christopher S. and Andrea D. Deel. Acres, Scott District, $57,500.

Albert V. Jr., Michael E. and James A. Mays and Belva S. Bailey to Valdeacort Farm Limited Parntership. Acres, Teays Valley District, $180,000.

Brian E. and Natalie F. Allen to Christopher L. and Monica G. Tharp. Lot, Scott District, $312,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between May 3 and 10:

David Allen Payne, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $106,005, Liabilities: $252,151.

Garry Lee and Marjorie Ellen Truman, Belle, Chapter 7. Assets: $41,259, Liabilities: $47,630.

Clarence Franklin III of Peoria, Ariz., and Ann Marie Runion, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $168,458, Liabilities: $262,024.

Michael Paul Scyoc, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $4,980, Liabilities: $143,065.

Michael Allen and Geneva Kay Elkins, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: $262,970, Liabilities: $98,495.

Joey Ray and Jessica Ann Cook, Hewett, Chapter 7. Assets: $172,450, Liabilities: $177,971.

David Richard Jr. and Teresa Ann Kimble, Amma, Chapter 7. Assets: $81,637, Liabilities: $79,581.

Samuel David and Marlene Faye Donato, Swiss, Chapter 7. Assets: $94,591, Liabilities: $84,648.

William Christopher and Kimberly Ann Huddle, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $23,800, Liabilities: $123,244.

Annette Elaine Bradshaw, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $191,847, Liabilities: $156,622.

Stanley Ray Tabor Sr., Glen Rogers, Chapter 7. Assets: $36,711, Liabilities: $56,956.

Chad Edward Baker, Rainelle, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: 

Jon Adamson, Chesapeake

Ashley Aiello, Charleston

Michael Aiello, Charleston

Gary Allen, Elkview

Gloria Annie, Charleston

John Annie, Charleston

James Basham, Charleston

James Bennett, St. Albans

William Berry, St. Albans

James Blankenship, Rand

Darrell Boggess, Charleston

Gary Bowe, Charleston

Steven Bowles, Tornado

Matthew Brogan, Montgomery

Margaret Buttrick, Elkview

Allen Cadle, Charleston

Charlotte Calhoun, Pratt

Brenda Campbell, Belle

Darrell Campbell, Belle

Richard Campbell, Dunbar

Billy Carpenter Jr., Charleston

Larry Carpenter, Charleston

Carl Casto, Charleston

Scotty Clark, St. Albans

Gary Cohen, Charleston

George Comer, Charleston

Brian Cook, Clendenin

Michael Cooper, Charleston

Richard Corbin, Cross Lanes

Kenneth Cottrill, St Albans

Charles Counts, St. Albans

John Cox, Charleston

Sherry Cox, Elkview

James Cross, Tornado

Chad Cunningham, Elkview

Kristine Deel, Elkview

Ashley Dolin, South Charleston

Mark Dollison, Dunbar

Samantha Dolson, St. Albans

William Dolson II, St. Albans

Dale Drennen, South Charleston

Randy Easter, Charleston

Roger Echols II, Cross Lanes

Mary Edens, Charleston

Derek Edwards, Charleston

Jessica Edwards, St. Albans

Sean Elliott, South Charleston

Chad Estep, East Bank

Shawna Estep, East Bank

Barbara Farmer, Elkview

Rickey Farmer Jr., Elkview

Rickey Farmer Sr., Elkview

Douglas Feldhaus, Charleston

John Ferrell, Charleston

Virginia Fitzwater, Charleston

Christopher Garnes, South Charleston

Betsy Garrett, Cross Lanes

Gregory Garrett, Cross Lanes

William Garrett, Charleston

Jerry Givens, Belle

Sean Givens, Nitro

Andy Godbey, Belle

Robert Grass, Charleston

Sheri Gray, Belle

Harry Green III, Charleston

Linda Green, Belle

Marty Green Sr., Belle

Megan Green, St. Albans

David Groves, Charleston

Adam Hager, Kenna

Jennifer Hall, Pratt

Emma Hamilton, St. Albans

William Hampton, Charleston

Denise Hanson, Charleston

Tara Harper, Charleston

Everette Harris Jr., South Charleston

Josephine Harris, Charleston

Teddy Harrison, Charleston

Jeffrey Harvey, St. Albans

William Hash, Elkview

Allen Haynes, Charleston

Sherry Haynes, Clendenin

Aaron Henson, St. Albans

Randall Herald, Cedar Grove

Stephanie Herdman, Sissonville

Justin Hinzman, Charleston

Kenneth Holmes, Diamond

William Holmes, Dunbar

Darrell Holstine, Elkview

Darrell Holstine Jr., Elkview

Jimmy Hudson, Winifrede

Van Jenkins, East Bank

Charles Johnson, Charleston

James Johnstone, Charleston

Phillip Jones Jr., Charleston

Shannon Jones, South Charleston

Brittany Jordon, Charleston

Franklin Justice, Charleston

Jennifer Keffer, South Charleston

Lynda King, Cross Lanes

Patricia King, Charleston

Michael Kiser, Chesapeake

Brian Kloosterman, St. Albans

Mary Kuhn, St. Albans

Amos Lane, Charleston

Clarence Lanham, South Charleston

Rebecca Learmonth, Elkview

Branden Ledford, Clendenin

Timothy Legg, Charleston

Mark Lester, Nitro

Jeanette Light, South Charleston

Gregory Lilly, Charleston

Betty Lipscomb, Pinch

Frank Litton, Charleston

Charlotte Lucas, St. Albans

Roger Mallory, South Charleston

Angela McClanahan, Liberty

Charles McClung, Elkview

Karen McClung, Elkview

James McDaniel, Charleston

Richard McGhee, Dunbar

Kenneth McMillan, St. Albans

James McVey, Charleston

Melvin McVey, Cross Lanes

Sheril McVey, Cross Lanes

Jerome Miller, Sissonville

Jerry Miller, Charleston

Sharon Miller, Charleston

William Mitchell, Nitro

Steve Monroe, Elkview

Michael Morris, Elkview

Willa Morris, Elkview

Michael Mullens, Charleston

Fredrick Myers, Charleston

Rebecca Myers, Charleston

Constance Nelson, Elkview

Timothy Nichols, Charleston

Richard Nissel, Elkview

Harry O'Conner Jr., Dunbar

Misty O'Conner, Dunbar

Gary Olcott, Charleston

Matthew Park, Cross Lanes

Owen Parks, Clendenin

Dallas Pauline, Elkview

Bradley Persinger, Charleston

David Petry, Cabin Creek

Tony Pierson, Clendenin

Denise Preston, Charleston

Jeffrey Pridemore, Marmet

David Rabel, St. Albans

Mark Radow, Charleston

Joshua Ramsey, Blount

Paula Randolph, Quick

Brian Ray, Charleston

Harold Ray, Charleston

Sandra Ray, Charleston

Carol Rickert, St. Albans

John Rickert Jr., St. Albans

Christopher Robinson, Nitro

William Roe, Dunbar

Daniel Romaca, Charleston

Matthew Rucker, Pond Gap

Dana Sampson, Elkview

Sarah Sands, Chelyan

Catherine Savilla, Nitro

Jared Sayre, South Charleston

Daniel Schuda, Charleston

Judith Schuda, Charleston

Robert Schulenberg III, Dunbar

Samuel Scott, Charleston

Travis Scragg, Charleston

Julia Seacrist, Chesapeake

Darrell Settle, Charleston

Emma Settle, Charleston

Lisa Shiltz, Cross Lanes

Paul Shiltz, Cross Lanes

Alan Shives, Charleston

Rena Short, Elkview

Samuel Siegel, St. Albans

Steven Sisson, Sissonville

Wilhelmina Simon, Elkview

Omar Smaidi, South Charleston

Debbie Smith, Charleston

Kelly Smith, South Charleston

Kenny Smith, South Charleston

Missy Smith, Charleston

Ricky Smith, Blount

Danny Snuffer, Charleston

Priscilla Snuffer, Charleston

Keith Southall, Charleston

Michael Starcher, South Charleston

Tracy Staton, Charleston

Roger Stewart, Charleston

Cecil Strickland Jr., Elkview

Clifford Stone, Diamond

Teresa Stowers, St. Albans

Benedict Studer, Elkview

John Stutler, South Charleston

James Tackett, Belle

Daniel Taylor, Charleston

Linda Taylor, Charleston

Ronald Teter, Charleston

Jared Thomas, Charleston

Paul Totten, Charleston

Helen Turner, Pratt

Jon Tyson, Charleston

Marilynn Vamos, Elkview

David Vanbibber, Charleston

Tina Vanbibber, Charleston

John Veazey, Pratt

Angelika Voelk, Elkview

Ryan Walker, St. Albans

Ruth Weber, St. Albans

Jeffrey White, Charleston

Rebecca White, London

John Whitehair, Elkview

Kenneth Whitfield, St. Albans

Amy Whittington, St. Albans

James Whittington, Nitro

Kim Whittington, St. Albans

Aaron Wilford, Nitro

Kenneth Williams Jr., St. Albans

Garnet Wilson, Elkview

Mikeal Withrow, Charleston

Robert Withrow, Sissonville

Judith Young, Pinch

Ronald Young, Pinch

Robert Ziegler, Hernshaw


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