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Twenty Wayne High students barred from grad ceremony

WAYNE, W.Va. -- About 20 Wayne High School students are barred from the school's graduation ceremony because of a senior prank that damaged the building.Media outlets report that the Wayne County Board of Education suspended the students from school property at a special meeting Monday night. The graduation ceremony will be held at the school Wednesday evening.Board member Vickey Boyd said the students will receive their diplomas."I hope the kids who want to do pranks set out to have fun but they know not to destroy school property,'' Boyd told The Herald-Dispatch. "I was like a lot of people with the question, 'There's always a prank. Why did they decide to call the cops this year?' I think we all learned that the damage was severe, and a lot of lessons have been learned.''West Virginia State Police say the students broke windows to get inside the building, then smeared deer carcasses and poured deer urine in several rooms.No charges will be filed against students who agree to a pre-trial diversion, which could include community service. State police Sgt. R.D. Perry said students who do not agree to a pre-trial diversion will face felony charges of breaking and entering and destruction of property, along with misdemeanor disruption of a school function.Boyd said two groups of students entered the school either late May 16 or early May 17. One group smeared the deer carcasses and poured the deer ruin. The other group placed 1,800 cups of water throughout the hallways."We learned that all of the students were caught on camera and are easily identifiable,'' she said. "However, there is a lot of damage to the school, and the problem is that we can't determine which group did what.''
Wayne senior Amy Napier was with the group that lined the hallways with cups of water. She said her group should not receive the same punishment as the other group.Napier said her group did not know the other group would be at the school, or how severe their prank would be."We were immature in thinking by staying there, and letting them do their prank, that their actions would not affect us,'' Napier told WSAZ-TV. "However, they have. We can't walk across the stage at graduation because of the deer incident, even though we weren't involved in that part of the prank.''    
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