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On file: July 5-12, 2013


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between July 5 and 12:

James Edward Sowards, 53, of Charleston and Yolanda Scranage Kirchartz 50, of South Charleston.

Timothy Jordan Shaffer, 22, and Marissa Elaine Duncan, 22, both of Charleston.

Joel Benton Doak, 37, of South Charleston and Ashley Rene Shamblin, 32, of Nitro.

Ronald Sidney Pring, 74, of Charleston and Carla Yvonne Shamblin, 58, of South Charleston.

Adam Lawrence Ashcraft, 35, and Crystal Dawn Taylor, 36, both of Charleston.

Ronald Lee Withrow II, 46, and Marlena Rose Mullins, 44, both of Cross Lanes.

Charles Aaron Scott, 36, and Caitlyn Elizabeth Hood, 27, both of Charleston.

Steven Paul Taylor, 61, and Sherry Lynn Persinger, 53, both of Elkview.

Christopher Michael Jones, 27, and Megan Marie Hartman, 26, both of Charleston.

Jeremy Wilkerson Craig, 24, of St. Albans, and Katie Michelle McCloud, 23, of Harts.

Don David McNealy, 35, and Jessica Belle Sloan, 28, both of St. Albans.

John Hensley Tomblin Jr., 41, and Mary Elizabeth Lambert, 38, both of Charleston.

Cody Carnell Boyd, 21, of Hempstead, N.Y., and Emily Laura Chambers, 20, of Dunbar.

Casey Brian Bustle, 22, and Jenna Dawn Inman, 18, both of St. Albans.

Gerald Fenton Lee, 38, of St. Albans, and Kathleen Michelle Booker, 47, of Charleston.

Walter Thomas Marion II, 25, of Charleston and Ashley Elizabeth Bailey, 25, of South Charleston.

Ralph Lewis Ballard IV, 30, and Sarah Marie Peard<co >, 30, both of South Charleston.

Jonathan David Sheets, 48, and Anita Dawn Layton, 49, both of Cedar Grove.

Kristopher Michael Lee Imler, 32, and Jennifer Lee Ayers, 32, both of Charleston.

Christopher Dale White, 31, and Krystal Lynn Paxton, 31, both of Elkview.

William Curtis Vance, 24, and Catherine Dawn Martin, 26, both of Charleston.

Harrison Lee Taylor, 78, of Charleston and Dolores Faye Guthrie, 77, of Dunbar.

Brian Ashley Limer, 47, of Cross Lanes and Cindy Lou Ennis, 45, of Charleston.

Timothy Alan Powell, 39, and Shellie Dawn Givens, 38, both of Charleston.

Timothy Roger Kerns, 37, and Stephanie Marie Olive, 21, both of Elkview.

Patrick Shawn Hunter, 36, and Sherry Dawn Pauley, 26, both of Pratt.

David William Allen Markham, 24, and Shanna Rae Bailey, 22, both of Cross Lanes.

Joseph Gordon Stanley, 44, and Hanh Thi Nguyen, 31, both of Charleston.

Christopher Robert Connolly, 40, and Amanda Michelle Doss, 37, both of South Charleston.

Roy Wayne Harper Jr., 31, of Charleston and Britini Michelle Mullins, 25, of Dunbar.

Ryne David Eich, 23, and Mandi Marie Sayre, 24, both of Cross Lanes.

Brandon Michael Harper, 22, and Erin Olson-Sayre Mundy, 21, both of Charleston.

Brent Joseph Lucas, 29, and Chasidy Dawn Hill, 28, both of Marmet.

Derek Justin Wickline, 33, and Melinda Dawn Cash, 35, both of Cross Lanes.

David Michael Gladkosky, 52, and Carolyn Sue Littlejohn, 56, both of South Charleston.

Shad Allen West, 41, and Amber Rae Tincher, 32, both of Charleston.

Christopher Steven Powell, 31, and Chloe Rachael Kelly, 25, both of Dunbar.

Timothy Scott Skeens, 23, and Chelsea Jo Hanshaw, 20, both of Charleston.

Aaron James Wright, 26, of Owensville, Ind., and Jennifer Caitlin Means, 21, of Charleston.

Mark David Broyles, 29, of South Charleston and Jennifer Elizabeth Mahan, 26, of Kenna.

Brandon Lee Scott, 27, and Brittni Raeann Helmick, 23, both of Nitro.

Douglas Omar Elliott, 44, and Dena Sue White, 44, both of Elkview.


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between June 22 and July 11:

Micah Wayne Casto, 39, of Leon, and Kristin Lea Errett, 42, of Buffalo.

Randy Alan Gunnoe, 56, of Poca, and Margaret Ann Lozano, 52, of Scott Depot.

Scott Michael Johnson, 31, and Leigh Ann Nida, 29, both of Culloden.

Danford Lee Smith, 45, of Poca, and Catherine Elizabeth Green, 40, of Clarksburg.

Corey David Payne, 21, of Hurricane, and Rachel Jane Gibson, 19, of Scott Depot.

James Michael Cross, 23, and Breanna Cristine Hall, 20, both of Hurricane.

Robert Allen Williamson, 38, of Hurricane, and Alexandra Jamie Mitchell, 25, of Nitro.

Anthony Phillip Hughes, 40, and Elizabeth Pauline Leach, 24, both of Hurricane.

Robert Steven Slate, 27, and Haley Denise McHenry, 20, both of Hurricane.

Martin Lee Ellison, 34, and Ashley Diane Bowling, 28, both of Scott Depot.

Stephen Layne Carpenter, 59, and Marjorie Alverez Sobrio, 23, both of Nitro.

Dale Oxley, 46, of Hurricane, and Lesley Smith, 46, of South Charleston.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between June 5 and 11:

Abigail R. Russell from Harold N. Russell

Tomi Denise Walters from Dewayne E. Walters

Jon C. Halstead from Christina Leigh Halstead

Vada Spencer from Robert Spencer

Stephanie Gale from Dominic H. Jones

Beverly Ann Huffman from William Ward Huffman II

John D. Williams from Michelle Williams

Paul C. Smith from Jane L. Beman

Michael L. Burnette Jr. from Jessica Diane Burnette

Stephany Roberts from Gabriel Roberts

Lynda R. Bishop from George S. Bishop

Deborah Crookshanks from Jason Crookshanks

Marcia Anne Elmore from Jack Wilbert Elmore Jr.


The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between June 22 and July 11:

Vermond Scott Harris from Lisa L. Harris

Rudi Kidder from Cory Kidder

Larry Haynes from Crystal Haynes

Paige Alana Chapman from Jonathan Chapman

Kenny Cassady from Bridgette Martin

Beth Ann Masi from Anthony Masi

Summer J. White from Ryan D. White

Frederick S. England from Stephanie England

Vicky Mulaney from Brian Mulaney

Paula Jean Pelto from John Ellsworth Pelto Jr.

Chad A. Burks from Ginger Burks

Misty Clay from Dana Jeffries

Penelope J. Devore from Rex L. Devore

Anna Harshbarger from Danny Lee Harshbarger

Jamie Shuff from Charles Shuff

Zane Elliott from Amanda Elliott

Machelle Fronda from Edward E. Tolbert

Joyce Dean from Robert Dean

Steven Johnson from Karen Johnson

Tonya Beaver from Shawn Beaver

William M. Wrightsel from Sarah J. Wrightsel

Kimberly Starcher from John Starcher

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between July 5 and 12:

Roseanna Jones Bell, Nanetta Jones and Phyllis J. Ballard to Franklin D. Roush. Lot, Malden District, $60,000.

Katrina A. and Dallad M. Sanders to Jason L. Pringle. Lot, Elk District, $54,810.47.

David R. Karr Jr. to Paul W. Oshel. Lots, Charleston, $70,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association. Lot, Elk District, $62,400.

Richard A. Pill and David D. Pill to Colonial Savings, F.A., Lot, Charleston, $114,509.94.

Sancar Eke and Pelin Eke to Ziad A. Hamad. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $390,000.

Georgia Anne DeBlois and Catherine M. Reitz Tokarz to TMM Properties LLC. Lot, Union District, $60,000.

George E. Caylor to Joseph H. Spano Jr. Lot, Charleston East District, $165,000.

Philip A. Reale to Michael C. Litman and Mary Rennie Rowe. Lot, Charleston West Tax District, $228,500.

Troy M. McCormack to Timothy G. and Karen L. Finney. Lot, Nitro, $86,000.

Vandalia Terrace Housing Corporation to Vandalia Apartments LLC. Lots, Loudon District, $1,178,670.42.

Joyce Ellen Coon Hoffman to Raymond M. Keller Jr. Lot, Jefferson District, $140,000.

Rabel Development LLC to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Washington District, $100,000.

Rabel Development LLC to AB Contracting Inc. Lot, Washington District, $80,000.

Mountain State Realty Services LLC to Mervin C. Smith, Charles D. Williams, Ollie R. Parson et al., trustees for West Virginia South District Church of the Nazarene. Lot, Charleston, $157,500.

R.H. Kyle Furniture Company to Newport III LLC. Lots, Charleston East District, $625,000.

Bernard R. and Judith Webb to William S. Sr. and Barbara J. Beane, Condominium, Kanawha City Taxing District, $108,000.

Nancy A. Hodges to Michael D. and Patricia A. Westfall. Lot, Loudon District, $63,000.

Robyn L. and James W. Hyde to W. Ryan Anderson. Lot, Elk District, $120,000.

David Byrd to David Joseph Epp. Lot, Kanawha County, Stadium View Addition, $110,000.

John Duncan McLaren to Patrick W. and Lisa Hughes. Lot, Jefferson District, $150,000.

Ryan P. and Kelly R. McFarland to Samuel N. Lovejoy. Lot, Jefferson District, $85,000.

Richard A. Pill and Kristin A. Shaffer to David M. Blackwell. Lot, Union District, $59,501.

Skaff Family Limited Partnership to Harold D. Jr. and Kathi R. Richards. Lot, Jefferson District, $89,000.

Roger D. Forman and Arla Ralston to Laroy K. and Karen L. Porter. Lot, Kanawha City Tax District, $225,000.

Pamela Jo Key to Bobby Dewayne and Brenda Kay Fowler. Lots, Charleston, $155,000.

William C. and Billie J. Murray to Jon M. and Leslie N. Carpenter Lot, Charleston North District, $203,000.

Charles and Stacy McCrady to Rex M. and Diana J. Thaxton. Lot, St. Albans District, $160,000.

Wendy E. Greve to Benjamin E. and Suzanne J. Redmond. Lot, Charleston, $243,000.

Eliot H. Maier to Matthew W. and Mary Caldwell. Lot, Washington District, $231,000.

Teddy G. and Judith D. Cavender to Ronald L. Summers, Lori A. Fuller and Rhonda L. Justice. Lots, Elk District, $200,000.

John C. Edwards to Timothy Godby. Lot, Union District, $65,000.

Melanie J. Giacomo to Samuel J. and Virginia P. Nelson. Lot, Charleston South Annex, $280,000.

Edward A. Randolph to Lori A. Williams. Lot, Charleston, $54,900.

Toni E. Madia to Ashley K. Wilburn. Lot, Jefferson District, $218,000.

Yusuf Hameed and Noma Yusuf Khan to Loren W. and Hollis L. Claypool. Lot, Charleston, $540,000.

Danny R. Osborne to Helen Knighton. Lot, Jefferson District, $137,000.

Danya R. Murphy to John R. and Mary L. DeMuth. Lot, Union District, $130,000.

Ruby C. Harris to Chance Daniel Sheets. Lot, Union District, $145,000.

Timothy Stuart Pelzel and Kim Shaffer to Gerry D. and Melanie E. White. Lots, Charleston, $348,000.

Christina M. Spickler to Jess R. Morton. Lot, Nitro District, $62,500.

AB Contracting Inc. to Gregory Alan and Cindy Jo Thomas. Lot, Washington District, $465,281.

Kara B. McCallum and Raymond Scott Dodson to Kathryn L. and Adam D. Flack. Lot, Charleston, $165,000.

Lillian Bivens to Paul R. and Paula M. Jameson. Lot, Malden District, $107,000.

Jodey C. Keiffer to Charles E. Jr. and Jennifer D. Puckett. Lot, Elk District, $86,000.

Connie D. Truman to Stacy Kay McKean. Lot, Charleston, $116,000.

Lisa Anne Harper to James L. Bashlor. Lot, Clendenin, $54,900.

David W. and Cheryl A. Means to Jewell Means and James D. Cook. Lot, Charleston West Tax District, $50,000.

Jewell Means and James D. Cook to David W. and Cheryl A. Means. Lot, Charleston West Tax District, $75,000.

Joseph F. Dunn to Helen V. Damron. Lot, Spring Hill District, $210,000.

Robert Jason Garnes and Michael Allen McConihay to EH Pooled Investments, LP. Lots, Union District, $56,000.

Stricklen Realty Inc. to Daniel W. and Jodi Lea Hughes. Lot, South Charleston District, $326,550.

Steven R. Holmquist to Jared S. Haynes. Lot, Charleston, $126,500.

Kenneth H. and Maria A. Yoakum to Fog, Inc. Lot, Spring Hill District, $78,000.

Trina L. Buckalew to Sandra L. Roberts. Lot, Jefferson District, $78,000.

Jewel F. Walker to Matthew K. Kaopio Sr., Annette L. Kaopio and Bernicia P.K. Cooper. Lots, Big Sandy District, $65,000.

Swarthmore Capital LLC to Matthew Scott Queen. Lot, Union District, $99,900.


The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between June 22 and July 11:

Donna Simon to Raymond and Georgeann Underwood. Lot, Scott District, $295,000.

Raymond and Georgeann Underwood to Robert and Linda Legg. Lot, Scott District, $355,000.

William and Loren Adkins to David and Micah Duffer. Lot, Hurricane District, $230,000.

Love Lee Construction, Inc. to Jason and Marilyn Blackburn. Lot, Teays Valley District, $241,000.

Gerry and Melanie White to Roger and Christi Miller. Lot, Hurricane District, $225,000.

Irwin Casto and Deborah Mack to Putnam County Bank. Acres, Buffalo District, $96,000.

Edward and Linda Fisher and Beverly Thornton to Michael and Charlotte Simpson. Lot, Scott District, $180,000.

Paul and Carolyn Hall to James Lee. Lot, Scott District, $218,000.

Bert Nease to Dennis and Jacqueline McCord. Lot, Curry District, $102,000.

M&B Development Company to James and Ramona Price. Lot, Scott District, $182,500.

Steven and Molly Zinn to Robert Cope. Lot, Scott District, $245,000.

Ernest and Rebecca Hill to William and Melinda McClure. Lot, Teays Valley District, $239,000.

Michael and Charlotte Simpson to Mary Francisco. Lot, Winfield District, $150,750.

Opal Adams to Roger and Nancy Taylor. Lot, Scott District, $290,000.

George, Brenda and Pamela Cook, Brenda Burford and Pamela Marks Shulman to Gregory and Jessica Medley. Lots, Scott District, $216,000.

James Pennington to Larry and Kathy Hudson. Lots, Scott District, $113,500.

Nichelle Rafferty to Corey Blackburn. Lot, Curry District, $129,900.

Joseph Kincaid to Sarah Chelton. Lot, Scott District, $148,900.

James and Joy Weekley to Robert Ferguson and Tammy Skiles. Parcel, Buffalo District, $287,000.

Patricia Russell to Todd and Melanie Landin. Acre, Teays Valley District, $162,500.

Design Development, Inc. to James and Joy Weekley. Lot, Scott District, $227,000.

Anthony Bishop to James and Franki Clendenin. Lot, Winfield District, $174,900.

Larry and Vickie Bayes to Ryan and Jessica Hutson. Lot, Hurricane District, $281,000.

Darrell and Mary Landers to James and Carol Harris. Acres, Buffalo District, $175,000.

Wayne, David and Darrell Tolley, Rosalee Ashley and Nancy Holliday to Jeffrey and Veronica Diehl. Parcels, Scott District, $120,000.

Sandra Phillips to Talicia Riffle. Lot, Hurricane District, $285,000.

Cameron and Kelly Lester to Marvel Hammicks. Acres, Teays Valley District, $70,000.

Marvel Hammicks to Jeramy and Valerie Kidd. Acres, Teays Valley District, $89,900.

Kevin and Pamela Furr to Doohee Lee. Lot, Scott District, $291,000.

David and Kimberly Moore to Charles and Mary Brown. Lot, Teays Valley District, $359,000.

USRP Funding to CNL APF Partners LP. Parcel, Scott District, $599,000.

Amanda Henderson to Steven and Diane Gibson. Acre, Scott District, $88,620.

Mountain State Properties, Inc. to Patton Development WV LLC. Acres, Nitro District, $425,000.

Scott and Joyce Cloherty to Nathan Hunt. Lot, Scott District, $245,000.

Christopher and Patricia Dalyai to David and Deborah Carpenter. Acres, Teays Valley District, $279,900.

Jeremy and Lori Sutton to Pikeville Properties LLC. Lot, Teays Valley District, $272,900.

Rudy O'Dell to Chapman Land Development LLC. Acre, Teays Valley District, $125,000.

Traci Conley to Walter Conley. Lot, Hurricane District, $145,000.

Gibson Builders, Inc. to Stephen and Melody Cook. Lot, Eleanor District, $55,000.

City National Bank of West Virginia to Ahoy Land LLC. Lots, Winfield District, $89,900.

Roger and Ruby Gibson to Zachary and Mary Beth Adkins. Lot, Scott District, $68,500.

Roger and Ruby Gibson to Andrew and Susan Young. Lot, Scott District, $75,000.

Ernest and Patricia Russell to Bobby and Lillian George. Lot, Teays Valley District, $170,000.

John and Barbara McCormick to James and Amy Miller. Lot, Scott District, $219,000.

Andrea Reedy to Matthew and Ann Whelan. Lot, Winfield District, $147,400.

Courtney Price to Robert Tant. Lot, Teays Valley District, $256,000.

Harry and Jerie Danford to David and Summer Bailey. Lot, Teays Valley District, $250,000.

John and Margurite Smith to John and Calina Whittington. Parcels, Union District, $170,000.

Cora Massey to J and G Properties. Lot, Scott District, $158,250.

Paul and Christine Aubry to Sheryl Brown. Lot, Hurricane District, $172,000.

Exclusive Home Designs Ltd. to Bobby and Anna Boggess. Lot, Teays Valley District, $75,000.

Jack and Felicia Shaffer to Richard and Lisa Otten. Lot, Scott District, $415,000.

Robert Simokat to Jacquelyn and Ashley Cline. Lot, Teays Valley District, $152,000.

Jason Hanshaw to Greta Duffield. Lot, Scott District, $152,000.

Randy and Gidget Browning to James and Stephanie Hoover. Lots, Union District, $93,000.

John and Janet Harrison to Nadine Parsons. Lot, Eleanor District, $100,000.

Stephen Sovine to Thomas and Drema Chittum. Lots, Curry District, $115,000.

Billie Jo Streyle to Kelly Kinder. Lot, Teays Valley, $167,500.

Martin and Stephanie Wright to William and Louann Godbey. Lot, Hurricane District, $257,000.

Jonathan Byrne to Patricia Frazier. Lot, Scott District, $136,400.

Albert and Julie Alice Cunningham and Roderick Casto to Betty Cunningham. Lot, Scott District, $120,000.

Holly Thompson to Timothy Jones. Lots, Winfield District, $195,000.

River Valley Farms LLC to David and Danielle Dunkley. Acres, Poca District, $263,200.

James and Patricia Frazier to Jonathan and Jenna Estes. Lot, Teays Valley, $336,000.

Timothy and Brooke Leedy to Jeffrey Roy. Lot, Teays Valley District, $250,000.

CMH Homes, Inc. to Erich and Heather Pyles. Lot, Winfield, $188,900.

Len and Katherine Karl to Gary and Jill Newman. Lot, Scott District, $415,000.

Dan Duncan to William and Denise Combs. Lot, Teays Valley District, $105,000.

Jason Byrn to Ralph and Kathy Blevins. Lot, Curry District, $160,000.

Mickey and Cary Alexander to Matthew Kaiser. Lot, Scott District, $205,000.

Richard Lemons to Steven and Deborah Lemmerman. Lot, Hurricane District, $86,000.

Steven and Deborah Lemmerman to Layne and Brenda Webb. Lot, Scott District, $475,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of nonexempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. The following bankruptcies were filed between July 5 and 12:

Sherry Lynn Holdren, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $30,911, Liabilities: $34,459.

Teddy Runion, Procious, Chapter 7. Assets: $16,455, Liabilities: $20,435.

Mark Delane and Debra Kay Rhodes, Spencer, Chapter 7. Assets: $97,434, Liabilities: $93,457.

Howard William and Wanda Gail Adkins, Verdunville, Chapter 7. Assets: $76,166, Liabilities: $95,720. 

Ricky Brian and Mary Alice Williams, Mount Hope, Chapter 7. Assets: $58,633, Liabilities: $101,614.

Gary John Browning, Holden, Chapter 7. Assets: $8,870, Liabilities: $8,231.

Bruce Alan Rhodes, Oak Hill, Chapter 7. Assets: $35,763, Liabilities: $52,229.

David Duane II and Megan Nicole Mooney, Winifrede, Chapter 7. Assets: $69,980, Liabilities: $119,263.

Rebecca Sue and Anthony Wayne Veltri, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $225,091, Liabilities: $203,572.

Anna Louise Adams, Bradley, Chapter 7. Assets: $134,476, Liabilities: $131,544.

James Daniel Jr. and Rose Ann Calliope, Cool Ridge, Chapter 7. Assets: $139,510, Liabilities: $171,985.

Stephen Michael and Ashley Nicole Hicks, Crawley, Chapter 7. Assets: $151,620, Liabilities: $158,772.

Lorean Sue Jarrell, Danville, Chapter 13. Assets: $87,300, Liabilities: $107,838.

Clayton Andrew Thompson, Elkview, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: 

Roy Abbott, Clendenin

Jordan Atha, Glasgow

Justa Atha, Glasgow

Nicholas Baker, Charleston

Robert Barker, Marmet

Thomas Blankenship, Charleston

Steven Brogan, Charleston

Danny Brown, Clendenin

Melissa Brown, Cross Lanes

Charlotte Burdette, Elkview

Casey Bustle, St. Albans

Timothy Butler, Charleston

Regina Carper, Elkview

John Chapman, St Albans

Cody Clay, Charleston

Harold Cook Jr., Nitro

Pamela Cook, Nitro

Emily Coulter, Nitro

Sharon Davidson, Charleston

Clyde Davis, East Bank

Shelby Davis, Charleston

James Dean, St. Albans

John Derito, Charleston

Richard Dodrill, St. Albans

John Doub, Tornado

Ernest Downey Jr., St Albans

Lindsey Downey, St. Albans

Lois Downey, St. Albans

Pamela Downey, St. Albans

Matthew Duncan, Charleston

Bruce Eckerson, Charleston

Terry Elmore, Clendenin

Michael Elswick, Charleston

Carolyn Faucett, Charleston

Jimmy Fernatt, Charleston

Linda Ferrari, Nitro

Nelda Ferrell, Charleston

Chester Fields, Clendenin

Linda Fields, Nitro

Robert Fields, Nitro

Charlotte Finney, Charleston

Richard Finney, Charleston

Deron French, Cross Lanes

Phillip Fox, St. Albans

Betsy Frame, Belle

Zachary Garner, South Charleston

Steven Garnett, Charleston

Crystal Gaylor, Cross Lanes

Alvin Ginier, St. Albans

Shannen Ginier, St. Albans

Shawn Grueser, Alum Creek

Eric Hackney, Sissonville

Wanda Hamblin, Charleston

David Hancock, Cross Lanes

James Harless, Elkview

Edward Harper, St. Albans

Bob Hayton, Cross Lanes

Randall Herald, Cedar Grove

Cynthia Hess, South Charleston

Jessi Hess, South Charleston

Edward Howard, Charleston

Adam Hudson, Cross Lanes

Cheryl Hudson, South Charleston

Vernon Hughart, Charleston

Sherry Jaynes, St Albans

Paul Johnson, Mammoth

Diane Johnson, Mammoth

Robert Kimball, Charleston

Elton King Jr., Elkview

Richard Kirk, Glasgow

Delmar Lacy, St. Albans

Aaron Larch, Charleston

James Lesher, St. Albans

Johnny Lipscomb, Charleston

Roger Matthews, Charleston

Sharon McCloe, Charleston

William McCloe Jr., Charleston

Joseph McCoy, Charleston

Rosa McFarland, St. Albans

Ashley Meek, Cross Lanes

Lawrence Meeks Jr., St. Albans

John Milam, Dunbar

Charles Miller, St. Albans

Sandra Moore, Elkview

Richard Oberst, South Charleston

Philip Pack, Elkview

Gary Patrick, Charleston

Lynn Patrick, Charleston

Carl Payne, St. Albans

Travis Paxton, Charleston

Buckey Perry, Charleston

Donald Petry, Chelyan

Walter Pukall, Charleston

Joseph Ramirez, South Charleston

William Ranson, St. Albans

Gerald Rhodes Sr., Charleston

Linda Rhodes, Charleston

Judy Roberts, Charleston

Michael Rowe, St. Albans

Timothy Sayre, St. Albans

Timothy Scott, Charleston

Carl Serls, Charleston

Daniel Shaffer, Charleston

Kevin Simmons, Elkview

Carolyn Smith, Sissonville

James Smith Jr., Charleston

Mark Smith, Charleston

Robert Smith, Tornado

Robert Smith, St. Albans

Robert Smith, Belle

Toney Spencer, Charleston

Daniel Stewart, Elkview

Kathy Strickmaker, Dry Branch

Dale Summers, Charleston

Philip Talbert, Elkview

Howard Thomas, Dunbar

Michael Toney, St. Albans

James Trader, Elkview

Ernest Tucker, Charleston

Judy Ulbrich, St. Albans

Nathanael Underwood, Charleston

Paula Vermillion, Charleston

Donald Walters, St. Albans

Shannon Wiersma, St. Albans

Jerome Willis Jr., Institute

Roger Wines, Sissonville

David Womack, St. Albans

James Womack, Dunbar

Gary Workman, Sissonville

Glenn Young Jr., Elkview


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