On File, Kanawha and Putnam counties: July 28, 2013

By Staff reports
MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between July 19 and 26:Jonathan Tyler Lake, 20, and Courtney Mae Shelton, 19, both of St. Albans.Aaron Everett Bailey, 23, of Cross Lanes, and Malayna Yvonne Loften, 21, of Charleston.Bradie Ancil Shaffer III, 22, and Casey Jean Griffith, 18, both of St. Albans.Scott Jacovidis, 36, and Jessica Nicole Gore, 28, both of Charleston.Gary Lee Barnes, 42, and Beverly Ann McCallister, 44, both of Cross Lanes.John Vincent Burdette, 26, and Ann Marie Emmons, 26, both of Charleston.Stephen Wayne Humphries Jr., 21, of Nitro, and Jessica Dawn Hartwell, 24, of South Charleston.Shaun Aaron Kessler, 23, and Ashleigh Lynn Davis, 24, both of St. Albans.Jason Phillip Alford, 26, and Ariel Michele Thaxton, 21, both of Cross Lanes.Shane Leon Cottle, 37, and Ashlee Joy Carter, 32, both of St. Albans.Ryan Andrew Seacrist, 25, and Sarah Jane Wandling, 25, both of South Charleston.Kevin Daniel Robinson, 28, and Tessa Dawnn Fish, 22, both of Cross Lanes.Michael Lee Bryant, 61, and Eleanor Bernadette Cruz, 56, both of Gallagher.
William Ernest Hodge III, 36, and Christi Dawn Bowe, 40, both of Shrewsbury.Jason Alan Proctor, 25, and Courtney Lee Clark, 25, both of Charleston.Calvin Lee Starcher, 54, and Cheryl Ann Stowers, 57, both of St. Albans.Craig Allen Pitts, 31, and Kelly Dawn Honaker, 30, both of Dunbar.Justin Travis Dawson, 34, of Charleston, and Sarah Catherine Bowles, 27, of Sissonville.Justin Shelby Board, 23, and Samantha Lee Pritt, 20, both of Cross Lanes.
Zachary Shane Lanham, 25, of Poca, and MacKenzie Ann Shrewsbury, 25, of Nitro.Jeffrey Scott Beakes, 28, and Brittany Elizabeth Gibson, 25, both of Cross Lanes.Robert William Coit III, 39, and Kisha Renae Wesley, 24, both of Charleston.Paden Charles Gillispie, 21, of Charleston, and Rachael Sue Fitzwater, 21, of South Charleston.Robert Dewayne Burton, 62, and Natausha Rena Brooks, 39, both of Charleston.Matthew Alexander Childress, 25, and Melissa Marie Curia, 26, both of Cross Lanes.Mark David Burdette, 41, and Deborah Jean Lewis, 36, both of South Charleston.Steven Anthony Bircheat, 30, and Ashley Nicole Cummings, 22, both of Charleston.Andrew Morgan Smith, 31, and Ashley Marie Martin, 25, both of Charleston.Gavin Hunter Patton, 21, of South Charleston, and Hannah Katherine Casto, 21, of Scott Depot.Medard Louis Lefevre III, 22, and Hannah Elise Young, 20, both of Charleston.The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between July 12 and 25:Gordon Lee Mowen, 25, of Fort Knox, Ky., and Kelly Erica Calder, 26, of Scott Depot.Philip Eugene Jarrell, 55, and Lisa Renee Ard, 45, both of Winfield.Robert Patrick McPhail, 35, and Katy Rebecca Hatfield, 36, both of Hurricane.Timothy David Yates, 23, of Poca, and Teresa Lynn Edgar, 23, of Ivydale.Travis Scott Bailey, 38, and Anna Michelle Young, 34, both of Hurricane.Brian Douglas Watson, 48, and Nancy Maryanna Jagodzinski, 48, both of Hurricane.Claude Albert Ruby, II, 26, and Amanda Sue McCallister, 25, both of Scott Depot.Adam Lee Spangler, 27, of Poca, and Courtney Nicole Lovejoy, 17, of Hurricane.Michael David Thornsbury II, 32, and Tracy June Null, 51, both of Winfield.Jason Edward Tesler, 31, and Brandi Rose Guy, 25, both of Scott Depot.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between July 18 and 25:Jonathan C. Board from Jessica N. BoardKit D. Roberts from Rachal M. RobertsChristopher H. Hayes from Melinda Sue HayesDebra Jean Markham from Harry Preston MarkhamChristina Lynn Zuniga from Rolando ZunigaVerna May Gibson from Ronald Edward GibsonJustin R. Tyree from Crystal D. TyreeJerry Harmon Hackney from Amber Dawn HackneyJoan Warbutton from David L. WarbuttonBethany Milam from Joshua MilamBrittany Hickman Hall from Justin Hayward HallAdam Sampson from Brandy SampsonBillie J. Armes from Timothy L. ArmesElizabeth Mobley from Michael MobleyTheodore R. Ransbottom III from Cheryl RansbottomThe following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between July 12 and 25:Phyllis Gayle Hill from Delmer HillJohn E. Bennett from Susan G. BennettKrista Dawn Williams from Brian Scott WilliamsLisa Jean Sydnor from Patrick Timothy Sydnor Betty Messer Leach from James Shilo LeachDuane Ruggier II from Crystal RuggierCharles Craft from Kerrie CraftEric Eugene Kyle from Tonya Rose KyleProperty transfersThe following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between July 19 and 26:Suzanne Jett Trowbidge and Robert W. Full to Stephen M. Reynolds II. Lot, Charleston West District, $75,000.Patricia A. Bannerman to Gregory A. and Kimberly C. Burton. Lot, Spring Hill District, $111,750.Johnny J. Jackson to Ronald Glenn Jr. and Erika Lewis Forsythe. Lot, Charleston, $455,000.Robert B. and Brenda D. Lilly to Steve Arbogast. Lot, Elk District, $80,000.James R. Smith to Kristy A. Edstrom. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $329,500.Kimberly S. Smith and Joshua W. Butts to Richard G. Parsons and Amanda Topper. Lot, Jefferson District, $76,500.Kate D. and Isaac R. Forman to Thinh Viet Nguyen and Hien Thimong Huynh. Lot, Charleston, $134,000.Gary W. Jordan and Prime Land LLC to Joseph Farry. Lot, Union District, $120,000.Nora Taylor Helm to Jeffrey L. and Shona McIntyre. Lot, Nitro, $85,000.Michael S. Shaffer to James Cameron Vance. Lot, Charleston, $74,787.John A. Jr. and Ann B. McQuain to Jeffrey L. and Shona McIntyre. Lot, Union District, $465,000.Connie Kesner to U.S. Bank NA. Lot, Dunbar, $60,642.44.Robert J. and Jessica B. Welsh to Alyson M. Fowler. Lot, Elk District, $80,000.Abby L. Kern to Angela D. Talbott. Lot, Nitro District, $77,000.Kimberly A. Rymer, Mark Alan Burks, Philip Ross Burks and Deborah Dawn Burks to Jodi and Anthony Watson. Lot, Jefferson District, $169,500.Laura Starcher to Bryan C. Johnson. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $128,000.Sue Ann Easterday to Veronica R. McDonald. Lots, Cedar Grove District, $98,700.Jeremiah F. McCormick and West Virginia Federal Credit Union. Lot, St. Albans, $72,909.34.Travis D. and Shannon M. Cannon to Carolyn Elkins and Philip Bradley Sword. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $223,500.J.M. Properties Inc. to Sumeat and Naruemon Namsupak. Lot, Marmet, $200,000.Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Keith C. and Mary Jo Smith. Lot, Charleston, $143,617.Jefferson B. and Andrea B. Hightower to DGR LLC. Lots, South Charleston, $226,000.Architectural Products Inc. to DGR LLC. Lots, South Charleston, $110,000.M. Daniel and Michael P. Dupay to George Freebersyser, James McNeil and Terry Vaughan, Trustees of Cross Lanes Baptist Church. Lot, Union District, $525,000.Inez Maud Whitmire to Greg W. and Stacey L. Gibson. Lot, Union District, $150,000.Giuseppe and Sandra L. Graziano to James Arthur Kinslow Jr. Lot, St. Albans, $287,700.Seneca Trustees Inc. to U.S. Bank NA. Lot, Belle District, $97,200.
Mary J. Maruish to Marlena Marie Null. Lot, Nitro, $80,000.Ann M. Persoon to Michaela and John Kessler. Lots, Elk District, $185,000.John Steven Haney to Travis D. and Shannon M. Cannon. Lot, Loudon District, $163,000.Nahid D. Nikfar to Giuseppe and Sandra L. Graziano. Lot, Charleston. $262,000.Tonya Kay Norman to Robert S. and Tiffany N. Dunigan. Lots, Loudon District, $68,400.David Allen Boyd to Bobbi J. Martin. Lot, Elk District, $55,000.William Michael Shrewsbury, Deborah L. Britt, Larry Wayne Shrewsbury et al. to Herbert N. Hughart. Lot, Nitro, $135,000.AB Contracting Inc. to Justin Vance. Lot, Washington District, $256,000.Paul T. Johns Jr. to Jason and Laura Johns. Lot, Charleston, $295,000.Darrell G. and Connie L. Thompson to Joseph Kitridge and Becky L. Cobb. Lot, Elk District, $263,000.AB Contracting Inc. to Eric L. and Casey L. Martin. Lot, Washington District, $385,000.Clarence E. Bowman Jr. to Donavan L. and Morgan A. Withrow. Lot, Jefferson District, $67,000.Teays Valley Trustees LLC to Bank of America. Lot, St. Albans, $59,280.Michael S. Shaffer to James Cameron Vance II. Lot, Charleston, $77,500.Anjam A. Begam and Babatunde Akinyemi to Isaura Rivera. Lot, Dunbar, $120,000.Terri R. Russell to Stephen C. Thomas. Lot, Charleston, $125,000.Mark C. Schnurrpusch and Un Jung Kim to Christina M. Swam. Lot, South Charleston, $130,000.Phillip D. Young to Brenda L. Vilkins. Lots, Union District, $85,000.Donald and Geneva McNeely to Donnie Ray McNeely. Lot, Spring Hill District, $50,000.Raymond G. Dodson to First Bank of Charleston Inc. Lot, Loudon District, $205,000.Larry Lee Jr. and Heather L. McCoy to Nakia Sharee and Michael Dean Austin II. Lot, Jefferson District, $150,000.J. Banks Shepherd Jr. to Joseph M. and Alyson Ward. Lot, Charleston, $265,000.L and J Holdings LLC to Southern Investments LLC. Lots, Jefferson District, $160,000.Tina Veltri to Nancy Lee Loyd. Lot, Elk District, $129,000.The Bank of New York Mellon to Whirlwind Properties LLC. Lot, Jefferson District, $61,000.Catherine Whitney Hicks to Lisa West. Lot, Malden District, $75,000.The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between July 12 and 25:Thomas and Melody Cummings to Michael Justice. Parcel, Scott District, $180,000.Thomas and Gretchen Scheurman to Brandon Huffman. Lot, Teays Valley District, $352,000.Matthew, Kari and Gary Conner to Romie and Susan Mundy. Lot, Scott District, $296,000.Paul and Johna Huffman to Luke and Nicholette Tucker. Lot, Scott District, $157,500.David and Anna Boling to Joshua Ferrell. Lot, Hurricane District, $80,000.Fred Lesner and Julia Lawson to Andrew Martone. Lot, Scott District, $339,000.Seana Blake to Jeremy Sutton. Lot, Scott District, $113,500.Jason George to Brandon Richmond. Lot, Hurricane District, $164,000.Putnam County Bank to Suzan Williamson. Lot and Parcels, Scott District, $430,000.Jason and Jami Johns to Charles Cook. Lot, Scott District, $178,000.Steve and Stephanie Nester to Maryann Kuhn. Lot, Curry District, $129,900.Jerry and Charlotte Hurley to Kyle and Angelia Lowery. Lot, Teays Valley District, $447,500.Paul and Angela Thompson to Rodney Engle and Lynn McGraw. Lot, Scott District, $627,500.Harvey Long to Jacob Long. Parcel, Scott District, $113,000.Peggy Hill to Teays Holdings LLC. Lot, Hurricane District, $125,000.Kimberly Ritz to Albert Shepherd. Lot, Winfield District, $145,000.James and Edwin Pennybacker to William Shrewsbury and Larry Whited. Lot, Nitro District, $50,000.James and Joe Welch to Main Street Mercantile LLC. Lot, Curry District, $150,000.Billy and Sharon Welker to Jared and Kathryn Welker. Lots, Hurricane District, $100,000.Jeffery and Alice Broyles to Jeffery and Sherry Broyles. Lot, Scott District, $50,000.US Bank to Michael Jones. Lot, Curry District, $81,000.Arnold Wehrle to Warren and Edna Ely. Lot, Teays Valley District, $125,900.Clarence and Jodi Hackett to Anthony Wooten. Acre, Poca District, $250,000.Gibson Builders Inc. to Matthew and Samantha Delph. Lot, Scott District, $528,457.Randall and Sheryl Estep to Steven and Beth Haithcock. Lot, Scott District, $367,000.Teresa Young to Blake Warden. Acre, Curry District, $106,500.Gary and Pamela Zilch to George and Leslie Chaffin. Lot, Curry District, $145,000.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of nonexempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. The following bankruptcies were filed between July 19 and 26:Clarinda Jo Harpold, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $33,635; liabilities: $104,029.Peggy Ann and Charles Michael Triplett, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $98,300; liabilities: $64,205.Harold Kirk Jr., Hernshaw, Chapter 7. Assets: $210,289; liabilities: $298,193.Lillian Sargent, Whitman, Chapter 7. Assets: $8,428; liabilities: $95,478.Bonnie Gay Sizemore, Pecks Mill, Chapter 7. Assets: $47,388; liabilities: $69,487.Kenneth Dean Hyde, Verdunville, Chapter 7. Assets: $12,678; liabilities: $134,896.Michael Dwayne and Aimee Sue Shumate, Ansted, Chapter 7. Assets: $163,823; liabilities: $161,324.James Pershing and Hazel Irene Evans, Crawley, Chapter 7. Assets: $56,930; liabilities: $117,462.Pamela Kay and Eddie Joe Dunlap, Sod, Chapter 13. Assets: $7,300; liabilities: $159,763.Raymond Matthew Ramos, Smoot, Chapter 13. Assets: $0; liabilities: $138,114.Everett Arnold Anderson II, Evans, Chapter 13. Assets: $0; liabilities: $41,528.Restaurant scoresThe Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues noncritical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from foodborne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued are included:Zheng's China Buffet, 5707 MacCorkle Ave.: 15 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Drinking cup without cover was observed in food preparation area; raw salmon stored above crab meat; shrimp stored above bowl of salad; raw eggs stored on top shelf above noodles; small prep cooler above 41 F, chicken at 45 F; buffet table above 41 F, custard at 51 F; sushi on buffet at 76 F; food in walk-in cooler is improperly date marked; food stored in containers that is not food grade; ice machine not clean to sight; can opener not clean to sight; tea nozzles not clean to sight; ice chute on Coke machines not clean to sight; meat grinder not clean to sight; Raid ant and roach spray found in hall closet.Twin Hills Family Restaurant, 3332 E. DuPont Ave.: 13 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Employee observed not washing hands before putting on gloves; container of apples stored down in container of raw hamburger; French toast batter stored above ready to eat food; prep cooler above 41 F; pinto beans not date marked; deli meat not date marked; rolls stored in trash bags; storing food in containers that are not food grade; vents over prep counter not clean to sight; ice chute on Coke machine not clean to sight; fans in kitchen not clean to sight; chemical spray stored next to clean dishes and seasoning; Raid ant and roach spray in back room.Risk Super Market, 5231 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 12 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Food is obtained from an unapproved source; pepperoni rolls made outside of store from unapproved source; raw bacon stored touching cooked ham; raw pork stored on top of bologna in meat walk-in cooler; ham salad not date marked; Feta cheese is improperly date marked; meat grinder in bad repair, rusty; ceiling above meat saw not clean to sight; meat saw not clean to sight; meat tenderizer equipment not clean to sight; slicer not clean to sight; no hand sink in meat room; employee medicines located in meat room on table.Rhododendron Cottage, 4017 Salinas Drive: 5Fas-Chek #4, 4112 Malden Drive, Charleston: 4Tricky Fish, 1611 Washington St.: 3Ryan's Steakhouse, 103 RHL Boulevard: 3Huskey's Dairy Bar, 2422 Seventh Ave.: 3Rand Senior Center, 5701 Church Drive: 2Fas-Chek West Side, 405 Washington St. W.: 2Video Village, 134 Route 81, Mammoth: 2Our Place Diner, 1000 Grosscup Ave., Dunbar: 2Penn Station East Coast Subs, 2478 Mountaineer Blvd., South Charleston: 2Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Center, 505 Leon Sullivan Way: 2Captain D's, 114 Kanawha Blvd.: 2Shawnee Park Pool Concession, 1 Shawnee Way, Institute: 2Tri-State Concession Inc./Crescent City, 1 Greyhound Drive, Cross Lanes: 1D's Tasty Freeze, 542 Campbells Creek Drive: 1Domino's, 1631 Washington St. E.: 1Ms. Groovy's, 709 Washington St. W.: 1Fas-Chek, 4112 Malden Drive: 1Auntie Anne's, Charleston Town Center: 1Fas-Chek, 4112 Malden Drive: 1Rite Aid, 3175 W. Dupont Ave., Belle: 1Chesapeake Senior Center, 12404 MacCorkle Ave., Chesapeake: 1Charleston Job Corps Center Cafe, 1000 Kennawa Drive: 1Recovery Sports Grill, 600 Virginia St.: 1Chick-Fil-A -- Southridge, 2509 Mountaineer Blvd., South Charleston: 1Fas-Chek, 4112 Malden Drive: 1Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Center, 609 Shrewsbury St.: 1
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