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On File: Kanawha and Putnam counties: Sept. 8, 2013

By Staff reports
MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Aug. 30 and Sept. 6:Brandon Michael Hughes, 26, and Mary Lynn Meade, 25, both of Charleston.Garrett Jackson Riggs, 23, of Chesapeake, and Marisa Lea Richards, 22, of Vienna.Raymond Shawn Mosteller, 41, and Rhonda Lynn Haddox, 46, both of Nitro.Charles Allen Hudson, 39, and Amanda Louise Clark, 32, both of Cedar Grove.MacKenzie Jerel Comer, 23, and Amber Joanna Nelson, 33, both of South Charleston.James Denver Jarrell, 39, and Deborah Ann Gorrell, 40, both of Charleston.Brad Ellit Hamilton, 37, of Hamburg, N.Y., and Kimberly Dawn King, 40, of Cross Lanes.Joseph Albert Harvey Jr., 36, and Amy Beth Dennis, 40, both of Elkview.Vernon Demars Jackson, 33, of Charleston and Cassandra Amber McLain, 32, of Huntington.Jimmie Gadson III, 24, of Charleston, and Christina Witte Hughes, 24, of Coconut Creek, Fla.David Michael Garrett, 35, and Kari Jane Farley, 26, both of Charleston.Larry Steven Sproles, 42, and Tandra Lynn White, 42, both of Cross Lanes.Randy Lee Lucas, 55, and Ann Marie Lucas, 48, both of Charleston.
Justin Ross Gilmore, 20, of Belle, and Jaleasa Michele Housley, 19, of Montgomery.Kenneth Mark Shaffer, 54, and Deborah Lynn Capua, 49, both of Charleston.Jerry Ray White II, 27, and Chelsey Nicole Ayers, 25, both of Charleston.Jeffrey Robert George, 35, and Keisha Lynn Johnson, 26, both of South Charleston.Nicholas Dale Cesaretti, 25, and Ashley Lynn Stricklin, 23, both of Alum Creek.James Alan White, 33, and April Lee Harkins, 29, both of St. Albans.
Matthew Scott Young, 36, of Elkview and Julie Rae Osborne, 30, of Cross Lanes.Timothy Donathan White, 27, of Dunbar, and Justa Renae Cox, 22, of St. Albans.Richard Brian Kelley, 28, and Sarah Lynn Anderson, 29, both of Charleston.Jesse Dean King, 27, and Ashley Danielle Martin, 27, both of Charleston.Jason Franklin Uhl, 32, and Barbara Ellen Maynard, 31, both of Dunbar.William Benjamin Martin, 25, and Tracy Lynn Turner, 30, both of Charleston.Charles Jason Keeney, 41, and Leah Beth Priest, 40, both of Charleston.Caleb Jeffery Burdette, 22, and Samantha Nicole Thornton, 21, both of St. Albans.Jason Wayne Coughlin, 37, and Tara Lea Fisher, 38, both of Charleston.Richard Lee Fisher, 55, and Nancy Virginia Lepp, 55, both of South Charleston.Robert Edward Pettry II, 34, and Angela Dawn Grubbs, 33, both of Elkview.Stephen Travis Edens, 25, of St. Albans and Mary Ann Thompson, 28, of Ridgeview.Garrett Andrew Coleman, 22, and Lyndsey Louise Lanham, 24, both of Cross Lanes.David Martin Donelon, 52, and Lynda Marie McGillivray, 50, both of Cross Lanes.Drew O'Brian Pack, 24, of Charleston and Raina Rashel Shamblin, 24, of Dunbar.Tony Andrew Hudson, 32, and Heather Victoria Dodson, 22, both of Charleston.Brian Michael Graley, 27, and Kaitlyn Brianna Bennett, 26, both of South Charleston.Brian Keith Richardson, 47, of Clendenin, and Elizabeth Ann Myers-Botkin, 46, of Elkview.Chad Edward Parsons, 35, and Morganne Suzanne Murphy, 25, both of Charleston.The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Aug. 22 and Sept. 5:Jon Michael Long, 21, and Savannah Marie Means, 20, both of Scott Depot.Christopher Keith McClanahan, 36, and Amber Dawn Mason, 38, both of Poca.Joshua Andrew Hull, 27, and Elizabeth Erin Culberson, 28, both of Poca.Trenton Gerald Cain, 27, of Given, and Alisha Lynn Donohew, 25, of Leon.John Russell Bowles, 29, of St. Albans, and Chantelle Kay Wandling, 28, of Hurricane.Stephen Paul Totten, 30, and Talisha Lynn Boggess, 23, both of Scott Depot.Joshua Smithson, 28, of Kenna, and Sarah Elizabeth Young, 30, of Leon.Russell Dale Waugh, 51, of Ashton, and Carolina Sue Carroll, 49, of Nitro.Denny Ray Harrison, 39, and Tonia Lynn Thaxton, 39, both of Hometown.Dustin Alan Lawson, 22, and Kayla Marie Treadway, 23, both of Scott Depot.Trevor Austin Dailey, 20, and Chelsie Amber Maynard, 20, both of Scott Depot.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Aug. 30 and Sept. 5:Shenia Rose Gardner from Mark GardnerJoann Lyn Vickers from Stephen Fred VickersStephen Humphries Jr. from Jessica HartwellJoanna Moss from Rickie Moss IIJeremy Foster from Alexandra FosterRobert A. Walton from Amanda WaltonDanielle Vickers from Anthony VickersMichelle Lea Craven from Brian James CravenAntonio Pellegrini from Melissa PelligriniAshley D. Aiello from Michael L. AielloJacqueline L. Oxley from James E. OxleyMark Shaffer from Tymtee ShafferJeffrey Monroe Snodgrass from Johanna Leigh SnodgrassTodd Beane from Amanda BeaneStacy Lynn Mallory from Terry Elton MallorySarah Cook from David RiffleJames Wooten from Charlotte WootenJennifer N. Oiler from Harry Oiler Jr.James Jerry Johnson from Alicia Marie JohnsonRickey Bright Jr. from Tracy BrightKim L. Hall from Daniel L. HallLori Leah Mourier from Scott R. MourierCharla R. Jones from James L. JonesThe following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between Aug. 9 and Sept. 5:Joseph Booth from Michelle Lea Booth.Kevin Mcgill from Jeanna Mcgill.Jeffrey Shock from Nelina Landers.Russell Weaver from Janette Weaver.Bryce Duff from Tamara Shedd.Roger Madden from Margie Madden.Wesley McCoy from Larissa Kuhn.Frank Robinette from Mary Maquarrie.Jeffrey Flanagan from Katrina Pierce.Travis Boggess from Britney Kennedy.Victor Lawrence from Connie Barton.Cecil McDaniel from Jamie Davis.Edward Holley from Andrea Skidmore-MasseyThomas Hedrick from Sheila McCoy.Lemuel Johnson from Patty Fitzgerald.James Smithers from Lana Moles.James Pauley from Brenda James.John Nance from Becky Holt.David Garton from Meghan Kelemen.Jared Davis from Hannah Martin.Jonathan Midkiff from Amber Clagg.Tony Holt from Ashley Norris.Glenn Webb from Phyllis Rhinehart.Calvin Akers from Tonja Cartwright.John Eberhard from Kimberly Doyle.Vermond Harris from Lisa Lee Harris.Cory Kidder from Rudi Raynes. Larry Haynes from Crystal Woodrum.Anthony Masi from Beth Bumgardner.Ryan White from Summer Dempsey.Brian Mullaney from Vicky O'Brien.Property transfersThe following properties of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Aug. 30 and Sept. 6:Jo Ann Harrison to Thomas M. and Katherine B. Lashley. Lot, South Charleston, $257,000.Damon J. Wallace to Travis Ryan Bogle. Lot, South Charleston, $95,000.Keith C. and Mary Jo Smith to David G. Hofstetter. Lot, Charleston North District, $290,000.Alison Fuentes Dodge to Riverbend Real Estate I, LLC. Lot, Poca District, $217,000.Alison Fuentes Dodge to Riverbend Real Estate II, LLC. Lot, Poca District, $400,000.Alison Fuentes Dodge to Riverbend Real Estate III, LLC. Lot, Poca District, $100,000.Ruth and Bruce Conrad to Kimberly S. Johnson. Lot, South Charleston, $87,400.Real Estate Ventures, Inc. to Blanket Investments, LLC. Lot, Union District, $375,000.Michael Thomas Echols and Linda M. Barnette to Sarah E. Moss. Lot, St. Albans, $80,000.Charles W. Viars to Allison E. Sigman. Lot, Charleston North Annex Tax District, $120,000.Roy E. Jr. and Linda L. Bird to Michael D. and Melissa L. Ramsey. Lot, St. Albans, $215,000.Harry and Karin Paulus to Andrew D. and Leah A. Reed. Lot, Charleston West District, $155,000.Quintin Glen and Abigail Leann Justice to Michael A. Dusch. Lot, Elk District, $110,000.The Eliza J. Swint Revocable Living Trust 1996 and The Benjamin H. Swint Revocable Living Trust 1996 to Susan M. Bowles, Eliza S. McCartney, Christine S. Grizzell, Nancy Emerson and Catherine Jackson. Lot, Charleston, $150,000.Lynne A. Williams to Brandon S. and Ann M. Willard. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $212,765.Bruce W. and Marjorie L. Fowler to Anita C. Vermillion. Lot, Jefferson District, $212,500.Charles J. and Marsha L. King to Harry A. Hechesky II and Cynthia L. Coiner-Hechesky. Lot, Jefferson District, $60,000.Curry S. and Kimberly D. Thompson to Nicholas Lee Bradley. Lot, Loudon District, $137,000.Dana Ashley Grogg to Tammy L. Abbott. Lot, South Charleston, $87,500.Brandon S. and Ann M. Willard to Brenda L. Ewers. Lot, Charleston, $112,000.Joseph F. Dunn to Mark A. Parsons. Lot, Spring Hill District, $200,000.Thomas B. and Nora K. Miller to Brett E. and Shelly Marie Armstrong. Lot, Jefferson District, $147,000.Lorraine Biggs and Maxwell McCarty to Farshid Zabihian and Fariba Ghanbar Pour. Lot, South Charleston District, $159,000.Zachary S. Lemon to Yan Feng Chen. Lot, Charleston, $152,000.Debora Kay Jacks to Jennifer L. Harless. Lot, Marmet, $75,000.Steven C. Hanley to Leon E. and Phyllis V. Pilewski. Condominium, Charleston, $125,000.Adam and Kathy A. Moore to Timothy S. Thompson. Lot, Charleston, $149,900.Marcelle M. Bowne to Christopher K. Kim. Lot, Charleston, $140,000.John David and Mary Lou Flowers to Barbara E. Maynard and Jason F. Uhl. Lot, Union District, $180,000.James L. Teed to Terry E. and Morgan L. Spencer. Lot, Union District, $89,000.First Bank of Charleston, Inc. to Jason C. and Jennifer L. Trusty. Lot, Loudon District, $265,000.Gardiner F. and Loren M. Smith to William T. Jr. and Stacy Kepple. Lot, Charleston, $437,500.Matthew Jon Sizemore to Shanty D. Gray. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $162,000.Lisa E. and Matthew P. Downham to James G. and Linda G. Pringle. Lot, Jefferson District, $279,000.Evelyn Taylor to TAB, LLC. Lots, Loudon District, $450,000.S. Guy Erwin to KVM Properties, LLC. Lot, Charleston East District, $120,000.James and Margaret W. Cabell to SPM Properties, LLC. Lot, South Charleston District, $422,500.James L. Cabell to SPM Properties, LLC. Lot, South Charleston District, $65,000.Erica M. Peterson to Jon M. Moore, Carolyn J. Moore and Julie Wirts. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $86,000.Annette M. Zavareei to Tarun Mohan Kumar. Lot, Kanawha City Taxing District, $168,100.Julia P. Kelly to Richard A. and Marsha R. Colebank. Lots, Charleston, $143,500.Elizabeth A. and Dustin T. Lively to Tony S. and Christina C. Pocrnich. Lot, Nitro, $175,000.Jeffrey D. and Karen G. Jones to Morgan Elizabeth Jones. Lot, Charleston, $136,000.Charles W. "Wickham" Skinner Jr., Carol S. Lawson and Perry VRS Martin to Stephen M. and Sarah E. Barnette. Lots, St. Albans, $131,250.Carol Ann Smith to Charles Franklin Hudson. Lot, Big Sandy District, $122,500.Denver R. Rawlings Jr. to Thomas E. and Carla J. Keene. Lot, Union District, $88,000.
Kanawha Terrace, LLC to Don K. and Marilyn K. Cunningham. Unit, St. Albans, $95,000.Michael R. and Cheryl B. Ewing to Justin M. Schoolcraft. Lot, South Charleston, $183,000.Angela M. Barbarito to Vanessa L. Hannabach. Lot, Nitro, $110,000.Henry E. III and Kimberly S. Wood to Daniel W. Foster and Janeene D. Whanger-Foster. Lots, Charleston, $289,900.Jama M. Shamblin to Richard D. and Dianne A. Pankau. Lot, Elk District, $367,500.Kristina Settle and Stuart Yost to Dustin and Elizabeth Spradling. Lot, Clendenin, $55,000.Kenneth M. Dunn to Riley Clark and Kathleen Marie Brothers. Lot, Charleston, $315,000.The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between Aug. 22 and Sept. 5:Kenneth and Stephanie Taylor to Jamison and Staci Camp. Lots, Hurricane District, $135,000.Kacie and Donald Harless to Phillip and Tracy Hedrick. Lot, Scott District, $229,900.Anita Wileman to Thomas and Marianne Peyton. Acres, Scott District, $102,000.Bobby and Sharon Sigman to Jessica Phillips and Jonathan Campbell. Acre, Poca District, $55,000.Casey Phalen and Christina Rader to Parker and Valerie Craigo. Lots, Bancroft District, $90,000.Jerry and Vonda Young to Michael Young. Acres, Teays Valley District, $100,000.John and Thomas Gatens, Shirley Absten and Linda Parsons to Scott Linville. Lot, Eleanor District, $71,500.Kalila Company Inc. to Wilbert Markham. Lot, Poca District, $136,000.Gary, Valjean and Brian Sigman to Noldus Stump. Lots, Poca District, $136,000.Paul and Lucinda Santer to Kenneth and Michele Guthrie. Lot, Poca District, $235,000.Brett and Robyn Morgan to James Reynolds. Lot, Scott District, $212,000.David and Rachael Duff to Second Avenue Holdings LLC. Parcel, Nitro District, $165,000.Lexton and Karen Fizer to Jeremy and Judith Ball. Lot, Hurricane District, $167,000.Andrew and Emily Moss to Sarah and Randall Hill. Lot, Scott District, $200,000.Steven Fields to Marlene Tichnell. Lot, Teays Valley District, $108,000.Thomas and Jessamy Hartman to Kathleen Hoar. Lot, Hurricane District, $140,000.John and Christy Tuck to Charles and Monika Sterling. Lot, Teays Valley District, $237,000.David and Rochelle Butler to Edward and Emily Weibl. Lot, Scott District, $471,000.Joshua and Catherine Robinson to Justin and Robin Lutsy. Lot, Hurricane District, $259,000.Dan and Jeanne Duncan to Design Development, Inc. Lot, Scott District, $110,000.Charles Smith to Harold Martin. Lot, Hurricane District, $65,000.Gregory and Patricia Noble and Chessa Hunt to Justin Cavender. Lot, Poca District, $115,000.John Swisher to Charlie and Kelly Taylor. Lot, Scott District, $167,900.Robin Cloxton to Theodore Miller. Lot, Scott District, $150,000.Becky Welch to Joshua Bower. Lot, Poca District, $93,500.Damon and Sandra Dicastri, Mary Roberts, Jean Pitzer and Nancy Coats to Gregory and Tricia Humphreys. Lot, Scott District, $175,000.BankruptciesThe bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of nonexempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. The following bankruptcies were filed between Aug. 30 and Sept. 6:Susan Lynn Dodd, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $96,690, Liabilities: $81,207.David Joseph Falls, Ivydale, Chapter 7. Assets: $22,929, Liabilities: $53,409.Clayton Patrick Sr. and Valissa Gaye Conklin, Cross Lanes, Chapter 7. Assets: $159,022, Liabilities: $281,939.Ernest Nicholas Ulbrich, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: $40,423, Liabilities: $71,118.Ashley Nicole Wolford, Williamson, Chapter 7. Assets: $21,792, Liabilities: $41,907.Jason Vance Helton, Mount Hope, Chapter 7. Assets: $51,839, Liabilities: $35,359.Laurel Coal Corp., Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Harold S. Albertson Jr., Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: Unavailable, Liabilities: Unavailable.Shane Eric and Amanda Nicole Brant, Glen Rogers, Chapter 7. Assets: $262,530, Liabilities: $170,295.Raymond Aaron Jones Jr., Lewisburg, Chapter 7. Assets: $72,113, Liabilities: $110,574.David Martin and Leslie Denise Richmond, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $0, Liabilities: $107,982.John Roy and Catherine Josephine Carte, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $197,304, Liabilities: $173,225.Karen Em and Craig Arthur Crossman, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $1,300, Liabilities: $106,671.April Dawn and Chad Douglas Hassler, Danville, Chapter 13. Assets: $68,500, Liabilities: $76,347.Lanny Ross and Delores Arlene Bare, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $0, Liabilities: $115,091.Restaurant scoresThe Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued are included:Dragon Bowl, 2700 East DuPont Avenue, Belle: 12. Inspector's comments: Employee observed not washing hands after handling raw meat before working with ready to eat food; drinking cup without cover was observed in food preparation area; raw chicken stored above cooked chicken in refrigerator; raw pork stored above cooked noodles and produce in walk-in cooler; crab salad on cold bar at 52-degrees F; food not date marked throughout coolers; the sanitizer concentration for bleach in the dishwasher is at 200 ppmcl; prep counter not clean to sight; prep cooler not clean to sight; can opener blade not clean to sight - rusty; ice machine not clean to sight; employee medicine stored in cooler is not properly protected.Shoney's, 2700 East DuPont Ave., Belle: 9. Inspector's comments: Employee observed not washing hands before putting on gloves after handling raw chicken; food employee in kitchen cutting up tomatoes at salad bar with bare hands; food employee on front line handling spinach with bare hands; raw eggs stored above ready to eat food in Delfield cooler; raw chicken stored above cooked chicken in walk-in cooler; salad buffet dressing at 47-degrees F; food in cooler is improperly date marked, deli meat, cole slaw, no date; lettuce chopper in bad repair; meat slicer not clean to sight.Asian Super Market, 226 7th Ave., South Charleston: 8. Inspector's comments: The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge of FDA Food Safety code; drinking cup without cover was observed in food preparation area; Logan berries rotten and moldy in walk-in cooler; fly swatter found in food area; cooked turnips in cooler is improperly date marked; cutting board in bad repair; food-contact surfaces of ice machine have encrusted soil accumulations; potty stored in storage area,Creperi Cafe, 55 RHL Blvd., South Charleston: 8. Inspector's comments: The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge of proper food safety; employee observed not washing hands before donning gloves; husband of owner was smoking in kitchen; drinking cup without cover was observed in food preparation area; raw eggs stored above ready to eat food in cooler; back line cooler food 50-degrees F, food thrown away; opened containers of food and sliced meats are improperly date marked; can opener blade is visibly soiled.Little India Restaurant, 1604 Washington St. E.: 7. Inspector's comments: Handling ready to eat food with bare hands; food items in walk-in is improperly date marked; metal banded pastry brush; can opener not clean; refrigerator vent dirty; mold growth in ice maker; Raid is not approved for use in food areas.Buffalo Wild Wings, 2501 Mountaineer Blvd.: 6Fresh Seafood, 6230 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston: 6Kanawha City Cafe Creperi, 4002 SE MacCorkle Ave.: 4Company Cafeteria, 1450 E DuPont Ave., Belle: 4Kroger, 1100 Fledderjohn Road: 4Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream, 225 Capitol St.: 4McDonald's, St. Albans Mall, St. Albans: 3Los Agaves, 508 Third Ave., South Charleston: 3Paula's, 23-D MacCorkle Avenue, St. Albans: 27-Eleven, 301 West Main Street, St. Albans: 27-Eleven, 2110 Shadyside Road, St. Albans: 27-Eleven, 412 East DuPont Ave., Belle: 1The Grill, 117 Washington Street, Charleston: 2New Connections, 1598 E Washington St.: 2Vandalia Grille, 212 Hale St.: 2Bob Evans, 334 Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 2Resolve Family Abuse Program, Washington St.: 2Harvest Time Church of God, 1704 Washington St.: 2Institute Food Systems, Bayer Crop Science Bldg. 2, Institute: 2Bob Evans, 4001 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston: 2Fresh Seafood Co., 800 Smith St.: 2TGI Friday's, 87 RHL Blvd., South Charleston: 1Jimmy John's Sandwiches, 32 Capitol St.: 1Weberwood Elementary School, 732 Gordon Drive: 1Carver Career Center, 4799 Midland Drive: 1Save-A-Lot, 901 Cross Lanes Drive, Cross Lanes: 1One Stop, 320 Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 17-Eleven, 288 Oakwood Road, Charleston: 1Subway, 1413 Washington St.: 1Red Carpet Lounge, 308 Elizabeth St.: 1Gun permitsThe Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents:  Linda Anderson, CharlestonBarbara Ashley, CharlestonDavid Barker, ChesapeakeJulie Blaylock, CharlestonWilmer Boggess, CharlestonEverett Bostic, Dry BranchJoshua Bowles, CharlestonCharles Bowlin, CharlestonJason Boyd, CharlestonWilliam Briant IV, ClendeninDamon Brown, CharlestonHenryetta Comer, CharlestonHeaven Cook, NitroCharles Cooper, ShrewsburyTabatha Cooper, WinifredeTravis Cooper, WinifredeLouis Corey, CharlestonShirley Deem, CharlestonWilliam Fannin Jr., Cedar GroveStacy Fields, ElkviewMark Ford II, St. AlbansRamon Gorospe, Cross LanesCameron Harmon, South CharlestonConnie Harmon, CharlestonDeborah Harmon, South CharlestonDaniel Hawkins, ClendeninPatsy Hawkins, ClendeninWilliam Holcomb, Cedar GroveAdele Holmes, CharlestonStephen Honaker, MarmetJess Inclenrock, CharlestonJames Jones, CharlestonLyle Jones, South CharlestonRomes Joseph, CharlestonChristina Lillibridge, CharlestonInez Lucas, BelleBenjamin Lucas, CharlestonJosephus Malone, St. AlbansJason Marsh, ElkviewBrian Martin, CharlestonCharles Maynard, St. AlbansDanielle McGinnis, NitroSean McGinnis, NitroDavid Miller, CharlestonCarl Moffatt, CharlestonCraig Page, South CharlestonKelly Parsons, South CharlestonKarl Peters, InstituteMilton Pettry Jr., Cabin CreekChristopher Poore, Cabin CreekSusan Rabatin, CharlestonDaanish Rashid, CharlestonMichael Ratliff, ElkviewEddie Reed, CharlestonSigrid Riley, St. AlbansCharles Rogers, South CharlestonJoseph Shields, NitroLeonard Sigmon, CharlestonCarolyn Smith, St. AlbansHoward Spurlock, CharlestonGale Teare, CharlestonJohn Thompson, DunbarCindy Todorovich, ClendeninMichael Todorovich, ClendeninJames Triplett, CharlestonBrad Tyler, St. AlbansShawn Woody, ElkviewMarcie Young, Charleston
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