On file: Sept. 22, 2013

MarriagesThe following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Sept. 13 and 20:Glen Perry, 76, of Huntington and Betty Lou Scarberry, 53, of South Charleston.Ronald Lee Thomas III, 21, and Hailie Brook Fisher, 18, both of Charleston.Matthew Ryan Rhodes, 20, and Jessica Nickole Taylor, 33, both of Sissonville.William Wayne Bailey Jr., 56, of Charleston and Allison Nicole Hughart, 38, of Culloden.Joshua Patrick Jackson, 26, and Torie Anne Roderick, 26, both of Charleston.Joshua David Lewis, 26, and Meredith Chelsea Willis, 26, both of St. Albans.Randall Dexter Cain II, 26, and Ashley Dawn Dunlap, 26, both of Elkview.Prakash Ghimire 24, of Charleston and Gurvinder Lamsal, 24, of Elmhurst, N.Y.Cody Allen Fisher, 21, and Sara Nicole Rucker, 20, both of Elkview.Adam Christopher Walls, 23, and Monica Ann Compton, 23, both of Charleston.Joseph Alan White, 35, and Della Dawn Lowe, 29, both of St. Albans.Justin Roy Saunders, 25, of Belle and Carla Riffe, 28, of Bluefield.Travis Lee Erwin, 26, and Kayla Marie Hutchins, 25, both of St. Albans.
Steven James Boggess, 50, of Elkview, and Donna Lea Rardon, 49, of Charleston.Shane Adam Wriston, 26, of Fayetteville, and Alyssa Michelle Frye, 24, of Tornado.Joshua Levi Cooper, 22, and Cami Rose Birchfield, 23, both of St. Albans.Matthew Dewayne Turner, 30, and Lekesha Cherie Artis, 24, both of South Charleston.Brian E. Slaman, 51, of South Charleston, and Nichole Beth Canterbury, 43, of Cross Lanes.Richard Howard Daniels II, 42, and Angel Marie Evans-Gilmore, 35, both of St. Albans.
Clayton Patrick Conklin Jr., 29, and Alison Paige Peterson, 30, both of Charleston.Anthony Paul Stevens, 27, and Bobbi Joe Stevens, 26, both of Charleston.Eric Calvin Edwards, 33, and Brittney Loren Withrow, 26, both of St. Albans.Brerry Dean Hudson, 53, and Amy Suzanne Moore, 47, both of Charleston.David Lee Schmidt, 25, and Lisa Marie Landers, 34, both of Cedar Grove.Lucas Robert Head, 31, and Carolyn Lee Burdett, 34, both of Charleston.The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Sept. 5 and 19: Brian Jason King, 32, and Katelyn Michelle Hammett, 20, both of Bancroft.David Carl Jeffries, 19, of Poca, and Sara Elizabeth McClanahan, 21, of Cross Lanes.Leslie David Helper, 39, and Nanette Renee Cooper, 41, both of Poca.Scott Edward Casto, 38, and Heather Dawn Reed, 38, both of Red House.John Marrion Adkins, Jr., 45, and Kimberly Faye Smith, 34, both of Poca.Jeffrey Franklin Carter,31, and Tausha Nicco Toppins, 35, both of Nitro.William Donald Martin III, 22, and Samantha Jane Wine, 20, both of Red House.Gerald Wayne Redman, 54, and Gladys Mearl Kelley, 51, both of Poca.James Richard Nida II, 22, of Hurricane, and Elizabeth Danielle Savilla, 22, of Winfield.Brian Kress Duggan, 34, and Kandace Leighann Kirby, 28, both of Scott Depot.Dustin Troy Rubin, 21, and Stephanie Ashley-Ann Schaible, 22, both of Hurricane.Caleb Matthew Grady, 23, and Haley Marie McClelland, 21, both of Nitro.Buford Troy Casto, 71, of Hurricane, and Sylvia Jean Hatcher, 76, of Clendenin.Christopher Charles Sowards, 21, of Culloden, and Andrea Dawn Christian, 18, of Milton.Shane Johnson, 23, and Allyssia Larhea Morris, 21, both of Hurricane.David Ray Campbell, 35, of Colloden, and Mica Trullet Bentley, 29, of Hurricane.William Douglas Marcum, 35, and Lia Renee Schafsnitz, 24, both of Scott Depot.DivorcesThe following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Sept. 12 and 19:Laura Hope Morris from Jason MorrisLinda Gross from James E. GrossTheresa A. Casto from Kevin W. CastoBarbara Jason Skoglund from Hayward Lee SkoglundTiffany M. Adkins from David A. AdkinsTiffany Ford from Grant FordMichael J. Romine from Heather J. RomineChristina Good from Jon-tait BeasonRobert Shamblin from Betty Jo WilburnSandra Mason from Johnie W. MasonJessica S. Ruscello from Mark T. RuscelloRoger David Mullins from Greta J. MullinsMandy Kennedy from Thomas OxleyMartin Lee White from Mary Jane AdkinsJoseph A. Lemon II from Pamela A. LemonSandra Lynn Books from Michael Lee BooksTimmy L. Parsons from Cindy S. ParsonsMegan Palm from Nathan PalmPamela Aultz from David AultzMark Aaron Staley from Chelsea Young StaleyAnthony Duane Carter from Wendy Lincoln CarterSheena S. Harper from Allen M. HarperLiza Adams from Samuel AdamsErica Leigh Towns from Lavaris Ray TownsKimberly Ann Gamber from Derek R.G. GamberThe following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between Sept. 5 and Sept. 19:Alison Likens from Abraham Likens.Bridgett Davis from Douglas Davis.Megan Stowers from James Eggleston.Tammy Chancey from David Chancey.Daisy Clark from Barry Clark.Michelle Hayes from Michael Hayes.Katlen Grant from Colin Grant.Theresa Davis from Richard Davis.Christopher Johnson from Suzette Johnson.Elizabeth McCloud from Kenneth McCloud.Cynthia Stone from Larry Stone.Marie King from Daniel King.Treena Sparks from Robert Brian Sparks.Joshua Walker from Shena Walker.Leanna McCallister from Jonathan McCallister.Property transfers The following properties of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Sept. 13 and 20:Robert Sherman Iden Jr. to Michelle L. and Steven L. Lanham. Lot, Union District, $179,000.Paul W. Oshel to Stephen T. Duffield. Lot, Charleston West Tax District, $70,000.WETS LLC to Blue Steel LLC. Lot, Charleston, $200,000.Eloise Tyree Fauber to Bruce A. and Sarah A. Mullins. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $90,000.Jeremiah G. and Jennie A. Dys to Nathan A. and Bonnie L. Cherry. Lot, Union District, $183,000.Larry A. Myers to Ignacio and Lynn Gomez. Lot, Elk District, $60,000.Stricklen Realty, Inc. to Whitney Necessary Tignor. Lot, Charleston, $439,900.Hope L. Hannas to Norma Winer. Lot, Jefferson District, $95,000.Douglas Wilbur and Segurid George Holden to Zachary C. and Rebekah Taylor. Lot, Elk District, $165,000.Gary D. Allen to Darin J. Virag and Stephanie A. Rader. Lots, Elk Tax District, $161,000.Nobie N. Jr. and Midge I. Justice to Jerry Dwaine Jr. and Amy L. Osborne. Lot, Union District, $240,000.Cynthia Francisco Conn to Regina Welch. Lot, Dunbar, $52,000.Teays Valley Trustees LLC to Beneficial West Virginia Inc. Lot, Elkview, $71,250.Janet E. Kessock to Christopher Lee and Amy M. Combs. Lot, Charleston, $280,000.Cross Lanes Properties LLC to Christina E. Tate and Patricia K. Tate. Lot, Charleston, $75,000.Heather R. Protan to Frank G. and Susan E. Stevens. Lot, Charleston, $269,000.Gilbert E. Hopkins to Gregory H. and Kimberly J. Tustin. Lots, Charleston, $225,000.Patricia G. Watson to Miguella Mark-Carew. Lot, South Charleston, $67,000.Walter G. Clark to DSO Mechanical. Lot, South Charleston, $165,000.Carolyn D. Martin, Charles H. Caldwell, Ellen S. Bragg, Debra J. Maddox and Thomas P. Caldwell to Cory M. Fagan and Rebecca A. Sanders. Lot, Union District, $100,000.Jodi L. Hughes to William C. Ray. Lot, Union District, $123,500.Benjamin Harbrecht to Chad A. and Chelsea A. Ryder. Lot, Poca District, $145,000.Hossein Sakhai to Waleed Smeedy. Lot, Union District, $95,000.Emily L. Lilly and Christopher A. Garnes to Jennifer Lynn Rada. Lot, South Charleston, $208,000.Billy J. Henson to Jeramiah Clarkson. Lot, Jefferson District, $95,000.Cindy L. Ennis to Jennifer Lynn Stotts. Condominium, Loudon District, $110,000.Brian E. and Pamela J. Ferguson to Megan E. Green. Lot, Jefferson District, $143,500.Steven and Michelle L. Lanham to Jeffrey A. Smith. Lot, Nitro, $89,500.Charles C. and Judith S. Coffman to Melissa J. Wright. Lot, St. Albans, $146,000.Kristine L. Chadwick to Dustin T. Lively. Lot, South Charleston, $110,000.Stephanie F. Grey to Chad R. McClure. Lots, Loudon District, $137,000.Melinda Dennis and Aymie M. Dolson to Georgia Sloan. Lot, Big Sandy District, $95,000.The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between Sept. 5 and Sept. 19: Phillip and Angela Jenkins to Donald and Katherine Rucker. Lot, Scott District, $160,000.John Ross to Carey Webb. Lots, Hurricane District, $118,500.Oran and Pamela Childers to Samuel and Tara Buckner. Lot, Poca District, $239,900.Sandra Jones to Karen Balsimo. Lot, Teays Valley District, $213,000.Steven Thomas and Stephanie Woollard to Daniel Nichols. Lots, Nitro District, $77,000.Scott and Julia Schwendiman to Gretchen Pfost. Parcel, Scott District, $275,000.Stefanie Stutler to Anthony and Noel Ballard. Lot, Eleanor District, $232,000.Mary Gaines to Roger Hardway and Sharon Cook. Lot, Scott District, $180,000. Mark and Jason Warner, Richard Gibeaut and Flora Tempus to Jeffrey Whittington. Lots, Bancroft District, $77,500.Barbara Brady to Joshua and Allison Mattern. Lot, Eleanor District, $290,000.Eric Parsons to Nicole Stinson. Acres, Poca District, $72,000.Glenn and Carol Graham to Garth Kistner. Lots, Scott District, $350,000.William Carroll to Adolfo and Ashley Torres. Lot, Teays Valley District, $241,500.Ingen Construction LLC to Cheva Ising. Lot, Hurricane District, $229,900.Joy and Michael Spratt, Clarissa Kenney, Michelle Sanger and David Menear to Arnold and Ruth Harrison. Tract, Scott District, $172,500.Edgardo and Heidi Rivera to Rena Clark. Lot, Scott District, $70,500.Michael and Angela Bolyard to Douglas and Patricia Stewart. Lot, Scott District, $250,000.Robert and Christine Welch to Amy Schultz. Acres, Scott District, $254,500.Gary Yowell and Alyson Crouch to Travis Raynes. Parcels, Buffalo District, $230,000.Zane Lilly to Michael Linkous. Lot, Scott District, $260,000.Keslings Quality Homebuilders to Lissa and Michael Jordan. Lot, Scott District, $345,000.Loghan and Steve Massie to Joshua Hull. Acres, Poca District, $155,000.Roland and Frances Roberts to Jeremy and Angel Maynor. Lot, Nitro District, $225,000.Mary Garrahan and Rose Plevich to Jo Ann Harrison. Lot, Scott District, $190,000.Michael and Wanda Chamberlain to Mark and Michelle White. Lot, Scott District, $250,000.Barbara Hellyer to Johnny and Claresa Brooks. Lot, Hurricane District, $196,000.Timothy and Wendy Harless to JP Morgan Chase Bank. Lot, Scott District, $79,390.Bank of New York Mellon to Timothy Ferguson and Amy Isble. Lot, Scott District, $244,650.Allison Massey to Vickie Wellman. Unit, Scott District, $134,000.Robert and Amy Milbee to Chad and Carol Westfall. Acres, Curry District, $185,000.Virginia Meadows LLC to Michael and Tiffany Wright. Lot, Curry District, $199,900.Brenda Bumgarner to Dolores Johnson. Lot, Scott District, $147,000.Gregory and Faith Lowe to Keniman and Trilby Belcher. Lot, Curry District, $303,000.Steven Nelson to Ty barker. Lot, Curry District, $52,500.Teays Holdings LLC to Jason Drown. Lot, Hurricane District, $173,900.Thompson Real Estate Inc. to Amy Moses. Lot, Hurricane District, $147,000.First Bank of Charleston Inc. to DET LLC. Lot, Scott District, $200,000.Barry Clendenin to Gary Yowell and Alyson Crouch. Lot, Winfield District, $179,500.James, Frank and Anna Andrews to Jerry, Rebecca and Jessica Foster. Tract, Scott District, $122,000.Crouch Construction LLC to John Marchese. Lot, Teays Valley District, $265,000.Michele Blatt to Michael and Wanda Chamberlain. Lot, Scott District, $224,900.Nancy Agee to Christopher Burdette. Lot, Nitro District, $78,000.Connie Copeman and Tiffany Muneio to Burton and Beverly Casto. Acres, Union District, $155,000.Bankruptcies The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Sept. 13 and 20: Robert Michael and Tiffany Dawn Petry, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $20,204, Liabilities: $113,765.Kerry Arch Adkins, Cross Lanes, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,955, Liabilities: $45,148.Renee Watts, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $260, Liabilities: $24,981.Steven Leonard Orndorff, Nitro, Chapter 7. Assets: $152,374, Liabilities: $194,827.Gary Duane Wilson, Alkol, Chapter 7. Assets: $208,925, Liabilities: $122,861.Donnie Ray and Angela Michelle Preece, Kermit, Chapter 7. Assets: $149,770, Liabilities: $157,307.Thomas Ray and Carina Nicole Ferrell, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $39,334, Liabilities: $128,794.Willa Marie Mahon, Delbarton, Chapter 7. Assets: $24,520, Liabilities: $27,202.Russell David and Tonia Lynn Martin, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $109,700, Liabilities: $162,735.Misty Dawn Brown, Williamson, Chapter 7. Assets: $13,005, Liabilities: $124,454.Adam Christopher Wisthoff, Fayetteville, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,769, Liabilities: $143,826.John Fitzgerald and Anita Lynn Tucker, Belle, Chapter 7. Assets: $158,521, Liabilities: $131,650.Rick Allen Pietrolungo, Fayetteville, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,300, Liabilities: $93,379.Erica Julieta Bell, Lewisburg, Chapter 7. Assets: $62,549, Liabilities: $133,605.Sarah Marie Benfield, Crab Orchard, Chapter 7. Assets: $2,180, Liabilities: $11,530.Patricia Ann Means, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $124,600, Liabilities: $107,064.Gustave Manuel Belcher, Dunbar, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Rodriguez Ortiz Munoz, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Frank Eric Parker, St. Albans, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.Restaurant scoresThe Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued are included:El Caporal Mexican Restaurant, 2700 E DuPont Ave., Belle: 11 critical violations. Inspector's comments:The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge of food safety; food employee observed not washing hands between changing gloves; food employee not washing hands and changing gloves after handling raw meat before working with ready-to-eat food; food employees not washing hands before putting on gloves to basket up chips; food employee in kitchen not wearing gloves in kitchen; raw beef stored at 46-degrees F, Victory cooler above 41-degrees F; cooked stuffed peppers is improperly date marked; containers used to store tortilla chips and seasonings not food grade; hand mixer is visibly soiled; spray bottles not labeled with contents; Raid insect spray in facility.Pho Vinh Long, 601 D St., South Charleston: 9 critical violations. Inspector's comments: The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge; drinking cup without cover was observed in food preparation area; raw meat above ready-to-eat food in cooler; food in cooler is improperly date marked; food bins are not food grade plastic; hood above food is visibly soiled; slicer is visibly soiled; hose in mop sink; working containers of cleaning chemical is not labeled with contents. Upon re-inspection, the restaurant received 2 critical violations.South Charleston Dairy Bar, 120 D Street, South Charleston: 5Shoney's, 116 Kanawha Blvd. E.: 5Wendy's, 1 Jackson Plaza, St. Albans: 4St. Albans Dairy Queen, 723 6th Ave., St Albans: 3Taylor Books/Coffee, 226 Capitol St.: 3S&S Mart, 1522 Kanawha Terrace, St. Albans: 3McDonald's, 303 Jefferson Road, South Charleston: 3
Sam's Uptown Cafe, 28 Capitol St.: 3Taste Of Asia, 236 7th Ave., South Charleston: 3Bluegrass Kitchen, 1600 Washington St.: 321 Pool Room, 3742 Sissonville Drive: 3Little General Store, 335 Call Road: 2Go-Mart, 6302 Sissonville Road, Sissonville: 2Edgewood Country Club Kitchen, 1600 Edgewood Drive: 2Sushi Atlantic, 422 Shrewsbury St,: 2Dairy Queen, 2502 Sissonville Drive, Charleston: 2Hardees, 612 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston: 2Mission Savvy, 202 Hale St.: 2Food Among The Flowers, 1038 Quarrier St.: 1Crumbpecker's, 107 West Main St., St. Albans: 1Little Caesar's, 104 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 1Par Mar Store, 2328 Kanawha Terrace, St. Albans: 17-Eleven, 841 Washington St.: 1Long John Silver Restaurants, 9109 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 1Rich Oil, 2900 Sissonville Drive: 1Edgewood Summit, 300 Baker Lane: 1Arby's, 10 Nitro Market Place, Cross Lanes: 1Longhorn Steakhouse, 91 RHL Blvd., South Charleston: 1Arby's, 10 Nitro Market Place, Cross Lanes: 1Longhorn Steakhouse, 1 RHL Blvd., South Charleston: 1Ms. Groovy's, 709 W Washington St.: 1Prestera Center, 1001 Smith St.: 1Lisa's, 115 Quarrier St.: 1Charleston Bread, 601 Capitol St.: 1Gun permitsThe Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: Delores Adkins, BelleMichael Allen, DunbarSheila Allen, CharlestonBrian Allman, DunbarPatricia Allman, DunbarJames Arthur, Cross LanesRobert Ashmore, South CharlestonEarl Ball, St. AlbansAnthony Bass, MarmetJames Beane, TornadoAndrew Beavers, CharlestonIgnacio Bernardo Jr., CharlestonDeborah Boggess, St. AlbansPhilip Boggess, CharlestonWilliam Bonham, CharlestonSue Bowden, ElkviewDavid Bowles Jr., ElkviewCathi Bradley, ElkviewPhillis Bright, CharlestonJay Brown, CharlestonRoger Bryant, MarmetEdward Bullman, SissonvilleCarol Cadle, CharlestonPatricia Cantrell, CharlestonChristian Capece, CharlestonPaul Carpenter, CharlestonSindy Carte, South CharlestonTheodore Chandler, CharlestonBeverly Charlton, CharlestonJames Charlton, CharlestonLaurie Choby, CharlestonJack Clark, South CharlestonMatthew Cole, NitroKevin Comer, CharlestonCharles Costilow, St. AlbansLinda Costilow, St. AlbansLarry Curnutte, CharlestonSharon Curnutte, CharlestonCarmine Dalessio, St. AlbansLisa Dalporto, CharlestonDuane Defox, St. AlbansJames Derrick, CharlestonBrenda Dotson, St. AlbansFreeda Drennen, South CharlestonZachary Dye, CharlestonTimothy Edens, South CharlestonMichael Edwards, South CharlestonSarah Enicks, HandleyKelly Estep, South CharlestonKent Estep, South CharlestonLee Estep, CharlestonAaron Finney, DunbarRebecca Foster, South CharlestonJason Frame, DunbarPeter Gallo, CharlestonAlton Garten, CharlestonCharles Gatens, St. AlbansTerry Godbey, CharlestonKenneth Grose, South CharlestonSusan Hall, St. AlbansWillard Hart, CharlestonAimee Hartley, St. AlbansErik Hawkins, CharlestonWilliam Haynes, St. AlbansCharles Hays, Blue CreekClyde Hedrick, CharlestonDarrell Herold, South CharlestonDavid Hewling, CharlestonTerrell Hicks, Cross LanesDavid Higginbotham, South CharlestonJeffrey Hite, ElkviewGregory Hodge, CharlestonJ. Hoover, BelleStephen Hughes, DunbarJohn Hyatt, St. AlbansSherri Jackson, CharlestonMatthew Johnson, CharlestonLarry Jones Sr., DunbarRodney Jordan, ElkviewTimothy Keegan, CharlestonLandon Keesee, St. AlbansBridget Kelley, CharlestonShawn King, Cross LanesBruce Kolsun, CharlestonCelinda Konkle, MarmetStanley Konkle, MarmetMelissa Lacy, CharlestonNicholas Lacy, CharlestonMarvin Lambert, ElkviewRodney Lanier, Cross LanesRebecca Legg, CharlestonVirginia Legg, CharlestonCharles Light, St. AlbansRichard Light, ElkviewShelley Lively, PinchHilda Lothes, St. AlbansPamela Lucas, CharlestonDeborah Mallett, DunbarThomas Marion, South CharlestonRobert Mathis, CharlestonDallis Maynard, BelleBrian McClung, CharlestonLisa McComas, NitroFredrick Means, CharlestonHelen Miller, CharlestonTara Miller, Cross LanesFannie Mullins, ElkviewJames Mullins, CharlestonLeon Nelson, South CharlestonNathan Nelson, CharlestonLinda Nicholson, CharlestonArchard Nissel, CharlestonBrenda Pack, Cabin CreekSamuel Parkins, CharlestonCharles Patton, CharlestonDeborah Patton, CharlestonMark Pauley, St. AlbansBryan Petry, CharlestonMichael Petry, DawesBeverly Pop, CharlestonStephen Proctor, Pond GapCharles Puckett, ElkviewSue Quinn, ClendeninDavid Raines, CharlestonDebra Raines, CharlestonLori Rainey, Cross LanesWilliam Riddle, GlasgowCharles Ridgway, Cedar GroveKathryn Robinson, CharlestonMax Rowh, Cross LanesKenneth Sampson, CharlestonBrian Seacrist, CharlestonEdward Seacrist, East BankPatricia Seacrist, East BankDaniel Shaffer, CharlestonJohn Shultz, ClendeninSamuel Singleton, RandLarry Slater, CharlestonSharon Smith, CharlestonMichael Snelling, CharlestonJennings Snodgrass Jr., MarmetJohn Solberg, CharlestonDouglas Stephens, South CharlestonRonald Summers, CharlestonGary Tanner, Cross LanesNancy Taylor, CharlestonRonald Taylor, Cross LanesDaniel Tenney, Cross LanesElizabeth Tenney, Cross LanesHoward Thomas II, South CharlestonDavid Ulbrich, South CharlestonJeffrey Wade, St. AlbansShawna Walker, TornadoFreddie Waybright Jr., South CharlestonRonnie Wedge, South CharlestonElliott White, ElkviewGlenn Williams, South CharlestonGlenn Williams II, St. AlbansScott Williams, CharlestonThomas Williams, CharlestonWilliam Wimer Sr., ElkviewWesley Wojciechowicz, ElkviewDonald Wolfe Jr., CharlestonDiana Wood, Cedar GroveTerry Wood, Cedar GroveGeorge Woodson, ElkviewCharlotte Young, Charleston
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