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Readers' Voice: Oct. 9, 2013

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email• I'd like for everybody that is against Obama in West Virginia to think back to what it was like when he took over. The world was upside down with the problems that were created by the Republicans who were greedy.• We the people do not have pensions, do not have insurance but our representatives do.• There is only one way to go with Obamacare and that is to cancel it. Nix it; we'll fix it.• This 0.5 percent sales tax in Charleston is going to end up being a joke like the taxes on the Turnpike that were supposed to have been cut out years ago. The Turnpike is a joke and the tollbooths need to be done away with like the sales tax in the city of Charleston. I will not do any shopping in Charleston.• Forty-three out of 100 people have never heard about Obamacare. That just goes to show you how stupid this country is.• WVU was afraid of losing donations from rich alumni so they made big changes to the program. Now they're about to see how much they'll lose when the everyday fans stop going to games and buying shirts and decals.• All the "hype" and those areas of federal government and non-federal agencies that are being shut down simply confirms that there is entirely too much government in our lives and we need to eliminate at least 50 percent of it.• They can't even organize the registration for Obamacare. Can you imagine how bad it's going to be when it comes to actually operating it?• The 'pink' marketing machine has descended upon us once again for an entire month. • It's a good thing other countries didn't have cruise missiles back when we were trying to exterminate the Indians.• The two most inconsiderate groups encountered daily are cigarette smokers and dog owners.• I have looked on several of the insurance exchanges for prices and I still can't afford them. I work and am just over the threshhold to get any help. They want to know what you make (gross), not what you take home.• Who are they saying that can afford these prices when you will struggle every month to be able to pay your bills after paying for insurance with high deductibles.• After making Bill Stewart head coach, rich WVU alumni threatened to withhold donations if changes weren't made in Morgantown. I hope they're happy now.
• So we partially shut down the government and sent employees home. Now we are going to give them pay for all days they miss. This should really save money. Brilliant!• The person who said he was 100 percent against Obamacare and there are better ways is absolutely right. The better way is the one-payer system, but you conservatives absolutely didn't want it, so you got what you got.• So it looks like the government workers are actually the winners in this shutdown. Paid days off to enjoy the fall weather. What a pointless exercise in political stupidity. Our future doesn't look so bright.• I thought I couldn't be more disgusted with Rep. Capito and the Republicans. I was wrong.• Where in the world did you get the idea that your PEIA premium is going to increase 63 percent? Is Rush Limbaugh an actuary now?• Checked with Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield last week. My current health insurance plan will not be available next year and a comparable plan will be about $1,000 higher. Thanks, Obamacare!
• Since Republicans don't have the votes to overturn Obamacare, which is the way democracy works, they have turned to blackmail. "Give us our way or we'll make everybody suffer," they say. We need to get Democrats back in office and in power to end this charade.• I was very uncomfortable watching Clint Trickett in so much pain and Holgorsen seemingly oblivious to it. Shows how much he cares for his players.• Obamacare works. My 93-year-old mother, who survives on $600 a month Social Security, no longer has to pay $103 for Part B Medicare and she no longer has a co-pay for doctor's visits.• If that guy wants to pay tribute to the miners who died at Upper Big Branch with his "truck art," the first thing he needs to do is remove that Friends of Coal sticker.• I've noticed that, in West Virginia, that anyone in a road can be run over and the driver is not responsible. It is ridiculous.• Regarding the last presidential election: Can we have a redo?• I am proud of the Republicans, and some Democrats, who are supporting the shutdown of government and proving to Obama that we do not need Obamacare and we do not want it.• To all you landlords and ladies who refuse rental homes to people with pets, you need to think seriously about such decisions. "Pets" are a gift from God with their unconditional love and a lot of human beings can claim to accomplish.• If the government is shut down, why is there any politician being paid or accepting insurance? They should cut them off, cold turkey, and not get any more funding for the remainder of the year, until they learn to do their job or quit.
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