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Readers' Voice: Oct. 16, 2013

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call: 304-357-4451 or email• If you can't afford to pay health insurance premiums, then how are you planning to pay your medical bills? Oh, I see. Your plan is not to pay your bills.• Obama is so hell bent on Democrats taking over the House in 2014 that he will do anything and everything he can to make sure it happens, even if it means breaking the law.• I just like to let the morons in Washington, D.C., know that we elected them and we will not elect them again over this shutdown.• [Jay] Carney said that Obama would probably sign a clean debt-ceiling bill. In other words, no cuts. The Republicans should not give Obama what he wants. Personally, I wish that Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi would hit the road - permanently.• Go Ed Rabel, go. Besides voting for you, what else can I do to help you get elected?• The story about Kim Aaron on 10/9 made me a little ill. I'm sure there is a child she could be taking to the park or an elderly person. Too much money to spend, I suppose.• Oh, I'm so proud of the Senate for standing up for what is right for this country and not being paid off by money, like the Republicans are by the Koch brothers. But now money can buy the Republicans, but it can't buy the American vote.• On his way out, former Mingo County Prosecuting Attorney Michael Sparks brags about the 100-percent conviction rate for murder and drug conviction. Don't politicians have any shame? How many of those convicted are really innocent? • Chris Dorst's Gazette photo titled 'Sun and Shadow' should be entered in a photo contest.• It appears that the government shutdown has made all Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, appreciate the size and scope of their government. Some people don't like big government until the lack of big government hurts them. Maybe they learned something the past two weeks, but I doubt it.• Contrary to the liberal way of thinking, raising the minimum wage also raises the price of food, clothing and other necessities. The only reason spending goes up when it does is because the prices of everything go up.• Republicans can't be Christians. They support a party that wants to keep tax cuts for the very richest Americans while demonizing those in poverty? A party that doesn't mind giving away millions of tax dollars to rich corporations but wants to cut foods tamps for single mothers?• Somebody hit the nail on the head, as far as the women on their cellphones in the SUVs. At least they should have good insurance when we sue them.
• Thank you, Joe Manchin, for doing your best to put the country's interests ahead of that of your shortsighted Democratic colleagues. Keep it up.
• Fog lights have a separate switch. When a fog light switch is on, the headlight switch will work them. If you're not smart enough to figure it out you shouldn't be driving.• I'm in Mason County three times a week. I have never met one person who is even mildly in favor of tollbooths on U.S. 35. The only people keeping the issue alive are motivated by greed!• Whenever there's death or injury from a vehicle crash, one of the first questions should be, "Were seat belts used?" I think many don't use their seat belts and that is why they die or get injured when there's an accident. People need to know the truth about seat-belt use.• The GOP made an offer to Obama that would have re-opened the government for six weeks. No ties to Obamacare. Obama refused it. How can the news outlets continue blaming the GOP for this mess when it's becoming more and more obvious Dear Leader wants things to go bad?• Democrats are doing their best to deal with the government shutdown and reopen it. Republicans are not. Washington, D.C., is blowing up due to the Republicans in Congress. When the dust settles, I don't think there will be any to run it. It will be a great opportunity to start over again with a clean slate in 2014.• Congress voted to give furloughed federal employees back pay. Why are they not working? Why are furloughed federal employees also entitled to unemployment benefits?
• If you want to blame people for this partial shutdown, then here's a list of people to blame in no particular order: Obama, Reid, Boehner, Pelosi and Cruz. Those five people have caused this mess. They all are incompetent and should be removed from office.• People who don't know any reasons why Obama should be impeached, here you go: Incompetence and indifference. Those just about cover everything.• You realize just how much trouble this country is in when our semi-annual crises are settled at the last minute by political deals between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell.• To whoever writes the daily Gazette editorial: Please stop using the tiresome phrase, "As we've said before." Not only is it unnecessary, but it sounds like you're flogging a dead horse.• If the cowardly Republicans would read some of the truth in the Gazette, instead of using the Readers' Voice for spouting off their hatred for our wonderful President Obama, they just might become informed. They are ingesting the Boehner Tea served daily on Fox.• Even if Boehner and Cruz don't have very high IQ's, wouldn't it be in their best interest (and the interest of their country) to look, act and speak intelligently? You know, congressional members used to be highly respected, positive, capable individuals. Some still are.• Congress is once again doing what it does best: create a crisis, posture right up to the last minute and then pass another short-term fix as time runs out on the clock. Just so we can go through it all again in a few months. This country has truly become ungovernable.• I see where some readers are blaming the Democrats for the shutdown, but make no mistake about it, this is all tea partiers' and Republicans' fault. They have fought Obama for five years to keep him and this country from succeeding, so they don't care, as long as they get their way.
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