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Readers' Voice: Nov. 19, 2013

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email because you are a customer does not give you the right to be abusive and treat people like they are not human, especially on the phone.George W. Bush was not a "draft dodger." He was a deserter, and that is a felony, not to mention an act of cowardice and possible treason. What's the matter? I thought you conservatives were "law and order" people? Or is that just for crimes committed by liberals?Why weren't the library levy and the excess school levy separate votes? How was that decision made? Does anyone have an explanation?Obama objectives: Better health care for all people, continued economic recovery, more jobs, feed hungry kids and disabled people, immigration reform. Republican objectives: Obstruct everything.It's the Gazette's fault that WVU lost to Kansas. If the sports writers had picked Kansas to win, the Mountaineers would have played ball.As a taxpayer who believes everyone should be covered by health insurance, I suggest that emergency-room treatment after 12/31/2013 should be available only to those who have insurance or who are able to pre-pay in full. This might encourage many young people to enroll.Enough with the 'I am not educating other people's children.' These same children will one day be your minister, doctor, business owner, mayor, lawyer, accountant, electrician, etc. These are the people you are educating. People you will one day depend on. Now, how well educated do you want them? The Mountaineers should hire Jim Tressel.Why attack Miley Cyrus when you have other half-dressed idiots that are just as ridiculous: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, just to name a few.The city of South Charleston public works garage is a major eyesore. Something needs to be done about it.What authority does President Obama have to change the Affordable Care Act, an existing federal statute duly passed by the Congress? And is such an executive action even lawful? Our congressional representatives should initiate an investigation of the president's executive orders.
I am a law-abiding consumer and don't feel I would be punished if my cold or allergy required a prescription for pseudoephedrine. I'm all for banning OTC purchases if it helps reduce meth labs. Kudos to the Lincoln pharmacy for halting sales on it.Ollie's follies have brought WVU athletics to a new low. I propose we drop down to Division III where we can be competitive. Sports are still somewhat fun there and expensive coaches and scholarships are not required.Has anyone noticed lately how short and tired actor George Clooney looks?
If we could work out a deal with Iran, do you think that Israel would get mad at us and turn down all our foreign aid?I want to thank the young lady on Nov. 11 at Chick-fil-A who paid for my food. How very thoughtful and sweet. God bless you.Concerning the recent levy -- the majority of the people have spoken. What part of 'no' do you not understand? How dare you consider taking it to the legislature against the people's will? We can vote you out too.Why do the networks still keep putting Cheney on them? Because of two wars and millions of lives and millions and millions of dollars?The Kanawha County Board of Education should cut the bigwigs' salaries and cancel their bonuses.Medicare Part D was pushed through by the Republican Party. I think that cost the American people about a billion dollars.
What's our Republican senator, Joe Manchin, trying to do? Kill the Affordable Care Act? I always knew he was Republican.Why isn't Rusty Casto's name on anything in Nitro? He gave years of his dedication to this town and isn't credited for anything.Under the Obama administration, gas prices have come down a whole lot, and I really appreciate this. I just wished people would get out of his way and let him govern. I think he could make this into a great nation again.People keep talking about the Affordable Care Act and how unpopular it is. No wonder. It's been under attack by the Republicans from the get-go. The same way they attacked Social Security. No wonder people are unhappy. Wouldn't you be if all you heard was negativity from morning 'til night?
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