Party outfit: Satin and sequins

By Dennise Smith
Chris Dorst
Dangly necklaces, earrings and an iPhone clutch complete the look with this red satin jacket and sequined tap shorts combo.
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- This outfit is built around two items I bought separately, both on a whim. A red satin jacket and sequined tap shorts seem like an unlikely combination, and I must admit that when I bought these two items, I was not sure where, when or how I would ever wear them. I only knew that I had to have them.Generally, this method of sartorial decision-making proves dangerous for me. Indeed, a good third of my closet is composed of theatrical and/or divaesque items such as an African dashiki, four kimono jackets, a Turkish gold-embroidered caftan and a feather boa-trimmed velvet duster (all of which I have actually worn out in public, by the way, sometimes to the chagrin of my dates).
This look, however, is one occasion on which my diva impulses may have actually worked. The claret color of the satin jacket seemed to be an obvious for a holiday party outfit. This jacket, incidentally, turned out to be more versatile than I thought, and I have used it in several different looks.Instead of pairing the jacket with a basic black skirt or slacks, I decided to kick up the festivity factor and wear it with sequined shorts. I already had the tuxedo shirt, black pumps and faux rhinestone collar. And so my outfit, which I have christened "Marlene Dietrich Does Christmas," was born.My purchased items were the long, dangly necklaces; earrings; and an iPhone clutch, all of which I found on sale at Deb. Hurrah! I did go over my $25 limit, slightly due to the clutch purchase, which was probably unnecessary for the outfit, but the silver and black lace pattern proved too hard to resist.
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