Early giving brings Christmas Fund total to nearly $15K

CHARLESTON, W.Va. --Generous Gazette readers have given nearly $15,000 to the Gazette Charities Christmas Fund during the early days of this year's fund drive. All money raised by the fund will go to 10 local agencies that assist those in need. Because Thanksgiving fell late this year, the giving season is a bit shorter, so please don't delay when considering a gift to Gazette Charities. The fund has a long way to go to meet its goal this year. The Gazette covers all administrative costs of the fund. All gifts - in their entirety - will go to the people who need them most.
To give, look for the donation coupon in today's paper or go online to wvgazette.com and click on the Christmas Fund logo. Here's a list of this week's donors: Vernon Bowen, $100 Betty Caplan, $50 Anonymous, in memory of Margaret and Marguerite, $100 Mary E. Dickens, in memory of Lewis G. Dickens, $50 Mr. Jack Fellure, $25 Elizabeth Chilton, in honor of my family, $500 Sara Hatfield, $10 Anonymous, in honor of Karin Fuller and Alyce Faye Bragg, $20 Ann Balkey, in memory of Ruben Jones, $50
P.C., in honor of Betty Chilton, $50 Ruth Peyton, in memory of Martha Wehrle, $100 Mr. James Hunter, in memory of Joy A. Hunter, $40 Jim Haught, $200 Kemp Littlepage McElwee, in memory of Collett Smith, $100 Reid Pugh, in memory of my mother, Pat Pugh, $200
Ramona Lockwood, in memory of Ernie Woodall, $100 Donna J. Shaver, in memory of my parents, Don and Vida Shaver, $100 Truist, $32 P.C., in honor of Beth Elkins, $50 William Gessner, Jr., $25 Roberta M. Spence, in memory of Cecil M. Spence, $50 Anonymous, in honor of Jesus Christ my Savior, $50 Doris and Jim Smith, $150 Anonymous, in memory of LCD, $1,000 Jamie Summers, in memory of Ethel Hunley, $50 William Chambers, in memory of Carolyn Perry, $500 Daniel Martin II, in memory of Clarence and Eva Mae Sydenstricker, $50 Carolyn Del Grande, in memory of Richard Del Grande, $200 Jerome Curry, in honor of President Obama who is trying to get millions of people insured, $200 Karen Gresh, in memory of Richard Del Grande, $100 Ezra Cochran, in memory of Jennie Ellen Cook, $100 Freeman & Chiartas, $100 Dabney and Daniel Phillips, in memory of Arthur and Doris Isaac, $100
Terence Barron, in memory of Dr. Fredrick Russell Sidell, Williamstown, W.Va., $100 Joan and Robert Power, $100 James Clark, $100 Gordon Moore, $50 Barbara Koster, in memory of Beulah Koster, $25 Helen Hatcher, in memory of O.W. "Bud" Hatcher, $25 Elinor Midkiff, $25 Barry Myers, in memory of Ollie Ward Prichard, $30 June Robinson, in memory of Mrs. Willie Robinson, $30 Anonymous, Peace on Earth!, $100 Ruth Juanita Ong, in memory of Larry Randolph, $50 Rev. and Mrs. Ricardo Flippin, in memory of Mary L. Flippin, $30 Anonymous, in honor of Logan and Mason, $25 Fran and Bill Allen, in memory of William H. Allen, Sr. and Ruby Allen, $50 Connie Stewart, in honor of Will, Clyde and Drew, $50 Anonymous, in memory of Bud Patterson, $100 Anna L. Greenleaf, in memory of Lenn "Ed" Greenleaf, $100 Joy and Jack Rossi, in memory of our parents, $150 Kathleen Trippany, $100 Albert Dress, in memory of Daniel Dress, $50 Carol and Dennis Flaherty, $50 Anonymous, in memory of Helen, $100 Anonymous, in memory of Polly, Ed and Quinnie, $100 Phil Lawrence, $100 Ellyn Goldberg, in honor of Rob's Fund & BNAI Jacob Synagogue, $100 Marion Baer, $100 Karen and Herbert Harr, $100 Camille Keller, in memory of William H. and Helen I. Keller, $20 Barbara C. Mason, $25 Anonymous, in memory of Elizabeth C. Smith, $50 Gayl<co > Tulley, in memory of Joshua Tulley, $100 Koleske Family, in memory of parents, $100 Sue and Ed Baldwin, in memory of Megan Baldwin, $30 Mary Lou Hatfield, in memory of Clifford Hatfield, $100 Leslie N. Johnson, $250 Susan and Trip Shumate, in memory of W.E. Chilton III, $300 Leona and James Piercy, in memory of Prue Piercy, $100 Anonymous (combined), $4,530 _______________ Total for the week, $12,097 Grand total, $14,967
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