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Christmas Fund total at $31K, but help is still needed

By Staff reports

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Friends, family and the dearly departed -- the dedications on a list of Gazette Charities Christmas Fund gifts are filled with the names of those who have inspired the generosity shown by the givers.

Who inspires generosity in you? Please consider recognizing them in next week's list of Christmas Fund givers.

Your gift -- every penny -- will go to fund the much-needed efforts of 10 local help agencies that are working hard to meet the need in our community.

This week, Gazette readers gave more than $16,300 to the Christmas Fund. That brings the total so far to more than $31,200.

But we have a long way to go to meet our goal . . . and an ever-dwindling amount of time.

Please don't delay. Look for the donation coupon in today's paper or donate online at by clicking on the Christmas Fund logo.

Here is a list of this week's donors:


Kathy Brown, in honor of Charlie's Angels, $350

Kristin Halkias, in honor of Daniel and Pleshette Snavely and family, $25

Kristin Halkias, in honor of George and Tracy Watson and family, $25

Sue and Craig Selby, $500

"Mad Max" and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Paula Bland Family, $25

Carol and Fred Bowen, in memory of Gary Silman, $25

Carol and Fred Bowen, in memory of Robert (Rick) Silman, $25

Carol and Fred Bowen, in memory of Carl and Macel Richardson, $50

Carol and Fred Bowen, in memory of Emmitt and Buelah Bowen, $50

Michael Myers, in memory of Samuel McCleese, $25

Susan Glenn, in memory of Ethan Glenn, $30

"Mad Max" and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Jim and Madeline Maxwell, $25

Mr. Florian Ceperley, in memory of Ellen Axson Rodes Ceperley, $50

Pat and Bill Jarrett, $100

Joyce Holden, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Sowards, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Olga Ratliff, $10

Lola C. Kinder, in memory of Pvt. William Kinder, $200

Noel and Bill Hassen and family, in memory of David Matthew Hassen, $100

Rebecca and Jack Kutil, in honor of Jesus our Savior, $100

Mary Stanley, in honor of Abigail and Lydia, $200

Dorothy and Ernest Woodall, in memory of our son, Ernest Woodall Jr., and Ivan and Hazel Woodall and John and Ida Hooper, $100

Terry Sayre, in honor of Phyllis Sayre and in memory of Sam Sayre, $150

Anonymous, in memory of Rosemary Marshall, $25

Ellie and Mark Schaul, $100

Marilyn And Wesley Burns, in honor of our grandson Maxwell Howard Burns, born 11-15-2013, $35

Diana and Raymond Barber, $100

Ms. Vera Myers, in memory of my daughter Connie Norris, $20

Anonymous, in memory of My Wonderful Wife, $50

Amy and Steve Golden, $300

Anonymous, in memory of Patty Legg, $50

Barb Gessner, in memory of Ann Chun, $25

Anonymous, in memory of our son Rick, $100

Fraternal Order of Police Associates No. 4, $200

Ann Moody-Calwell, $500

Ramon Stover, in memory of Donald and Virginia Stover, $25

Sarah Adams, in memory of Frank, $50

Linda and Daniel Taylor, in memory of Mary Porter Taylor, $100

Mrs. Norma S. Levy, in honor of Andrea Hereford Baker, $100

Mrs. Norma S. Levy, in memory of Ancestors in Hope/Bond Cemetery on West Side hilltop, $100

Garnet Phillips, in memory of Kelli Leann Williams, $25

Betty Fourney, in memory of Paul J. Fourney, $50

Eleanor Rose, in memory of Susan Foulk, $25

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Conley, $25

Kathy and Bob, in honor of family, $100

"Mad Max" and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Betty Bland and Ken Volkers, $25

Anonymous, in honor of DTKJ, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Josephine Smith, beloved grandmother, $100

"Mad Max" and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Bill Maxwell Family, $25

Laura and Robert Thaw, in memory of Linda Neff Bly, $50

Laura and Robert Thaw, in honor of Martha Ammon, $50

Terry Johnson, in memory of Ruth and Bob Johnson, $50

Opal Quesenberry, in honor of Matt Wender Family, $100

Dolores Smith, $25

Fay Jack, in memory of Kenny Jack, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Chet and Nancy Winterstein, $70

Anonymous, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. W. Sutton, $500

Wilma and Rich Naseef, in honor of William and Charlie, $100

Barbara Murray, $100

Mary Hague Girod, in honor of Brad and Kathie Hague, $100

Nelson Spencer, in memory of Marie Spencer, $100

Judy Penza, in memory of parents Donald and Lucretia Hirsh, $100

Riverview Terrace Yoga Class, $150

Mary Hague Girod, in honor of David and Carolyn Hague, $100

Anonymous, in honor of my favorite grandmother and in memory of Sara Suka, $100

Anonymous, in honor of the dedicated staff of the Adult Education Learning Center-KVCTC, $100

Gary Weber, in memory of Eva Weber, $50

John O'Neil, in memory of our parents, $100

Sandra Fadal, in memory of Bryan Frampton, $100

Sean, Ana, Liam and Colin McGinley, in memory of Patricia Noel McGinley, $100

Edith Phillips, in memory of Danny Phillips, $50

Patricia Blankenship, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Larry Maynor, $100

David C. Cupler, in memory of Judith L. Cupler, $30

Anonymous, in memory of Clyde, Pearl and Randy Engle, $200

Anonymous, in memory of Ron, Carolyn and Scott McGraw, $200

Patsy L. Thompson, in memory of Ray Thompson, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Paul and Arlene Van Reenan Beverage and William and Anna Burgess Durham, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Shirley and Irene Hammack, $25

Norma Hastings, in memory of William Michael Hastings, $100

Stephen Parkins, $25

Susie and Bob Orders, in memory of cousin Bob Orders, $100

Tiffany Bethea, in memory of Alma Harmon, $20

Ms. Rosa L. Pickel, in honor of Jesus -- the reason for the season and in memory of Nelson Mandela -- a great humanitarian, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Evelyn Keener, $50

Tod Kaufman, in memory of Ned Chilton, my friend and tennis partner, $50

Hettie and Billy Bass, in memory of Ivan Bartely, $100

Ralph Edward, $25

Mary Lively, in memory of Mike Protka, $100

Anonymous, in honor and in memory of Our Military Families, $1,000

Karen Dixon, in memory of Paul L. Dixon, $100

Nancy Byard, in memory of Michelle and Joe Fratino, $100

Karen Potesta, in memory of my mom and dad Mary and Woodrow Potesta and my brother-in-law, James I. Keane, $300

James Riggs, in memory of Vivian Riggs, $25

Van and Gary Durrett, $1,000

Roy Green, in honor of Howe and Fisher families, $40

Joyce and Dan George, $500

Ms. Karen Jenkins, in memory of Harold and Alma Bronaugh, $200

Anonymous (combined), $4,730

Weekly total: $16,310

Grand total: $31,277


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