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Fund raises more than $50,000; time running short to give

By Staff reports

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- There's no time to waste if you are considering a gift to the Gazette Charities Christmas Fund.

This week, generous Gazette readers gave more than $20,000 to the fund, which goes to support 10 local help agencies in our area.

The work of those agencies is integral in meeting the need that exists in our community.

The fund now stands at $52,000, but our yearly goal is still a long way off, and Christmas in less than a week away.

Please don't delay. To give, look for the donation coupon in today's paper or click on the Christmas Fund logo on this website.

Here is a list of this week's donors:

Shirley White, in memory of Andrew and Robert White, $50

Our Gang Haircare, $100

Joel Armstrong, in honor of Faith Armstrong and Sonia Gaviola, $100

Pamela and Elliott Harvit, $1,000

Anonymous, in honor of those that need help, $25

Sam Miragliotta, in memory of Frances and Rose Miragliotta, $50

George Ann Grubb, in memory of Ruth Grubb, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Barbara and Harold Miles, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. James Goshorn, $50

Peggy Barker, in memory of Angela C. Barker, $25

Faye and Joe Guilfoile, in memory of Mary Sparks and Eleanor Guilfoile, $150

Anonymous, in memory of Julian H. Phillips, $50

Rose and Johnny Hill, $60

Anonymous, in memory of Harry Marcus, $100

Catherine Cornell, in memory of John Cornell, $100

Melanie and Jim Vickers, in memory of Elmer and Pauline Vickers, $25

Melinda and Sam Sutton, $50

Kevin Wolfe, $200

Anonymous, in memory of Sandra Corey, $300

Xspec Power, $300

Anonymous, in memory of Roy B. Payne, Jr., $15

Mrs. L.E. Witt, in memory of Amos Witt, Oscar and Edna Witt, Marvin and Vay Casto, $75

Ann Brotherton, in memory of William Brotherton Jr., $100

Melvina Arthur, in memory of my husband Robert, $25

Mad Max Maxwell, in honor of "Wheeler Bob" and "Toast Man," $25

Lois and David Teets, $50

Anonymous, in memory of our parents, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Jack A.E. Withrow, $100

Jewell Crews, in memory of Cecil Crews, $50

Jim Wilmoth, $50

Anonymous, in memory of my husband and our parents, $400

Mary Comer, in memory of Margaret and Raymond White Jr., $200

The Lewis Family, in memory of Brad Lewis, $100

Flora Francis, in memory of Bud Francis, $50

Jeannie Plumley, in memory of Patsy Haas, $25

Marty and Jim Kemplin, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Roy, $50

Ella and Robey Myers, in memory of Shelton and Lena Corper and Lincoln and Opal Myers, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Sammy, $25

Jane and Ed Keeling, in memory of Edward Lee Keeling II, $100

Richard E. Hanlen, in memory of Virginia Judy Hanlen, $25

Gary Nease, in memory of Betty Nease, $25

Ronald L, Meldi, in memory of Robert H. Green, $20

Janet and Jack Durbin, in memory of Ruby Durbin, $25

Patricia S. Nelson, $100

Olivia Singleton, in memory of RRS, $100

Anne Rada, in memory of my husband, Edward Rada, $100

David Lieving, in memory of Roberta Lieving, $100

Sowers and Company, A.C., $100

Mad Max Maxwell, in honor of Sportscaster Mark Martin, $25

Dorothy and George Schneiter, in honor of "Thanks for God's Blessings," $500

Chi Master Beta Signa Phi Sorority, in honor of Chi Master Members, $25

Jeannie and Richard Randolph, in memory of James and Gracie Randolph, $25

Robin and Martin Klapproth, in memory of Robin's parents: William A. and Helen L. Minter, $50

Jeanie Hurley, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Harry and Faye Carelli, $100

Anonymous, in honor of our children, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Marvin and Rose Schmoll, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Byron and Vera Young, $200

Delores Blackwell, in memory of Jennifer French, $100

Barbara and Brooks McCabe, in memory of our parents, $250

Mr. Stanley Kenney, in memory of Margaret Kenney, $100

Janet Burford, in honor of Bill and Doris Roy, $25

Karen Smith, in honor of Molly and Doug, $100

William B. Horn, $200

Joyce Rockwell, in honor of Nolan, $40

Charles Hamilton, in honor of Charles Hamilton, $300

Judith, Margaux, Demian and Judy Byrne, in memory of "Nanny," $150

Ben Hughes, $50

Carol and Alan Kuhlman, $50

Glayds and John Moran, $100

Diane and Paul Wallace, $200

Rebecca and Phala Hildebrand, in memory of Harold and Jeff Hildebrand, $40

Eloise Boggs, $200

Linda and James Sapp, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, $200

Jim Ruziska, in memory of Martha Ruziska, $15

Judy and Bill Pugh, in memory of Bill and Pat Pugh and John and Myrene Nixon, $200

Travis Milam, in memory of Bruce Milam -- My Dad -- #1 Cleveland Brown Fan, $50

Julie Campbell, $40

Mr. Kenneth Dunn, $50

Anonymous, in honor of Ken and Patti Connelly, $100

Anonymous, in honor of W. Patterson Lyles, $25

Shirley and Bill Cunningham, in memory of granddaughter: Maddison "Maddy" Faith Bennett, $25

Libby Finster, in memory of Virginia and Banjo Dotson, $20

Steve Ledahawsky, $250

The H. Truman Chafin Family Charitable Fund of the Foundation for the Tri-State Community, Inc., in memory of Genevieve Lefevre, $1,000

James Thibeault, $50

Tiano O'Dell PLLC, $1,000

Tara Tuckwiller and Rob Byers, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Sue and Red, $15

Jewell and Jim Carter, in honor of our children, $50

Dina Luby, $25

Anonymous, in memory of Dave Mason, Nellie Fair and Aunt Evelyn, $150

Anonymous, in honor of our elderly mothers, $1,500

Sandy Williams, in memory of Mary, Theresa and Lucia, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Jim Dick Dickerson, $20

Beatrice McElhinny, in memory of L. McElhinny, $50

Tammy and Richard Owen, in honor of friends and co-workers, $250

Anonymous, in memory of Evangeline Fielder, $25

Deborah Coleman, in memory of James, James Jr. and Kevin Coleman, $40

W.Va. Landlords Association, $200

Nancy and Sam Frame, in memory of Clinton - our son, $100

Dennis Arnett, in memory of Arietta, Ralph and Linda Arnett, $100

Anita and "Mad Max" Maxwell, in honor of Alyce Faye Bragg, $25

Dauree Coleman, in memory of James Sr., James Jr. and Kevin Coleman, $75

Anonymous (combined), $6,515

Weekly total: $20,365

Grand total: $52,018


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