Single mothers have trouble making ends meet

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Today's economy is especially rough on single moms.That's why Scott Foley thinks the Children's Home Society is so important this time of year.Foley said Valerie, 21, is having a hard time raising her 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter by herself in a small apartment. Her boyfriend left after the little girl was born, and with no one to help watch the kids, she is unable to work.Valerie gets by on $156 a month in food stamps. She has to worry about her son's severe asthma and daughter's heart problems. Valerie desperately needs a baby bed and clothes for the boy.
Marilyn, 29, is also having a hard time raising her three children by herself. Marilyn recently went back to school to try to make a better life for her sons, who are 12, 3 and 2.But with their father gone and Marilyn working a minimum-wage job and trying to go to school, there isn't a lot to go around. Foley said her kids need winter clothes, and she fears they will have no Christmas presents under the tree today.To help the Children's Home Society get these moms the help they need, please consider donating to the Gazette Charities Christmas Fund.When you make a donation to the Gazette Charities Fund, every penny goes to the agencies and people who need help. The Gazette covers the administrative costs of the fund. All donations to Gazette Charities are tax-deductible.To donate online, go to and click on the Gazette Charities Christmas Fund logo.
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