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Charity fund at $68,000; more needed to reach goal

By Staff reports

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Christmas has come and gone, but if you would like to give a gift to the Gazette Charities Christmas Fund, there's still time.

So far this holiday season -- shortened by Thanksgiving falling so late this year -- the fund has raised more than $68,000. That includes $16,000 raised this week.

Unfortunately, the total is still short of our goal.

Gifts given to the fund go to assist the work of 10 local help agencies as they strive to meet the need that exists in our community.

The Gazette covers all administrative costs of the fund.

Look for the donation coupon in today's paper if you would like to give. Or go to and click on the Christmas Fund logo.

Here's a list of this week's generous donors:

Brett Barthelmess, in memory of Art and Shirley Barthelmess and Bill Miller, $200

Daniel Martin II, in memory of Charles and Clara Martin, $50

Marilyn Ohlsen, in honor of Jonathan Ohlsen, $50

Erika Stokes, in honor of teachers, $25

Judy and Britt McJunkin, in memory of Mary Kathryn Hamrick Graham, $100

June and Jerry Hicks, in honor of Judy King and Barbara Hicks-Neddo, $50

Elton Burford, $50

Evon Fooce, in memory of Travis Fooce 1989-2006, $50

LeAndria Reed, in honor of Reed-Drake Family, $35

Anonymous, in memory of Miss Betty Cook, $50

Anonymous, in memory of my husband, $50

Dr. William and Ann Harris, in honor of Bert Morris and in memory of Danny Chapman, $1,000

Rose Christian, in memory of Don Christian, $300

Anonymous, in memory of Donald Freeman Nelson, $100

Connie and Ed Hillenbrand, in memory of Dr. James W. Lane, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Geo Y. Anderson III, $30

Anonymous, in memory of my special friend, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Virginia and Lewis Legg, $1,000

Anonymous, in honor of our parents and Elias, $45

Bureau for Medical Services -- Pharmacy Unit, in honor of Peggy King, $125

Barbara and Gerald Simmons, in memory of Tina Simmons Larson, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Ruby and Virgil Friend, $100

Marjorie Clarkson, $30

C&L Construction Co., Inc., in memory of Frank and Connie Moffitt, $200

Carol Velasquez, in memory of Rose and Paul Campbell, $300

Anonymous, in memory of Carolyn and Ron McGraw, $100

Rhonda and Doug Moffitt, in honor of Michael, Brian and Paige Moffitt, $200

Rev. Mel Hoover and Rev. Rose Edington, in memory of Felix Hoover, $200

Kim and Wayne Young, $200

Katie and Chuck Toussieng, $200

Myrt O'Dell, in memory of John O'Dell, $50

Myrna and Paul Parsons, in memory of our parents, brother, daughter-in-law, and baby sister, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Vicki and Gene, $25

Marianne Lane, in memory of Dr. Jim Lane, $100

Rilla Smith, in memory of my husband, Frank, $100

Raymona and Paul Kinneberg, in honor of David Kinneberg, $250

Alexandria Vargo, in memory of Jennifer A. Ziegler, $250

Elizabeth Nelson, in memory of Sassy DeHaven, $25

Carol Folden, in memory of my loving husband, Jay Folden, $100

Ivor's Trunk, in memory of Mildred, Leon and Earl, $250

Andy Hendricks, in memory of Patricia S. Hendricks, $100

David Parker, in memory of Gregory Wynn Parker, $500

Melissa Ruddle, in memory of my dad, Darrell Holley, $50

Glenna Russell, in honor of Glen Cline and family, $100

Steve Morris, in honor of our sisters and brothers, $100

Ellen Thomas, in honor of Susan and David Hill, $50

Becky Fain Cochran, in loving memory of Robert C. Cochran, MD, $250

Anonymous, in memory of Gladys and Dan, James and Paul and Juanita Beller, $100

Anonymous, in honor of Freda Cutlip, $100

Anonymous, in memory of Vera and Lyle, $50

Emma W. Jones, $30

Susan and John Poffenbarger, in memory of Matt Poffenbarger, $100

Carol Lively, in memory of Bernard R. Lively, $100

Susan and Richard Genthner, $100

Meridith Johnstone, in memory of Loretta Copley, $25

Jack Rogers, in memory of Hugh H. and Annie Catherine Delp Rogers and to glory of God, $500

James B. Dotson, in memory of Kermit and Georgia Dotson, $125

Gerald Brennan, $100

Anonymous, in memory of James E. Hackett, $20

Anonymous in memory of Fil Nutter Sr., $100

Angus M. Peyton, in memory of Dad, Kathe and Dunmore, $1,000

Herscher Foundation, $1,000

Barbara and Stephen Hopta, $300

Sue and Ralph Parsons, in memory of Mother and Dad J. and Mom and Dad P., $200

Shirley Marria, in memory of my husband, Walter R. Marria, $50

Brown UMC Women, $25

Faith and Bill Bragg, in memory and honor of our parents, $100

Louise Babst, in memory of Bill Babst, $200

Evita and Charles Saffer, $250

L.A. Westfall, in memory of Christopher Zane Westfall, $50

Ann and Jim Nelson, $100

Diane Hackney, in memory of my beloved nephew, Luke Krawchyk, $50

John Spence, in memory of Mike Wright, $250

John Doyle, in memory of Fayette County Volunteers, $25

Maxine Birt, in memory of my cousin, Wanda Myers, $50

R.C. and S.A. Blankenship, $200

Anonymous, in memory of my mom, $10

Elizabeth Scharman-Rogers, in memory of Pat Schmidt, $150

Anonymous, in memory of Kelly Spradling Simmons, $100

Cheryl and Jim Kirksey, in honor of our service men and women and their families, $100

Shannon Rogers, $5

Aidean Rogers, $5

Anonymous (combined), $2,967

Weekly total: $16,077

Grand tota: $68,095


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