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On file: Dec. 29, 2013


The following people filed for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Dec. 20 and 26:

Charles Clayton Moss, 38, of Cross Lanes and Amie Lea Lacy, 36, of St. Albans.

Stephen Shane Nichols, 44, and Melissa Dawn Nichols, 44, both of Cross Lanes.

Aaron Ray St. Clair, 30, and Veronica Gonima, 26, both of Nitro.

Paul Alan McDaniel, 32, and April Gail Brown, 35, both of St. Albans.

John Daniel Smith Jr., 22, of Charleston and Ashley Janet Bish, 24, of South Charleston.

Thomas Russell Holdren, 22, and Marlee Jorae Bailey, 20, both of South Charleston.

Nicholas Joseph Nooney, 27, and Ana Michelle Mullins, 23, both of Charleston.

Joseph Harold Richards, 48, of St. Albans, and Kimberly Ann Badillo, 48, of Nitro.

Stephen Dustin Graham, 32, of Charleston and Emilie Jo Barnette, 31, of St. Albans.

Luke Shipley Bowlin, 19, of Marmet and Jessie Callie Holstein, 18, of Charleston.



The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Dec. 19 and 26:

Brad Delaney from Randelle Delaney

Emily Rose White from Aaron Andrew White

Donna Claypool from James Claypool

Tammie L. Hedrick from Theodore Hedrick

Liquitta Gibson from Dennis Gibson

Matthew P. Adkins from Tara A. Adkins

Katrina A. Sanders from Dallas M. Sanders

Stephanie Alisha Cox from Michael Anthony Cox

Jeremy Raymond St. Clair from Katherine Delores St. Clair

Samantha W. White from Jeremy D. White

April K. Baldwin from Gregory A. Baldwin

Christel S. McNeely from Lora E. McNeely

Brittany Slater from Jeffrey Slater


Property transfers

The following properties of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Dec. 20 and 26:

Paula F. Slack to Robert E. and Brenda L. Blackman. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $60,000.

Craig J. and Jaclyn M. Hoosier to National Residential Nominee Services Inc. Lot, Charleston, $195,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Philip A. Cassis. Lot, Charleston, $195,000.

Joshua B. Ellis to Susan R. Chevalier. Lot, Elk District, $190,000.

Charles D. and Teresa G. Scarbro to Christina G. Pierson. Lot, St. Albans, $131,500.

Harry E. and Carma L. Crede to Patriot Landing LLC. Lot, Elk District, $200,000.

Kenneth G. Beal, Clinton R. Beal, Joyce E. Ayers and Kathy L. Harper to Christopher Powell. Lot, Union District, $111,000.

John S. and Candice M. Steele to Matthew Lawrence and Sarah C. Childers. Lot, Union District, $193,500.

Rebecca L. Ledbetter to Alexander Lee and Brittany L. Neal. Lot, Union District, $98,000.

Patrick C. Graney IV to Richard C. and Deanna C. Wisman. Lot, Charleston, $350,000.

Frank D. Peck and Gregory A. Peck to Daniel Cosgrove Jr. Lot, Union District, $61,780.

Kristy Lea Hartley to Ashlea M. Loy. Lot, South Charleston, $90,000.

1033 Quarrier LLC to Ralph W. Hoyer. Lot, Charleston, $365,000.

Minu D. and Zia Sabet to Randall A. and Lisa R. Norman. Lot, Union District, $270,000.

Citi Mortgage Inc. to AK Development LLC. Lot, Elkview, $62,500.

William N. Alexander to Randy P. Gombos. Lot, Jefferson District, $125,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to JPMorgan Chase Bank. Lot, St. Albans, $83,359.50.

Patrick C. Merrifield to Roger Forman and Arla Ralston. Lot, Charleston, $53,000.

Virginia S. Dolin to Justin D. Sigman. Lot, St. Albans, $62,000.

Dominick and Sandra Bria to Nancy E. Murray. Lot, Charleston, $150,000.

Linda L. Gilliam to Daniel and Grace T. Schall. Condominium, Charleston, $112,000.

Robert N. and Sarah W. Hart to Jessica C. Heydinger. Lot, Charleston, $242,500.



The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of nonexempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. The following bankruptcies were filed between Dec. 20 and 26:

Samuel Henry Bays, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $9,620, Liabilities: $356,858.

Duane Edward and Debra Ruth Drennen, East Bank, Chapter 7. Assets: $111,600, Liabilities: $170,050.

John Thomas Cyrus, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,600, Liabilities: $38,865.

Amber Renee Haga, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $5,524, Liabilities: $24,194.

Garreth Dwight Null, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,097, Liabilities: $130,877.

Hillery Holmes Rollins, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $72,950, Liabilities: $130,785.

John Stephen and Elizabeth Ann Neff, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $132,435, Liabilities: $155,646.

Theresa Lynn Reynolds, Caldwell, Chapter 7. Assets: $0, Liabilities: $104,879.


Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: 

Gary Ray Adkins, St. Albans

John Mark Adkins, Charleston

Kelli Jo Adkins, Cross Lanes

Kendra Dail Adkins, Cross Lanes

Trena Fay Adkins, South Charleston

Michael Louis Aiello, Charleston

Donald Ray Atkins, Elkview

Maryclaire Atkins Akers, Charleston

Tiffany Marie Arbaugh, Charleston

Kenneth Ward Armstead Jr., Charleston

Letha Ann Armstead, Charleston

Pamela Gail Armstead, Charleston

Adam Trent Arthur, Charleston

Brenda Kay Arthur, South Charleston

Roger Lee Arthur, Nitro

Dawn Marie Ashworth, Charleston

Misti Renee' Ashworth, Charleston

Kerri Callebs Bailey, Tornado

Jacklynn Tanzie Baisden, St. Albans

Lorie Emmaline Baldwin, Charleston

Clint Dean Baldwin, Charleston

William David Baldwin, St. Albans

Kirk D. Ballard, Belle

Denver Merle Barber, Cross Lanes

John Eric Barth, Charleston

Christopher Garland Bays, Charleston

David Scott Bays, Charleston

Cynthia Kay Bigler, Charleston

Eugene S. Billanti, Eskdale

Paul Wayne Blankenship, Cross Lanes

Thomas Layne Blasingim Jr., Charleston

Hansford Charles Boggs, Charleston

Larry Ray Boggs Jr., Sissonville

John Milton Bolen, Elkview

Jeanine Ann Botkins, Nitro

Cloyd Ellsworth Breedlove, South Charleston

Jack Donzell Brewster Jr., Shrewsbury

Stephen Lee Brewster, Shrewsbury

Dakota Bradley Brown, South Charleston

Rachel Elaine Brown, Cross Lanes

John David Brumfield, South Charleston

Stephen Luke Bruner, Charleston

Melvin Leroy Burch, Tornado

Christopher Todd Burdette, South Charleston

Johnny Harold Burdette, Elkview

Angela Annette Burgess, Cedar Grove

Amanda Marie Butler, South Charleston

O'Dasel Cabell, Miami

Eugene Cash Cain, St. Albans

Daniel Keith Campbell, Sissonville

John T. Carroll, Charleston

Paul Ray Carte, Charleston

Thomas Brandon Casto, Cross Lanes

Dayle Patrick Chapman, Charleston

Joshua Randolph Chapman, Cross Lanes

Jason Robert Clark, Charleston

Jonathan Bruce Clarkson, St. Albans

Dustin Quinn Clay, Charleston

Benson Cline, Mammoth

Norris Robert Combs, St. Albans

Paul Wesley Courtney, Charleston

Claude Leon Croteau, Charleston

Gregory Scott Crumit, Dunbar

Gary Randolph Cunningham, Cross Lanes

Patricia Lynn Dacus, St. Albans

George Roy Dasher, Elkview

Cecil Allen Dean, South Charleston

Deanna Lynn Deliere, Elkview

David Lee DeWeese Sr., Nitro

Eric Lee Drenner, Sissonville

David Scott Duncan, St. Albans

Timothy Lyle Easterday, Elkview

Andrea Lynn Elkins, St. Albans

Danny Lee Elkins, South Charleston

Patricia Ann Elkins, South Charleston

George Roland Elliott, Charleston

David Mahdeeah Eubanks, Charleston

Shawn O'Brien Farley, Charleston

William Michael Ferrell, Charleston

Sonya Lynn Fleming, Charleston

Bert Andrew Foutty, Charleston

Tamara Leigh Gaal, Charleston

Neilson Kurt Gandee, Charleston

Ryan Alexander Ganzert, Charleston

Daniel James Gardiner, East Bank

Alice H. George, Elkview

Ernest Leonard George, Elkview

Delinda Diane Gibson, Nitro

James Harry Gilpen Sr., Elkview

Jonathan Leonard Gladys, Charleston

Brenda Kay Good, Charleston

Carl Edward Good Jr., Charleston

James Gordon Goodwin, Chesapeake

Karen Darlene Goodwin, Chesapeake

Delbert Leroy Green, Charleston

Nancy Ann Green, Charleston

Thomas Charles Griesbaum, South Charleston

Paul George Gunnoe, South Charleston

Frank Eugene Hambrick, Hansford

Malik Mohd Hamdan, Charleston

Glenna V. Hammack, Elkview

David Allen Hammonds, Elkview

Linda Kay Hanson, Charleston

Melissa Dawn Hapney, St. Albans

Steven Lawrence Hapney, St. Albans

Brad Warren Hatcher, Charleston

Billie Kay Hawver, South Charleston

Gary Dean Henderson, South Charleston

Robert Lee Higginbotham, Dunbar

Ronald William Hillard, St. ALbans

Charles Willard Hirst, St. Albans

Rege Eric Hoblitzell, Sissonville

Arlie Omer Hubbard III, South Charleston

Billy Edward Huffman, Charleston

John Hubert Huffman, Tornado

Mary S. Hutchens, Charleston

Carol Suzanne Ising, Charleston

Gary Joe Ising, Charleston

Mark Alan Jarrett, Elkview

William Ray Javins, Nitro

Bill Lee Jones, Elkview

Sidnee Anna Jean Jones, Elkview

Charles Cecil Kayser, Chesapeake

Ronald Dale Kennedy, Charleston

Buddy Woodrow Keesee, Charleston

John Melvin Kersey, Nitro

James Theodore King, Chesapeake

Judith Elaine Kirtner, Cross Lanes

Edward Kordusky, Charleston

Pamela Kay Kordusky, Charleston

Barbara Ann Lacy, Charleston

Brandon Travis Lacy, Charleston

Rebecca Ellen Lacy, Charleston

James Alexander Laine, Charleston

Tamela Sue Lanham, Charleston

Mellow Dee Anne Lee, South Charleston

Michael Stanley Lee, Dunbar

Barbara Jean Legg, Charleston

Chester Norman Lewis Jr., South Charleston

John Edward Lewis, Charleston

Anne Sparks Lieberman, Charleston

Robert Michael Lynch, Charleston

Paul Anthony Martin, Charleston

Christopher Lee Mason, Dunbar

Fredrick Rudolph McClure, St. Albans

Christopher Mark McComas, St. Albans

Candace Adkins McCormick, Charleston

Carl Wayne McCormick, Charleston

Steven Lin McCormick, Charleston

Keith Wayne McCoy, Elkview

Pernell Lee McCoy, St. Albans

Michelle Marie McCune, Cross Lanes

Cynthia Jill McDonald, St. Albans

Barbara Jane McFarland, Charleston

John Robert McGhee Jr., Charleston

Okey Ray Meadows, Charleston

Samuel James Miller, Elkview

Christina Robbin Miller, Elkview

Sarah Ann Mitchell, Elkview

Barbara Joann Moore, Charleston

David Lee Moore, Elkview

David Howard Morton Jr., Charleston

Jeremy Alexander Mosier, Elkview

Travis John Mullins, Clendenin

William Arthur Mullins, Charleston

Timothy Ray Murdock, Clendenin

Pamela Lorraine Murray, Sissonville

Adrianna Marie Mynhier, Nitro

David Waymon Nelson, Belle

Bret Baxterl Nida, Charleston

Sumeat Namsupak, Charleston

Benjamin Mason Nguyen, Charleston

Brandon DeWayne Ormand, St. Albans

Raymond Eugene Page, Charleston

Gregory Dean Parker, Charleston

Matthew Edward Parker, Dunbar

David Neal Parsley, Cross Lanes

Jessica Rene Paschall, South Charleston

Herbert Oliver Paul, St. Albans

Barbara Joyce Pauley, Charleston

Brian Keith Pauley, Charleston

Kenneth Eugene Pennington, Charleston

Barbara Ann Perry, South Charleston

William Dean Perry, South Charleston

Linda Sue Peters, Charleston

Jerry Wayne Pauley, South Charleston

Michael Gregory Pauley, Elkview

Chilton Newton Petry, Cabin Creek

William David Plantz, South Charleston

William Ross Platt, Charleston

Jeanette Marie Pleva, Charleston

Karl Vincent Porta, Elkview

Tresa Mae Pullen, Winifrede

Charles Cameron Quigley, Charleston

Andrew David Redman, Belle

Hannah Elizabeth Reed, Cross Lanes

Lacy Dwayne Reed, Cross Lanes

Joshua Altaire Rennie, South Charleston

Emily McCoy Rennie, South Charleston

Brandon Michael Richmond, Belle

Carla Christine Robbins, South Charleston

James Andrew Robinson, Clendenin

Jill Anne Rose, Elkview

Billy J. Roush, Clendenin

Michael Joe Roush, Clendenin

Whittney Ann Roush, Clendenin

Frederick Craig Ruby, Charleston

Dawn Lorrain Rusnak, St. Albans

George Wayne Rusnak, St. Albans

Gary Steele Sample, Elkview

Nicole Dawn Samples, Charleston

Susan Allison Samples, Elkview

Byron Dean Sampson, Dunbar

Mark Emerson Sanders, Nitro

Connie Parfitt Sankoff, Charleston

Mark Alan Sankoff, Charleston

Terry D. Sayre, South Charleston

Thomas Bradley Schwan, Charleston

Jeffrey Vaughn Sexton, St. Albans

Joshua Lawrence Shaffer, Clendenin

Dwayne Edward Shamblin, Charleston

Marlene Sizemore, Charleston

Kathy Lynn Skiles, South Charleston

Effie Lynn Smith, St. Albans

Robert Smith, Charleston

Shawn Eric Smith, Elkview

Thorl William Smith Jr., St. Albans

William Lee Smith, St. Albans

Anna Almeda Smoot, Tornado

Richard Alonzo Smoot, Tornado

Mark Edward Sorrells, Charleston

Meghan Elyse Sparrow, St. Albans

Buddy Roger Spencer, Charleston

Thomas Keith Steele, St. Albans

Charles Dallas Stamper, Charleston

Dennis Ray Stanley, East Bank

Lisa Renee Stanley, East Bank

Angela Louise Sullivan, Marmet

Gregory Chris Sullivan, Marmet

Richard William Summerfield, Cross Lanes

Terri L. Summerfield, Cross Lanes

Larry McKinley Taylor, Charleston

Leah Nicole Taylor, Clendenin

Patricia Louise Taylor, Charleston

Sue Ellen Taylor, Charleston

Cecil Lee Terry III, Charleston

Jessica Renee Terry, Nitro

Charles Edwin Thomas, St. Albans

Cheryl Lynn Thompson, Clendenin

Nancy Louise Tierney, Charleston

Carolyn Faye Tignor, Charleston

Charles Webster Tignor, Charleston

Tony Lee Tucker, Dunbar

David Timothy Tyree, Charleston

David Keith Van Bibber, Alum Creek

Brandon James Walker, St. Albans

David Hendry Wallace, Charleston

Kenneth Ashley Ward, Charleston

Charles Terry Warner, Dunbar

Brandon Lee Wells, Marmet

Elizabeth Nicole Wells, Marmet

Heather Michelle White, Glasgow

Stewart Lee Wigglesworth, Cross Lanes

Awarnard Alfred Williams, St. Albans

James Edward Wills, Belle

James Michael Wills, Charleston

Mickey Ray Wolfe, Tad

Sara Kay Wolfe, Tad

Charles Raymond Young II, Charleston



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