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Gazette Charities Christmas Fund raises more than $74,700

By Staff reports
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The Gazette Charities Christmas Fund has come to a close for the season.With the help of many, many generous Gazette readers, the fund was able to raise $74,736.34.The money will be divided among 10 local help agencies that work each day to meet needs in our community.This week's list of donors includes the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing. Those are the proceeds from the sale of limited-edition Christmas ornaments made with the institute's 3-D printer.To all of the givers, on behalf of the fund, the agencies that will benefit and, most of all, the people who are being helped -- thank you!Here's a list of the most recent donors, followed by the names of all who have given during the season:Anonymous, in honor of Desmond Tutu and in memory of Nelson Mandela, $5Anonymous, in memory of Virginia B. Myers, $100Roger and Terry Lemarier, $25Dingess-Rum Properties Inc., $250Bill Weiss, in honor of Sandy Weiss, $250Patricia Hammer, in memory of Thomas Cahape, $50Clifford Lantz, in memory of E.F. and Frances Ross and Clifford L. and Maude Lantz, $100Robin L. Godfrey and Mary Ellen O'Farrell, in memory of William T. O'Farrell, $50Anonymous, in honor of In the Spirit of the Magi, $20
Melody Simpson, in honor of Eleanor Simpson, $100Ms. Eloise Boggs, in memory of Blakely C. Boggs, $100Mr. and Mrs. John A. Haddy Jr., in memory of our parents, $50Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Selario, in memory of our loved ones, $200Anonymous, in memory of Ruth, Charlie, Hassie and Boyd, $200Carolyn Smith, in honor of Ruth A., Norma, Hannah, Doris, Barbara, Mayilyn and Ruth H., $40
Neal Ross, in memory of Jeff Butler, $100Lisa McCracken, in memory of my loving parents, $100Ruby Flint, in memory of Denny DeBolt, $100Heather and Lori, in memory of PaPa Fred Knoke, $25Julie S. Martin, in honor of Sally Johnson, $50Anonymous, in memory of parents Ralph and Orneva Green, $500Linda Stuck, in memory of Fred Knoke, $25H.P. and M.L. McJunkin, $1,000Kanawha City Lions Club, $750Edgewood Summit, in loving memory of Ruth Gardner Elam, $50Anonymous, in honor of Michigan State University students, $5Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing, $806.34Anonymous (combined), $1,590Total for the period: $6,641.34Grand total: $74,736.34

• • •Lorena Ammar, in memory of Mary E. Ammar, $100Larry Levak, $100Susan Williams, in honor of Meg Galaspie, $50Emma Kennedy, in honor of Sandra and Chris, $100Larry Schneider and Helen Chilton, $100Jennifer & George Six, in memory of Genevie Shoemaker, $100Joe Metz, $20Anonymous, in memory of Winifred Newman, $50Marie Oxley, in memory of Bill Oxley, $100Albert Dress, in memory of Joseph Anthony Dress Sr., $50Anonymous, in memory of Genny and Josephine Divita and George and Minnie Lee Thomas, $50Mr. and Mrs. John F. McGee, $500Bob Dillon, in honor of Jean Simpson, $200Luther Daniel, in memory of Eloise E. Daniel, $100Jessica Carter, in memory of Granny Pug Hurst, $50Pamela and Richard Fauver, in memory of Chester and Nancy Winterstein, $100Anonymous, in memory of Dick Gould Jr., $200Dorothy Caldwell, in honor of Tyler Zubick, $50Albert Dress, in memory of Catherine Dress, $50Vernon Bowen, $100Betty Caplan, $50Anonymous, in memory of Margaret and Marguerite, $100Mary E. Dickens, in memory of Lewis G. Dickens, $50Mr. Jack Fellure, $25Elizabeth Chilton, in honor of my family, $500Sara Hatfield, $10Anonymous, in honor of Karin Fuller and Alyce Faye Bragg, $20Ann Balkey, in memory of Ruben Jones, $50P.C., in honor of Betty Chilton, $50Ruth Peyton, in memory of Martha Wehrle, $100Mr. James Hunter, in memory of Joy A. Hunter, $40Jim Haught, $200Kemp Littlepage McElwee, in memory of Collett Smith, $100Reid Pugh, in memory of my mother, Pat Pugh, $200Ramona Lockwood, in memory of Ernie Woodall, $100Donna J. Shaver, in memory of my parents, Don and Vida Shaver, $100Truist, $32P.C., in honor of Beth Elkins, $50William Gessner, Jr., $25Roberta M. Spence, in memory of Cecil M. Spence, $50Anonymous, in honor of Jesus Christ my Savior, $50Doris and Jim Smith, $150Anonymous, in memory of LCD, $1,000Jamie Summers, in memory of Ethel Hunley, $50William Chambers, in memory of Carolyn Perry, $500Daniel Martin II, in memory of Clarence and Eva Mae Sydenstricker, $50Carolyn Del Grande, in memory of Richard Del Grande, $200Jerome Curry, in honor of President Obama who is trying to get millions of people insured, $200Karen Gresh, in memory of Richard Del Grande, $100Ezra Cochran, in memory of Jennie Ellen Cook, $100Freeman & Chiartas, $100Dabney and Daniel Phillips, in memory of Arthur and Doris Isaac, $100Terence Barron, in memory of Dr. Fredrick Russell Sidell, Williamstown, W.Va., $100Joan and Robert Power, $100James Clark, $100Gordon Moore, $50Barbara Koster, in memory of Beulah Koster, $25Helen Hatcher, in memory of O.W. "Bud" Hatcher, $25Elinor Midkiff, $25Barry Myers, in memory of Ollie Ward Prichard, $30June Robinson, in memory of Mrs. Willie Robinson, $30Anonymous, Peace on Earth!, $100Ruth Juanita Ong, in memory of Larry Randolph, $50The Rev. and Mrs. Ricardo Flippin, in memory of Mary L. Flippin, $30Anonymous, in honor of Logan and Mason, $25Fran and Bill Allen, in memory of William H. Allen Sr. and Ruby Allen, $50Connie Stewart, in honor of Will, Clyde and Drew, $50Anonymous, in memory of Bud Patterson, $100Anna L. Greenleaf, in memory of Lenn "Ed" Greenleaf, $100Joy and Jack Rossi, in memory of our parents, $150Kathleen Trippany, $100Albert Dress, in memory of Daniel Dress, $50Carol and Dennis Flaherty, $50Anonymous, in memory of Helen, $100Anonymous, in memory of Polly, Ed and Quinnie, $100Phil Lawrence, $100Ellyn Goldberg, in honor of Rob's Fund & B'nai Jacob Synagogue, $100Marion Baer, $100Karen and Herbert Harr, $100Camille Keller, in memory of William H. and Helen I. Keller, $20Barbara C. Mason, $25Anonymous, in memory of Elizabeth C. Smith, $50Gayl Tulley, in memory of Joshua Tulley, $100Koleske Family, in memory of parents, $100Sue and Ed Baldwin, in memory of Megan Baldwin, $30Mary Lou Hatfield, in memory of Clifford Hatfield, $100Leslie N. Johnson, $250Susan and Trip Shumate, in memory of W.E. Chilton III, $300Leona and James Piercy, in memory of Prue Piercy, $100Kathy Brown, in honor of Charlie's Angels, $350Kristin Halkias, in honor of Daniel and Pleshette Snavely and family, $25Kristin Halkias, in honor of George and Tracy Watson and family, $25Sue and Craig Selby, $500"Mad Max" and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Paula Bland family, $25Carol and Fred Bowen, in memory of Gary Silman, $25Carol and Fred Bowen, in memory of Robert (Rick) Silman, $25Carol and Fred Bowen, in memory of Carl and Macel Richardson, $50Carol and Fred Bowen, in memory of Emmitt and Buelah Bowen, $50Michael Myers, in memory of Samuel McCleese, $25Susan Glenn, in memory of Ethan Glenn, $30 "Mad Max" and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Jim and Madeline Maxwell, $25Mr. Florian Ceperley, in memory of Ellen Axson Rodes Ceperley, $50Pat and Bill Jarrett, $100Joyce Holden, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Sowards, $100Anonymous, in memory of Olga Ratliff, $10Lola C. Kinder, in memory of Pvt. William Kinder, $200Noel and Bill Hassen and family, in memory of David Matthew Hassen, $100Rebecca and Jack Kutil, in honor of Jesus our Savior, $100Mary Stanley, in honor of Abigail and Lydia, $200Dorothy and Ernest Woodall, in memory of our son, Ernest Woodall Jr., and Ivan and Hazel Woodall and John and Ida Hooper, $100Terry Sayre, in honor of Phyllis Sayre and in memory of Sam Sayre, $150Anonymous, in memory of Rosemary Marshall, $25Ellie and Mark Schaul, $100Marilyn And Wesley Burns, in honor of our grandson Maxwell Howard Burns, born Nov. 15, 2013, $35Diana and Raymond Barber, $100Ms. Vera Myers, in memory of my daughter Connie Norris, $20Anonymous, in memory of my wonderful wife, $50Amy and Steve Golden, $300Anonymous, in memory of Patty Legg, $50Barb Gessner, in memory of Ann Chun, $25Anonymous, in memory of our son Rick, $100Fraternal Order of Police Associates No. 4, $200Ann Moody-Calwell, $500Ramon Stover, in memory of Donald and Virginia Stover, $25Sarah Adams, in memory of Frank, $50Linda and Daniel Taylor, in memory of Mary Porter Taylor, $100Mrs. Norma S. Levy, in honor of Andrea Hereford Baker, $100Mrs. Norma S. Levy, in memory of Ancestors in Hope/Bond Cemetery on West Side hilltop, $100Garnet Phillips, in memory of Kelli Leann Williams, $25Betty Fourney, in memory of Paul J. Fourney, $50Eleanor Rose, in memory of Susan Foulk, $25Mr. and Mrs. David H. Conley, $25Kathy and Bob, in honor of family, $100"Mad Max" and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Betty Bland and Ken Volkers, $25Anonymous, in honor of DTKJ, $100Anonymous, in memory of Josephine Smith, beloved grandmother, $100"Mad Max" and Anita Maxwell, in honor of Bill Maxwell Family, $25Laura and Robert Thaw, in memory of Linda Neff Bly, $50Laura and Robert Thaw, in honor of Martha Ammon, $50Terry Johnson, in memory of Ruth and Bob Johnson, $50Opal Quesenberry, in honor of Matt Wender Family, $100Dolores Smith, $25Fay Jack, in memory of Kenny Jack, $25Anonymous, in memory of Chet and Nancy Winterstein, $70Anonymous, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. W. Sutton, $500Wilma and Rich Naseef, in honor of William and Charlie, $100Barbara Murray, $100Mary Hague Girod, in honor of Brad and Kathie Hague, $100Nelson Spencer, in memory of Marie Spencer, $100Judy Penza, in memory of parents Donald and Lucretia Hirsh, $100Riverview Terrace yoga class, $150Mary Hague Girod, in honor of David and Carolyn Hague, $100Anonymous, in honor of my favorite grandmother and in memory of Sara Suka, $100Anonymous, in honor of the dedicated staff of the Adult Education Learning Center, KVCTC, $100Gary Weber, in memory of Eva Weber, $50John O'Neil, in memory of our parents, $100Sandra Fadal, in memory of Bryan Frampton, $100Sean, Ana, Liam and Colin McGinley, in memory of Patricia Noel McGinley, $100Edith Phillips, in memory of Danny Phillips, $50Patricia Blankenship, $50Anonymous, in memory of Larry Maynor, $100David C. Cupler, in memory of Judith L. Cupler, $30Anonymous, in memory of Clyde, Pearl and Randy Engle, $200Anonymous, in memory of Ron, Carolyn and Scott McGraw, $200Patsy L. Thompson, in memory of Ray Thompson, $100Anonymous, in memory of Paul and Arlene Van Reenan Beverage and William and Anna Burgess Durham, $100Anonymous, in memory of Shirley and Irene Hammack, $25Norma Hastings, in memory of William Michael Hastings, $100Stephen Parkins, $25

Susie and Bob Orders, in memory of cousin Bob Orders, $100Tiffany Bethea, in memory of Alma Harmon, $20Ms. Rosa L. Pickel, in honor of Jesus, the reason for the season, and in memory of Nelson Mandela, a great humanitarian, $100Anonymous, in memory of Evelyn Keener, $50Tod Kaufman, in memory of Ned Chilton, my friend and tennis partner, $50Hettie and Billy Bass, in memory of Ivan Bartely, $100Ralph Edward, $25Mary Lively, in memory of Mike Protka, $100Anonymous, in honor and in memory of our military families, $1,000Karen Dixon, in memory of Paul L. Dixon, $100Nancy Byard, in memory of Michelle and Joe Fratino, $100Karen Potesta, in memory of my mom and dad Mary and Woodrow Potesta and my brother-in-law, James I. Keane, $300James Riggs, in memory of Vivian Riggs, $25Van and Gary Durrett, $1,000Roy Green, in honor of Howe and Fisher families, $40Joyce and Dan George, $500Ms. Karen Jenkins, in memory of Harold and Alma Bronaugh, $200Shirley White, in memory of Andrew and Robert White, $50Our Gang Haircare, $100Joel Armstrong, in honor of Faith Armstrong and Sonia Gaviola, $100Pamela and Elliott Harvit, $1,000Anonymous, in honor of those that need help, $25Sam Miragliotta, in memory of Frances and Rose Miragliotta, $50George Ann Grubb, in memory of Ruth Grubb, $25Anonymous, in memory of Barbara and Harold Miles, $50Anonymous, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. James Goshorn, $50Peggy Barker, in memory of Angela C. Barker, $25Faye and Joe Guilfoile, in memory of Mary Sparks and Eleanor Guilfoile, $150Anonymous, in memory of Julian H. Phillips, $50Rose and Johnny Hill, $60Anonymous, in memory of Harry Marcus, $100Catherine Cornell, in memory of John Cornell, $100Melanie and Jim Vickers, in memory of Elmer and Pauline Vickers, $25Melinda and Sam Sutton, $50Kevin Wolfe, $200Anonymous, in memory of Sandra Corey, $300Xspec Power, $300Anonymous, in memory of Roy B. Payne, Jr., $15Mrs. L.E. Witt, in memory of Amos Witt, Oscar and Edna Witt, Marvin and Vay Casto, $75Ann Brotherton, in memory of William Brotherton Jr., $100Melvina Arthur, in memory of my husband Robert, $25Mad Max Maxwell, in honor of "Wheeler Bob" and "Toast Man," $25Lois and David Teets, $50Anonymous, in memory of our parents, $50Anonymous, in memory of Jack A.E. Withrow, $100Jewell Crews, in memory of Cecil Crews, $50Jim Wilmoth, $50Anonymous, in memory of my husband and our parents, $400Mary Comer, in memory of Margaret and Raymond White Jr., $200The Lewis Family, in memory of Brad Lewis, $100Flora Francis, in memory of Bud Francis, $50Jeannie Plumley, in memory of Patsy Haas, $25Marty and Jim Kemplin, $50Anonymous, in memory of Roy, $50Ella and Robey Myers, in memory of Shelton and Lena Corper and Lincoln and Opal Myers, $50Anonymous, in memory of Sammy, $25Jane and Ed Keeling, in memory of Edward Lee Keeling II, $100Richard E. Hanlen, in memory of Virginia Judy Hanlen, $25Gary Nease, in memory of Betty Nease, $25Ronald L. Meldi, in memory of Robert H. Green, $20Janet and Jack Durbin, in memory of Ruby Durbin, $25Patricia S. Nelson, $100Olivia Singleton, in memory of RRS, $100Anne Rada, in memory of my husband, Edward Rada, $100David Lieving, in memory of Roberta Lieving, $100Sowers and Co. A.C., $100Mad Max Maxwell, in honor of sportscaster Mark Martin, $25Dorothy and George Schneiter, in honor of "Thanks for God's Blessings," $500Chi Master Beta Signa Phi Sorority, in honor of Chi Master members, $25Jeannie and Richard Randolph, in memory of James and Gracie Randolph, $25Robin and Martin Klapproth, in memory of Robin's parents, William A. and Helen L. Minter, $50Jeanie Hurley, $100Anonymous, in memory of Harry and Faye Carelli, $100Anonymous, in honor of our children, $100Anonymous, in memory of Marvin and Rose Schmoll, $25Anonymous, in memory of Byron and Vera Young, $200Delores Blackwell, in memory of Jennifer French, $100Barbara and Brooks McCabe, in memory of our parents, $250Mr. Stanley Kenney, in memory of Margaret Kenney, $100Janet Burford, in honor of Bill and Doris Roy, $25Karen Smith, in honor of Molly and Doug, $100William B. Horn, $200Joyce Rockwell, in honor of Nolan, $40Charles Hamilton, in honor of Charles Hamilton, $300Judith, Margaux, Demian and Judy Byrne, in memory of "Nanny," $150Ben Hughes, $50Carol and Alan Kuhlman, $50Glayds and John Moran, $100Diane and Paul Wallace, $200Rebecca and Phala Hildebrand, in memory of Harold and Jeff Hildebrand, $40Eloise Boggs, $200Linda and James Sapp, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, $200Jim Ruziska, in memory of Martha Ruziska, $15Judy and Bill Pugh, in memory of Bill and Pat Pugh and John and Myrene Nixon, $200Travis Milam, in memory of Bruce Milam -- my dad -- No. 1 Cleveland Browns fan, $50Julie Campbell, $40Mr. Kenneth Dunn, $50Anonymous, in honor of Ken and Patti Connelly, $100Anonymous, in honor of W. Patterson Lyles, $25Shirley and Bill Cunningham, in memory of granddaughter, Maddison "Maddy" Faith Bennett, $25Libby Finster, in memory of Virginia and Banjo Dotson, $20Steve Ledahawsky, $250The H. Truman Chafin Family Charitable Fund of the Foundation for the Tri-State Community Inc., in memory of Genevieve Lefevre, $1,000James Thibeault, $50Tiano O'Dell PLLC, $1,000Tara Tuckwiller and Rob Byers, $100Anonymous, in memory of Sue and Red, $15Jewell and Jim Carter, in honor of our children, $50Dina Luby, $25Anonymous, in memory of Dave Mason, Nellie Fair and Aunt Evelyn, $150Anonymous, in honor of our elderly mothers, $1,500Sandy Williams, in memory of Mary, Theresa and Lucia, $50Anonymous, in memory of Jim Dick Dickerson, $20Beatrice McElhinny, in memory of L. McElhinny, $50Tammy and Richard Owen, in honor of friends and co-workers, $250Anonymous, in memory of Evangeline Fielder, $25Deborah Coleman, in memory of James, James Jr. and Kevin Coleman, $40West Virginia Landlords Association, $200Nancy and Sam Frame, in memory of Clinton, our son, $100Dennis Arnett, in memory of Arietta, Ralph and Linda Arnett, $100Anita and "Mad Max" Maxwell, in honor of Alyce Faye Bragg, $25Dauree Coleman, in memory of James Sr., James Jr. and Kevin Coleman, $75Brett Barthelmess, in memory of Art and Shirley Barthelmess and Bill Miller, $200Daniel Martin II, in memory of Charles and Clara Martin, $50Marilyn Ohlsen, in honor of Jonathan Ohlsen, $50Erika Stokes, in honor of teachers, $25Judy and Britt McJunkin, in memory of Mary Kathryn Hamrick Graham, $100June and Jerry Hicks, in honor of Judy King and Barbara Hicks-Neddo, $50Elton Burford, $50Evon Fooce, in memory of Travis Fooce, 1989-2006, $50LeAndria Reed, in honor of Reed-Drake Family, $35Anonymous, in memory of Miss Betty Cook, $50Anonymous, in memory of my husband, $50Dr. William and Ann Harris, in honor of Bert Morris and in memory of Danny Chapman, $1,000Rose Christian, in memory of Don Christian, $300Anonymous, in memory of Donald Freeman Nelson, $100Connie and Ed Hillenbrand, in memory of Dr. James W. Lane, $50Anonymous, in memory of Geo Y. Anderson III, $30Anonymous, in memory of my special friend, $50Anonymous, in memory of Virginia and Lewis Legg, $1,000Anonymous, in honor of our parents and Elias, $45Bureau for Medical Services pharmacy unit, in honor of Peggy King, $125Barbara and Gerald Simmons, in memory of Tina Simmons Larson, $100Anonymous, in memory of Ruby and Virgil Friend, $100Marjorie Clarkson, $30C&L Construction Co. Inc., in memory of Frank and Connie Moffitt, $200Carol Velasquez, in memory of Rose and Paul Campbell, $300Anonymous, in memory of Carolyn and Ron McGraw, $100Rhonda and Doug Moffitt, in honor of Michael, Brian and Paige Moffitt, $200The Rev. Mel Hoover and the Rev. Rose Edington, in memory of Felix Hoover, $200Kim and Wayne Young, $200Katie and Chuck Toussieng, $200Myrt O'Dell, in memory of John O'Dell, $50Myrna and Paul Parsons, in memory of our parents, brother, daughter-in-law and baby sister, $100Anonymous, in memory of Vicki and Gene, $25Marianne Lane, in memory of Dr. Jim Lane, $100Rilla Smith, in memory of my husband, Frank, $100Raymona and Paul Kinneberg, in honor of David Kinneberg, $250Alexandria Vargo, in memory of Jennifer A. Ziegler, $250Elizabeth Nelson, in memory of Sassy DeHaven, $25Carol Folden, in memory of my loving husband, Jay Folden, $100Ivor's Trunk, in memory of Mildred, Leon and Earl, $250Andy Hendricks, in memory of Patricia S. Hendricks, $100David Parker, in memory of Gregory Wynn Parker, $500Melissa Ruddle, in memory of my dad, Darrell Holley, $50Glenna Russell, in honor of Glen Cline and family, $100Steve Morris, in honor of our sisters and brothers, $100Ellen Thomas, in honor of Susan and David Hill, $50Becky Fain Cochran, in loving memory of Robert C. Cochran M.D., $250Anonymous, in memory of Gladys and Dan, James and Paul and Juanita Beller, $100Anonymous, in honor of Freda Cutlip, $100Anonymous, in memory of Vera and Lyle, $50Emma W. Jones, $30Susan and John Poffenbarger, in memory of Matt Poffenbarger, $100Carol Lively, in memory of Bernard R. Lively, $100Susan and Richard Genthner, $100Meridith Johnstone, in memory of Loretta Copley, $25Jack Rogers, in memory of Hugh H. and Annie Catherine Delp Rogers and to glory of God, $500James B. Dotson, in memory of Kermit and Georgia Dotson, $125Gerald Brennan, $100Anonymous, in memory of James E. Hackett, $20Anonymous in memory of Fil Nutter Sr., $100Angus M. Peyton, in memory of Dad, Kathe and Dunmore, $1,000Herscher Foundation, $1,000Barbara and Stephen Hopta, $300Sue and Ralph Parsons, in memory of Mother and Dad J. and Mom and Dad P., $200Shirley Marria, in memory of my husband, Walter R. Marria, $50Brown UMC Women, $25Faith and Bill Bragg, in memory and honor of our parents, $100Louise Babst, in memory of Bill Babst, $200Evita and Charles Saffer, $250L.A. Westfall, in memory of Christopher Zane Westfall, $50Ann and Jim Nelson, $100Diane Hackney, in memory of my beloved nephew, Luke Krawchyk, $50John Spence, in memory of Mike Wright, $250John Doyle, in memory of Fayette County Volunteers, $25Maxine Birt, in memory of my cousin, Wanda Myers, $50R.C. and S.A. Blankenship, $200Anonymous, in memory of my mom, $10Elizabeth Scharman-Rogers, in memory of Pat Schmidt, $150Anonymous, in memory of Kelly Spradling Simmons, $100Cheryl and Jim Kirksey, in honor of our servicemen and women and their families, $100Shannon Rogers, $5Aidean Rogers, $5Anonymous (combined), $19,542
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