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Back to business but not tap water

Chris Dorst
Lola's manager Andrew Crichton (right) holds empty plastic bottles ready for recycling as Cody Gurski breaks down cardboard boxes Thursday.
Chris Dorst
Mike Rude, a cook at Lola's, pours bottled water into a bin to wash dishes Thursday.
Chris Dorst
Bryan Rude, a cook at Lola's, washes his hands with bottled water at Lola's on Thursday.
Chris Dorst
LOLAS2 Lolas manager Andrew Crichton, right, holds empty water bottles ready for recycling as Cody Gurski, left, breaks down cardboard boxes Thursday. photo by chris dorst
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- "Do not use" water orders have been lifted for much of the Kanawha Valley, but some Charleston restaurants are wary of using tap water for business.Adelphia Sports Bar and Grille on Capitol Street was in the first zone to get the OK from the water company to start flushing its system Monday."This is a tricky situation. It's an unfortunate situation and a lot of people have had to suffer," Adelphia manager Tracy Abdulla said. "We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't eat. We wouldn't prepare anything for our customers that we wouldn't for ourselves."Although its system was flushed Monday and it received its health department inspection Tuesday, Adelphia's food preparation and dish washing is still being done with bottled water."Even though we've gotten the all-clear, the public is a little bit leery," Abdulla said. "I think the public's confidence is shaken, and we want to do what the public feels like they need."Adelphia's soda distributor came in and changed the machine's filters, but Adelphia is continuing to serve soda from two-liter bottles, Abdulla said.The restaurant does not have a timetable as to when it will begin using tap water again. Abdulla added that he has two small children and they're still drinking and preparing meals with bottled water at home.
"We just want to make sure we do the right thing. And I'm not saying the water company is not because they have given us the 'all clear.' I'm just being cautious," Abdulla said. "We are just going to feel it out and play it by ear and listen to our customers."Lola's pizza on Bridge Road in South Hills received the OK to start flushing its system Tuesday."When we started flushing, the smell started coming out real bad," said Lola's manager Andrew Crichton. "We were uneasy and we did not want our customers uneasy."Lola's will use bottled water for cooking, cleaning and drinking for about a month, Crichton said.Customers and employees have helped supply the water, Crichton said."We want to give them the peace of mind that we will use bottled water as long as it takes," Crichton said.Reach Caitlin Cook at or 304-348-5113.
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