Bailey, Max and Sophie are our first Pets of the Week

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Last week we launched a new Pet of the Week feature -- and were promptly bombarded with submissions. Clearly, there are a lot of animal lovers in West Virginia!As you can imagine, it hasn't been easy picking a winner. In fact, it was impossible -- there were scores of animals in precarious positions, some caught in the act of mischief, some with faces so expressive it's pretty easy to imagine what they must be thinking.After much agonizing debate, we narrowed our first week's winners down to three.Two "dogs of summer" were selected not only because their personalities came through in their photos, but also because after the recent freeze, these guys were a much-needed reminder that summer will come again. Besides, who doesn't love a dog like Bailey, who's confident enough to put on a pair of swimming goggles?Jill Hammar tells us her terrier mix Max "loves popsicles on hot summer days. He gets as excited as our 5-year-old when he hears the ice cream truck!"Sophie was selected for her clearly fine-tuned ability to be the center of attention. As a former shelter kitty, her family says she's special because "she loves people ... entertaining everyone who visits."Nominate your pet for Pet of the WeekThink your pet has what it takes to shine? Get those photos in! Beyond good-quality photos, here's what we're looking for:
  • Personality. Photos that express your pet's unique personality will rise to the top of the heap.
  • Photos that evoke emotion.
  • Spirit and creativity.
  • A few details. Give us your pet's name, age (if you know it), breed (if you can detect it), and a line or two about him or her. Any favorite tricks? Sticky situations? We're (ahem) all ears!
  • Here are the submission guidelines:
  • Email photos to with "Pet of the Week" in the subject line.
  • Include your name, phone number and contact information, where you live, your pet's name, age and breed if you know them, and a line or two about the photo or something that makes your pet unique.
  • Photos should have 170 DPI or a minimum file size of 300 KB, so they look as good in the paper as they do on your home computer.
  • Thanks to all of those who sent their photos in, and keep them coming!Reach Maria Young at or 304-348-5115.
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